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Adam Levine: '7 Hollywood' Shirtless Feature

Adam Levine: '7 Hollywood' Shirtless Feature

Check out Adam Levine showing off his shirtless sexy body in a feature for 7 Hollywood magazine’s Icon issue, on newsstands now!

The 33-year-old Maroon 5 frontman also graced the cover for the mag. Check out a video for the shoot below!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Adam Levine

Adam performed with Alicia Keys at the 2013 Grammy Awards over the weekend. Check out their performance in case you missed it!

Also pictured: Adam donning a cap while grabbing lunch with a pal at Mustard Seed Cafe on Friday (February 8) in Los Feliz, Calif.

Adam Levine – ’7 Hollywood’

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Photos: FameFlynet, Alex Malka
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  • uh huh

    He’s like the male Miley Cyrus.

  • Shevine is real

    How dare u compare him to that Cyrus!! stupid! His body is lean but kinda skinny…but I love skinny (and tattoos) guys , so I love Adam. and Blake loves him too. End news!

  • KATE

    @uh huh:
    So many tats, yuck. What a shame.

  • rochelle

    This guy is so up his own a55 – such a turn off!!!

  • Maria

    @Shevine is real:I agree with you he is skinny but he is lean and for me he is a very attractive man. He has something that attracts me and appeals to me very much. I dont care for the tattoos either.

  • Mary

    All those tattoos!! Gosh, no thank you.

  • just a thought

    HIs chest is not that great looking. He has a chest like Justin Beiber.

  • Sam

    @uh huh: Um no… one reason because unlike Miley, Adam is not a “has been”… he has a very successful career at the moment.

  • KSB

    Adam looks great. Who wants s mussel man?? They usually have small penises, who wants a fat man? ? They too usually have small penises. NO THANK YOU!!! I will take Adam just the way he is.

  • KSB

    JJ you are sooooooo 2000Late we saw those pics already at the mustard seed.

  • guest

    dude loves himself. that’s good? i guess

  • Rob Thomas

    Old pictures of the infamous editorial to Vogue Russia 2011. Adam is gay and doesn’t assume because of his teen/women fans. We attend regularly the same gay sauna in LA and people…….you should see…

  • Christina

    @KSB: Totally agree, Ill take adam anytime and anyday

  • KSB

    A Gay Sauna? ??

  • uh huh

    @Shevine is real: I wasn’t talking about their bodies, dumbshit. Both of them dress and act like they have artistic credibility when they dont.

  • Christina

    @KSB: Yeah, i’m qualifying that as a lie, the adam part of it course, I do believe there are sauna’s strictly for gay men though.

  • carly

    holy 5h*t balls, that vid is like porn, oh yeah! gonna watch it again

  • Luke

    He’s such a manwhore…

  • Emily

    Its sad to see dudes hating on another male, i swear thats a female trait. oh well ADAM STILL LOOKS BETTER THAN YOU !!

  • Becca

    Dont be jealous all u haters, Adam Levine is super sexy and those tats are HOT HOT HOT! All that aside, he is super talented and funny, I could look at him and listen to him sing all day long! In my opinion, he’s the whole package! LOVE YOU ADAM!

  • KissThis

    He’s cute, but no rock god or whatever he’s trying to act like here! Very forced.

  • sara

    Well, Well, Girls! Looks like Adam is looking for woman after all, according to Life & Style! I guess unknown didn’t get the memo & it makes me & my phototog friend right after all. The funny thing is she’s right under everyone’s nose OH, MI & the list goes one. & we know who she is, different from others. Maybe change is needed!!!! Behati is toasted!!!!

  • Abby

    Was Behati at the concert last night? I don’t know why I am so interested in his love life. I can’t help it…

  • cc


    no she is in NY

  • Emily

    @Abby: no she wasn’t there . I feel the same way idk why im so interested either lol but it just makes for good conversation

  • KSB

    I read the interview on life and style magazine about Adam flirting with 2 attractive girls at there Soho Grammy after party and my first reaction was GO ADAM! !!!

  • Intrigued

    Sara: Who is she then? What do you mean different from the others.

  • KSB

    @Intrigued: :/ don’t hold yourbreath for that. We hhave all been waiting to find out. The Life and style didn’t give any specifics other than he was flirting with 2girls.

  • Christina

    @KSB: I don’t know how reliable Life and Style is? Anyone know their creditability on what they print. I don’t think I ever read one, what issue is it in but if he isn’t with behati WOOO HOOO! the leech is gone. YAY!! Hopefully he will just go on flirting with girls and look for a real girl to go out with that will keep him grounded and not miserable.

