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Angelina Jolie, Zahara, & Pax: Urban Outfitters Shoppers!

Angelina Jolie, Zahara, & Pax: Urban Outfitters Shoppers!

Angelina Jolie takes two of her children, Pax and Zahara, on a shopping outing to Urban Outfitters on Wednesday (February 13) in Los Angeles.

The 37-year-old actress held hands with Zahara, 8, while Pax, 9, rummaged through their bags to find a recently purchased item.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Angelina Jolie

Check out Pax‘s finger nails – they are painted gold! So cool!

Over the weekend, Angelina stepped out in style at the American Society of Cinematographers Outstanding Achievement Awards.

20+ pictures inside of Angelina Jolie leaving Urban Outfitters with Zahara and Pax by her side…

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angelina jolie zahara pax urban outfitters shoppers 01
angelina jolie zahara pax urban outfitters shoppers 02
angelina jolie zahara pax urban outfitters shoppers 03
angelina jolie zahara pax urban outfitters shoppers 04
angelina jolie zahara pax urban outfitters shoppers 05
angelina jolie zahara pax urban outfitters shoppers 06
angelina jolie zahara pax urban outfitters shoppers 07
angelina jolie zahara pax urban outfitters shoppers 08
angelina jolie zahara pax urban outfitters shoppers 09
angelina jolie zahara pax urban outfitters shoppers 10
angelina jolie zahara pax urban outfitters shoppers 11
angelina jolie zahara pax urban outfitters shoppers 12
angelina jolie zahara pax urban outfitters shoppers 13
angelina jolie zahara pax urban outfitters shoppers 14
angelina jolie zahara pax urban outfitters shoppers 15
angelina jolie zahara pax urban outfitters shoppers 16
angelina jolie zahara pax urban outfitters shoppers 17
angelina jolie zahara pax urban outfitters shoppers 18
angelina jolie zahara pax urban outfitters shoppers 19
angelina jolie zahara pax urban outfitters shoppers 20
angelina jolie zahara pax urban outfitters shoppers 21
angelina jolie zahara pax urban outfitters shoppers 22
angelina jolie zahara pax urban outfitters shoppers 23
angelina jolie zahara pax urban outfitters shoppers 24

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  • Premalee

    Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt headed Down Under to film 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea: Captain Nemo
    by:EXCLUSIVE by Simon Benson – February 15, 201312:00AM

  • kimmie


    You seemed to be so mad at Angie and her kids! Are you Jennifer Aniston?

  • lol

    haters are like crickets ; they make a lot of noise…pfffffffffffffft BORING….
    Happy valentine’s day to all ( jp fans)

  • awwww

    Happy Valentines day to Brad and Angie and jp fans. Angie, Zahara and Pax look great.

  • Gold Nails – Absent Father

    buy him another motorbike

  • kimmie

    @PiscesSnake: ack seems to be her favorite color but it’s making her look thinner.

    She should try other color. For sure it will look nice on her. Angie is one of the most beautiful Hollywood celebrity; very classy.

  • Eva

    Zahara is such a fashion girl. Pax is a cool boy.

  • Rose

    @Phool: Good morning my dear Phool , how are you lady? Phool you hit every point I would have liked to hit but better. Phool, the one thing that sticks in my craw is when grown ass people picks on children, such cowards. I know the trolls will hate on BA because of jealousy. They hate to see how long their love have lasted. Everyone who have seen BA together comments on how in love they are. IMO, this drives the trolls cray cray, therefore, I will continue to bring up how much in love they are. Trolls are here trying to disturbed this thread. I’ll remind trolls to go find squigs and Ticky because they have not been seen together for weeks. the rumor is, the wedding is not going down. Where was squigs on SS birthday? Looking for HB, ouch,

  • Phool

    thanks Rose For Giving us the heads up on the new thread I see same B.iches are already parked here going after young children , commenting on the appearances young innocent children & their mother how very classy of them these Ticky hags never learn do they lol. Why aren’t they commenting on Tickys puffed face and lips like a Trout? instead of investing their time stalking the Jolie-pitts, and comenting on inocent children shame on you Ticky hags no wonder Ticky doesnt want kids she is just like her Trolls.

