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Olivia Wilde: Planning Spring 2014 Wedding?

Olivia Wilde: Planning Spring 2014 Wedding?

Olivia Wilde is ready for spring in a spaghetti strap tank top on Wednesday (April 10) in New York City.

The day before, the 29-year-old actress was spotted out with her pet pup Paco strolling around the Big Apple.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Olivia Wilde

At the Marie Claire April Cover Party earlier in the week, Olivia reportedly told guests she was planning a Spring 2014 wedding with her fiance Jason Sudeikis, according to the New York Post. She also disclosed that Monique Lhuillier would be designing her bridesmaids dresses.

FYI: Olivia paired her black tank with the Lydia in Riley by Paige Denim. Olivia‘s printed jeans are the Kylie in Retro Cruiser by Paige Denim and wearing an American Eagle graphic tank.

10+ pictures inside of Olivia Wilde ready for Spring in NYC…

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    Where I live in Canada, it is -1 C. In Fahrenheit, that’s 30.
    I am beyond jealous that she is comfortably in a tank top right now.
    What I would give to feel the sun on my shoulders…

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  • Tony

    You could land a 747 on that chick’s forehead.

  • QueenOfTrashin

    If the zipper won’t stay covered, the pants are too tight.

  • A

    @Tony: and she clearly doesn’t give a crap what anyone thinks about it, or she’d have bangs. You can insult celebs to make yourself feel better, but I guarantee she’s prettier and a better person than the chicks you land

  • AJ

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  • A

    @AJ: Yea, how dare people try to turn the stupidity of others down a notch

  • Mike

    I´d like to say Oliva´s forehead looks pretty big as usual, but then I’m sure I´ll be called stupid or one of the few idiots in this world that think that about Olivia Wilde, so I suppose I must say Oliva is extremely hot, an amazing actress and her head and forehead are normal, although I don´t think so

    PS: Ego, here´s a OWLOL FAN who wrote yea instead of yeah, don´t you have anything to tell him ?

  • Ego

    @Tony: Thank you for proving me right. I give you props on trying to be original, yet in all honesty you just sound like a moron.

  • Ego

    @Mike: Well No I’m not going to insult you for stating a generic insult that any moron can use which shows that you have zero intelligence and ZERO ability to comprehend originality. I just want to say that I am NOT here to state that. I’m also not here to state that I find it funny that you’re slamming an “error” I made yet the simple aspect of forgetting a period at the end of your sentences eludes you.
    Again I am NOT here to say that.

  • Ego

    @AJ: Do the people you affiliate yourself with know how to use a grammar check or a spell check of sorts? If so then maybe you should be taking advantage of their services since you clearly have no idea how to use any of those.
    Also do you know anyone who uses the term “Real retarded” too? If I needed anymore proof of your mental ineptitude, that was it.
    Thank you so much for your post. You pretty much proved me right ;)

  • rock

    Who’s the person commenting on everyone elses comments, Oliva herself. No one told this chick to try to become famous. If someone famous doesn’t like the negative then do something else, it’s not like she will be missed , just another want a be who thinks she’s intellectual , who is barley pretty so decided to become” actor”…. Funny that she doesn’t mind panting people who aren’t liberal like her with one brush and distorting while outright lying about their intentions and motives… And she has one of the ugliest bodies, short fat legs and no boobs with a a wide face and a forehead you could watch movies on.. tried to get with half of Hollywood before hooking up with the loser she marrying, she will be irrelevant by this time next year.

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    Now wouldn’t that make you feel better? :)

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    Olivia Wilde is 5’8/ So anyone who calls her legs “short” is mentally retarded like ego says.

    And big forehead aside, she’s probably hotter than any skank wh0re you’ve been with Rock.

    Speaking of skanky hoes, Tell AJ’s mom to stop tricking on the corner of 5th street. She’s scaring off people with her rotted hooch.