  • bliss


    some fans in twitter are saying that yes adam is single ; and also the fact that behati in NY with her friends and not running after him is may be a proof that these two are over ; also she stopped retweeting him , adam better take care of his fans and spoile them

  • Christina

    @bliss: I’ll believe after his new york concert and frangrence launch because that’s where Behati have the most chance to be seen and heard. I agree that adam needs to work better with his fans, he needs to tweet more. I think he will with the tour and the voice coming up.

    @KSB: I’m not holding my breath either for @sara to tell us who she. I think she really doesn’t know as much as she is saying and just likes to stir p drama on our boards. and another thing if its two girls how does @sara know which one is the right one? And sad to say this but flirting doesn’t mean that they are over. I’ll believe it when there is actual proof. Where their pictures of Adam flirting with these girls?

  • bliss


    agree with i totaly forgot abput the NY concert and fragrance promo :( hopefuly they are realy over , he will never say it probbaly cause he never comfirmed dating her like he did with anne so we are all going to wait i guess :( gosh adam will give me a heart attack one day

  • Abby

    @Christina: Life and Style is not reliable. At all. Occasionally the stuff they print ends up being true but for the most part they print any rumor they feel like making up.

  • DeeDee

    @sara: Are you talking about this one little sentence in Life & Style from a few days ago ?

    “Adam spent about 30 minutes flirting with two attractive girls,”

    That could have been anyone who was at the party; could have been Ali Tamposi who was there and had her picture taken with him. We don’t know who they are and nor do you. Stop flexing as if you are in the business and stop harping on and on about your “photog” friend, because if he was in the business he would have made money already in announcing who Adam’s new possible girl is.

  • KSB

    I didn’t see any pictures but I went on the website typed in Adam Levine and. The article came up.I saw the Howard stern interview with Anne and Adam. Behati seems waaaaaay to immature for Adam after watching that and Anne is a whole nother story. I still like Anne but I look at her a little different. Adam I swear talks too much about his personal business on there. I saw the 9min interview before but today I watched the full version. But I can see why he kept behati around the distance was killing his relationship with Anne. Make no mistake I still don’t like behati but I understand why she’s been so devoted.

  • KSB

    Ok so Adam is now on INSTAGRAM!!!!!! ♥♥♥♡♥ omg am u the only oneeexcited

  • bliss


    he deleted it :(

  • KSB

    Yea but this gurl marooning_the_fu ck_out screen captured it. Just look in the tagged section you will see the pic. Its in black and white and he has on glasses

  • bliss


    thank you i just saw it gosh he is so goofy

  • KSB

    @bliss: yea he does, im so happy we hopefully get to see the world through Adam’s eyes now lol he is a funny guy so I know he will take funny pics

  • Christina

    @KSB: I’m just glad he is tweeting.

  • KSB

    Yea he seems happy. His ora is quite bright and its rubbing off on people and I love it.:-D this is the Adam we all fell in ♥with

  • Christina

    @KSB: Yes, he seems so much better. I love it. Hopefully this means Behati is gone.

  • Emily

    Lol he’s posting pictures already. Watch him become addicted. Lets just hope he doesn’t post pics of you know who.

  • Sigh

    …. And Behati is following him on Instagram. She really has no self respect.

  • Emily

    As soon as Adam gets a instagram BEHATI does what, 1 follows him and a picture of him on her throw back Thursday. What a thirsty b**** ok why now? She wasn’t posting pics of Adam before. And people wonder why we can’t stand her @$$ .

  • Emily

    BTW …..don’t be surprised if you see her peeking from around some random corner at the N.Y. concert, she may even come walking down the M designed stage lmao. Bahaha or she may show up on one of those huge screens. Anything to be relevant right? .

  • KSB

    Ugh! I just saw it. That awful halloween. Outfit and horrible wig. And how fitting is it that she is laying on the ground. After all she is a snake in the grass.

  • bliss

    oh gosh that girl is a leech

  • TheSCOOP

    Ok ladies I have the scoop on Adam and Behati, or as some may call them BEHADAM. They are still dating but keeping a low profile because of the negativity surrounding there relationship. You guys wouldn’t believe but yes they have friends and pr who read what everyone has to say and than relays the message through mutual conversations. Adam.cares for this girl. The relationship started off as a back at cha towards anne but spending so much time getting to know someone led to deeper feelings. I have a source that told me Adam will be in NY later on today spending time with Behati and catching up with his cousin Molly as well.A little after Valentine’s Day romance. From what I gather Ali james girlfriend (may) come see the boys as well. Adam has his fragrance launch tomorrow in NYC and yes of course she will be there so don’t be alarmed or surprised. Right now they are playing cat and mouse with the media. Adam just hopes stuff will die down ie.his STOP YELLING AT ME TWITTER rant. But trust me girls he hears ya loud and clear.