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Brad Pitt: Furniture Shopping in Paris!

Brad Pitt: Furniture Shopping in Paris!

Brad Pitt heads out on a rainy day to shop for some furniture on Friday (March 8) in Paris, France.

The 49-year-old actor was joined by a female who was spotted pointing out some pieces in a store window.

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It was just announced that Brad and his fiancee Angelina Jolie‘s wine making venture, Miraval Rose 2012, sold out within five hours of going on sale! The 6,000 bottle stock was gone by 2pm yesterday.

10+ pictures inside of Brad Pitt shopping for furniture in rainy Paris…

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brad pitt furniture shopping in paris 02
brad pitt furniture shopping in paris 03
brad pitt furniture shopping in paris 04
brad pitt furniture shopping in paris 05
brad pitt furniture shopping in paris 06
brad pitt furniture shopping in paris 07
brad pitt furniture shopping in paris 08
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brad pitt furniture shopping in paris 10
brad pitt furniture shopping in paris 11

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  • hopeso

    MY man the wine maker.


  • Dakota

    Looking good Mr Pitt, always! Brad has the best posture & sexiest walk! Congratulations on the success of your Miraval wine with Angelina!

  • Ava

    Why doesn’t he cut his hair, he looks so cheezy with it long and worst with it in a ponytail,

  • 2Park5

    Congrats Mr. Wine maker… Love the Jolie-Pitt

  • naturegirl

    This is how you do it.

  • Abi

    Do not tell me Brad Pitt are buying some gift to send to Jennifer Aniston

  • BerryBerry

    A successful first venture… Congratulation to all involve

  • awwww

    Brad looks so hot.

  • KitKat

    They have a gift that says it’s about time you get over me???????

  • lol

    Why doesn’t he use the huge warehouse filled with the crappy furniture he designed and nobody will buy??

  • fyi

    Brad Pitt seen this morning in a shop in Paris Deco
    ASPEN Damidot Valerie!

    Come March 8, International Women’s Day, we have a gift for you girls: Brad Paris is short and the shops … DECO! On your marks, ready, go!
    Ladies! There, while you’re breaking your head on an Excel spreadsheet to get bored in a meeting or falling asleep in front of a bad run, know at the same time, small veinardes Paris may be in the process of fall face to face with the sexiest actor in the world, Mr. Brad “It’s not a Journey” Pitt himself.

    The actor, passing through the capital, has made a surprise visit this morning in the showroom of the brand Pierre Fey, a very famous company specializing in interior and tissues (luxury, of course, talking about Brad here anyway).

    Crazy design – remember the collection of furniture he created last year – the actor has chosen himself with the utmost care fabrics for the restoration of the castle of Miraval. At his side, his personal interior decorator, who merely take notes, safe choices of his famous client.

    Brad, in the opinion of staff, was as accessible as nice.

    The news of his arrival was evidently spread like wildfire and within a few minutes, all that street behalf of individuals female rushed after a quick comb and remaquillage to express the brand in the hope of seeing her.

    Completed its purchases, the actor has preferred to avoid the crowd and exited through the back of the showroom, not without addressing a wide smile and a hand of salvation to his admirers massed in front of the window. What class!

    Girls, the info is passed: Brad is NOW in Paris and is deco shops, while the Parisians, it is getting a makeover and DIY file to the radius closest to home, YOU NEVER KNOW!

  • jewlerl


    He hasn’t cut his hair because he doesn’t want too. Get over it. He is a grown ass* man not a thing. So he gets to do what he wants. When he wants.

  • soi

    He has definitely still got IT!!!! Love them both!

  • Phool

    I cant keep with these new threads today lol Brad is looking mighty fine , i have a feeling he’s geting his furniture insaparation also getting the idea wahst around considering French furniture style is very classic & provincial.

  • Bradley

    jack of al trades (by proxy)
    master of none
    including acting

  • Looselipz

    He just didn’t age well…has that old pothead look. Plus, his wardrobe needs a make-over.
    He always looks like he needs a hot shower and a good shave…

  • Phool

    I see trolls are still losing their Shi.t lol oh Maniston hens you always will remain forever hags

  • The ring

    Pitty and bambi in paris, they are happy
    the intouh cover next week ;)

    poor Angelina :(

  • dawne

    oooh, la la. Man cuts quite a figure. He is like a fine wine….improving with age. You can see the maturity, depth and class in his mein. Wow, what a full life they lead expressing their talent, savvy and artistry in such a diversified manner.

  • dawne

    Troll says ‘poor’ Angie………what a dumbazz tw*t idiot…….every woman in the world envies Angie……..particularly the TIck……………LMAO. Try again loser.

  • a fan

    Brad really knows how to dress. Sexy.

  • Dami

    Brad Pitt look old

  • So

    Brad is buying new furniture for French mansion. wedding?

  • anustin

    very nice…..goodies for Miraval poppa pitt eh.

  • Rose

    Papa shopping for furniture for Marival , I’m guessing thats the decorator shopping with Brad. The estate looks just about done. I can feel a wedding will be taking place soon.

