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Miranda Kerr: Neck Brace Medical Visit!

Miranda Kerr: Neck Brace Medical Visit!

Miranda Kerr dons a neck brace while heading to a medical office on Thursday (March 14) in Los Angeles.

On the same day, the 29-year-old model posted a pic of herself in a bikini and tweeted, “Easing back into work and shooting for @KORAORGANICS taking it one day at a time… 😘 Miranda xxx.”

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Miranda Kerr

The day before, Miranda was cute and casual while stepping out of a car for a hotel meeting in L.A.

Earlier in the week, Miranda was involved in a car accident and suffered a lot of pain.

10+ pictures inside of Miranda Kerr wearing a neck brace…

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miranda kerr neck brace medical visit 01
miranda kerr neck brace medical visit 02
miranda kerr neck brace medical visit 03
miranda kerr neck brace medical visit 04
miranda kerr neck brace medical visit 05
miranda kerr neck brace medical visit 06
miranda kerr neck brace medical visit 07
miranda kerr neck brace medical visit 08
miranda kerr neck brace medical visit 09
miranda kerr neck brace medical visit 10
miranda kerr neck brace medical visit 11
miranda kerr neck brace medical visit 12
miranda kerr neck brace medical visit 13
miranda kerr neck brace medical visit 14

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  • Ugh

    She is insufferable.


    poor baby

  • realist

    I can’t believe the paps followed her all the way to the elevator.

  • realist

    @Ugh: #1

    Yes she is.

  • rachel

    poor dbag. let me pose with my neck brace. i hope orlando divorce her ass. do you take care of your kid dbag all day posing and being a narcissist is what her life is about

  • nonymous

    I don’t want to sound mean. Not a hater or anything but can someone tell Miranda that “xxx” is not exactly a cutesy thing?

  • nonymous

    @nonymous: ugh don’t know why it showed us as stars… probably because its not exactly a positive thing? xxx ???

  • nonymous

    @nonymous: I rest my case.

  • …..

    ultimate attention seeker

  • ha~

    ..looks like she’s doing an insurance claim with that neck brace LOL

  • boo hoo

    Do you hear the soft strains of my heart strings for Ms. Kerrdashian? No? Me either.

  • uh oh

    Funny that TMZ could find no accident report.

  • http://pha lanadelf8cuku

    they probably have struck her with the evil eye lol

  • @12

    Well, there’s a shocker!! Did that sound convincing? I wanted it to sound convincing even though I’m not surprised one bit that there is no actual evidence that what she claims happened really happened.

  • @3

    They had to give her her money’s worth.

  • YAY!!!

    is it just one of you doing all the work?? Are were there two of you pathetic loons on duty?

  • Anon

    I am happy that Miranda is okay.

  • YAY!

    No dear heart. They couldn’t confirm that the guy that hit her car was arrested for being drunk.
    You delphi conspiracy theorists are working overtime aren’t you.
    So tired that reading comprehension is out the window!

  • ha~

    the miranda kerr fans are heeerrrrrreeeeee
    what would we do without those b&tches?

  • ha~

    @YAY!: you’re on a gossip blog a-hole, slow your roll

  • @ha

    Imagine that. Miranda Kerr fans on a Miranda Kerr thread. How crazy is that?
    Poor baby. Afraid that we will get in the way of your lies?
    Yeah, that’s why you hate for us to show up. lol!

  • @ha

    And is there some sort of moratorium on the TRUTH being posted on a gossip blog? Is that why you want YAY! to stop posting?

  • tim

    She’s my favorite.
    I hope that she feels 100% soon.

  • ha~

    @@ha: yeah that’s why
    zOmG~!* YOU’RE so SmaRt!
    gold star for you and the rest of your freaky group that support miranda kerr’s nu*ts
    here’s something you could do: get a life or start a blog about how much u LuV MiRanDA KeRR…
    i won’t be surprised if you have a life size cut out of her in your room and you mastur*bate to it every night…. jus sayin

  • @24

    Well aren’t you a special little snowflake.
    Nothing but sweetness and love.
    I bet that your parents are so proud.

  • Inez

    Because a day without a paparazzi shot is a day without sunshine. Shallow much?

  • @26

    Says someone on a gossip site…
    Too darn funny.

  • sara

    I’m glad that she is OK.
    Love her and her little family.

  • ha~

    awwww the miranda kerr fans reported my comment
    but can call everyone an idiot, leave racist comments, insult an abuse vitctim but CRY when someone says anything about mk.. HAHAHAHAH
    sulky cows

  • ha~

    i hope when she divorces all you fat ass*es are left crying into a cake.
    good luck losers :)

  • @29

    There aren’t any posts missing, so what are you whining about?
    And you’re still going on about a racist comment made by someone who isn’t even a fan of Miranda? But you ignore the bigoted comments by a hater? HYPOCRITE!
    And when did anyone insult an abuse victim?
    Put up or shut up.
    And “fat ass*es”???
    Uhm, sorry, but we’ve seen pictures. You haters are the fat ones. That’s one reason why you are so bitter. That, and the fact that you have no one to love you. No wonder you always hope that they divorce. You just can’t stand to see anyone else happy. Especially when they are rich, gorgeous, successful and popular.

  • Ohje

    Neck braces aren’t contemporary anymore..They harm more than they help…So either her doctor isn’t a very good one, she has SERIOUS injuries – she wouldn’t be walking around then, or she wants to set new trends ;-D

  • ha~

    @@29: hahah.. sure fatty ;)

  • Luisa M. Williams

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  • @ha (29)

    Dear q, or hm, or now ha, the eternal victim of JJ. Nobody but you believes your little dramas to put words into people’s mouths, and select quotes of fans out of context to make them an ogre and you a victim. Nobody. Nobody thinks any MK fan made racist comments, nobody believes anyone insulted an abuse victim. It’s not working. Cut the game already, and on the way, grow up.

