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Miranda Kerr Covers 'Vogue Australia' April 2013

Miranda Kerr Covers 'Vogue Australia' April 2013

Miranda Kerr looks super fierce on the cover of Vogue Australia‘s April 2013 issue.

The 29-year-old Aussie supermodel is the featured model for the mag’s celebration of the digital revolution, which is very fitting as she is a social media force herself!

Combining all her followers on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, Miranda connects with over 3.6 million users on social media.

Miranda was photographed by Miguel Reveriego and styled by Natasha Royt for the shoot.

Also pictured: Miranda visiting a doctor with her hubby Orlando Bloom on Saturday (March 16) in Los Angeles after being involved in a car accident earlier in the week.

10+ pictures inside of Miranda Kerr in the magazine and at the doctor…

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miranda kerr covers vogue australia april 2013 02
miranda kerr covers vogue australia april 2013 03
miranda kerr covers vogue australia april 2013 04
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Photos: INFdaily, Miguel Reveriego/Vogue Australia
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  • sameoldsameold

    she’s a really boring model.

  • Donna J. Hodges

    like Louise replied I am impressed that any body can profit $9259 in a few weeks on the computer. did you look at this site…

  • #

    Another day, another week and the same , old, fake and boring couple…

  • Bethany

    Miranda looks beautiful. The Delphites can’t accept it that Miranda and Orlando are in love.

  • ha

    Another day, another week of haters whining about being ‘forced’ to stalk her every move.

  • ha

    Yet another Vogue cover, AND Orlando by her side.
    Poor, poor haters.
    Not having a good week, are ya

  • famehofaye

    @Bethany: so says you.and HA -

  • @7

    And everyone else with a brain!

  • Anon

    @7 haters can’t deal with the fact that Miranda and Orlando are married and are happy together. Miranda looks beautiful on the cover. The haters are running out of things to say because they have been proven wrong and oh they were the ones who started the split rumours.

  • steph

    Not crazy about the styling of the editorial, but that cover is amazing!
    She looks gorgeous in all of the pictures, though.
    She’s such a beauty!
    And Orlando looks gorgeous….as usual.

  • Fashion Diva

    Love how comments 4 to 10 are by the same obsessed person…

  • steph

    In your dreams, sweet cheeks.
    You four haters use socks. We fans don’t have to.

  • say

    omg. It’s the same pose in all the pictures. Same facial expression. Same head bending. She’s one of the most one dimensional models out there. Terrible model. I guess luck really does exist… that’s why she has this career. Because as it is, it’s definitely not her modeling skills

  • XYZ


    U need glasses, bozo, look at the first pic, her arm is so badly photoshopped that it hurts

  • ha

    She does great HF shoots. She’s proved that many times. But she isn’t the one who chooses the photos. After seeing that dynamic cover shot, it makes me wonder what they were thinking for the ed.
    She still looks gorgeous, though.
    @14 (sock)
    Bozo? really? Are you 12?
    Maybe if you were wearing your glasses, ou would have been able to tell that her jacket is covering part of her arm. Not photoshop.
    i find it funny that these comments are almost exactly what you posted on your hater site. You may as well just sign your ‘real’ name. We all know who you are, anyway. LOL!

  • JacksonDiaz

    She is hot.
    Unlike Slum Breath Stink Face aka Freida Pinto.
    Ugly untalented Slum Filth!
    Miranda is one of the most beautiful women out there along with Natalie Portman, Aishwarya Rai, and Adriana Lima.
    Screw Slum Breath! PU I heard she smells.!

  • uh oh

    As usual Miranda’s fans call anyone who dares to criticize her a “hater” “jealous”.
    Just because people find her a very boring model doesn’t mean they secretly want her husband. WTF. She truly has the most immature fans ever.

  • XYZ


    Smoke smth better next time

  • @17

    No, it depends on the critique.
    Normal critisism, is OK, but when it goes to far, or gets too personal, then they are haters.
    I personally don’t think that all haters are ‘jealous’, but I do think that there are some who are. You can tell by their posts, and their history.
    And yes, I also saw that the comment in post #14 was the same garbage that had been posted on a hater site. And since #13 and #14 seem to be the same person, you can bet your socks that they are true ‘haters’ and not just casual observers posting an opinion.

