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Gerard Butler: From New York to LAX!

Gerard Butler: From New York to LAX!

Gerard Butler keeps it cool and casual as he arrives at LAX Airport on Wednesday (May 8) in Los Angeles.

The 43-year-old Scottish actor was in good spirits as he drank a bottle of water and made his way through the terminal.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Gerard Butler

The night before, Gerard posed for photographs at The Great Gatsby screening after party held at The Lambs Club in New York City.

Earlier in the week, Gerard looked dapper dressed head-to-toe in Dolce at the 2013 Met Ball.

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  • 132

    Hoping Gerry had a nice time at the great Gatsby premiere.

  • Movin’ on up
  • NiceToSee

    He looks beautiful. Lovely man.

  • He has indeed moved on

    This is on several gossip sites, including Celeb-chy, and Page Six.
    ” …
    Anyway, while Miranda’s been enjoying the NYC party circuit, she’s run into Gerard Butler several times. He too was at the MET Gala. And on Tuesday night, Spittle showed up at The Great Gatsby screening where, according to Page Six, he and Miranda were talking very closely, an extension, ahem, of a conversation they were having the night before, and photographed doing so. When they found out that there were pictures, I’m told Spittle made a deal with photographers to get rid of those shots in exchange for some other ones to be arranged at a later date. He apparently promised it would be worth their while.

    My question – why would he convince the photogs to delete the photos? What’s the big deal of the two of them talking? Oh wait, who are we talking about here? Miranda Kerr, who has been flirting and cheating on Orlando for a long while. She was just rumored to have had something going on with Leo. So now she’s moved on to Butler? Bleh these people make my head, and stomach, spin.

  • DocP

    He’s looking good in these pics, I wonder if its cool in LA. Since he’s wearing a leather jacket

  • Kristen

    Popcorn? Check. Beverage? Check. All ready to kick back and laugh at the avalanche of biddie crazy. Bring it!

  • C.A.

    Nice pictures of a nice looking man …. Let’s hope work is coming up – NOT a new girlfriend ;-)

  • DailyTroll

    @Kristen: If that’s how you spend your time amusing yourself then you must be the Queen Biddie, but more likely Head Troll.

  • dargabriel

    Very Nice To See The Butler Back Where He Belongs In California, Butler Its Time For Another Test Now. Show These People you’re Not Smoking So They Can Get Off Their High Horse. Unleashing Is Necessary. Who Ever You Are,Writing To Me, You Know Much And You See What The Blind Do Not. My Heart Goes Out To The Boy Who Passed Away. So Many Say How Butler Loooovvveeesss New York So Much, I Disagree And Always Have, Obviously i’m Right, You Who Thinks He Does Is Off Base, He doesn’t Even Stay And When He Does Visit, He Stays In Hotels, He Belongs Here For The Now And Has Since Arriving Many Yrs Ago, He Knows Where His Heart Is. And People I Do Not Talk To Myself, you’re All High On Drugs, That wasn’t Me, For Dar Only, Maybe Its Someone Who Is Very Important, I Happen To Know, Ha,Ha. I Am Always Dargabriel, So Stick It, Oh And Believe Whatever Your Conscious Tells You In This Very Materialized WorlD, Thats All This Is. I Am, The I Am. Another Test Around The Corner, This Will Be Dificult, i’m Asking For A Very Wimpy Individual To Return, I Do Wish Light Upon Men Who don’t Want To Grow Up. Hi To The Nice People And Goodbye To The Rotten Ones, Butler Likes The Term A Bad Apple. Another Beautiful Day In The Forest. dargabriel

  • young and restless

    RIP Mrs. Chancellor.

  • thor’s day

    wonder how many times he has made that deal, I guess the paparazzi have a load of Butler stories that have never seen the light of day and what could he possibly offer that is better than flirting with a married recently ex-Victoria Secret model unless he starts dating like a mad man.

