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Alexander Skarsgard: Thai Food Craving Hunk!

Alexander Skarsgard: Thai Food Craving Hunk!

Alexander Skarsgard dons his favorite black cap while grabbing some Thai food on Monday (June 17) in Los Feliz, Calif.

The night before, the 36-year-old actor was seen wrapping his arms around his True Blood co-star Stephen Moyer on the same night that the sixth season aired.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Alexander Skarsgard

Alexander‘s co-star Carrie Preston recently chatted about an upcoming death to one of the show’s beloved characters.

“We had this one table read, the first time we were hearing the script out loud, and one of the actors started crying and then everybody joined in. It was a pretty beautiful moment,” Carrie told People. We hope it’s not Alexander‘s character Eric, who dies!

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  • Hey This is Askars!

    Hey, it’s me, Askars! Man, the paps got me again! No prob, I’m not judging. It’s not like they caught me hoisting a 2-bit hooker up on my lap with my posse in tow like before! Naw, this time I was just grabbing a bit of Pad Thai and some peanut curried eggplant before I raced out to jump in my clown car. Man! Can’t believe they saw me though!

  • Weswas

    @Hey This is Askars!:

    A hooker? if thats true, then that’s terrible :(

  • Wewaas

    @Hey This is Askars!:

    Hooker? if that is true, then that’s really sad :(

  • WesWas

    Sorry didn’t mean to comment twoce. JJ is slow today :P

  • Strange

    Alex was great last night episode . Well they receive 4 .5 million viewers last night . I have to admit i did like the show . Eric & Sookie parts really touched me .

  • ladybug

    @Strange: Viewership is a little lower than last year, but I suspect they’ll get enough ratings that they’ll be renewed through S7.

    I do wonder who they are killing off, because I don’t think she’s referring to the character who died in last night’s episode.

  • M

    Long man, small car. Cute!

  • Gins G

    Yet which cheap blonde DD plastic hooker did he rustle up from his contacts list seen having some Thai food? that’s all askars picks up these days cheap peaces of Hollywood tat, pushing 40and still fooling with some cheap 20 years old acting like he is 21again

  • Batsh*t Crazy Keiko

    @Hey This is Askars!:

    Obsessed much. forget meds all you need is a strait jacket and a holding cell. Just beyond crazy.

    Alex looks good. Loved TB last night. Loved his scenes with Anna

  • Batsh*t Crazy Keiko

    @Gins G:

    Do you have a phone book of names how sad are you to be this constant and pathetic in every thread with the stealing name and obvious obsession. Your rants are not stopping him from getting paid, jobs or women but you are making yourself look like a off the wall crazy fool.

    Obviously you are beyond help and you will just go on because you absolutely apparently have nothing going on for you.

  • Hey This is Askars!


    Yah, they caught me. They caught me and boys real good!! It’s even on You Tube.

  • Hey This is Askars!

    @Gins G:

    Like this:

    Jeah, that’s me and my posse, booooyeeeeee!

  • Strange

    @ladybug: Alot of people saying Jason or Lafayette . I think it might be Jason. he seem to be Rambo right now in finding warlow might get him killed .

  • beautybarbie

    I do not want to die or Lafayette and Jason. I love them both. I must say though I did not have to much hope that this new season I pleased, I really loved this past first chapter.

  • ladybug

    @beautybarbie: I adore them both, but the reality is neither character has done much lately, and it’s wasting Ryan and Nelsan’s time and talent at this point.

  • beautybarbie

    @ladybug: yes, that’s true too…sadly.

  • Marlene

    Mmmmm. Thai food!

  • beautybarbie

    It really sad that Lafayette does not have an interesting story this season because I love Ellis Nelson acting. He is very talented actor.

  • ladybug

    @beautybarbie: Ryan and Nelsan are both very good actors. But, with limited storylines and air time, one of them is probably not going to be in S7.
    And I don’t think TB has killed off any major character since they started. Major recurring/guest star: Chris Meloni, Denis O’Hare, but not a regular.

  • beautybarbie


    I did not know’ve Nelson was in The Help and let out an embarrassing excited squeal When He appeared on screen with his glasses and book. I’ve had a Total of three or four lines:’ve was still unforgettable. His voice is uniquely soft and Regarding – Ellis’s personality shines Through With just a glance but his aura bursts out In That amazing voice. I am looking forward to seeing more of Nelsan Ellis’s work. ‘m Glad that I stumbled upon True Blood so I could Discover this incredible actor. I dont remember where i read that Nelson interpreted to Martin Luther King in a movie. I would like to see that movie

  • Macy

    I love Thai food! Great, now I have a craving. LOL

  • Keiko is a nutjob

    @Batsh*t Crazy Keiko: Might be a good idea for all of the sane people to flag one of her comments and ask the mods to ban her IP address while pointing out the namestealing, talking to herself under different names, disgusting comments and attacking other posters. Her goal seems to be to drive everyone off these threads by making them as obnoxious as possible. Maybe we should return the favor.

  • Canuck

    @Hey This is Askars!: You’ve obviously never been in a Porsche. They have a ton of leg room.