  • KissThis

    I don’t get what the big deal about Olivia is. I know a guy who is totally obsessed with her, but I think she’s kind of odd looking and that forehead! Also Olivia is not 5’8. sorry. More like 5’6

  • Gorge

    Egolo, “……when you can’t even write a proper sentence? ” What part of I´m from Spain you don´t understand, its also mean “I live in Spain” can you make your brain work? Instead of pretending to an intelligent child you should think like one.

    I´ve always called things in the way they are, you know black is black, red is red, so I can´t say Oliva is pretty.

    Joechief, yeah my mom scares off people by showing this photo

    Even the beautiful and talented Jennifer Lawrence can scare off people with that photo.

    PS: From a friend with a great sight enogh to know which girl is hot (Spain)

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    But you and I do have something in common. I like to also “call things in the way they are” when It comes to people. Especially mental invalids named George who use selective arguing tactics which pretty much butcher their own argument. Seriously if there was a self owning post, it would be that. But you tried honey. :)

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    But you and I do have something in common. I like to also “call things in the way they are” when It comes to people. Especially mental invalids named George who use selective arguing tactics which pretty much butcher their own argument. Seriously if there was a self owning post, it would be that. But you tried honey. :)

  • B

    you´re right Gorge that picture freaks me out, but i have another picture your mom can use to scare off people

    After seeing these horrible photos i need to see something beautiful like some photos about Adriana Lima, Jennifer Lawrence, Bar Rafaeli, Alessandra Ambrosio, Kate Upton, and so on

    overrated pudgy mediocre actress ? Jennifer Lawrence is young, hot and talented, but Olivia wilde looks old, ugly and is the worst actress in Hollywood, Jennifer Lawrence won an Oscar and have boobs, and Olivia Wilde never will win an Oscar and has no boobs. if i compare olivia wilde with Jennifer Lawrence it´d be like comparing gold with trash,

    Jennifer Lawrence >>>> olivia wilde

  • Ego

    @B: Lol, dude you’re so late to the party. That was like a day ago when we posted that. In case you haven’t noticed we’ve moved on since then and another topic of Olivia Wilde has already emerged. If you’re gonna respond to us, at least do so in a timely fashion. And make a more word savy response because this was just complete and utter trash. But if you’re going to compare Olivia Wilde to other women, here’s a tip. Make sure you’re compare her to women who actually HOTTER than her. Because comparing her to a bleach blonde bimbo like Bar Rafaeli just makes you look silly. You might want to compare her to someone who doesn’t look like they have eating disorder. So euro trash losers like Bar Rafaeli, Alessandra Ambrosia and Adriana Lima only helps proves my point. Also Kate Upton? Really? Kate f**king Upton? You just proved my point right there. Also only an idiot would use the Oscars as a means of determining someone as a “great actress.” Having a golden statute that can be easily BOUGHT these days by who forks over the most money to the Oscar committee doesn’t determine skills. It determines how high you’re willing to sell out. All the golden statues in the world won’t change the fact that Jennifer Lawrence is the same mono toned expressionless blank slate she’s been since she was on bill engvall’s lame syndicated television program. But you are right. Comparing Olivia Wilde to Jennifer Lawrence is like comparing gold to trash. And in this case trash is just spray painted with a nice golden coat of paint. IE the Oscars. Try again Junior.

  • JoeChief

    @B: Oh Gorge, you might as well stop right now. We all know it’s you dude. You’re not word savy enough to convince us that this is a different person. The cliched use of using random pictures of OW, comparing her to women who wouldn’t look good next to a five dollar hooker, we know your style and we know how you like to try to make yourself sound like two different people. I assume you also posted under a different name as well? You seem like the type. And here’s another tip for you. Don’t bring up the OSCARS in your argument when you’re talking about movies. Because any REAL self respecting movie buff knows that the Oscars are nothing more than a shameless popularity contest that only awards exelence in who can sell out the most. Jennifer Lawrence could have a million Oscars in her collection and it won’t change the fact that her acting at best is campy, her choice in roles are horrid and that a wooden plank has more emotional facial expression than she does. She could play Katniss Everdeen until she’s 50 years old and it still won’t change the fact that she’s still equivalent to a generic actress on the CW. Come on dude, put a LITTLE effort into your posts lol.