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Jennifer Lawrence: Middle Finger Flash in Oscars Press Room!

Jennifer Lawrence: Middle Finger Flash in Oscars Press Room!

Jennifer Lawrence flashes her middle finger at reporters while posing in the press room at the 2013 Academy Awards held at the Dolby Theatre on Sunday (February 24) in Hollywood.

It seems that the 22-year-old Silver Linings Playbook actress mistakenly flashed her finger as a shocked look came up on her face afterwards. Check out the uncensored photos below!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer was also seen attending the 2013 Oscars Governors Ball that evening with her parents Karen and Gary Lawrence. View the sweet moment in the gallery.

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10+ pictures inside of Jennifer Lawrence flashing the middle finger in the press room…

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jennifer lawrence middle finger flash in oscars press room 01
jennifer lawrence middle finger flash in oscars press room 02
jennifer lawrence middle finger flash in oscars press room 03
jennifer lawrence middle finger flash in oscars press room 04
jennifer lawrence middle finger flash in oscars press room 05
jennifer lawrence middle finger flash in oscars press room 06
jennifer lawrence middle finger flash in oscars press room 07
jennifer lawrence middle finger flash in oscars press room 08
jennifer lawrence middle finger flash in oscars press room 09
jennifer lawrence middle finger flash in oscars press room 10

Photos: Getty, WENN
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  • mel

    Classy (rolling eyes)

  • beautybarbie

    that whas innecessary and really vulgar

  • Irene

    The girl needs to grow up a bit.

  • Lina

    I love her more now

  • Ana

    Well now she thinks she is the “ish”…that’s what happends when you’ve run out of talented actors and the likes of Jennifer Lawrence win an Oscar just like that…

  • Raina

    I don’t see the big deal.

  • Toni

    Looks like an accident to me.

  • beautybarbie

    someone know if Alex skarsgard was in the Oscars?

  • Rhonda

    @Ana: Exactly.

  • just sayin’

    Oh look, the haters comment without even bothering to read that it was pretty much a split-second accidental thing with her fingers. But of course Jared sticks the whole set of pics of the non-incident up there anyway to help fan the hate. Nice.

  • Emery

    Love that her mom is in flip-flops :)

  • H.

    Probably just a slip-up as evidently shown by her facial expression in the pictures. I don’t see how this is a serious matter. People really do try to make small things appear big and melodramatic.

  • Flo

    why is her mom wearing flip-flops?

  • eleanorbvvv

    I used to like her but all those accidents does’nt seem so mistakenly anymore….

  • miapocca

    This is funny…It seems there is a time for everyone…Halle Berry got it when Angela Basset was known for groundbreaking performances

    Meryl beat Voila Davis because they had a lot of good actresses and it was a toss up but the Oscar went to Meryl because she was associated with the Wienstien Bros..they sure know how to campaign

    Would I have voted for Paltrow or Halle or This lady, I think not, but this is the world we live in. Talent can easily be overlooked for various reason. This is obviously for lesson for all Hollywierd actress to kiss arse and get to Oscar!!

    What would Anne had done , if she had not won????

  • Tiger


    I don’t often pipe up in meeanigless threads like these but I think she’s a great actress and worthy of an Oscar. I really enjoy her acting and in the interviews i’ve seen, she seems down to earth and real. So up yours, haters!

  • BrandonMark

    Love my job, since I’ve been bringing in $5600… I sit at home, music playing while I work in front of my new iMac that I got now that I’m making it online.(Click Home information)

  • Juicy Lucy

    Shocked, please she clearly knew what she was doing. She may have the oscar and is popular thanks to The Hunger Gamess and X Men franchise but the real test of her “star power” will come with the relaese of Selena. She, not Brad will have top billing and if the film is not a success, she will get the blame. All her accolades are starting to go to her head. She doesn’t need to worry about the haters on JJ. She needs to worrry about her peers who are just waiting for her to take a big fall career wise.

  • Trabajos Verticales Madrid

    Why she did it? She looks like a kid…

  • Frame

    Oh man! You people, are trying so hard to make every her action a tragedy. She was obviously joking. You, don’t have a sense of humor.

  • Seguro de Vida

    @Frame: Im disagree. She knows what she was doing…

  • sophia

    How classy lol this girl is a bigot

  • sophia

    STOP DEFENDING HER PEOPLE She’s a bigot, she says offensive stuff and flips the bird yet you all think this is JUST A JOKE?!?!?!?!?

    Chris Brown beating the s hit out of Rihanna was a joke too, did you know? Why aren’t you defending him? Oh, because IT WAS NOT A JOKE!

    Stop defending this girl for her stupidity

  • T

    To her fans : please Stop defending her every lame move. Look at the picture of her fliping the bird. Her facial expresion is saying “fuk you” are her fans blind. You don’t act classless like that on a prestigiaus award show.