  • Joan

    @Keiko is a nutjob: Or maybe you should just chill the f**k out and not take any of this crap gossip site stuff so seriously!
    Stop playing troll police ladybug!!!

  • Joan/Keiko is a nutjob

    Since you’ve been kicked off of everywhere else, you should be used to it by now.

    What, oh what will you do with no outlet for your obssession? Stalk him in person? Maybe you should post under the name “Restraining Order Waiting To Happen”.

  • Ripp

    You guys are a bunch of crays.

  • Joan/Keiko is a nutjob

    @Ripp: Sadly, it’s one cray who posts under 50 different names.

  • Joan

    @Joan/Keiko is a nutjob: Ah… sorry to disappoint you but I’m not keiko, although I do think shes pretty funny and I love how she ruffles everyone’s feathers!
    But seriously, maybe you should just worry about yourself and not get so obsessed and controlling on this site that you think you have to take it upon yourself to get people banned. Go and play in the safe waters of a fan site if it upsets you so much, just a thought.

  • gaja

    thai food and thai girls ?

  • Lookie lookie

    Well well lookie what we have here another pic of that blonde from CM video last year

    Speculation has it she is Danish taken at alex’s house ?? Don’t ask how they found that one out , her name Katharina Damm actress and model no surprise there and dated or been associated to few celebs jared letho ?

    from katdannblackandwhiteandcolorful tumblr

    She is more alex’s type .

  • beautybarbie

    @Lookie lookie: Good one. I call that doing field research. So the hooker has a name (im joking).

  • IDK

    @Lookie lookie- she doesn’t look like the same girl. The girl in the video has brownish hair but she is the same type.

  • Nico

    She is soooooo into Alexander that she is coking her leg over Keith lol

    And yikes she is just 23 yrs old dated a few celebs then, so when her and Alexander and Keith hooked up for the night she was just 22, I know some” trolls”complain that he is always hooking up with 20 somethings blondes but when the evidence points clearly months or year after they are very young model or actresses and blonde but whatever floats his boat but he does have a particular type.

  • Joan/Keiko is a nutjob

    @Joan: Not to worry Honey, I’m sure the Mods can see your IP address. You’re fooling no one.

  • Hey This is Askars!

    Aw, thanks for posting the pic of Keith and our little friend! Don’t we look chummy? Anyway, 23 isn’t too young for me to slide her up on my b*oner after she’d cleaned the dirty bottles out of the car! Don’t judge!!

  • Hey This is Askars!


    #28 Sorry you have to deal with some of my craziest fans. Just remember that when they’re accusing YOU of being someone else, they are in fact also using a screen name that isn’t their real name. So just ignore the hypocritical ol’ bitties that have nothing else to do than try to manage every forum and site that posts news about me. And ignore their threats about IP addresses, too. They have absolutely zero power around here and they know it. They’re just mad I wasn’t naked on Sunday’s TB season opener!!!!! :)

  • Hey This is Askars!

    @Joan/Keiko is a nutjob:

    What mods, you absolute moron? Please, why don’t you go google some naked shots of me and fap to them for a few hours and stop harassing my very nice fans.

  • Her tumblr

    Well this is her tumblr while the girl is pretty and certainly has no trouble getting the men she is one hell of a poser and seems to like the limelight & celeb lifestyle & men .&is proud her her skinny body , & if this is what askars looks for in a women other then zero personality and class then get ready for a kbone round 2 in the future because I believe this is what he would date.
    …………..Oh & that pic taken according to a site was when Alex & Keith went to that boxing match in las vagas last yr , they are wearing the same outfit, so the pic may have been taken just before they flew out who knows maybe the girl went with them .What ever it was just a fly on the wall fling with either Keith & Alex or just with Alex

    Some are private pics that happen to be public

  • Cocomoko

    @hey this is Askars !.. marry me! You are obviously very lonely since you got time commenting on your posts down here…:) it’s ok, I ll take care of you…

  • Seriously?

    @Joan:What’s wrong with you or are you friend of Keiko=”Hey This is askars” from some other ASkars bashing forums? How can you support and courage someone who’s clearly and completely lost her insanity? That woman? needs help badly and ASAP and so do you if you think her endless crazy outbursts are even slightly funny. I also think Alex may need a restraining order against that looney stan aka keiko/assspray/trueblade/hey this is askars. Ok, I admit I don’t follow ALL the celebs here and there, but I don’t know any other gossip threads which are this crazy. Just look the threads of the other TB actors, no bashing there. The “trubies” (what a stupid expression) seems to be the worst and the most jealous fandom I have ever known and yet they have a nerve to call twilight fans twitards.

  • Whycantipost

    @Her tumblr:

    Well, she is very pretty imo, dayum!

