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Dianna Agron: 'Here's To Showing Your Love'

Dianna Agron: 'Here's To Showing Your Love'

Dianna Agron bundles in a coat and beanie cap while heading to the Kate Somerville Salon for some pampering on Wednesday (March 27) in West Hollywood, Calif.

The 26-year-old Glee actress showed her support for the fight for marriage equality this week by posting the red equality symbol on her Facebook along with the caption, “Here’s to showing you love…”

Make sure to catch an all new episode of Glee tonight at 9/8c on Fox!

FYI: Dianna is wearing Carolina Herrera sunglasses.

10+ pictures inside of Dianna Agron at the salon…

Just Jared on Facebook
dianna agron heres to showing your love 01
dianna agron heres to showing your love 02
dianna agron heres to showing your love 03
dianna agron heres to showing your love 04
dianna agron heres to showing your love 05
dianna agron heres to showing your love 06
dianna agron heres to showing your love 07
dianna agron heres to showing your love 08
dianna agron heres to showing your love 09
dianna agron heres to showing your love 10
dianna agron heres to showing your love 11
dianna agron heres to showing your love 12
dianna agron heres to showing your love 13
dianna agron heres to showing your love 14

Photos: AKM-GSI
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  • Voice of the Universe

    @Alex Do you realize that you have spent over 24 hrs. trolling this thread simply to judge and demean others for the same “theorizing,” valid or invalid, that you are practicing as well. They are allowed to state their beliefs as prominently and profusely as you reiterate your generalizations about them.

    Unless, you personally know Dianna in some omniscient way that allows you to conclusively know her innermost thoughts and feelings, you, like those you are criticizing, have no idea what is truthful about Dianna. Her personal life and personal proclivities are her business. For better or for worse, people, Dianna included, are allowed to report, discuss, spin, fantasize, . . .whatever, about public people, events and experiences. As long as no one is harmed in doing so, let them project or believe what they want, and if it bothers you move on and find a topic that doesn’t, but don’t criticize, judge, blame and demean others for their opinions.

    Each to his own. Love and Let Love. . .Your energies would be far better used to promote positive endeavors.

  • Alex

    @Voice of the Universe: I am not theorizing anything, that’st the difference. Like Sandy, I am simply accepting what she says at face value. because guess what, we don’t know her. and unlike you guys I haven’t invented headcanons about her and therefore dont have to call her a liar or makeup theories about hwood clsoet etc etc, when she says and does things (“i am not a lesbian, dates guys) that don’t fit in that heacanon. i am her fan. so I take her at face value. simple as that. and no, she never denied dating alex. lol the funniest thing about all of this is these so-called fans of hers who so desperately want her to be gay, if i ask them what”s their fav song that she sang on glee, except if/up, or their fav quinn acting moment outside of her scenes with rachel, they wont have a answer. because again, they dont care about her outside of that. I am totally fine with people not giving a damn about her because she is not that good of a actress and her having a very small fanbase but then pretending to be her fan when the only thing you care about her is her possibly gayness is incredibly pathetic and you should find someone you actually like and not because she might be gay.

  • ugh

    lesbians are so delusional , Dianna clearly dated both Alex and Dave.

  • shut up

    enuf already!!!

  • Alex

    @ugh: she dated dave before she was on glee, we only know that because of (probably stolen ) pics from social networks. After glee, she dated Alex, Sebastian and is now dating Christian Cooke. Anyone who says otherwise is not a fan and shouldn’t pretend to be one. It really shouldn’t be this complicated. her “fans” who refuse to let it go that she is not gay are the one making a mess out of it. Why don’t you simply judge her on her own merit and decide whether you find her interesting enough. both as an actor and as a person (the personality that we see in public/media cause we dont know her) to be her fan and not based on her ‘possible gayness’. that part is really baffling to me. because those “fans” of hers have said over and over how they dont like her acting, dont think she can sing, dont really get or like her personality, then what exactly are they a fan of, besides her ‘possible gayness’ that is. either like her for who she says she is or move on. how much more simple can it get.

  • spanish

    lol all the people that you called delusional can show you that all the relationships ( beginning wit Dave and ending with Cooke) are fake.
    But they don’t want to….
    I answer because all of you are so ofensive.
    And leave Dianna alone, this is so public!!!

  • Alex

    @spanish: hey, what is your fav dianna role outside of glee?

  • Lana

    @lucy: Umm… The tattoo is real. Alex Pettyfer still has it. I don’t know where you heard it’s false. He had another one before that for his other ex Emma Roberts and it’s still there as well.

  • Lana

    Yeah, back when Di and Dave had fb, Dianna would comment his pics and everything. I get wanting a positive gay female to look up to, but to insult her by saying that she’s lying about Christian being her boyfriend is horrible. You’re calling your Dianna a liar. Her relationships should be respected. If you want faberry then that’s fine. They’re characters but leave the real people alone. As for her denying Alex, it’s rumored that the break up wasn’t good at all and she simply said, “how do you know we were together.” You can take that as you want but when a guy gets a REAL tattoo for a girl and did the same thing for a girl (emma roberts) who was confirmed to be his gf at one point… They dated. It simply ended badly.

  • dd

    @Alex: you are absolutely right, it’s common that the lesbians pick and choose when to be a fan of someone, they automatically bash both dianna and lea when they are seen with their boyfriends.

  • _ladysuper_


    My fav Dianna role of Glee was CSI NY and Veronica Mars… not true people in fandom don’t know about her work, we suport everything she do.

  • jj

    Sorry for jumping in but I wouldn’t go out on a limb and say it’s just lesbians. I think it’s just a bunch of DixLea shippers who don’t want to believe that the two are just good friends. If they actually thought about it, it would make more sense for Di to be in a relationship with her bff Ashley than Lea, since those two are ALWAYS together but yet all the D&L shippers do is read into everything and call anything else a lie.

  • karla

    well, I think she’s maybe Bi or straight but not lesbian, she said quote: Im not a lesbian. But she never said Im not bi, Im straight, and she said quote Likes Girls”. It should actually have read, “Loves Girls”, because I do. The women in my life give me things that the men in my life can’t. And vice-versa. maybe loves girls and boys? I mean she quote also: Raise your hand if you’ve spent nights crying yourself to sleep, raise your hand if you’ve felt as if you’d rather hide in bed all day than face the people that make you feel small or powerless! Raise your hand if you’ve felt as if you’d rather lie to people than tell them the truth about who you really are, because at least you wouldn’t be the victim of hateful behavior or prejudice! And raise your hand if lying feels almost as bad.

    So this means that she knows the feeling very well, she didn’t lie about Not being a lesbian and I believe that but also I think she’s maybe Bi (bisexual girls they do not consider themselves lesbians) and if she is straight good to, it doesn’t really matter she a beautiful person que cutest girl ever with her fans and she can act, dance, sing, write amazing essays.

    And Im a fan, but Im not obsessed with the idea of her being bi or straight, is her life not mine, but I will keep being her fan if she change her mind or something just like Ellen OR RICKY MARTIN I’m a fan but I’m not gay or bi, but I love her personality as I love Dianna’s too. she looks like a super sweet girl and very smart also, I see her like a little sister or like my son, they just very cute for me. I just wish she has a baby girl someday and marry my son, they will make a beautiful couple, hahaha(joke)