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Leonardo DiCaprio: Brant Foundation Exhibit Opening

Leonardo DiCaprio: Brant Foundation Exhibit Opening

Leonardo DiCaprio attends the Brant Foundation Exhibition Preview and Opening Party for its Andy Warhol gallery on Sunday (May 12) at the Brant Foundation Art Study Center in Greenwich, Conn.

The event was also attended by businessman Peter Brant, his wife Stephanie Seymour, their son Harry Brant, as well as actors Owen Wilson and Christopher Walken.

The exhibition reflects Peter‘s lasting passion for Andy Warhol‘s work, a rare long-time commitment, which began more than four decades ago. It was Brant who very early in the artist’s career recognized the significance of Warhol‘s work, in order to form a truly outstanding coherent collection, never-before-seen in any public institution.

10+ pictures inside of Leonardo DiCaprio and others at the exhibit opening…

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Credit: Joe Schildhorn, Owen Hoffmann; Photos: Patrick McMullan, Billy Farrell Agency
Posted to: Christopher Walken, Harry Brant, Leonardo DiCaprio, Owen Wilson, Stephanie Seymour

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  • Kirsten

    Leo’s looking good but I am not a fan of the newsboy cap. First Brad Pitt and now Leo, lol.

  • Mama

    So hot nom nom !!!

  • Amanda

    Leo walks weird , is he flat footed or his feet go out, just know he has unattractive gait, Brad Pitt and Ben Affleck looks sexy a sh¥t when they walk, so does Tom Brady

  • Nikola

    O look he’s with his mommy.

  • Anna

    He dresses so azz, clothes never fit him , mismatched , always a hat.

  • funny witch

    He looks drunk/high.

  • ace11

    Looking Old & Washed up

  • marryme

    Some girls say they would never date Leo and yeah, it’s true! He’s too much for you lol

  • @4

    Yeah, it was Mother ‘s Day yesterday so he was with his mom.
    I’m not crazy for this particular outfit but I like it that he changed the way he dresses.

  • Moco Loco

    Maybe it’s me but I find him to be completely overrated and not in the least bit attractive. His best movies were the old ones like Basketball Diaries and What’s Eating Gilbert Grape. Every movie he makes now..I just see Leo DiCaprio..the roles are different but he comes across the same as in every movie. He is also aging badly, but of course, he is still touted a being sexy…really? The fact that he only dates generic blonde VS models makes him look shallow. Seriously, how shallow and one dimensional do you have to be? It’s boring and uninteresting. I think early on in his career he was dedicated to doing good work and seeking out roles that would take him out of the teen heartthrob stage. But now, I just see a man approaching middle age..reminds of Clooney. With Leo, there is not a lot of depth and I don’t buy it even though the powers that be want us to.

  • Moco Loco

    Not going to be watching the Great Gatsby. Please, DiCaprio is not even close to being the icon that Robert Redford was and still is.

  • Wizzer

    I actually like the newsboy/flat cap look on him.
    Its a merciful change from the 20 year revolving door of frat boy baseball caps.

  • ???

    @Moco Loco: I agree with a lot of things you said except for two. He dated 2(!) VS models, Gisele and Erin. It`s not going to change the fact that he is into barely legal blonde models and it does make him shallow.
    Also with Clooney… at least he is honest. I liked it that he said he doesn`t want to get married again and people stop bothering him.
    I absolutely see your point about him being the same in his movies. Same characters all the time and just like you I can`t forget that it`s Leo Dicaprio on the the screen not the character he is supposed to play. I`m torn about Gatsby I haven`t decided whether to watch it or not. Maybe when it comes out on DVD.
    Whatever good quality this guy has it`s in his work and the rest is just one big party for him.

  • Cate

    He looks good although I’m not a fan of the cap. Glad for him that The Great Gatsby has been such a success despite the weak reviews. He is one of the few talented movie stars we have these days.

  • Fartfartfart

    @Moco Loco: yes not so cool

  • excuse

    What I dont understand is why you watch his movies if you think he always plays himself. To get that info you must have already followed his whole career and watched all his films since he started. Gilbert Grape and Basketball diaries were released in the mid 90′s I think if they werent before. Too late to get to that conclusion and I havent heard such a thing before. I dont think he played himself in Django btw.

  • ???