  • dawne

    Now that Brad married a real woman, he can stroll the streets of Paris with such ease as he ‘lives’ in France in the summer……..Douchy Tick had him stuck in LA smokin’ doobies and doin’ shrink…….she still is and look what getting off her couch has done for him. Best damn thing you ever did, Bradley and you well know it.

  • bed o’ nails?

    decorating his dungeon no doubt

  • Phool

    Passing Through how much do you want to bet that star will come up with the who’s that women in broad day light story considering their never ending stories pulled out of their a$$es know the big problem is which one are they going to go for this poor women or the one when Brad arrived taking the other guy with them out of theacuastion of coures that was in brad day light oh no Lol

  • dawne


    could be the wedding planner; don’t think Bradley needs or wants a decorator. He’s fully capable.

    and dungeon troll……….quit self projecting. We know you live below grade and if not it has four wheels.

  • Jones

    Brad has such great style. I’d love to see the interior design of their Miraval estate. I’m sure it’s amazing knowing his design sense. I hope he does a cover story for Architectural Digest one of these days.

  • anustin


  • Phool

    dawne @ 03/08/2013 at 11:48 am Now that Brad married a real woman, he can stroll the streets of Paris with such ease as he ‘lives’ in France in the summer
    LOL dawne a good one I new Trolls will come out with that angle thats why I got my sarcastic snark in for them lol These trolls never learn do they thick as ….. complete the blanks your self lol

  • dawne

    I smell ‘wedding’ errands. He did say ‘soon’ and now that the wine has been bottled and he’s not filming, I’d say he is doing wedding duty.

  • lOl

    He looks tall and slim gorgeous and business… yummy.
    the woman with his From the back I thought it was angie and then the front pictures was nope …
    Getting relaxing day and heading out too sunny day spring is here. nice friday you all

  • Phool

    Rose i agree thats who she is a wedding planner. wait a minute let me shut the window some one is screaming in the ocean

  • Shreya

    Looking good Brad and I think he is looking for some inspiration for his next designing project.. That or he is looking for furnitures for their Chateau… Either way it is good to see another JP article…

    One thing though I am waiting for his for him to cut his hair and shave again – hopefully he will do that for Cannes festival and his wedding.

  • NYC

    What a lousy EMPTY insignificant life she must lead that after 8 years and 5 men one of which she stole from a 14 year relationship she cant get over brad…. EMPTY, EMPTY, EMPTY like her womb

  • The ring


    oh plis, pitty´s holiday with another woman in paris and the guilt is mine
    and his children? one week without seeing them

  • Eva

    Brad is an elegant man.

  • The ring

    I can’t wait to find out who is the new girlfriend of pitty

  • http://iPad Susan

    @ Anustin, they don’t call her Gemi Moore for nothing. She is wealthier than him and is asking for spousal support, he’ll to pay for his cheating.
    She walked away from Bruce quite happy money wise.

  • Cassi

    The French article says the woman is his interior decorator. I agree with some of you that she is the wedding planner.

  • Rose

    @dawne: #30, Dawne you could be right, but at times even decorators hires other decorators.
    I see the trolls are losing their minds. They must have news alert for Brad and Angelina. Can you imagine you hate someone and runs to their thread before the fans.

    One troll said this morning she talks to other people and family about Brad and Angelina , what! I never talk about Ticky to my family or friend because she’s not important in my private life.

  • upholstery tips for brad

    Spray your furniture with a protecting silicone spray. This will give it an inherent shield from all sorts of drips and stains, especially head oil. Allow the spray to dry thoroughly for at least 30 minutes.
    Cover the head area with a matching or complementary uholstery cover.
    Sit or lay on the couch as you normally would. If any of the oil drips from your head onto the couch, just wipe it up with a paper towel. This protects your couch and ensures you can reuse the couch cover, which is particularly useful if you are excessively oily.

  • CK

    Brad is still the sexiest man alive.

  • haa

    ” Brangeloonies bought up every last case, figuring that Brad Pitt made a regular habit out of stumbling into the vineyard to take a piss on the grapes after getting really, really stoned. “

  • wow

    fyi @ 03/08/2013 at 11:37 am
    lol Parisians lost their cool over the sighting of our gorgeous Brad.

  • http://iPad Susan

    fyi post # 11
    The story at this post is calling the lady his personal Interior decorator. Being a busy man he needs someone to stay on top of the work. The article is funny, it said she was along to take notes, because he chooses everything.

  • Dakota

    Phool #183 on last JP thread.

    Your post was excellent. Don’t feel badly that it was long, in fact there may be people that missed it & maybe you should consider posting it again on this thread. We women need to start supporting each other & women like Angelina, Hillary Clinton, etc. The media is shoving garbage down our throats, as in CH & Ticky. Thanks for the intelligent post!

  • Rose

    @Susan: Trolls are losing it. Brad is taking care of business. The estate is looking fabulous, wine is selling, kids are growing, mama is taking care of business. Ticky and her fans are praying for Brad to return, not happening, thus, trolls are screaming at the ocean. Good times!!