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Jennifer Lopez: 'American Idol' Finale Performance! (Video)

Jennifer Lopez: 'American Idol' Finale Performance! (Video)

Jennifer Lopez hits the stage for a performance of her new single “Live It Up” during the American Idol Season 12 Finale on Thursday (May 16) at Nokia Theatre L.A. Live in Los Angeles.

The 43-year-old entertainer was joined for the performance by her collaborator Pitbull.

“About to #LIVEITUP on @americanidol #idolfinale!!!” Jennifer tweeted before her performance. Buy the song right now on iTunes!

The day before, Jennifer was in New York City to attend the upfront presentation for her new television network NUVOtv.

Jennifer Lopez: ‘American Idol’ Finale Performance! (Video)

10+ pictures inside of Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull performing on American Idol

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  • Mariah

    I don’t know her.

  • Amostoricher

    What an amazing performance by Jennifer Lopez :) GO J-LO!

  • Marc

    I really haven’t paid attention to Mariah since I was like in 7th or 8th grade, when she use to be popular, in the 90′s.

  • Jess

    OMG! Love that Mariah put this hoochie mama ho in her place by not giving her a standing ovation like the other ass-kissing judges. Ahahaha she also tried to push that confetti that fell on her. LOVE IT!

  • marena

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  • Blizzard

    Candice won

  • amostoricher

    J lo I’m so into you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gp

    j-lo’s every performance is so horrible, so ghetto, no taste at all!

  • boo

    Jlow sucked,,, lip synched to a prerecorded track and still couldnt dance hahaha….how is she even considered a singer? Mariah upstaged her.. Her time has passed….she only shot to fame because of Selena Quintanilla-who she stole all the ideas from for her career and will no be buried by another Selena, who is the new it latina in movies and music…by amt of arse shots and surgeries can help you now….bow down gracefully

  • TalkThatSmack


    Really? Popular in the 90s? I suppose having the biggest selling album in 2005 and the single of the decade from 2000-2009 falls into the 90s. Oh and MC’s current single is higher on both iTunes and Billboard Hot 100 than JLo’s. Have a seat!!!


    @Talkthatsmack LMAO you mean Miguels song? cause its more like Mariah is background vocals

  • Shelly

    Jlo needs to act her age & stop being hoochie please. I agree that she danced terrible & her singing, well she never could sing. She loves attention!! Doesnt her boy toy give her enough? Hate when older women try to act like teens. Dress your age & act your age Holo.

  • Nathan

    Jennifer Lopez #1.. I love the performance but I was waiting for more Latina Sexy…Still enjoy those legs n that ass sorry I meant the great performance. Looking HOT as always Ms. JLO..I hope fake Mariah and Nikki won’t come back nex season.Please!!

  • Nathan

    @Amostoricher: @Jess: Mariah looks so old and fat! SHe’s fake as hell..Her new song sucks bad. She may have a better voice than JLO but JLO has other talents way better than her. Especially personality.

  • Nathan

    @TalkThatSmack: Simply because of her name and producers she’s number one…but the song is bad as hell…Her sales a purely PAYOLA!! Google it!

  • mimi

    isnt she like a mother of 3 kids and divroced like 3 times i dont understand she is like madonna old why she doing this it SUCKED!

  • David Frost

    GREAT PERFORMANCE. She danced and sang: AMAZING.
    I really like the song LIVE IT UP too.

    Mariah is sooooo embarrassing. Cannot believe have horrible she was on Idol last night. snorefest! I felt guilty for her. Mariah’s time is definitely over.

    JEN WON THE NIGHT!!!!!!!

  • David Frost

    p.s. jhajajajaja, it is soooo funny how bad Mariah’s performance was. I just rewatched it. She is so bad and was lip-syncing all her way through this mess of a performance #ugly. Pre-recorded, stiff and lipsyncing. sorry guys, that was an embarrassment!


  • She Stinks!

