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Nina Dobrev: 'Let's Be Cops' Set with Jake Johnson!

Nina Dobrev: 'Let's Be Cops' Set with Jake Johnson!

Nina Dobrev films a scene for her new movie Let’s Be Cops on a late Friday evening (June 7) in Atlanta, Ga.

The 24-year-old actress was joined on the set that night by her co-stars Jake Johnson and Damon Wayans Jr.

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Let’s Be Cops is about a pair of buddies who hatch a plan to impersonate police officers but soon find themselves way in over their heads.

“Sandwiched btwn @mrjakejohnson + @wayansjr. Jake wanted me to assure everyone that he likes girls, despite what u may think based on his pose,” Nina wrote on Who Say.

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    Best actress on cw

  • bobie

    jake and nina in the same movie. i LOVE them

  • Rosie


  • katie

    shes hot

  • Rachel

    This movie doesn’t sound interesting! But lets wait and see!

  • sj

    nick and couch together again! sounds fun!

  • sj

    damn. Coach i mean

  • IanFTW

    She’s finally showing her real face…such a b*tch! I can’t stand her at all, all cast members of TVD are better and nicer than her!!!!

  • Maya

    @SHINE: you mean worst actress on CW! Seriously there are way better actresses. She seems like a Freak and if she continues to act like a spoiled Brat she’ll lose all of her Fans! She changed so much and when TVD is over noone will remember her, oh maybe just as Ians gf. lol

  • pippa

    She is not a movie actress material! She is good for a tv series but that’s it!
    She wishes she had a career like Emma Watson(you can tell by her recent comments about Emma and by expressing her interest of being a Burberry model, like a Emma was).

  • blueberry

    I appreciate Ian, but you Ian fans need to stop writing sh** about her, she’s shown one of the best performances on TVD!! they broke up and moved on but honestly a lot of ppl didn’t!! Leave the girl alone and go drool over Ian Okayy?!!!

  • lizzie

    fan’s Ian are not able to speak only of him and don’t go shooting sh** about Nina? shame! go Nina, you are amazing!!

  • Katya

    Good luck to Nina

  • Grey

    second lead role is her best shot? she should tank Ian that rumors of her being his gf for a brief moment made someone notice her

  • lizzie

    grey, you are example how Ian’s fans should be shame. why don’t you talk only about him and leave alone Nina?

  • Grey

    who said i am huge Ian fan?
    i want my money and taxes been spend to shoot quality movies and Nina and quality do not write in one line

  • lizzie

    so why write about Ian here? why say that Nina should thank him? thank for what???

  • Grey

    bc if fans wouldn’t think that he dated her for a while no one ever noticed her
    she was unnoticed for all her career and would stay there in the background if she wouldn’t be rumored as his gf for a while

  • eva

    I do not like her.

  • Sasha


    I wonder who is the female lead on TVD, not Ian or other TVD girls I believe. She is a lead for a reason and has too perform two characters. Ian is not some A list actor or a movie star who could boost her career. Whatever she is today is because of her own hardwork and dedication.

  • Sasha


    Time will tell. If Nina wants to be a movie star then what’s wrong with it? You can’t blame the girl for trying. As for appreciating Emma Watson, Nina worked with her and admire Emma for her talent. Never knew that it is wrong to admire female costars.

  • Perry

    To all Ian fans! Leave her alone. Nina is not the first woman who refused to take her relationship with Ian to the next level. Many women came in Ian’s life and left him or he left them. Ever wondered why? The guy is 34 and and still says that he wants to marry after 10 years. Tells you something. He is certainly a ladies man but not a one woman’s man.

  • Seriously

    I agree to the part that you say that we (i say we cause i am an Ian’s fan) alone. She is a young girl wants to make the best for her career. Good for her!
    The part i don’t agree is that you said that we should leave her alone but that didn’t stop you from saying your opinion about Ian. We know that Ian is a ladies man (and i tell it with the good meaning), he never in fact hide it. He likes women. If Nina did not care about that who are us to judge? And 34 is not old at all. Most men i know don’t even think marriage at 34 so why should he?

  • Youn

    Clearly judging by your name you’re biased, I think it’s so petty people are taking sides in a relationship break up in which they don’t actually even know the people, yeah Ian might be decent looking and has an foundation to help animals and plants or whatever, but that doesn’t mean he’s the good guy. We don’t know Nina either so we can’t assume she’s this bitch because her and Ian broke up. Neither of them seem to be bitter about it from what I’ve seen in magazines it just ran it’s course.
    Personally if they broke up because she apparently wasn’t ready to settle then I fully agree with her she’s in her early 20′s and her career is just taking off why settle down and slow your career regardless of a man. If this was why they broke up he should respect her want to wait and live her life.
    Hell I’m 24 and if my boyfriend of 2 years asked me tomorrow to marry him I’d actually turn him down, I’d rather continue enjoying my life than be tied down when you’re in your prime. But hey that’s just me

  • ZARA

    @Grey: oh shut up, she is a wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy better actress than ian………and she also works a lot, she didn’t get roles because of ian …..

  • me

    @Youn: AMEN to your post ! ian is a dude that will get to 35 soon, she has only 24, and she seems a girl that wants to make good things with her career. she is still young. she can do it. i find her a pretty decent actress, better than many girls right now in hollywood.