    Ruh roh Butler didn’t Miranda get canned from VS for her attitude, never mind the married part.

  • Parca


  • http://P Yuck

    I hope Olando Bloom or another pisssed off husband punches Butler’s lights out. What a waanker. Why can’t he stick to chasing after the Katy Perrys of this world? They’re old enough, hot, single and up for it. Oh yeah, I remember he’s too much of an arrsehole to do something as sensible as that. What a shiitehead.

  • Kristen

    @DailyTroll Aw honey lamb, everyone who calls you out for what you are isn’t a troll. But you keep telling yourself that if it makes you feel less like the old fat lonely housewife biddie that you are, cookie snookums.

  • Poor @Kristen

    @Kristen: Money says you are a fat lonely housewife, age 25 – 30, who is either terribly insecure and enjoys bullying people to prop up her low self esteem or you are an narcissist – and watch carefully to what happens to narcissists, your hero is a classic one. But the beauty of being a narcissist is you never see your flaws, until it is too late.

  • He has indeed moved on

    @Yuck: I agree. Hey Butler. How about staying clear of married women (and respecting their children in the process), and honoring your “relationship” that you have spoken about, no matter what the heck it is.
    Doesn’t matter who came on to who. She is married – end of story.

  • Lainey says

    @Yuck: Miranda is up for it and Orlando does not seem to mind.

  • Hi LOL

    @Kristen: Hi, LOL. Your nasty mouth always gives you away. Do you ever leave this forum or do you just sit here posting 24/7 with your Cheetos and boxed wine. Here you are posting again, cookie snookums, so I guess YOU are called out, honey lamb.

  • NiceToSee

    …..those conversations could be anything.

    Miranda could be in an upcoming movie…..people need to stop

    The same thing was just done with him, Jennifer and her fianceee (look how quick of a thunder and lightening boomerang the paps put to that conversation).

    All that gossip……Gerard has been blessed and he is glad to be with friends

    Maybe Gerard was respectful and did not want problems in Miranda’s and Orlando’s home (thus no pics…..b/c it would have brought problems..probably).

    Leo and Gerard: Miranda from now on let us know what model is decent and who is not… avoid crazy

    Miranda/Jennifer: Gerard you look good….stay healthy and we are glad…………..because we were concerned about you

    Those conversations could have been anything……..

  • http://P Yuck

    @Lainey says

    I wouldn’t be so sure about that, and even if that were the case, it’s not the first time Butler has gone after a married woman and it probably won’t be the last. It’s only a matter of time before he runs up against an irate husband who does mind, and minds very much and Butler will not come away unscathed. Once a Shiite always a Shitte, I say.

  • DocP

    Life is a journey you need to enjoy from the very start right up to the end. You obviously fear getting older. You’ll be a much happier person as you progress through life if you change your attitude.

  • He has indeed moved on

    @NiceToSee: Yes it could have been a normal conversation. But the fact that he flat-out bribed the paps to delete the photos makes it all very skeevy, and more of an issue than if they had just simply smiled for a photo.

  • emmmmm

    Gerard Butler Is Asked If He Would Consider Ever Getting Married

  • emmmmm

    The Numbers site new foreign total OHF Domestic Box Office $95,625,100 -International Box Office $46,428,184 Worldwide BO $142,053,284

  • play ball

    What’s in his left hand…a baseball? Wonder if he saw “42″?

  • Boo Hoo

    Lainey, or whatever her name is, is out for Gerry ever since he rebuffed her advances on him one time. She wanted an interview and came on to him and he walked off telling her he’d be back and never did. She’ll never let him forget it so I don’t trust anything she says.

    As far as the conversations he was having with Kerr, that’s possible but that’s all it takes for that betch to twist a tall tale out of it for her own amusement. I don’t think anything was brewing and how would she know? Her “sources”?

    I’m not a fan of Miranda Kerr anyway. There’s something about her that irks me for some reason. Hope Gerry has nothing to do with her for many reasons.