    NOBODY said he plays himself in his movies. You totally misunderstood what was said. It seems he plays the same character all the time and you can’t identify with his characters. You see Leo Dicaprio on the big screen and you can’t forget that it’s an actor and not the character he is supposed to play.
    The only exception to me was Django. That was his best performance for a very long time. I really enjoyed him as Candie and I wish he had more that just a supporting character.

  • ???

    But talking about Leo playing himself I do see him in Gatsby’s character abd let’s not even start with his role in WOWS.

  • excuse

    Every character is pretty different. If you say he always reminds you of the same character then you are insinuating he’s a bad actor when everyone says the opposite. What I think is that you are obsessed with him and his media persona.

  • ???

    What? Just because I see his roles differently than you do that means I’m obsessed with him? Or with his media persona which is completely fake, part of his PR? Now that doesn’t make sense. And again you misunderstood what I said. The characters being similar doesn’t mean he is a bad actor. It simply means he tends to chose the same troubled characters most of the time. And maybe that’s why I can’t forget that the person I see on the big screen is not a character it’s Leo.

  • Janie

    The best thing about Leo is that he’s a mystery. He’s lost his looks so yes, it’s the mystery cuz it’s not the power of the acting. don’t get me started on bff toby. I wonder if their 15 minutes will ever be over?

  • KissThis

    How does Leo one day looks 10 years younger and skinny and then the next look bloated and 45?! Back and forth, attractive and not so attractive…

  • excuse

    @???: Have you ever seen a main character without any trouble? Everyone has troubles not everything are happy days.

  • ???

    Is that all you took away from my comment? Forget the word ‘troubled’ and just focus on ‘he tends to chose the same character over and over again’ part. What’s your excuse now?

  • comment

    He looks like sh it. It’s not the clothes, the scruff, or the normal aging process. His looks vacant and bloated. He was aging really well. What happened?

  • Moco Loco

    I think he has just become another cliche in Hollywood. Why younger actors look up to him and want to emulate him, I don’t know. There are far superior talents in HW.

  • CT

    The Brants are sleazeballs. Not surprised Leo is hanging out with them. Maybe Peter and Stephanie can be his new Vlad and Naomi.

  • @Moco

    @Moco Loco:

    Far superior talents who haven’t had a fraction of his opportunities. He’s been coasting for a long time. He’s a good actor and an excellent mimic, but highly overrated. He’s more charming and has more rang than that whiny-voiced rat face Gosling, I will give him that.

  • @27


  • ???

    @CT: Sleazeballs? Why? I don’t know anything about them so I’m curious.
    @ @Moco: I agree he is overrated. He is talented there’s no doubt about that. Ever since The Departed his I have seen only one great performance from him in Django.

  • @Moco

    @Moco Loco:

    Redford was and still is all man. What happened to actors with beautiful, masculine voices? Too many actors these days sound like little whiny boys doing forced Pacino and Nicholson imitations.DiCaprio has more charm and charisma than some of the newer pretenders, but he’s lacking the gravitas of a Redford.

  • Lulu

    Agree with whoever said he plays the same type of character in the sence, it’s always very dramatic or, angery, intense . But that Leo has no range, if your were to compare him to Jack , as many try, Jack can do comedy, romantic, or ironic / sarcastic, crazy and anger , dramatic, silly.. All Leo can do is intense drama, maybe that’s why he never won a Oscar, his peers know he’s just been lucky hooking up with good directors , scripts but he’s limited. And
    I found Gatsby boring,I guess that ‘s why the critics gave it mixed reviews .

  • LoL

    @@Moco: Redford looks like an old lesbian now with that wig and facelift.

  • ???

    @Lulu: Agreed but if you look at young Leo you could see range in his work. Up until The Aviator he had roles that didn’t seem the same to me. Maybe he didn’t do comedies but his roles weren’t so intense all the time. And then it changed. Even his idol DeNiro did some comedies just like Nicholson or Johnny Depp with the pirate movies. I preferred his career back then.

  • C/G

    Moco Loco and ???: You both need to go back a watch his movie CV. He doesn’t paly the same characters at. all. He does have great range even in the dramatic fare he prefers. The last few years especially have brought out a plethora of new roles, characters. How can ou look at Django and say that it’s the same as all his other roles? Silly.
    LuLu: Jack did not do many “comedies” until he was older and had knocked out many dramatic films.He even said post-911 that people need to laugh and he would concentrate on lighter movies. Of course he did The Departed after that. Nicholson, and I have seen (almost) everything that he’s been in (from The Raven to present day), has had mainly been heavy, dramatic (brilliant) fare.
    I love how people throw shade at Leo for his lifestyle and then praise Nicholson. Good old Jack was married, that’s true. He also got Rebecca Broussard pregnant when he was with Anjelica Houston at the time. He has 5 kids with 4 different women. I adore JN, but… praise away, even if it is contradictory.

