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Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt: Valentine's Day with the Twins!

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt: Valentine's Day with the Twins!

Angelina Jolie and her fiance Brad Pitt spend their Valentine’s Day together while visiting the Natural History Museum on Thursday (February 14) in Los Angeles.

The 37-year-old actress and the 49-year-old actor were accompanied by their dressed up twins Knox and Vivienne.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Angelina Jolie

The day before, Angelina took Zahara and Pax out for some shopping at Urban Outfitters in L.A.

It was recently reported that Brad is not attached to the upcoming David Fincher project 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea: Captain.

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  • Rose

    @fyi12:#38, Thanks. FYI for posting this video. I see a few new photos with Brad driving and Angie in the front seat, kids in the back. I’m guessing the body guard drove another car.

  • Zenith

    Cuteness overload. The best family in Hollywood.

  • cesar – Love for Jolie-Pitts

    Amazing family. Simple the best. The world is a better place everytime we have news about this amazing family.

    Angie is a charming beautiful lady, a poem for any man, a perfum of class, a incredible vision of sedution, confidence and powerful feminity.

    Angie is become the most interesting woman of our time. She represent the future but she live in this time of change, she is showing the route, she is the model of a modern women. Gorgeous, strong, but charming.

    On~ly a man like Brad could be loved by a special girl like Angie. He is lucky but he gave chase that luck. that fate, that furtune…

    He is a smart, creative and decisive guy, He knew what he was looking and when he foud Angie he was brave to do the best options and decisions for his life.

    Brad have the touch of Midas, he knows what he wants and he don´t lose time. He have the notion of time and the perception of what is good and bad. Everything Brad put is hands change for better. He created beauty and sucess.

    Angie and Brad are simp’le the best mix in human history. like Angie said Brad makes beautiful childrens.

    what a extraordinairie kids they have. Viv is a princess and Knox a mini-Brad with stile. i miss Shii and Mad and i´m waiting for the next pics.

    Long life to this great family. kiss

  • Rose

    @gracie: ITA with everything said. Trolls are jealous of Brad and Angie’s success, plain and simple.

  • African Girl

    # 49 busted @ 02/16/2013 at 7:47 pm
    I guess Bill Gates and Oprah are living in trailer parks hmmm.
    Okay, I just cracked up trying to imagine O in a trailer park!

  • mite

    poor lad looks just like his father.

  • BW

    Knox is the coolest boy.

  • QQQQ

    Actors Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have been summering at Provence’s Château Miraval since 2008, though they were by no means the organic winery’s first celebrity guests—Miraval’s Pink Floyd rosé was named in honor of the band, who recorded The Wall at Le Studio de Miraval, the recording studio built at the winery after it was purchased by jazz pianist Jacques Loussier in 1970. Rock-star Tuscan vintner Sting, Sade, the Cranberries and the Gipsy Kings have recorded at Miraval as well. Pitt and Jolie, however, are now making their own mark on Miraval, literally, with a new Miraval Côtes de Provence 2012 rosé made in partnership with the Rhône Valley’s Perrin Family of Château de Beaucastel, under the new Jolie-Pitt & Perrin brand.
    The Rhône’s Perrin Family Adopts Brad and Angelina
    The Cinsault, Grenache, Syrah and Rolle blend with be available soon in the U.S. market for around $28. “Miraval is certainly one of the most impressive wine estates in Provence,” said Perrin & Fils general manager Marc Perrin, who began working with the couple this past summer. “[Brad and Angelina] are involved. He is very interested in wine—he knows his wine very well … it is fantastic. He is an artist with a lot of dedication, so it could not be better,” Perrin told Unfiltered. “It is not a celebrity wine—it is a great terroir and we produce a family wine, so that’s why we are there.”

  • lucy

    @Breenn: There’s no pleasing the Hens, they beotch when they see pictures of Brad and Angie and beotch when they don’t see pictures, make up your feeble minds.

  • swifty

    They are like the Adams family

  • Eva

    Brad and Angie are great parents. Knox and Viv are too cute.

  • fyi12

    @African Girl:

    ROTFLMAO! While Oprah Winfrey is giving her luxurious Montecito, Calif $85 Million Mansion a Makeover! LMAO

    So who is WHINING about this? LOL Double standard all the way when it comes to the JP family!

  • fyi12


    Say what? I think I missed your point, sorry.

  • dawne


    you are disgusting to the core…….now get the hell out of here you Nazi.

  • lucy

    @gracie: Ticky may not retire, but she’ll end up back in TV, that is if they’ll have her, and there’s plenty of stars bigger than Ticky that can’t make their TV shows a hit. Ticky may end up doing Depends and Denture ads to keeps her little gigolo in his skinny jeans.

  • fyi12


    I am glad I was not the only one offended with that post. WTF.

  • freakish


  • happy looking couple

    fugly old unfashionable hot coat on skinny stick in sunglasses, courtesy of goodwill.