  • Reba

    I love the black and white outfit! So chic!

  • Ariana

    Glad that Miranda is getting better. Orlando looks handsome. He looks 6f or taller. He looks taller than 5f11.

  • Sami

    I like Miranda and Orlando as a couple.
    He has aged really well. All of the LOTR cast must be put under some spell, cause they all look very young since the first movie came out 12 years ago!
    I miss the LOTR movies and the hype.

  • YES!

    She’s so gorgeous! And another Vogue!!!
    And Orlando is too handsome for words!

  • So obsessed…

    The “haters” are on the Daily Mail site spewing their usual bile.

    Because their so jealous of Miranda they have to come up with a reason to find fault with her each time there is an article about her.

    So this time they’ve decided that in one of the pics she looks “flat chested” and therefore it’s “false advertising” because when she wears VS bras she looks bigger……so desperate!!!

    What’s so funny is that some people have pointed out that means VS bras do work because they make your bust look bigger.

    Of course they disregard the fact Miranda’s breasts looker bigger for a year because she was breast feeding & now their back to their normal pre-pregnancy size.

    The DM has a reputation for their comments pages being full of middle aged women known as the “bitter brigade” who are jealous of any young beautiful women but like women who are “curvy” & “real”… other words everyday average women.

    So the “haters” are preaching to the converted so to speak but they think their getting people to dislike her with their comments when in reality these women are already bitter to start with…

    Every so often you get guys on there staying how it’s so obvious that their all jealous of a beautiful woman like Miranda & should “put down their pies & get outside & exercise”…..

    Miranda still has a lot of fans in the UK.

    She was voted by women as the celebrity they would most like to see start their own fashion line.

    A couple of days ago she was voted by UK men as having the best legs in a poll about which celebrities would make the sexiest woman. Kristen Stewarts eyes, Kate Middleton’s hair, Angelina Jolie’s lips etc.

    Miranda won overall though as she had the most votes in each category.

    It’s so easy to tell on the DM site which ones are from Delphi as they all have the same comments…

  • ha

    i like how people think from looking at photographs of two people that they must have a perfect relationship. we dont know what goes on in their lifes day to day.

  • @25

    Almost as ridiculous as people claiming that they can tell by a photograph that their marriage is in trouble.
    So silly.

  • haha

    orlando could be getting ready to leave miranda because we barley even seem them photographed together an usually when we do now, its only at events or at times were they’d have to be together. despite work schedules they should be able to take time out an be together….?
    btw does anybody find it weird that orlando wasnt anywhere near miranda when she had the so called car accident? but of all sudden now orlando pops up an he’s here now? where was he before?

  • @25

    See, #27 is a perfect example of someone who thinks that they can tell what is going on in someone else’s marriage by a few photographs (or lack thereof).
    It’s absolutely ridiculous.
    And I see that we are back to the old double standards:
    No pics together = they’re breaking up
    Pics together = set up, or a ‘show’
    Such silliness posted immediately after it being pointed out is pretty funny, though.

  • haha

    hmmmm something to think about eh?
    but then again its only speculation…

  • haha

    im starting to think mirandas attention seeking behavior will be one of the reasons as to why they will eventually split.

  • @haha

    i’m starting to think that you are trying way too hard.

  • tam

    Well we have idiots who think that they can diagnose whether or not someone has suffered any kind of trauma from a photo, so why not everything else?
    Nothing ever changes.
    But of course, these are the same idiots who are pretending that they can’t read English. At least I hope that they are pretending, because if their reading comprehension is really as bad as they are pretending it to be, I feel sorry for them.
    How else could you explain how they are pretending that TMZ claimed that they couldn’t verify that Miranda’s accident really happened, when what they CLEARLY said was that they could not verify if the other driver had been arrested for DUI.
    And they wonder why we mock them?