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Bradley Cooper & Suki Waterhouse Kiss & Hold Hands in Paris!

Bradley Cooper & Suki Waterhouse Kiss & Hold Hands in Paris!

Bradley Cooper and his new girlfriend Suki Waterhouse share a romantic kiss on Sunday evening (April 7) in the streets of Paris, France.

The 38-year-old actor and Suki, 20, were seen holding hands while strolling around the city that afternoon.

Bradley and Suki were also spotted hanging out around Paris for the next couple days as well. It sure looks like their romance is starting to get serious!

In case you didn’t know, Bradley is actually fluent in French and has been interviewed in the language before. Make sure to check out the clip!

FYI: Suki is wearing a Whistles jacket. Bradley is wearing Red Wing Heritage 8114 Iron Rangers.

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  • Anna

    Not for nothing, what does a 20 yr old girl know about being a WOMAN. I sure as heck didn’t. I use to like Bradley. I thought he was a sweet, genuine, family guy, totally the kind of guy that would settle down and have lots of kids but this is now the total opposite. The young gf, hideous clothing (that hat!!!) and PDA. What happened? Is this his version of a mid-life crisis? Anyone saying we should judge, why not? He has chosen to outwardly expose this ridic. relationship as opposed to others he’s had with older, mature women??

  • Nicole

    The difference is Lawrence is an Oscar winner and more successful than him. Suki is young and dumb and less successful than him. See how that works? Young, dumb girls are a walking, breathing ego boost for older, insecure men.

  • fgj

    The big dog in those WB cartoons is DiCaprio and the smaller hyper one bouncing around his ankles asking him what they’re gonna do today is Cooper.
    “Models. Woof”

  • Yup

    bradley and his beard out for a pr stroll

  • ewwwwwwwww

    Those pics are so fake and staged. Look, we cannot see whether he kisses her lips in the ‘kissing pic’. How much did he pay money to her?

  • MEme

    If look back at during award season, bradley’s so sweet behave just like he’s so mature as his age. yet now he’s so different, so careless about his image. By my thought he might has suppressed anger.

  • Sarah

    Oh Bradley, NO!
    I lost my respect for him now that he wants to be the new Leonardo DiCaprio, dating a girl that could be his daughter and probably another PR relationship to put down the rumors about his homosexuality, just like all the others he had (or someone REALLY BELIEVED in that public “relationship” he had with Zoe in front of paparazzis?). Bradley used to be very discret when he was dating Renee and I like that, but now seems like he is crazy to show off his relationships for the media. Why?
    And I believe I don’t need to mention that this girl is a climber famewho*re, right?, she is with him to help her career (?), by the way, WTF she does for living?
    @Quell: Please, don’t overdo! she’s 20 years old, not 5 years old!, he’s not a pedo for dating a 20 years old woman, I don’t like it too but he’s not a pedo because of this, come on!

  • Lara

    Yikes. So of you spend too much time thinking about a celebrity’s personal life.

  • Kate

    @Lara: This is a gossip site, what did you expect? people talking about the World War II? Come on!

  • Tess

    But why did he begin to prefer such a child suddenly?

  • Rose

    That’s all!

  • Eliana

    It’s not the age difference, it’s her youth that grosses me out. She looks like one of my children’s friends, and they’re 13! I agree it’s bad PR. Not that I don’t want the guy to be happy, he seems like a genuinely nice guy, but c’mon, it’s not like it’s forever anyway. I’d be thinking about my career, not a fling!

  • Karen

    He feels awkward? His facial expressions in those photos looks the same all. It looks like his expression stiffen with tension.

  • Danielle

    So he made that comment about jennifer making him look like an adult that was above dating girls 20 years younger but really he is just leo de caprio 2.0.? He lost a lot of credibility and respect with this

  • ugh

    looks like the do/uche lessons he took from his pu/ssy posse in Miami really paid off
    (DiCap, Butler and Mel Gibson will be so proud he’s dating jailbait)

  • Lucy

    She’s kissing him in every picture because she knows paps are there. Famewh and shame on Bradley!

  • la

    Suki is actually 21, not that it makes a big difference, her birthday is the same day as Bradley’s actually and she was 21 in Jan. This actually looks like quite a real relationship for him, why would he risk so much hatred from people if he wasnt bothered about her. In terms of publicity it’s hardly done him any favours. You’ll be able to tell how serious it is when you see her with his mother.

  • zuki

    Can’t believe. They’re like father and daughter. OMG, Brad

  • zukima

    OMG, they’re like father and… daughter

  • jmh

    Am I a bit strange, because to me it is the relationship bit that I find a bit distasteful? She is young, but she is not a child and if they want to fool around it is up to them. But the romatic trip to Paris and the hand holding, with such a private man, implies a relationship. Surely she would have to be spectacularly mature, emotionally and intellectually, to hold the attention of a much older, well educated man? Maybe she is that special – a modern day Lauren Becall , absolutely a match for her man? I hope so because if she isn’t it reflects very poorly on Mr Cooper, which ever one of them is in the driving seat.