    I guess her being under a contract with harvey weinstein says it all.

  • Sonya G

    The Oscars are a crock. She was okay, the movie was okay BUT an Oscar?? Puhleese……….

  • Michelle

    Whoever thinks she didn’t deserve an Oscar has never seen Winter’s Bone (also nominated for an Oscar in it), The Burning Plain or The Poker House. Watch some of her movies and then comment. Although they are rated ‘R’ so by the sounds of it some of you aren’t old enough to have seen these.

    And yea the finger thing isn’t polite (if meant) but she’s 22, get over it. She’s not taking to a website to anonymously be disrespectful to people she doesn’t know.

  • Idril


    Please don’t compare a men beating a women and this.

  • u

    TBH she could have kept it a little more classier than this – i’ve seen her in a few interviews and she’s actually offensive and a little rude.. and i’m saying this as a fan because i don’t live in jumanji or feel the need to kiss celebrity as*s. I think she needs to drop this ‘im just a normal girl – look i fall over and eat junk food’ act.. it’s getting old.

  • u

    @Michelle: yeah, she’s 22 not 12.. she needs to grow up.. her attitude won’t get her far in hollywood.

    they accept it now because she’s their new shiny toy but in a year it won’t seem so cute

  • Natasha (Nataliya) Stasyi

    “mistakenly flashed her finger as a shocked look came up on her face afterwards.” Mistakenly, really? I think she done it on purpose. It’s uncouth, for the whole history of Oscars, it’s never been b4 & it’s such a disrespect! She’s such a “young, wild & free” now b/c of this Oscar. Ppl ready 2 kill JLo thinking her such a trash, but WTF, Jen never been so impudent & ridiculous!!! Btw, where’s she?

  • Tricky

    If she didn’t get lucky to be famous then who knows maybe she would’ve been one of those people who comes to these sites to hate on celebs

  • kris

    @Ana: TRUE!!!!

  • MaryRowery

    too much pressure, she’s obviously to o young for all that

  • debong

    shes perfect !

  • Michelle

    Are you off your head, I’m not even a fan of Jennifer Lawrence, I’m just finding your attitude disgusting. When did flipping the finger become the same as beating your partner, or anyone for that matter. And please look up the definition of the word Bigot before using it again. Yes the world has become a little sycophantic of celebrity but get a grip.

  • leto

    If Kristen Stewart would did that at oscars she’d get so much hate, but since it’s “flawless-cute-adorable-akward-down to earth” Jennifer Lawrence it’s ok.
    Double standarts and I’m not even fan of any of these actress.

  • ;)

    Her pointing and “Happy birthday Emanuelle Riva” was useless and seems arrogant. She could do that backstage.

  • anna

    you don’t accidentally give someone the finger. She did it deliberately then got shocked when she got caught. I like her but she is very immature.

  • ganza

    dont you guys think Oscar is a waste of time?This year’s Emmy is much worthy of watching,at least they have some really great shows like,American horror story,Homeland,House of cards,The Americans,Game of thrones,etc.Movie is over,tv is on!

  • Sonya G

    Lawrence won the Oscar for SLPB, not any other movie. She (and the movie,for that matter,) were nothing special Good – but nothing more

  • yup

    @ganza: tbh they’ve been boring as sh&t for a while — i miss the old oscars when everyone just hated each other and were drunk mid-way through.. it’s all so fake now..

  • Lucy

    What a stupid and immature gesture. This girl is starting to annoy me.

  • ohh

    she looks older than 22.

  • ohh

    Forgot to say she can act but the movie wasn’t even that good and her acting was ok but not an Oscar winning one. Lot’s of actresses from tv shows can act better than her.

  • JJ


  • Kingless

    @Sonya G:
    All Marketing and PR.
    I liked this actress but her Oscar was too soon. I saw her movie and it wasn’t that great. She was good but really? An Oscar for that? She seems immature too.
    My choice for the oscar would have been Rachel Wiesz but she got nothing during this award seson.

  • Lia ESP

    For the people who call her fat, bad actress and thigs not nice *lol* but like I sad on another post her career is over for a long time, it’s not fair, she is a good actress but the list is so long, actress who wins an oscar and then … not a good movies.

  • talia

    come on, nobody mistakenly flips off someone. she knew what she was doing when she did it.

  • BerthaBlue

    wow. some of you need to chill out and get a grip. so she’s flipping the bird (whether accidental or not… i hope ‘not’)… she has a brilliant off-the-cuff sense of humor and isn’t afraid of a little self deprecation. she has a good head on her shoulders and is clearly versatile… she’ll go far. get off your high horses and stop hating.

  • ha ha