    Lots of weave flinging – it looked like a bunch of strippers practicing for the noon show. Bad trash all around. JHO still can’t sing or dance, she looks pathetic and foolish. JHO is looking more and more like a white asian woman with huge cellulite ridden thighs. Trash!

  • Elena

    This was a bad performance! The song is terrible and the cheesy choreography didn’t help at all. And her performing after some great singers didn’t help either. The other Jennifer was simply amazing, Mariah has a powerful voice and of course the queen of soul Aretha. Lopez didn’t belong there and embarrassed herself again.

  • Natasha (Nataliya) Stasyi

    Umm, I so love this latex panties<33333 and boots too! :D

  • pan86

    Dancing and singing like a pro while “others” modelled through a snoozefest playback….
    The ENERGY was through the roof CONSTANTLY! Not only at the dancebreak! ONLY JLO!

  • White Latina

    JLO is a pathetic old lip singer who needs to get off the stage she embarrassed herself yet again. She never had any talent to begin with and only slept herself into a career with rich powerful men. She can’t get a script in Hollywood because she was always a joke as an actress and yet Halle and Sandra who are both older are still going strong making movies. Jlo is so untalented she was never even nominated for a Grammy! Old woman wrapped in Spanx trying to be 2o again is simply laughable.

  • Simon

    @Mariah: JLO is a joke compared to real singers like Mariah! Real singers don’t have to bop around all stage with auto tune to drown out her horrible vocals.

  • Rocky

    Mariah is the best selling female vocalist of all time her legacy is secure she never has to make another song for as long as she lives. Jennifer Lopez was never a dancer only a lip synching singer.

  • TalkThatSmack


    That was a clever retort. Miguel (and I LOVE him) has had 2 albums released and has never had a song in the top 10 on iTunes or even in the top 30 on the Billboard Hot 100. So let’s stop acting like Miguel has made the song. It’s a duet. The two make it what it is. Besides, when is JLo going to release a song that doesn’t feature Pitbull and isn’t produced by RedOne?

  • TalkThatSmack


    Hahaha. You can’t pay people to buy songs on iTunes, loser. Instead of wasting your time on here, why don’t you go waste it downloading JLo’s new “hit” single? And JLo with many talents??? She’s a beautiful woman with mediocre acting skills and a mediocre voice. Her biggest talent is between her legs – P Diddy, Ben Affleck, Marc Anthony, Casper Smart, Cris Judd, Ojani Noa, etc. The list is endless….

  • Rocky



  • lollll jealousy

    @Jess: she did atand at the end

  • tulino

    @TalkThatSmack: if JLO biggest talent is between her legs like you mentioned, this means that she is a real woman and desired by real men.

    Get out of here loser

  • Hollywood

    JLO is the biggest hustler in the business she can only dance not sing and not act. Box Office poison who nearly destroyed Ben Affleck’s career. Ben had to work overtime to earn their respect after staining himself with this fake.

  • sandra stanley

    @Jess: I’m sick of her look at me no look at me look at me… she’s not all that she thinks she is. her last changes to show her ass. Maria on the other hand is!!!! pue

  • sandra stanley

    jlo is still kissing herself after all these years. I’m so sick of her fighting for look at me look at me… no look at me…. time to marry the boy toy and cheat on him

  • Elena

    Did you watch the same show as I did? her song is generic and boring and the performance was terrible. Terrible choreography.

  • Honeywest

    It’s all Casper Choreography, horrible, cheezy! Hire a professional next time you’ll get better results. And put some spunk and add a little fire to it. Jennifer is so beautiful and talented she could do alot better with her career. The Performance could’ve been a lot better than what it was. She is not desired by real men, she is desired by losers and users, unattractive, nobody’s, supports them not date them. Casper is an uneducated street thug looking for a paycheck from her. He can’t even pay his own way. Get a job.

  • pjimmyhat

    @Jess: yes she did you can see all four standing up and all four clapping watch it again.