  • C/G

    I saw Gatsby yesterday and I really liked it. Leo is really mixing it up. Congrats Leo, Tobey, et. al. on the success of the movie. $51 mil. weekend opening is mighty fine! Normally, I dislike music heavy films, but it was worth the watch and the 3D enhanced the film for sure.
    Of course, I caved and bought a few Gatsby trinkets. Gatsby is a classic American book, so it’s nice to see a resurgence of interest. I think a lot of students are seeing the movie. I saw school buses at the movie theater on my way to work on Friday and today. I’ll be curious to see this weeks box office.
    Any of the regulars see the movie yet?

  • Sammy

    Hollywood is a paradise for men but not for women. Unless you are kind of a prostitute who doesnt care if your hubby one day will cheat on you. Because men never get old with money and women do and they get so dirty in Hollywood.

  • C/G

    Last comment. :)
    the clothes? Yes. Awful. haha. But even LD has said that he’s not a fashion plate. He doesn’t dress up on his personal time, but will for work and other events, so he looks presentable and appropriate for the occasion.
    HE, on the other hand, looks great. His skin is beautiful. I prefer when he’s a bit paler and not baked in the sun. His eyes look gorgeous. I always like when he wears blue as it makes his eyes pop.
    Add to that, Leo looks thin. He’s predisposed to having a fuller face now (look at his parents, they are the same), but his body is quite thin. And he has the same eyes as his dad. It’d be nice to see him work out a bit. Just a few weeks in the gym would do the trick, but I can’t criticize because I haven’t been to the gym in ages because I am so overworked (thank God for being tall and lanky).

  • ???

    @C/G: I have watched his movies and I stand by my opinion about him playing the same character whether you like it or disagree with it or not. And I pointed out that Django was an exception but I assume you missed that part.

  • sdusty

    I did not buy any trinkets I’m a grown woman and I was looking forward to Gatsby. It was very pretty. That’s the best I can say about it. The story rang hollow and the performances were flat.

  • sdusty

    51 mil won’t begin to cover the advertising budget. Baz took a classic book and humongous budget and turned it into a collection of pretty pictures. Sad.

  • Amy

    He needs to shave. That goatee does nothing for him except make him look old. I also preferred his performances before Titanic.

  • Lulu

    C/ G… You know actually nothing about Jack’s career. All the movies he won Oscar’s weren’t only drama .” One flew over the Cuckoo’s nest” 75′ , drama / crazy / biting humor. Tears of endearment, 83 ‘ romantic / drama. As Good as It Gets, 97′ , drama / comedy . Plus his best roles, ” Witches of Eastwood 97′,was drama/comedy. Mars attack 96′ comedy . About Schmidt 02′ comedy / drama. Ironweed, Heartburn, Prizzi’s Honor , romantic /drama, then there is his intense /drama they all show different range The Shining, Chinatown, Hoffa, A Few Good Men…….. Leo has been doing for the last 10 years is intense drama with little range.

  • Ewwww

    he is so grossssss. OMG i’m going to throw up

  • Meh

    He looks old and washed up as always. Nothing new *yawn*

  • Catherine

    Worst actor ever! he can’t act for a crap and he always plays himself! go away gayo we are so sick of you and your wrinkled puffy face

  • Alex

    He looks lika a crap and he looks like if he’s missing his lover!

  • Amanda

    @stusty .. So true., they probably hoping oversea grosses will save their asses. That movie cost 200 million to make, with credits from Australia they say it around 120 million, with the marketing budget that’s back up there, with a “B Cinemascore , word of mouth wouldn’t be great and with Star Trek coming out , Gatsby might make a bit over 110million domestic.

  • Amanda

    Chritopher Walken’s killing me these pictures , when did he become the crazy old grandfather who wears clothes he had for the lady 20 years.

  • Ava

    His eyes look so blue here, why does he dress so awful, it’s such a turn off., isn’t he like loaded, can’t he afford proper tailoring. And his mother kinda looks a little bit like Gisele/ Blake ?