    About TB; if Pam, Eric or Lala dies I am gonna be very sad. I hated last season though, and if Alex stays it might end up making him look like a fool, but at the same, I love Eric as a character. I wish they got over Beeehlll and showing him in so many scenes. Yes TB-creators, we know you love him and SM is the director of some eps, but plsssss, enough of that, his storyline is flatlining and that makes the show sometimes very painful to watch. How many more plottwists can they make up for Behhl?
    Sam (booh, my life is so hard)/Alcide (I’m gonna take my clothes off again and mount some chick(s)’s storylines are also getting the same old, same old.
    Also the side-chars.. Nora, the wolfpack.. Please. Who cares?
    Just focus on the mainchars and bad guys, and the sidechars from previous seasons (Tara, McMillz, Bellefleur, Jessica, Jason etc) and stop with the new chars. We only have a few seasons (or 1?) left, I hope they use that time to wrap up the main-chars storylines nicely, instead of adding new chars and more drama.

    Rant over xD

  • HAHA

    @Seriously- Have you every been to a Kate Bosworth post here? There’s some who are friends with Hey Askars-Keiko. Such drama queens at JJ.

  • Seriously?

    @HAHA: Yes I’ve been there, it’s disgusting. I mean, I’m not a fan of her, actually she’s a mediocre actress or even less and not very classy for a “fashion-icon” either but the bashing there is even more disgusting than on the Alex’s threads ever. I don’t still buy it’s Kate or Kate fans who bash Alex here (as someone hinted in the previous threads). Keiko/Assspray and her sidekick Joan(ieA) are well known Kate haters/Alex bashers on the other forums too. Also, I’ve noticed on those said forums and in FB some Alcide/Joe Manganiello fans hate KB with fierce, which I find quite amusing if not endearing, as if famewh0r1ng is allowed only for men. It’s interesting though that Alex seems to be the nicest guy of the all TB actors, very patient and generous with the fans but he still gets so much hate and disrespectful comments even from his own “fans” or stans. It’s a weirdest think and I’ll never understand that. Maybe it’s racisim, homophobia, a fear of difference, idk *shrugs*

  • Hey This is Askars!


    Hey, this is Askars! WOW, that was quite a lecture #43. Let me set a few things straight for you (straight…get it? see how I did that?). Um, #1 no one should hate Kate for being an insufferable stage-5 clinger who couldn’t keep solids down and who sold me out to the paps on a regular basis. Don’t judge! Um, #2 a lot of people talk smack about me even though I’m the finest-a*ss Swede to land on this earth and I mean, like, even hotter than Dolph Lundgren, and it’s because I talk about SEX and NUDITY and I’m TALL and those haters are just short, prudish people who are uncomfortable with their own sexuality. Because you KNOW if a person doesn’t talk endlessly about SEX then they MUST be uncomfortable with their sexuality, right? And if they don’t talk endlessly about being NUDE then they must be prudes who are embarrassed to take their own clothes off EVER and probably even take a shower while dressed, that’s how embarrassed they are about their own nude skin. Well, I was BORN nude, so maybe those prudish haters were born with clothes on so that’s why they’re having a hard time now. Um and #3…well, I don’t have a #3 right now because to be frank I’m f*ck*ing HUNG OVER as all f*ck and I can’t really think straight in this semi-boozed state. I’ll be back!!!

  • Hey This is Askars!


    #39 Hey Chokamofo or however you spell that (sorry English is my second language), I might marry you because I’m such a pleaser. You know, like I said on Leno or whomever it was (I drink a lot so you know it’s hard for me to remember details), I aim to PLEASE people which explains why I put up with dysfunctional women like Kate, but I’m guessing that you’re quite too fat to be my type. Thanks anyway! Oh, and I’m not judging fat people. I have absolutely nothing against people who can’t stop stuffing their faces full with more food than a family of 5 would need in one day. :)

  • Hey This is Askars!


    #29 Nah, I’m not into Asian girls…in case you haven’t noticed. Asian girls are super pretty and thin but they tend to have really strict parents, especially their dads, and I’m more interested in the real dysfunctional type that is looking for a daddy type rather than the ones who actually have daddies. But if I ever meet a really crazy Thai or Korean girl who has parental issues and doesn’t eat well, I’ll definitely consider it!

  • hmmmmmmm

    Oh Boya Goya this( Hey Askars) has become more to do with playing with posters than AS himself at this point. Oh well. Never a dull moment.

  • Assassin


    Can you hook me up to these other forums, this drama is more entertaining than anything on TV tonight

  • Dirty old men

    Oh Keith, you’ve never looked more sleazy in your life, and that’s really saying something…..she’s 23, and he’s 43, eww that’s old enough to be her father!! Keith must have thanked the gods when he became Alex’s mate, getting all of his sloppy seconds, there’s no way in hell he would ever pull girls like her without him, or any girls for that matter, he looks like a sleazy used car salesman.
    So If Kate Bos is the kind of girl Alex decides to have a relationship with, how trashy would his hook up girls be?

  • seriously

    @Assassin: If you are really interested in Keiko/Assspray’s drama, google is your friend. I’m not going to promote their granny pants sewing clubs, but you are right there, this crazy fandom is more entertaining to follow than any other fandom, or even the cheesy show itself ;)
    @Hey This is Askars!: Hey Keiko hey hey, I’m sure you are back until someone get you behind lock and key, for your own good of course. Don’t forget to feed your 20 and more cats ;)