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Kim Kardashian: Pregnant Il Pastaio Lunch!

Kim Kardashian: Pregnant Il Pastaio Lunch!

Kim Kardashian valets her car outside of Il Pastaio on Thursday (March 21) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 32-year-old pregnant reality star showed off her growing baby bump in a tight leather skirt!

Earlier in the day, Kim arrived for a check up at a doctor’s office.

“Fun photo shoot today! Loving these colored contacts! Can’t wait for you guys to see what this is for.” Kim tweeted the day before about a photo shoot she completed.

15+ pictures inside of pregnant Kim Kardashian lunching at Il Pastaio…

Just Jared on Facebook
kim kardashian pregnant il pastaio lunch 01
kim kardashian pregnant il pastaio lunch 02
kim kardashian pregnant il pastaio lunch 03
kim kardashian pregnant il pastaio lunch 04
kim kardashian pregnant il pastaio lunch 05
kim kardashian pregnant il pastaio lunch 06
kim kardashian pregnant il pastaio lunch 07
kim kardashian pregnant il pastaio lunch 08
kim kardashian pregnant il pastaio lunch 09
kim kardashian pregnant il pastaio lunch 10
kim kardashian pregnant il pastaio lunch 11
kim kardashian pregnant il pastaio lunch 12
kim kardashian pregnant il pastaio lunch 13
kim kardashian pregnant il pastaio lunch 14
kim kardashian pregnant il pastaio lunch 15
kim kardashian pregnant il pastaio lunch 16
kim kardashian pregnant il pastaio lunch 17

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  • Andi

    WOW…she looks like a whale…

  • Verity

    Something about this pregnancy is off.

  • Whordasian

    What a disgusting wh@re. She looks like overweight hippo. Where is some crazy shooter when you need one? She is useless piece of cr@p.

  • jayne

    Her leather skirt is too tight in her waist line.The belly is too strange and her waist is too thin.There’s something strange in this pregnancy…a normal pregnancy bans tight clothes in the stomach area.And it still doesn’t look like a “bump,”looks like a weird prothestic belly.She should be 5 months by now,but her “bump” looks fake there.

  • Reba

    Look at her shoes! Lol. They don’t even fit! Two toes are hanging out. Ridiculous.

  • Staci

    Kim looks beautiful, she’s glowing.

  • cordell

    @Andi: I’m sure she looks better than you.

  • SMH

    @Whordasian: Insensitive jack@ss. She’s pregnant! your mother should have aborted you, the world would be better off with sickos like you gone.

  • Craigypants

    She is a sh*t stain on the fabric of society.

  • Andi


    pfffff haha…yeah, ok i’ll let you believe that…

  • Laurie

    Werk Kim! she said screw maternity wear lol I like that she’s always glam.

  • Pithy

    Does this person have no shame.

  • Cece

    Hard to believe that her horrid dressing is anything but deliberate. Honestly, it takes effort to look this ridiculous. Embrace that fake bump!

  • KC

    She has the most unfortunate and unattractive shape. The clothes she wears don’t help either.

  • Jessie

    Didn’t take her long to stop dressing for her man. What a piece of work.

  • amika

    @SMH: well that escalated quickly….

  • amika

    why does jared need to always feel the need to include that she’s pregnant in the titles? “Pregnany Il pastiao lunch” yes we get it, she’s pregnant…. we got it the other 50 times you posted that she was going to the gym pregnant or taking a pregnant walk….

  • MyLeNe – Montreal

    She continue to suffocate this poor baby !

  • African Girl

    She must be cursing her sister right now. …coz she sure made pregnancy look pretty. KK probably thought “why not? We share the same gene, so bring on the turkey baster”
    Huge (no pun intended) miscalculation. Lol

  • V

    Poor fetus.

  • sunnyautumn

    She is definitely sacrificing her baby for fashion. Does she even care about suffocating that poor baby. It could have brain damage?

  • Okey Dokey

    @Andi: LMFAO

  • Jen

    Yeah she has gained weight but that’s what happens when a baby is growing inside of you. Everyone’ body is different but for being about 6 months pregnant she looks great.

  • Looselipz

    I think this whole pregnancy is one big fake…there is no way she could be wearing these outfits with where the tummy expands naturally for a baby…
    She wanted to get the divorce finalized and used the pregnancy/relationship to speed it up…add the massive attention and magazine covers,,,
    Disgusting,every bit if it and her.
    I cringe at the sight of her narcacisstic mug.

