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Halle Berry: Pregnant with Olivier Martinez's Baby - Confirmed!

Halle Berry: Pregnant with Olivier Martinez's Baby - Confirmed!

Halle Berry is expecting her first child with fiance Olivier Martinez, her rep confirms to

The 46-year-old The Call actress and Olivier, 47, even reportedly know the sex of the child – a boy, TMZ has reported!

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The publication also reported that Halle might be more than three months along in her pregnancy.

Olivier and Halle confirmed their engagement to the media last year.

Halle currently has one daugther, Nahla, 5, with model Gabriel Aubry.

Congratulations to the very happy couple!!!

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  • coolio

    It’s biologically impossible to know the gender at three months. Nice reporting.

  • kelly

    She has clearly lost her marbles. He is too violent to be entrusted with the care of a child.

  • Alexanderina

    Congrats to Halle and Olivier, if the news is true

  • Uh huh

    @kelly: Agreed. Reminds me of my brother’s exgf’s current boyfriend.

    Also, both these actors are overrated. Yes, I am a hater.

  • esi

    doubt it…guess she won’t be doing Xmen

  • esi part 2

    if she is

  • Rebecca

    @coolio: Not true there is a test that will give them the sex that early on.

  • mary

    well isn’t she a bit too old for another child?

  • Ha ha

    Great another innocent born to a neurotic lady and another of her lunatic bf’s *slow clap*

  • ace11

    46 and pregnant?

    How is that possible?

    She is so old

  • Adrianagata

    Another one she uses to have a child bitch

  • coolio

    @Rebecca: Are you talking about the urine one? It’s not accurate from what I understand.

  • sunnyautumn

    This is all part of plan C, except Oliver lost his cool at the last minute when he bumrushed from the SUV. Pariiiiiis, here we come. We know the baby will be born in grand ole Paris. Hope the baby is happy and healthy. Halle must’ve planned this with her doctors, as she is a known diabetic.

  • dani


    She could have had an amnio or CVS and found out the sex. Usually these are done between 3-4 months.

  • dani

    I’ve been thinkin’ she was preggers. She has been wearing loose tops and been carrying stuff over her tummy the last few sets of pics. Oh dear. Another baby to bring into the mess that is her life.

  • omg
  • omg

    biologically, the gender is determined at conception, so yes it is very much possible; as for medically,scientifically, and technologically? that’s also possible…ever heard of CVS?

  • Marie

    Congratulations and all the best.

  • TheArtist

    @ace11: Kelly Preston (John Travolta’s wife) gave birth at 47.

  • Jen

    Somewhere, Gabriel Aubry is laughing his a s s off at Olivier Martinez!

  • dontlikeHer

    Some can’t have kids with 35 anymore, and she’s having it with 46. ?
    Probably IVF.
    Now she can definitely go to France.

  • Regina

    So what happens when they break up and Olivier wants to move back to France? Headline News Nancy Grace had twins when she was 47 so.

  • Cin

    I was told the sex of my baby at my 12 week ultrasound, so it is possible. Anyway that’s going to be one good looking kid!

  • Heather

    I do not believe that she pregnant didn’t she sign up for xmen

  • siennagold

    A lot of celebrities gave birth in their 40s. I’m sure a lot of women have given birth in their 40s as well. It’s not surprising anymore especially with the advancements in the medical world. Holly Hunter gave birth to twins at age 50. If they’re both healthy why not?

  • rrrrr


    It’s called amniocentesis.

  • Hytrem

    Halle Berry is a nasty, vile cünt! I can’t stand her!!! She is disgusting.

  • Poiuytrewq

    It’s so funny that Olivier thinks that Halle will treat him better than her exes. Boy is he in for a rude awakening!

  • esi part 3

    Take a look at the LAX videos, Olivier elbowed Halle in the stomach when she was trying to restraining him. He wouldn’t do that if she was preggo no matter how nuts both of them are.

  • HA!!

    Wow! I’m 45 and never married and would love to have children. However, at this point in life I could not imagine trying to keep up with a child. No matter how healthy you are children are energetic beyond their parents, need a lot of attention, and so vunerable to these crazies out here. I wish her well and I hope old Marty get some anger management classes before the birth.

  • tammy

    Poor child.

  • an opinion

    Everything is good when things are going good. But these two don’t handle things well when things are going bad. Hopefully for these kids,things stay great between each other.

  • Sandrine

    Wow, the wonders of science plus celebs’ money can produce babies even if these women are in their advanced ages. These pregnancies are high risk for trisomies and other complications. Also, you wouldn’t be able to tell the gender of the fetus until it’s at least at 16 weeks age of gestation.

  • someone

    I hope the baby is in good health when its born…congrats to them…I guess its not too late for Jennifer Aniston after all…I read somewhere that a woman that was 54 had a baby and it was fine…

  • What’s next?

    Congrats… I guess. Although we can expect a custody battle in 5 years. Halle reallys knows how to choose men.

  • Dj

    LOL Those photos of Olivier hitting up liquor stores every morning 3 months ago make even more sense now!
    It seems clear that her motivation for this late in life pregnancy has nothing to due with family values or unions.

  • oh boy

    Nothing wrong with her being pregnant. It is after all a personal thing. I just don’t get people having children so late in life. Mainly because of the child being raised by OLDER parents.

    but hey congrats

  • m3iii

    i was hoping crazy halle would break up with that lunatic…criminal….NOT have his baby…..2 crazies…..

  • YIB

    It is suprsing as it is a miracle more congats to them!

  • msirene

    It is very possible to have a child at age 46. I know, because my mother delivered a child at age 49. It was unplanned, because she thought that at her age, the chances of it happening would be slim. The child was healthy, but looked “old” and had some health issues while growing up. I wish the best for Ms. Berry and her fiance.

    Further, my wish for Gabriel Aubry is that he moves on with his life as well, find a nice lady and have more beautiful babies like Nahla. He seems like a very nice man, and deserving of his own happiness. No point in holding off with his life, as Halle is moving on with hers.

  • Elodieee

    Good grief……. I smell drama on tis one too!

  • Ugonna Wosu

    @Jen: LMAO. Not yet, but one day during a custody battle he will be! He`ll see it on the news, while eating ice cream with Nahla! Wheeee!!!!

  • Rebecca

    @<a href="/2013/04/05/halle-berry-pregnant-with-olivier-martinezs-@dontlikeHer:
    do you know anything about biology? If a woman is still having her monthly she can still get pregnant Hard and difficult yes but still possible.

  • fas

    right. i knew it. now you can go to france. i don’t like you, halle, sorry, you are so fake.

  • Rebecca

    Oh for heavens sakes. a 49 year old woman does not have old looking babies. They are babies. Grow up

  • Lia ESP

    If she wants to have another child she should use a surrogate. She’s too old to have a pregnancy, there are too many risks. Anyway, congrats!.

  • http://paotafur cindy

    The Antichrist!!! hhahaha!! im joking…congrats to them!!

  • mily

    Weird way to talk about a brother/ sister.
    Yes, there are high chances of problems, but I hope the baby is healthy.
    I hope they are capable of finding balance in their lives, they are unstable to raise children, but at least they are rich.

  • Dammmmmm

    Omg, Halle doesn’t hold a relationship long, give her another 5 years max, she will have one kid live in US another kid live in France, then she will loss both kids. The new baby daddy will beat her up due to his violent history. What was she thinking?