  • kimmie

    @Ⱦamsin: So what is your problem if they bodyguards and nannies?

    My sister has one child and she’s working so she has take her kid to a day care center from 7AM to 7PM.

    My sister wish that she could afford to have a nanny so her kid will just stay home instead of waking up so early so she could him to the center.

  • LOL

    @Ⱦamsin: you need therapy. Your the pathetic one who seems to know exactly when & what precise time angie takes a sh*t. You waste your time knowing everything about someone you hate. How unfortunate for you. I can see why your miserable and hate on this fantastic woman.

  • who

    Angie and kids are looking great. LOVE Pax’s haircut. The JP kids are the definition of cool, just like their parents.

  • Ⱦamsin

    leave it to a multiple-aliased loon to deflect to discussing Aniston on a Brand thread. It’s always loons who mention her first. LOL.

    Try staying on topic if you can, fake fans and paid JP trolls.

  • Z holds Ang up

    Ang is flyin’

  • Phool

    @ Who
    Good Morning/Afternoon Who, how are you my dear , have you seen the trolls are killing them selves over a 8 and 9 year old children how pethetic can they be jelous of 8 and 9 year old childrens clothes lol.
    Pax is Rocking the haircut remember when Maddox was like very young about 1 year old or so he had funky haircuts , Mama & Papa know best lol.
    You have a nice day Who take care

  • girls are out shopping

    big deal

  • roselyn

    angelina looks stunning, saw some close up pics of her on another site, just gorgeous..must have been bad lighting the other day. Cute kids, I love their style.

  • bea

    We don’t get to see this wonderful family too often, so it is nice when we can. Lovely Angelina and those kids are getting so big! Time for another? lol J/K.

  • Tina

    Cute family, hope we will see Maddox soon.

  • true

    Aww, cool kids, love Pax’s haircut and Zee’s outfit. Jolie looks casual and pretty.

  • http://iPad Susan

    The writers at JJ make a conscious effort not to write the usual sappy story write up, that they do for every kid that they put up a story about.
    It has happened too often not to be deliberate. Of course it’s his site, but lets call a spade a spade.

  • dawne


    You subjected us to days on end of Aniston threads; she is no longer a big deal and certainly not an A list movie star……….yet, the biggest star comes out of hiding for several months and you bury her second sighting in pages of threads.

    Why is Angelina’s new thread not on the main page header??? This is becoming all too frequent and even the adjectives used on the kids are lacking as compared to a n y other celeb kid? Are you a closet Hen or once again, I ask, have you sorta leased out your soul?

  • Passing Through

    Oops…I didn’t realize there was a new thread so I’m moving my comment over fom the last thread…
    # 537 JPS @ 02/14/2013 at 7:35 am
    I love it. Another account of how loved up Brad and Angie are. That should send the trolls into another bout of crack posting. Could be a long day today…

  • Phool

    #Rose @ 02/14/2013 at 11:50 am
    Rose every time a Troll see’s any of the Jolie-Pitts they shriek like they have been skinned alive so, if that’s what the mere sight of a beautiful in love family does , than I will say carry on you perfect, gorgeous Specimens of humankind who are called “The Jolie-Pitts”,keep making every one of these trolls including a certain 44 year old hag Ticky scream in fits of jealousy & frustration LOL.
    By the way Rose haven’t you heard Squiggys on the verge of a nervous breakdown due to his beloved 44 year old hag, because he couldn’t get over the fright of waking up every morning and seeing another new bloated face besides him, watching him with those beady little eyes, whilst measuring her hair growth.