  • Fee

    It’s really weird, but it actually looks like pregnancy has aged her. She looked much younger before. Most women glowing and happy looking during the pregnancy. With Kim it’s the complete opposite. Hmm…

  • anyone

    she just has a strange body shape. She has hat big but, and then her breasts are big and fake. So all those curves plus the baby bump make a weird shape. She doesn’ look fat at all to me hough- just her weird body shape pregnant.

  • Smurf

    If this pregnancy is real i would be surprised.
    Trout pout is awful

  • Di

    Besides the fact that she looks (let’s face it) really bad…. Since the bump started growing she looks miserable in every photo! No wonder sho looks ugly.. She’s not even happy…

  • ash

    CRUELLA DE VILLE bitch ass animal hater

  • mrst

    I love this look…go Kimye!

  • Ivermom

    Ehhhh…why not wear some cute maternity clothes? That look is not attractive at all!

  • Riri

    The kid is guna come out for air soon enough with those ridiculous outfits she thinks are “cute” for a PREGNANT WOMAN!”


  • ari

    shes suffocating that poor child (or pillow if its fake) in that tacky a$$ leather skirt. vile b*tchhhhhh

  • Kanye

    She copied Beyonce s Photo shoot shirt from yesterday!! Lol

  • Nikki

    I think she believes people will judge her if she isn’t walking around in six inch stilettos, but people won’t. I know some moms who wore heels during pregnancy and all, so it’s not even that. It’s just that she honestly never looks comfortable or she just doesn’t know how to accessorize her growing body yet. But please don’t start with fake baby bump rumors again. Kim definitely seems way too vain to wear one of those. And ppl didn’t even know what baby bump prosthetics were until the Beyonce fiasco, so please just shut up. Anytime a woman doesn’t grow the way the public thinks they should, then they want to claim that it’s fake. News flash, you don’t have to gain a house (like Jessica Simpson) when you’re pregnant. Just look at Kate Middleton.

  • Aranka Paul

    Read somwhere that Kenye doesn’t want her to wear maternity clothes. Even if she doesn’t wear a classic “maternity style dresses”, she should stay away from very tight leather outfits. She does look redicilous. Even her weight is not an issue as much as her overall appearance.
    She thinks she looks chic, if she only new how horrible she looks. My advise to her “keep eating Kim, keep eating……….you’ll gain so much lard that it will be a problem getting rid of excess pounds later on. Her popularity is definitely on decline, thank God.

  • Well…

    Kate Middleton is anorexic, and has been for severeal years. She looks way too skinny for a pregnant woman. At least Kim looks healthy. Not that I believe that she’s really pregnant, LOL ;)

  • Kramer

    I think all she is really doing is modeling cloths that she has gotten for free.

    I like purse is all the nice I can say. Where is Kanye?

  • not a fan

    Watching this lard ass go through a series of ridiculous outfits for the next four months is going to be highly entertaining.

  • Rebecca

    Kim is such a media whore. She and Kanye crave media attention and will do anything to get it. Why is it news she is eating lunch out ? Why is this news?!! People do eat . Who cares.

  • ho hum

    This chick is such a waste of space, Why she would get so much money and freebies is beyond me. There are plenty of respectable people who will never earn even half of what this twit makes. SMH. And yes, she needs to get back to reality and realize that she should be looking into maternity clothes because the regular clothes which are always about two sizes too small don’t work anymore. Kate MIddleton can get away with wear normal clothes because she is 5″10 and very lean anyway.

  • realist

    That is a strap-on bump. Look at her waist. NO one would be able to wear a skirt tight on their waist like that when they are that far pregnant. The bump would be ON THE WAIST.

  • Jane

    You can tell that is a fake bump, a strap-on. Those Kardashians will do anything for ratings. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  • Sunny

    I don’t se a baby bump. All I see is super wide hips. And the distance between her nose and her mouth is huge. Those lip injections made her mouth so heavy, it looks weird. Time to stop the plastic surgery. She used to be pretty, but now she looks like a tanned version of octomom.

  • Jane


    There is a small fake padding under her waist. No one carried a baby under their waist. The bump should be at the waist. I had 4 children, and have see many pregnant women.

  • Kimberly

    Hahahahah Kim pregnant?!!! Yeah and Santa is sitting beside me mfao. She is so obviously faking her pregnancy it’s ridiculous!!! She is either having a surrogate and gaining weight to fool everyone. Or she is gaining weight to pretend being pregnant to and to announce her misscarrige haöfwau through her pregnancy!!! She sure is the ultimate attention *****. Whata *****!!!!!