  • Boo Hoo

    @Kristen: You’re the only sitting in the theater, darlin’.

  • What’s Missing

    @He has indeed moved on “This is on several gossip sites:” That is why it is called gossip. It starts in one place and the others pick up on it. Obviously, we all know how that works here on JJ. One poster makes a statement about GB. Other posters start repeating it so much that people take it for a true fact.

  • Toxic

    It may very well been all innocent but telling photographers to delete sparks suspicioun butler really needs to learn to keep distance from married women as it makes him look awful, people don’t really honour their relationships in showbiz because they lack morals and loyalty! His relationship with madalina ran its course they hardly saw each other and her behaviour didn’t really earn fans! Looking at Miranda Orlando relationship it looks not right it must get incredibly lonely travelling, being on your own most of the time I just feel sorry for the kids!

    Sometimes I think it’s not worth having relationship with celebs as nothing is normal for them and bringing kids into that environment you have to have a solid marriage who take their commitments seriously

  • thursday

    I don’t believe in ever being seriously angry with someone over choices they make for themselves…such as not granting someone an interview, etc. Each of us decides what is best for us in our lives and you can’t blame someone if they don’t do what you think or hope they would. Always remember that everything happens for a reason!

  • What’s Missing

    @dargabriel: I am posting with all intentional kindness to you. I do not mean to offend. May I suggest, if you don’t like being in the spotlight and being put on the spot, that you stop posting that you are GB’s twin flame. This is very contradicting. By saying you are GB’s twin flame, you are putting a small spotlight (JJ) on yourself and you are putting your own self on the spot. It is easy to see how people might think that you are trying to draw a spotlight of attention to yourself. If you truly believe you are GB’s twin flame then there is no need to try to convince others by posting it here. Personally I have no problem with you thinking what you think, as doesn’t effect my life in anyway. If it brings you a little happiness, contentment and hope into your life, then good for you.

  • One more

    This conversation got more coverage than his entire “relationship”. I guess everyone knew it would last all of two seconds.

  • It seems to me

    Why does almost everyone take as fact something that a writer with an obvious agenda writes? How does Lainey know anything? Does anyone stop to think that asking paparazzi to delete photos is more likely than not going to make a bigger payday for the paparazzi if they refuse? Think about it.

  • What’s Missing

    @thursday: Who is angry and who didn’t grant an interview?

  • Tia

    The fact that MG was restricted on travelling to the states was a huge problem! She only stayed in Shreveport because of the commercial work permit, then some odd modelling jobs and the festival not be nasty but I don’t think her career is going to go anywhere! Long distance relationships rarely work in the celeb world no chance! He knew right from the begining where it would lead hence all the nice stuff he said about her and photo ops for favours sake

  • thursday

    …”standing close in conversation for 20 min. She was smiling.” But isn’t this what people do when they are speaking to each other…whether single or married? Unless GB and MK were seen in public in a more intimate way, which I doubt, I don’t think there is anything to this…other than HW gossip.

  • Ouch

    This has gotta hurt. The Romanian wasn’t even a blip on the radar here. It’s like she never existed. The Superficial covered it too, and said this:

    “Keep in mind, the last high-profile celebrity Gerard Butler banged was Jessica Biel…”

  • The Big Picture

    @One more:

    And? So they were at the same premiere and they’re in separate pictures, so what? He posed with Carole Alt too btw and they were in the same picture. Carole is far more his type than Miranda, tall, skinny, model type and he and Carole seemed to be holding each other.

    I was laughing so hard when I read that DListed article: bone 3 times! He’s 43 and I doubt he can bone that fast at his age. Probably why Maddie went and had a threesome with her and another shirtless guy in a disco in Milan. She needed to feel young again!

    With all the injuries this man has had over the years, I doubt his body and even that part of him works like when he was in his 20ies! If they’re going to make up stories, at least they should do their research first so the story will sound plausible.