  • lissa

    Nice to see them!! Can’t believe people are making something out of the nail polish.i My step brother is 11 and plays the guitar, and is into rock groups I never heard of. Asian groups and other types. Some of them wear Nail polish too, but only on one hand or sometimes just one finger. Who knows? Maybe Pax is a wanna be rock star? lol I hope we see Maddox soon, too.

  • Dc

    OMG it’s so great to see them! What a treat. Angelina looks beautiful as usual. She was so gorgeous in her grey dress last week. The kids are so big. Just beautiful.

  • Passing Through

    LMAO at Z’s outfit. Kids really crack me up. High-top black& pink sneakers…and leopard print leggings. And I’m sure she thinks it looks fab-o-lus. Pax is rocking the hell out of his asymmetrical haircut and gold nail polish, too. And Angie’s still carrying that same LV bag she’s had forever.
    BTW – It’s good to see the kids. They’re getting tall. Z is going to be very leggy when she’s older. Plus, look at how straight her legs are! LOL! Ya gotta love how wrong the tabloids always are…

  • Passing Through

    Looks like Pax has got a phone, now. Maybe he and Mad call each other from their rooms at night? LOL!

  • Phool

    #dawne @ 02/14/2013 at 12:43 pm
    Hi Dawne, i’ve stopped even Questioning Jared about why there isn’t a new Main Thread at the top when its new news, its a lost cause, compared to other peoples old news tends to remain up there regardless how many days pass, if the Affleck’s Sneeze there are up there , If Hudgens girl is out playing hopscotch its up there, and the endless fawning on c-listers carries on & on,but not when its the Jolie Pitts. Shame considering the amount of fan base the JP’s have and the amount of posters post here over a thousand when its a slow news day , JP fans are giving the and the clicks which converts’ into $$$$. Considering this a Gossip-site all should be given the even playing felid in my opinion. But Alas it seems he is in Bed with the enemy and that’s the way he rolls.

  • lissa

    Just have to say, no one has a more beautiful profile than The Jolie. Stunning.

  • who


    Hi phool! Yes, Tampax and her cohorts put the “tick” in pathetic. But when it’s all they’re good at, whatcha gonna do? lol
    Those JP boys have the coolest haircuts, yes I remember the mohawk Maddox was sporting as a baby. Mama Angie is one cool mom and so was he. Now Pax is rocking his haircut.
    You have a nice day too, phool.

  • http://iPad Susan

    Isla Fisher girls adorable.
    Mark Walberg girl adorable
    Nicole Kidman girls precious
    Naomi Watts boys adorable
    Halle Berry girl adorable
    Amy Adams girl precious
    Katie Holmes girl adorable
    The moral of this story is JJ just know two words to describe children.

  • http://dlooking rachel

    Nobody in hollywood knows the word classy except angelina.

  • http://Justjared Babes

    Hey, Jolie/Pitts fans JJ is not being paid by the JPs. So JJ will just post whatever he wants when it comes to JPs, If he is being paid he will do what he can to make it worth , he is forced to put news in here blog about the JPs because that’s the only time he got hits . Only the JP news is worth reading in his blog, see even the Trolls and hateful fans stays in this thread. That’s the power of the JoliePitts, He paid the picture of the JPs, but the JPs did not paid them, Brad and Angelina’s picture is not free they have to pay the agent to acquire them, hope fans will understand JJ.

  • dawne


    I know but I can’t tell you to what degree this just makes my blood boil…….such an effing ingrate…….to be completely honest I would tell him to shove his site up his proverbial but it is the fans I stay for. I really wish we had alternatives…….we should pick a day where not one of us posts……planned in advance; let him feel that….we should do it one day a week on a slow JP news day…..I just have a thing about business people who forget from where they came and get all ‘It’s a new day” on the heads of a very loyal ‘hit’ base.