  • Seriously

    First we had the Ian team against Paul team and now we have the Ian Team against Nina team? Just because they broke up or whatever? Seriously people? People takings sides for persons we don’t even know? Do you know what happened in the relationship? People break up all the time. There is no good and bad guy here. There is life! End of story.
    And no i don’t believe in marriage proposals, i don’t believe than Nina was the immature little girl that turned down Ian, i don’t even believe that Ian proposed and as sure as hell don’t believe in cheating. I am not in the relationship so i don’t know. But i would not believe the stories press writtes to sell pages and make numbers with these two human beings as his personal muppets. This relationship or whatever made it’s circle. That’s just it. Now lets be happy for those to individuals that make the most in lfe in whatever they like and stop the blame game.
    Nina is a 24 year old girl with her whole life ahaid of her. She has time for marriages, for relationship for whatever she wants.
    Ian the same, he is a great guy that uses his fame for a good cause.
    So lets be happy for whoever we like and admire and stop bringing the other down.
    Thank you

  • queeeen

    I LIKE IAN, BUT COME ONE, WHEN IT COMES TO ACTING, NINA IS CLEARLY WAY BETTER AND THE CHICK HAS A CHANGE TO DO SOME DECENT STUFF AFTER TVD. She is still young. and Ian didn’t make her career. jesus christ. this is a joke. he is not some king in hollywood. or a big name.

  • queeeen


  • brandy

    nina is 24 years old i think, but for ian i am afraid that he will get married with a tree or something. on his twitter page he is kinda exageratting “1,000,000 people of the 7billion to donate $35 for isf” ok dude………….

  • Perry


    I am not judging Ian neither I am against him but if anyone attacks Nina then I am sorry I will defend Nina the same way. I have no interest in Ian or what he does in his life. He can have as many women as he wants but he is not some hear broken ideal boyfriend as his fans consider him to be. I already explained why. Peace out!

  • Seriously

    Well at that i have to agree with you. He definitelly is not an broken ideal boyfriend. I believe we say more or less the same thing. Nian fans created the whole picture of the perfect boyfriend. For me he is much more than Nina’s boyfriend and Nina is much more than Ian’s girl. Nian fans expect them to be either broken or whatever. They don’t like that they go on just fine with their life. Nina is free to have fun with her gals and Ian can to whatever he wants with wish free time.
    I am sorry if i was hursh but as you can see clearly from my posts i find it wrong to take sides will bringing the other down. (the things i write go for Ian’s fans as well as Nina’s) As you said if anyone attacks Nina you will defend her. i understand that. Same goes for me.

  • Seriously

    * he wants with his free time. Sorry…

  • Sasha

    What i find really sad that the only time Nina can get any comments under the news about her is when one or two fans want to defend her from the huge amount of other fans who are already fed up with her
    I dunno how but she managed to piss of so many fans and ppl in general
    Can bet my ass when she will reach the limit of hate, CW ppl will use Ian and another rumors to make ppl at least tolerate her

  • Vera

    @Sasha: Yes…July is near…We have to endure this Nian crazyness again….pffff….And the funny thing is that there are some people that want them so much together that they want care that the thing will scream damage control and PR…

  • River

    Happy for Nina! Looks like she is getting her wish and is filming a comedy… Sending nothing but good wishes her way…

  • Izzie


    Oh please Nina has enough followers of her own. She doesn’t need association with TVD men for people to like her. Huge amount of other fans? What fans? You mean bitter Ian and Paul fans. Nina has twitter followers not much less than Ian and obviously she has much more than Paul. We Nina fans don’t care about haters. They can carry on their irrational hate for Nina. It’s not going to affect our or Nina’s health. She is the who carries the show. That’s not gonna change.

  • kam

    so all of you people talking utter shit about nina, have said absolutely no reason as to how/why she is a ”bitch”.Cause from what i’ve seen and heard by co-stars this womens the sweetest girl ever. And shes a hell of an actor.

  • Elbell

    i love nina good luck

  • http://@VampireCook Elbell (Jasmine)

    i love nina good luck in her flim i think it will be the best

  • http://@VampireCook Elbell (Jasmine)


    i think she try to find the one

  • TVD

    @Izzie: Nina is definitely NOT the one who carries the Show! That’s Ian and its a fact! Nina rather goes on Vacation while ALL of her Co Stars are doing conventions every Weekend! And I’m really judging her for that and don’t tell me its because of her Movie. How long did they shoot? 2 Weeks? Oh please :(
    And just because she had 1 or two good episodes doesn’t make her a good actress, in fact there are much better actors out there inc. Ian, Paul, Claire Holt, Kat Graham, Joseph morgen…! I and I have to agree with Sasha, Nina pissed A LOT of Fans off, me and all my Friends unfollowed her a long Time ago. Can’t “deal” with her sh*t anymore :(

  • Jamie

    LOL Good god, you Nina haters are pathetic. What has she done to you exactly? You act like she personally killed your puppy.

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    He calculated to wait for for more than 20 years and end up in nothing all of a sudden not from the even wanting lungs to deep-fry of spirit.