  • elodieee

    hot boy!

  • Nino

    Bradley Cooper is awesome!!!!

  • Lucy

    @jmh: She certainly doesnt give the appearance to be like that.

  • http://P What


    Don’t be ridiculous. I have seen some of her interviews. She’s a typical vapid prettying girl from a middle class family- bland and vapid. She models herself on the sixties Brit style icons like Julie Christie, Charlottte Rampling and Marianne Faithfull- all Cooper’s types – but she’s no where near as talented or bright. She’s just a rich wannabe, and he’s just a creepy twat

  • http://P What

    @ Jmh
    It’s really annoying when people try and justify despicable behaviour. It shows low self esteem and a lack of morals.

  • who

    WHAT do women see in this guy?!! And I’m a straight woman, asking this. I do not see BC’s appeal, at all. He isn’t attractive in the least but somehow has all these women dating him. And getting involved with a woman who’s barely out of her teens and 18 years his junior? Dude could be her father. He’s gross!!

  • http://P Shameonyou

    @ Ava, Juliana & Destiny

    So because celebrities are creeps who like cradle snatching, people should just be ok with it. I don’t think so. Celebs put themselves up to be judged, it comes with the territory and if they behave badly, judge and judge harshly I say. Look at the girl. She dresses like a 13 year old who just raided her mum old clothes from the truck in the attic.
    I used to think Cooper was a pretty mature stand mature guy as actors go, and I liked the way he dated women around his own age. Even though he has a ladies man rep I liked him with zellwenger and zoldana. I did found it a bit perturbing that so many were keen to pair him up with Lawrence, she comes across as a bright down to earth girl, but in her interview it is very obvious she still a bit of kid – and rightly so. So when he took up with this girl I was really shocked. I guess he was just acting.

  • Queenie

    The hand holding looks more like a brief hand “clasp” and in the next pic Bradley is putting his hand back in his pocket. In the alleged kissing pic, SINCE WHEN do you kiss someone by standing two feet away from them and then leaning forward with your hands in your pockets? Maybe I’m making too much out of this, but in most of the Paris photos, Bradley has his hands in his pockets and is making NO effort to touch Suki at all. In the few pics of Suki touching Bradley, she seems to be doing it hesitantly as if she isn’t supposed to touch him or doesn’t know how and then moves away from him. There’s another angle of the kissing pic where you can see Suki (like Bradley) is holding her hands AWAY from him to hold her luggage but is NOT touching him! Hard to know if these pics are poorly staged or if Bradley does.t know how to fake it well enough yet to make the pictures look convincing. For a “hot” young romance, it looks stiff and awkward in most of the pics.

  • Dee

    That kissing pic is a little weird because it looks like his head is over too far to be kissing her lips. Does anyone else notice this?

  • jmh


    Read what I have said again. Every word is carefully chosen. If you just rant you will never convince anyone who doesn’t already agree with you.

  • http://P Shameonyou

    He’s making a fool of himself. He should get rid of that girl ASAP. His image and reputation have already been tarnished with this association. The longer it goes on the worse it will get for him. Can you imagine what journalists and talk show hosts are going to say about him – and to him – when he starts promoting Hangover III. Hardcore paps will goad him about it when he’s out and about with his mother or influential friends. Total strangers will shout out all kinds of lewd things to him about that young girl. He’s created a complete mess for himself and his family. Stupid man.

  • Juicy Lucy


    No, Suki’s date of birth is listed as May 1, 1992-which makes her 20.

  • TRR

    @Dee: Looks like he’s kissing her cheek.

  • http://P What

    @ Jmh

    I did. You chose your words a little too carefully for my liking. Lauren Bacall was around 19 when she started dating Bogart who was 45. It was post world war II and women had little or no rights. As much as I admire Bacall, she is a child of her generation. Do you honestly think Bacall held Bogart’s “attention” for their entire relationship? Hepburn couldn’t do it with Tracy. This is Hollywood and the business of show, not the actual movies “The Big Sleep” or ” Key Largo”.

  • TVgal

    The age gap isn’t the issue. Look at Michael & Catherine, George & Stacy, it’s the fact that she is 2 yrs older than Justin Bieber that’s a problem. BC has lived too much life to be with someone that young. While they may have some things in common, it’s not enough to be a solid foundation for a REAL relationship.

  • Dee

    @Rose: How can you be so sure they are a fake couple?

  • http://P What

    @ TVgal

    That’s true if she was 30 and he was 50, it would not be an issue at all. She would be old enough to gain some good and bad life experiences – as most people of 30 or above know – but at 20 she still has a bit of dew left on her from the womb.

  • kylie


  • JLaw fan

    I love that people will stop thinking beautiful and talented Jennifer Lawrence is bearding the old gay man. Thank God! Free JLaw from the crazies!!

  • GM UK

    Suki Waterhouse is 21 years of age.
    She was born on the 5th of January 1992 not 1st of May 1992.