  • tweet

    Anne Thompson ‏@akstanwyck

    Cheers! Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt Releasing First Wine Next Month from Chateau Miraval

  • Phool

    #Passing Through @02/14/13 at 12:55pm
    Hi PT I guess Star & National Enquirer will already have their in-house Psychologists dissecting Pax’s golden nail polish & hair cut and will come out with another c..k & Bull story about him finding his Identity in their next edition. While the first edition already is in the process of being in print ,would be about how Shiloh is banging on her parents bedroom door demanding her over due pay check from CCOBB while Vivian is laughingly waving her Pink Pay check in her face .
    PS, don’t talk about Pax’s phone, there’s Rupert Murdock some where rubbing his hands in glee waiting to hack into Pax’s & Maddox phones you know Ruperts big on hacking children included nothing is out of bound for Rupert LOL.

  • JPS


    Canadian parliament debates zombie apocalypse – video

    Minister declares that should America be Over-run by zombies, Canada is prepared
    LAST UPDATED AT 13:44 ON Thu 14 Feb 2013

    THE Canadian parliament debated an important issue on Wednesday – how prepared is the county for a zombie invasion?

    MP Pat Martin asked foreign minister John Baird whether the Canadian government had any emergency measures in place in case a zombie outbreak ever occurred. Martin made the crucial point that, should their American neighbours become over-run by the undead, as in Brad Pitt’s new movie World War Z, Canada would be at great risk – because “zombies don’t recognise borders”.

    In response, Baird assured parliament that “under the leadership of this Prime Minster, Canada will never become a save haven for zombies ever!”

  • explain


    Angelina Jolie and two of her children- Pax and Zahara were snapped out shopping in Los Angeles yesterday.

    The 37-year-old actress decided to pick out skeleton feet shoes (which I love) for 9-year-old Pax and give him a manicure with what looks to be gold nail varnish (Chanel Peridot maybe?) before she invited the paps to join them for their trip.

    Make no mistake, Angelina would have been the one to paint Pax’s nails and shear his hair into a mohawk before they went out – just as she was the one who cut Shiloh’s hair short a couple of years ago and give Maddox a roughly shorn cut a couple of years before that.

    The woman will do anything for press, whilst in her twisted up little brain she thinks she’s pushing boundaries and challenging traditional stereotypes – using her children to prove a point.

    Meanwhile, although they’re all currently at the house in Los Feliz, in LA, the Jolie-Pitt children could soon be getting used to a new rented home- this time in Australia.

    The Daily Telegraph reports:

    “executives from Disney in the US have been scouting locations in New South Wales and the Gold Coast over the past two weeks, for the final stages of a deal to shoot a mega-production remake of 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea: Captain Nemo.”

    Brad is being courted to be play the story’s hero Ned Land. Which is good because at least as it’s set at sea he stands an outside chance of getting a wash this year.

    Posted on February 14, 2013 by BOHOMOTH

  • explain


    While I have a few quiet moments, I wanted to discuss Angelina Jolie’s face at the 27th American Society Of Cinematographers Awards In Los Angeles on Sunday.

    It’s shocking to think that back in 2003 this was the woman that every male and female in the world would have happily slept with, given the chance.

    It’s hard to decide what to blame for how she’s changed- but you certainly don’t get yellowy grey circles under hollow, sunken eyes from getting lots of early nights and proper nutrition.

    She used to be breathtakingly good-looking but now my personal feeling is that the anorexia and an over-reliance on drugs and plastic surgery (she’s definitely had work on reducing her lips and nose) are taking their toll.

    As we age and our skin gets thinner due to falling amounts of collagen, we have to make the choice between having thin bodies or a bit more meat on our bones and less gaunt faces.

    I’ve heard from people in their camp that she’s a changed person – depressed and complaining a lot and sending texts to people she knows saying that the kids are happy, and that’s all that counts.

    But Angelina’s not happy or carefree – and it shows.

    Back when she was the gun-toting, plane flying, motorbike-riding star of Lara Croft who travelled the world in between shagging Colin Farrell, Ralph Fiennes and Jonny Lee Miller, she seemed pretty cool and like an independent free spirit.