  • @32

    No, they’re still used for muscle strains, when they won’t have to be used for very long. Just for ease of pain. The patients are actually instructed to remove them while at home but to use them when they are out and about. Temporarily. They help prevent sudden movements of the head which would agravate their injury causing pain.
    But I guess that you haters read one article when you went searching for ways to insult the girl. Never let medical facts get in the way, right.
    Carry on. As we know you will.

  • @36…

    People have several times re-posted the comment she’s talking about.

    The whole thread clearly shows the person is actually a “Candice” fan & doesn’t care about Miranda.

    The “Candice” fan said they just like the fact the Adriana fans are so jealous of Miranda. Apparently this person met Adriana & according to the “Candice” fan she was really rude.

    So q is either not too bright & can’t understand or pretends so she can keep posting the same comments over & over again.

    Either way it just makes q look stupid.

    So it’s best not to feed the troll.

  • ha~

    @@33: says the idiot who uses “*eye roll*” LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL

  • ha~

    @@ha (29): nobody? are you all the same person or do you sit around discussing this sh*t? fkn losers LOLL

  • @38

    These Miranda haters fall into two categories.
    Some are Adriana fans who attack any model that they feel is threatening to Adriana. Candice, Miranda, Rosie, and now even Behati.
    These are the ones who bring up Miranda and other models in Adriana’s threads just to insult them.
    Others are those rabid (some former) Orlando fans who will never forgive him for marring someone who doesn’t look like one if them.
    These are the ones with the psycho conspiracy theories, hate being tossed at Orlando and the ones low enough to insult an innocent child.
    Both sets are liars. Both sets are hypocrites. And both sets are absolutely obsessed with following Miranda’s every move.
    Pathological. Every one of them.

  • ??

    Does anyone actually care about the petty problems of this over privileged, spoiled brat? She wrecked her car and her ickle neck hurts. And? Maybe she should get a real job and see how much she hurts after an honest day’s work. With her clothes on.

  • @42

    I guess that you care.
    You know. Since you took the time to post, and all.


    GISELE >>>>>> They do everything to appear but none comes close to Gisele

  • @43

    You’re a sly one, you are. Bet you’re right proud of that witty retort, aren’t you? You are all full of your witty little self, sitting there at your computer snerking…whatever the hell that means.

  • @45

    Hey, it’s not our fault that you haters make it so darn easy. Even you would have to admit that you walked right into that one. LOL!
    And because I am always ready to help others…
    From The Urban Dictionary:
    ” snerk
    Verb or Noun: Small sound that is emitted through the nose and mouth, usually a compressed laugh or snort. Often accompanied with a small grin, smirk, or sneer. Usually a tone of either derision, (as when someone says something you find stupid) or innocent humor. (When someone tells you a funny joke and you are busy doing something else, so a full-fledged laugh is difficult.)Nice to use behind other’s backs, as when they do something inanely stupid and you can’t help but laugh about it, but don’t want to fall over laughing”.
    Note the inclusion of the terms “derision”, and “inanely stupid”.
    See, I’m a giver.

  • lol

    This is priceless.
    A hater brought some of the more insane conspiracy theories over to ONTD, hoping to spread their filth in another venue. They are famous for hating on Miranda, but they pushed their luck with this particular post.
    They used “famewh*re” in the title, and pretended that they were just bringing over the theories to ‘see what everyone thought’.
    Well, it backfired in the most glorious way. LOL!
    90% of the responses called her/him out for being rude, hateful, hypocritica, ignorant, etc. It got so bad that the only person who though that it was a good post was Kerrazy-Bealze. And when Kerrazy-Bealze agrees with you, you know that you’ve lost all sense of reality.
    I guess that the op was embarassed to have shown their @ss to the world because they have deleted their post.
    But now all of the ONTD community knows that she/he is an irrational hater, and everything that she/he posts from now on will be judged accordingly.

  • out

    gossip about her is just getting out of control! there is something new on “the worlds biggest supermodel” (major sarcasm) just about everyday,sometimes multiple times a day. Dont tell me its because she is in demand, because I hardly even see her actually modeling….she looks like an over grown chipmunk face. so overrated. and her modeling work is stagnant as can be. every pose expression is the same. just dont get her appeal. She has to force her fame for people to even notice her….how pathetic.

  • Tazo

    @boo hoo: Please don’t compare Miranda Kerr to Kim Kardshain.
    Infact don’t compare anyone to that ugly fat fake pregant midget.

  • Lena

    @HAHAHA: haha dont kid yourself. Gisele fans aren’t haters and can care less about VS models being threatening to her career…. You’re an Adriana fan. her fangirls cant stop stalking other popular models for yearssssssss now. thats what they do best (stalk other models more than their own panty queen).

    Other models threads: “Adriana is better”
    Adrianas threads: “All other models suck”

    its clear who has the rabid 12 yr old fanbase.

  • Tazo

    This lady has a job, so what if she is not a doctor or a lawyer? We can’t all be doctors or lawyers, there is no need to run her down like that Spoiled brat? She is nealry 30 years old with a child of her own.
    If anyone is a brat its people like Obama daughters or the Beckhams kids.
    I highly doubt Miranda Kerr will spend $30,000 on her kids shows like the Beckhams do or spends millions on vaction like the Obama girls do.