    05-01-1992 in UK format dd-mm-yyyy
    The format in the US is mm-dd-yyyy
    Hence the confusion in her date of birth and age.
    We also drive on the left hand side of the road in the UK
    For info Bradley Cooper was born on the 5th of January so they share a Birthday.
    The age gap may be 17 years but they look happy together.
    Be happy for them and let them live their private lives.

  • http://P What

    @ GM UK

    I not into condoning creepy behaviour.

  • Juicy Lucy


    Please, I had the displeasure of reading her blog. She came across as being very immature. I’m disappointed that there are some individuals who are missing the point of Brad’s hypocritical words-I wouldn’t date JL as she could be my daughter- and now he does a complete 360 and starts dating a 20 year old? It’s for that reason that fans are losing respect for him and are calling him perv, pedo, and creepy, Does anyone recall reading an interview during one of the after parties that reported Bradley was “protectively” following JL around all evening. What emotionally stable, confident man does that? Suki’s last BF Miles Kane even remarked that Brad will realize how young Suki is. Brad has single handedly distroyed his intelligent, humble guy with morals and integrity image and I personally think it’s beyond repair.

  • Ein

    I doubt he is gay. He may have issues (with this the whole father-daughter thing that people is getting crazy about) if he were gay, he would have chosen prettier and hotter girls for his beard.He or better say, his PR. I love how everybody says “nah, he’s gay” just because one old rumor, the VG one. I think if he were we should have more stories…
    It’s always the same: the beautiful and talented (JLaw) and the gay (BCoop) i like JLaw, I really like her, but the love some people have for that chick is just as tiring as the hated some people have for Bradley…

  • db

    @GM UK:

    private lives? C’mon she’s selling her “private life” since she dated Luke Pritchar and Miles Kane. She loves all this attention. how you think she has all the coverage about her “modeling career”? Dad famous with money, celebrity friends and boyfriends singers (which she did not bother to do several services for magazines like she was the new marianne faithfull!).

  • JLaw fan

    Even if he isn’t gay – which yeah, he is – it’s getting really annoying for Jennifer’s REAL fans seeing a few girls insisting that she’s getting together with this creepy old guy. His own fans have so little respect for him, that they think they are defending him by calling this staged and a pr stunt. Very nice. Happy to see the oscar winner free from that mess. :)

  • Jane

    I love people talking about how he would choose a better beard if that was the case. The only women willing to do that are famewh0res and gay women in the clost (Hi, Renee.)

    That’s the best he’ll get for this job.

  • jmh


    It is my understanding that Bogart and Bacall had a very successful relationship. David Niven was a close friend and in his autobiography he talks about them throughout their relationship, how Bacall dealt with his death and beyond. This is a no holds barred autobiography, at 14 Niven had a misress who was a 17 year old London streetwalker and that was just the start of his very adventurous life. He talks about the fact that Bacall was the only woman who was able to help Bogart keep his demons and drinking under control and he presents her a a very forceful character throughout, an exceptional woman from a young age.

    Do I believe this girl is anything like Lauren Bacall? Off course not. But by offering a little of what some people want to hear, they might read the whole comment and gradually come to the realisation that it does not apply. As I said before, ranting just puts people’s backs up.

  • Jane

    @JLaw fan:

    I didn’t find it annoying at all. First of all, they are like (I’m sure most of them ARE) Leo/Kate shippers. They can’t see the difference between friendship and love. They see a hand holding picture and scream romance. Leo walked Kate down the aisle at her 3rd wedding, because that’s how they love each other, like brothers. And people, to this day, think they have to be together because they liked a couple of movies they did as a couple.

    Jennifer/Bradley shippers are the same kind. They are harmless. Delusional, but harmless – the only people they reach are themselves.

  • Violet

    She looks like Justin Beiber – maybe thats the attraction….lol. Seriously though, she is 21 (not 20) and gets most of her attention here in the UK fashion mags because of association – friends with Cara Delevingine/Georgia Jagger – whom both get major covers/campaigns whereas she does mostly high street shoots. She’s seems to have attempted acting/singing also – neither of which have gotten anywhere. Jack of all trades, master of none. Her biggest claim to fame was dating Miles Kane, who dumped her when she went back to Bradleys hotel with him. She’s clearly ambitious and doesnt seem to have any talent or a legit career in high fashion, so the attention from being seem with BC for her is beneficial in that more blogs/press are writing about her. I have no idea what BC is doing however.

  • Ein

    Jennifer’s REAL fans? Could you give the definition of a Jennifer REAL fan, please?
    The only i see from Jennifer’s fans (real or not) is that they practically believe she is a perfect human being that is above the rest of us, mere mortals. They consider her a goddess, practically. And that got worse with that Oscar (that she shoudln”t have win…and here i’m opening a fierce debate probably, but i don’t care, that Oscar, is underseved) she won. The Bradlifer shippers are just like Jane her have said, harmless delussional people that have bought the so called chemistry from SLP, that’s all. And those people can be fans of them too, together or per separate.

    Also…i would like to know how you confirm he is gay. Just curious. If you have a different story than the one always mentioned, i’ll be happy to know about it :)