    Actually, I think the reality is that she was desperately lonely, but for a while she certainly played the part of being a flying by the seat of her pants kind of girl pretty well.

    Now though, I just feel sorry for her and my sense is that something’s very up in her world.

    With her fiancé Brad Pitt walking around looking like crap warmed over and living his life in a haze of cannabis smoke, I can’t help but wonder if Angelina’s heroin addiction’s reared its ugly head?

    She was clean when she was married to Billy Bob Thornton and it was him hitting the prescription pills and booze that ended that marriage.

    And, even when she had her 2003 affair with Colin Farrell, she called it off at the end of the start of 2004 because she decided they were too similar and his drink and drug addictions were spiralling out of control. (Yes, she was looking for a father for Maddox, but Colin was deemed not right- he became a bit obsessed with her but she dumped him, not the other way around).

    But cut to nine years later- if you’re living with someone who’s stoned every waking moment of the day, I suppose eventually you might just cave in and join them? I just can’t see where else that deathly pallor would have come from?

  • BW

    Brad and Angie let their kids to be themselves. Each of their kids has their own unique style.

  • nani

    Love her and her family!

  • Hello

    Ten year old Angie at the oscars. She was adorable.

  • LOL

    Some low life slime can’t wait to spew their filth just because pics of a mom and 2 of her kids pop up doing shopping like all people do from time to time. Such sewer dwellers should be stomped on and eradicated.

    JJ allows this to type vile foulness to be posted from ff and it’s ilk. This is not right, not at all.

    The Internet will not allow anonymous filthy crazies to remain so forever, your days are numbered, payment for your crimes will be hammered on you. 99.9 9999999% of the world will rejoice at this.

  • Hello

    @explain: boho moth knows where their bread is buttered. Psycho aniston fans.

  • http://dlooking rachel

    Explain why are you so jealous of angelina. you people live a miserable life living in the life maniston the true form of famewhore.

  • valis202

    You have to be pretty sick to refer to a 7 year old child as looking like a whore but that is what we have come to expect from the certifiable lunatics that make up Aniston’s fan base.

  • LOL


    True. Like attracks like. They are managing to chase away the remaining few who once paid to see that TV girls films, helping to send her into obscurity. She gets cast in indies that no one will buy and her film quote is the lowest it has been, she can thank her psychos for that.

    No one wants to have her trained filth near them.

  • Phool

    #dawne @ 02/14/2013 at 1:18 pm
    Dawne its a True testament to the posters like yourselves& others, hard work bringing New News that even the site owner doesn’t do is the real reason that most of posters like my self come her. Yes this site is also a fan site some times unfortunately the owners tend to forget, Unfortunately when one gets big for their boots one forgets who they got here its like they are suffering from the ‘I Wanabe A Celebrity Myself Syndrome” prime example is Perez Hilton & Jared is following suit. At one time they were chasing these celebs & by some unfortunate twist of fate some Z-listers started talking to them for their own personal gain. So is it any wonder these site owners start thinking they are above their own station so to speak. They forget who actually made them and that at the end of the day its the FANS who made you , when you have NO fans, you have no $$$$$ in the bank so remember JJ.
    This is my opinion Jared you can put my in moderation but at times it needs to be said we are not blind to the fact of your going on and they my dear are going the WRONG
    Dawne please keep posting and viewing your opinions its always refreshing to read. Have agood evening Dawne sorry about my long winded rant to JJ.

  • Yoco

    These poor trolls have no life.They sit around waiting for Google alerts on this family. They are obssessed with this family.Well I see notOK magazine is claiming Maniston is pregnant with boy girl twins.So the trolls can become obssessed with them.It is great seeing Pax and Zee I still have the People magazine from 2007 when Angie Zee and Maddox when to Vietnam to pick up Pax.Pics of Zee and Pax poolside at the hotel and Pax and Maddox sleeping.Next month will mark six years since he came home with his adopted family.I would love to see Maddox it seems like it has been almost a year since we have seen him.