    They’re doing the same thing about Jennifer Aniston and him now, saying he’s the reason why her wedding is on hold!

    I guess if Anne Hathaway divorces now, it will be his fault?

  • The Big Picture


    I think you nailed it! I don’t believe MG’s claim she auditioned for a movie role opposite Gerry as I don’t think he wants to work with her. He doesn’t work with GF and this is why Jennifer Aniston could not have been one.

    I guess it’s not only Lainey who make up stories but MG too. I believe him to be professional enough to do his research before working with somebody who might make him look like a fool and MG obviously lied her way into the Dom Hemingway role from her own words. The producers must have been hitting their heads against the wall wondering why they even picked her up for the part.

  • Lighten up

    @The Big Picture: I don’t think these articles are meant to be taken seriously. They are written with humor and are amusing. I think everyone needs to lighten up around here and have a laugh, and not see every article written as the gospel. It’s gossip. No need to get defensive.

  • The Big Picture


    All they actually did, Jessica Biel and him, was hang around each other talking like co-stars do on a movie set. They went out to buy cupcakes together for the crew and they took a motorcycle ride. No proof they banged at all.

    They were acting like normal co-stars who happen to play a married couple who might get back together. Personally I would have liked for the rumor to be true as I could have seen them together but there is absolutely no proof that there was more. They were in full view of the locals and if there had been something going on, there would have been report of them together.

    He had a woman staying with him in Shreveport too in 2011 ., somebody far more discreet than MG and he threw a party too for the 4th of July and I think it was the same caterer who was hired last year. The locals seemed to have met that woman and to have liked her. I haven’t heard so far any positive comments about MG in Shreveport and I don’t believe every woman there was jealous of her or that all the men were gay enough to hate her! Some of the tweets about why some left the party early were also made by men, even the caterer himself does not seem to have liked her too much.

    Jessica had just broken up with Justin and she found a friend on the set, somebody she was working with and that is what I think happened between her and Gerry, nothing more. People who have worked with him have said he can be very friendly to his co-stars both men and women.

  • The Big Picture

    @Lighten up:

    I’m not defensive. I’m just commenting on how they are ridiculous!

  • thursday

    #37: I was just speaking in general terms about choices people make. If I ever spoke with GB I have a long list of questions, lol, and the responses, if any, wouldn’t be written down or recorded…they would remain in the moment.

  • FYI

    @The Big Picture:
    “He had a woman staying with him in Shreveport too in 2011 ., somebody far more discreet than MG and he threw a party too for the 4th of July and I think it was the same caterer who was hired last year.”
    I was following Gerry back then and there was no woman staying with him in Shreveport. There was no July 4 party, either. PFK shot in the spring of 2011 – April & May. He was long gone before the summer.

  • What’s Missing

    @thursday: Wow then that really did come out of left field! No wonder it didn’t seem to connect with anything being posted.

  • of this much I’m sure

    @The Big Picture:

    That’s the 2nd time you’ve tried to make the point here on JJ that the brunette ‘…she’s not famous or anything, I don’t think she’s just happening to be there and I don’t think she’s there for Anne. There is a picture of Gerry arriving or leaving (hard to tell) and that brunette is right next to him. She’s in several pictures close to him actually. She’s obviously in her mid-30ies”… You’ve also done it on Celebitchy. Are you HER PR? She’s obviously a PR flak either for the event, Dolce & Gabbana or Butler. She may be with him, but she’s not “WITH HIM”.
    In the same video he elbowed Joshua Jackson and spoke to Jimmy Fallon. Is he having an affair with them as well? He wasn’t whispering in AH’s ear, you saw stills of the nanosecond it took to kiss her cheek.
    GB and MK have known each other for years. He probably knows every model of any renown in New York. It’s possible they did the mambo in the past, but like most of the women he may or may not have shagged, they are friends.
    Don’t believe everything you read.

  • http://P Yuck

    I think Butler has tried to shag every well known model in New York and LA. He’s such a creep.