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Beyonce: Hot Tub Relaxation with Blue Ivy!

Beyonce: Hot Tub Relaxation with Blue Ivy!

Beyonce relaxes with her baby girl Blue Ivy, 17 months, in a new photo posted to her I Am Beyonce tumblr page.

The 31-year-old singer also posted some photos of herself riding around a golf course on a bicycle and also baring some sexy lingerie with just a tiny coverup.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Beyonce

In case you missed it, check out Beyonce in the recently released L’Oreal Paris lipstick commercial.

Earlier this week, Beyonce‘s new song “Rise Up” from the movie Epic was released.

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beyonce hot tub relaxation with blue ivy 02
beyonce hot tub relaxation with blue ivy 03
beyonce hot tub relaxation with blue ivy 04
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Photos: I Am Beyonce Tumblr
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  • just saying

    IF she is pregnant get out of the hot tub, and get your kid out of there, its like 100 degrees,

  • lola-c


  • Mandy

    It’s hard for me to believe she’s only 31…but whatever…

  • see

    Good thing that baby don’t look cute, or she would be having her picture all over the place all the time. Now we only see ”selfies” of Beyonce with her kid facing away from the camera.
    This is like the fifty-eleventh one??

  • Asdfg

    @see Blue is a cutie. I think she’s just protecting her from the paparrazzi and crazy fans. Makes sense to me. Everybody called Michael Jackson weird for doing the very same thing she’s doing.

  • snap crackle pop

    I don’t think hot tubs are safe for little kids. But, then again, she’s Beyonce and I bet they would lower the temp. for her.

  • Kizbit

    OMG! Get the baby out of the hot tub!

  • Miao

    Is she for real, what is this, Beyonce go back to private Beyonce, no one wants to see you and your ugly family at every moment of their lives, damn gurl….why you being such a fameho

  • Oh Yeah!!!

    love the hot tub Pic!

  • guest

    Little ones should not be in hot tubs, but they probably have the temperature lowered to a comfortable warm.

  • Dela

    Cute pics but I wonder why we never see Blues face.

  • fifi

    she’s a monster.
    she needs to get over herself.
    and I don’t find her attractive at all.

  • http://yahoo lily lisa Smith

    I am a medical professional. Please do not take children of this age into jacuzzis. Do the research, check the data, consult your pediatrician. All will advise against it. I believe the idiotic ignorant self serving “health guru”ism thinking of her friend Gwyneth (a disaster in health care advice) has rubbed off on her “friend” Beyonce. Please, ladies, gentlemen, do not look to entertainment figures for health or medical advice. Nothing personal against Beyonce, at least she did not as far as I personally know drink during pregnancy as I personally know Gwyneth did. Take care of your kids with the help of the experts, choose your entertainers to entertain.

  • Why?

    So when Beyonce goes into a hottie, “she must have had the temperature lowered so it would be safe,” but if almost any other celebrity mother would do the same they would be crucified by the bad press. Stop glorifying her, oh and “people thought Michael Jackson was weird”….maybe because Michael Jackson WAS weird….and not an ideal roll model for a parent (pedophile). We destroy so many celebrities when they are needing mental assistance like Britney Spears and Amanda Bynes, but Beyonce and Michael get a pass…why?not to say Beyonce is messed up…..but there is also no reason why others are so highly criticized when she is not. Point blank, FACT you should not put such a young child in a hot tub, and FACT she put Blue Ivy in a hot tub. Since she seems to be in good mental cognition (other then the egocentrism that she suffers from) she legitimately messed up by doing that. She is no saint, stop assuming she is.

  • Asdfg

    @Why I agree with you for the most part.

    Michael Jackson was weird but he wasn’t THAT weird. He was NEVER convicted. Innocent until proven guilty. There was 0 – ZERO proof he abused a child.The investigators did their job. He was very talented.

    Give it time. These pics of Beyonce and Blue are just being released. I’m sure tabs will be gossiping soon. Maybe.

  • Sommer




  • CutTheBS

    Im startin to think folks r dumb on purpose.
    I doubt if this baby was in pain or the water was too hot she would be laying down so calmly. It looks almost like she has peacefully fallen asleep on bey. So stop it!!
    And anyone with a brain sell know you can adjust the heat.

  • janekay

    @#17: agreed! people really think that she would have her child in the tub if it was harmful? really?? she is not stupid ya all!

  • Oh Yeah!!!


  • Elle56

    So adorbs! I’m sure the water is room temp and her hubby took the pic. The media took this from her personal tumblr page.

  • Really? Is it that serious?

    The baby is obviously very comfortable since Beyonce most likely had the temperature dropped and the jets were on.
    I promise you it’s okay since she was at a private mansion.
    You can do these things, I’ve did it with my little baby sister and brother when they were only one and a half.
    They loved it and fell asleep just as Blue Ivy did with her mom.

    Plus no one has to take these pictures from Beyonce’s personal Tumblr, but because she famous, they do. It’s no different from anyone else posting a picture on their social media. Just because you post it doesn’t mean you have absolute control over what someone chooses to do with it.

  • Really? Is it that serious?


    Chill. Relax. The hot tub temp can be adjusted for the baby hence her being comfortable. It’s done all of the time.

  • lily

    yikes…bringing your baby in a hot tub? not a good idea…

  • This site is good!

    Who puts a child in a hot tub? She is not appealing to me at all.

  • This site is good!

    @ Cut the Bs

    You have to be the most delusional tool to call anyone dumb with your terrible grammar and horrible spelling “brain sell” REALLY, it’s BRAIN CELL you moron. As for the comment stating that Michael was ‘weird’, he was and that’s what made him a genius. It is well known theory that most ‘weird’ people exceed the level of talent and skill then the average person. Einstein was weird, Van Gogh, Beethoven etc. I rather be weird then be ‘average’. Oh and Michael wasn’t a pedophile, do yourself a favor and stop spreading false information otherwise known as LIES.

  • nok thailand

    Adorable :)

  • fourscoreandseven

    Asdfg: Are you kidding? MJ dyed his skin to be white. He had years of surgery to look like a woman. He kept wild animals as “pets.” He DESTROYED HIS OWN NOSE! He pretended to be straight. He “adopted” children by purchasing them. He kept a doctor on the staff to use SURGERY INDUCING COMA DRUGS to knock him out every night. He paid people to “watch him sleep.” He committed suicide de jure and de facto: look at his lifestyle. And, now look at his “daughter” and her fake or real suicide attempt!

    And yet, you are so protective that you say that he “wasn’t THAT WEIRD!” Well, just exactly what is “that weird?”

  • Never one to brag but

    @fourscoreandseven you sound like the typical sheep that reads the tabloids and takes there word as fact. Sheep like you are disposable.