  • lucy

    Angelinas mother has German ancestry… so angie is one then?
    you racist :P

  • lexus

    Brad is driving the new Lexus GS350… a great car. Good taste Brad.

  • gracie

    Poor trolls trying hard to convince themselves everyone is more popular than Brad and Angie, we know better cuz they spend all their time thinking, dreaming and fantasizing about Brad and Angie, we also know they don’t support their idol cuz she has only two loyal spammers on all her threads, the rest of her fans prefer to be here instead admiring and excited to see gorgeous Brad and Angie pics than looking at boring Anuston.

  • lOl

    Jared, you are late but…. cute kiddies love where they take th em. I wisht there were pics when they were seeing what they like inside and looks happy. viv and z defeintly doesn’t like the photogs.

  • Early 80′s Time Warp

    Risky Business meets Madonna
    poor kids

  • lOl

    yeah nox is pointing to the photogs in one picture

  • Haha

    Pitty leases bikes for photo-ops. A papaparazzi guy talked to the owner of the bike he was riding, LoL.

  • lOl

    @pitt: simmy time to take the you know the tranqulizers.

  • gomez

    do brangelina have amazing videos of them made by fans like miley and selena?the answer is NO

    type ”NessiexCullen” and youll see

  • lexus

    like all pics of the Jolie-Pitt in the last times, someone inside the building, call the paps and they are waiting for them when they left.

    a classic move by the paps in LA. i think they pay for this kind of calls. The Jolie-Pitts pics are the most valuable in the world and that´s why they sell very well.

  • lOl

    um so at least you can admit they don’t call them everyday right? since we have more of the dailys and garage photos of manny’s, if you want to generlize all stars that is.

  • dawne


    Listen missy, take the white sheet of your pointed conehead……my grandmother is German; doesn’t make her a Nazi, idiot. There are lots of American Nazi’s …so with your extrapolation does that make every American one? You are too vile to bother with so go crawl back into the sewer you just slithered out of.

  • African Girl

    Lol! Yeah, everyone is allowed to spend their money however they please. . .but not the JPs! Nope, they have to live like paupers to show their humanitarianism.
    Meanwhile Somewhere in Mexico, a certain someone is sponsoring her WEALTHY friends to a week long vacation.
    The hens live in an upside down world.

  • fyi12

    @African Girl:

    Well, according to Ticky she is being a great humanitarian (as I snicker & barf) & helping the Mexican ECONOMY! ROTFLMAO.

  • teri

    More great pictures. I’m in heaven, loving these new pics. I’ve so missed seeing this family.

  • hehehe

    Beautiful Jolie Pitt family photos drive Maniston hags over the edge. hehehe.

  • Unnatural History Tour

    …and here we have a fine example of an abnormal circus family

  • Alice

    Totally agree with you, this family haven’t been photograph in months and already there are a lot of negative comments about them… What is so wrong in bringing your kids to the museum? The twins looks beautiful.

  • Rose

    @African Girl:#83, If Brad and Angie give away every penny they have the trolls will say that not enough they are still wearing clothes. Trolls say stupid things trying to upset the fans. Pity they are the ones looking foolish and are upset every time they see this family.

  • fyi12

    @Unnatural History Tour:

    In your abnormal mind & your poor abnormal life. Get help please!

  • hehehe

    The JP fans are so obsessed with Aniston that they write her name in their comments and not only on the JP brood.

  • dawne

    Real disgusting troll here tonight……she’ll be banned in a matter of minutes I’m sure……….probably Tampon off her lithium. Whatever it is it is the lowest form of human life stealing oxygen from the planet.

  • fyi12


    LMAO—sorry to remind you that WEthe JP fans are at the JOLIE PITT thread & you the idiot hater like a moron are at the Jolie-Pitt thread on a Saturday night, not at your loser idols thread. SO who is really OBSESSED? Pathetic. ROTFLMAO

  • SammiPage

    Lurker you need therapy, you crazy fan . I can post what ever I want it’s a free country. You are probably bi that’s why you love this family so much.
    You re in denial about the two of them . Stop worshiping celebs and get a life of your own

  • Jean

    I have taken my children to that museum several times.

  • fyi12


    Yep you can post all the LIES and we can thumb them down asap! Go ahead & waste your Saturday night full of HATRED! Do you feel good now? Loser!

  • vickifromtexas

    all of the kids are their real kids. so ignorant to say otherwise !
    great pictures of a happy family are making small minds so jealous.

  • nani

    This is a family I love! All of them are beautiful!

  • nani

    Angelina is so simple and sophisticated at the same time!

  • SammiPage

    Breen you are crazy also . Go back and remember when they sold Their
    First kids pics to magazine for money. Again no one likes them in Us or Hollywood . Angie will never win a best actress or any award again unless some poor country that is obsessed with her gives her a award . And she was given a fake celebrity post at some NGO. And brad Pitt is so dumb in interviews he should just keep his moth closed. Both of them are fake and phony .

  • Jafan


  • lOl

    just thumb the idoits why we don’t get a bit of senseable trolls anymore. This/these are dumb