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Brad Pitt Earned $35.5 Million in 2012!

Brad Pitt Earned $35.5 Million in 2012!

Brad Pitt steps out of a car for a solo stroll on Saturday (March 9) in Paris, France.

The day before, the 49-year-old handsome actor was seen doing some furniture shopping in the City of Light.

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It was recently revealed that Brad earned a whooping $35.5 million in 2012, helped by his $7 million pay day for his Chanel No. 5 perfume ads, according to Parade magazine.

10+ pictures inside of Brad Pitt taking a stroll by himself in the city of Paris…

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  • Hot


  • Dc

    This is a successful man – you deserve it all Brad. May you have many more.

  • Dc

    Hot, Hot, Hot!

  • Dc

    He’s got so much Swag! Go Brad.

  • little refugee

    throw me a crumb

  • Agatha


  • save $

    If Brad holds on to some of his old lady rose long enough he can make perfume. …loons will buy anything.

  • Rose

    I thought the trolls said Brad was broke. Trolls caught lying again. Brad is the man and a successful one at that. Love the Jolie Pitt’s.!!

  • #

    The rather Large payouts for celeb advertisements are Illuminati payoffs for playing the game.

  • jaliah

    I’m glad because the more he makes the more will go to charity.

  • awwww

    Brad is looking so hot.

  • Liverwurst

    Disgusting…wonder how many more mansions or private jets he’ll buy while children die and starve?

  • Pizza Time

    - zoom 150% and see the moonscape on Brad’s sunlit face.

  • well

    I bet Brad makes more than $35.5 million.

  • kami

    and taylor swift earned 57 million.

  • isa

    really a succesfull man…. looking hot all in black!
    check my ff

  • Rose

    Brad you and Angie you work hard for your so money, enjoy! enjoy! what you worked for. Angle and Brad does more for others than than that b Ticky and her godless circle. Trolls never give SH..t to anyone but they like to tell others how to spend their money. Why don’t trolls ask Ticky why two people without a family needs to live in a. $20m dollars house.

  • umm

    Maniston gigolo made 0 money.

  • Lisa

    BrAnge are US citzens for the wealty tax breaks and reletive low rates. As a French citizen he could expect to pay 65-75% in tax .

  • the 1%

    gimme gimme

  • Jones

    $35.5 ain’t even close to broke. And $35.5 million is an estimation. I’m sure he’s earned more than that. And when you include Angie’s earnings into the picture, with her film projects and luxury brand endorsements, you’ve got one hot super couple making mega bank. That’s how it’s done people. lenny and squiggy don’t even come close.

  • The ring

    Still is in Paris? and bambi? we want pics of bambi ¡:

  • BW

    Brad keeps making good money. I hope he makes more in 2013.

  • The ring

    More than a week without seeing their children, the father of the year ;)

  • lylian

    BrAnge are US citzens for the wealty tax breaks and reletive low rates.
    Wow! Really?? Fancy that! And all this time I though Angie and Brad were US citizens because they were born American citizens, their parents are americans and their grandparents too.

  • anustin

    yeah…it is disgusting for him to earn a living feeding 8 mouths while Maniston is feeding her yoga check,2 cooks and best of all……..buttman thickroux sugah momma.bravo,brad.

  • Lisa

    You can change your citizenship for tax purposes dipshyt lylian.
    done all the time
    They hate this country but love the tax rates.


    Loons are too funny – if this was any one else shopping for furniture in another country without their significant other they would be screaming “Break-Up”!! But the hypocrites will keep telling us everything is OK, the wedding is soon or has already happened and that they are just living their lives totally in love! FOOLS!

    Maybe it’s just me but the men I know hate shopping – the only time my husband shops is for tools. The only men I know who love to shop and pick out furniture are gay men.

  • Lily

    God bless Brad and Angie. Bless them with more money and more success. They are beautiful inside and out.


    Seriously they’ve been apart a week and he’s not even working! Just killing time shopping in another country! And shopping for furniture. ALONE. Loons will never see what’s right in front of them.


    Well he has time to kill until it’s his turn with the kids again.

  • viv

    who is this guy?

  • Why?

    Why is he still in Paris? It doesn’t seem like he has anything important to do there other than strolling through the city. Are Jolie and he still really together? I don’t remember the last time I saw these two together without their children.It seems like a business relationship to me. That break up announcement doesn’t seem that far away.

  • lylian

    Ooooh! Stooping to Name calling?? Oh Dear. My sarcasm hit home huh?!

  • Erica

    Brad looks great. Looks like he has his travel clothes on, probably will fly back to LA soon.


    The real question is why why did he tip off the photographer.

    Another one is where did the three day rule Jolie spouts about go???

  • umm

    Their rule is one week now. it is not a week yet since Brad left on last Sunday. calm down troll. LOL

  • Just Sayin

    Daddy Brad makes money left and right and is taking care of business.

  • Lisa

    sarcasm? LOL
    face saving
    you were wrong

  • umm

    Brad and Angie aren’t French citizens, they don’t need pay tax for money they from US. I think they just need to pay tax for their wine business.

  • tweet

    Lauren Fritsch ‏@MagnetismFactor

    Brad Pitt and angelina jolie as model for partner parenting and #worklifebalance

  • tweet

    Spring Moore ‏@simee

    Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are good role models for having it all. #worklife #sxsw

  • OVER

    I read it on another gossip site, forget which one. But it clicked. Yeah they have. Who can forget 13′s long long soliloquy about them living separate lives in the big houses that she wrote here 2 years ago? That was her, seems that other people into gossip have noticed that their relationship has been over for 2 years.

    Now the BRAND itself is still breathing, but it’s not a relationship. It’s just a brand, they are a brand, but they are not together.

    For her: I hope she’s woken up to what a dumb idiot he is. That Yele pic makes him look er *special*, which he is. As in the short yellow bus. He’s also completely bald on top. Also she’s practically an alkie, she’s bipolar and borderline.

    For him: Her sell-by date passed. He’s always stoned, out of it, drunk, smoking cigs/drugs. She has almost no hair left, she’s not attractive and suffers from anorexia.

    One would hope they would stay together because they’re both big losers but alas, they are not. It’s quite obvious that everything is stages “for pix”.

  • a lurker

    lmao. Maniston hens, keep dream on.

  • OVER

    That is a head scratcher. I’ve seen rumors ramp up when other celebrities aren’t seen for a while, such as Ben and Jennifer and now Orlando and Miranda (though they have recently appeared together in public). I don’t necessarily think those couples are in trouble but for the Brand that bragged about how they couldn’t be 3 days apart and the length they go to in dispelling breakup rumors with pap photo ops, you’d think the tabs would go into overdrive. Instead, it’s the annoying Kanye and Kim pregnancy show

    The media does what best for their sells.
    A Brangelina break up won´t sell at the moment, because nobody cares.
    Nobody cared about their “wedding”, so why for their break up. I guess thats why the media does not jum on this.

  • Sweetness

    I love Jolie-Pitt but if they earn this much money individually then a good adviser would say do not get married and keep your finances separate.
    Love is wonderful but if it does not last forever there will be legal battles over money that will all go to their lawyers.

  • Jen the best

    he looks happy and healthy i guess not bein around jolie has that effect on him

    i think he looks alot better than jolie she must not be taken the split as well as him

  • Tina

    Is this man for real? He is almost 50, still looks so good. Angelina is one lucky lady.

  • Suck loons

    poor loons where is his baby momma.

  • Suzie

    he looks like a hobo does he even bath ewwwwwwwwwww