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Miley Cyrus Performs 'We Can't Stop' on 'GMA', Gives Message to Haters

Miley Cyrus Performs 'We Can't Stop' on 'GMA', Gives Message to Haters

Miley Cyrus rocks a pair of thigh high boots as she leaves an appearance on Good Morning America on Wednesday morning (June 26) in New York City.

The 20-year-old entertainer performed “We Can’t Stop” and “Fall Down” for the packed crowd – watch her performances alongside below!

“My whole thing is haters are going to hate but the haters are also going to click on your YouTube video to watch it so I don’t really care,” Miley said during her interview. “You helped me break the record. Even if you were watching just to hate on me and now I hold the record so I win.”

Miley also was asked if a wedding was in her future to which she replied: “I’m wearing a ring, so…”

FYI: Miley is wearing a Jennifer Fisher necklace.

Click inside to check out the rest of Miley‘s interview…

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miley cyrus performs we cant stop on gma gives message to haters 01
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  • sara

    SO HOT <3

  • dcstarinthemaking

    she looks like she’s wearing a diper.

  • Gosh


    Yeah, very hot… if you have some sort of syndrome…

  • Allie

    You can see her whole demeanor changed when the interviewer asked her about whether or not she will walk down the aisle. She was so confident and it’s like the question deflated her. She may not be so sure about walking down the aisle…

  • Amazze

    She tries so hard to be “bad/hardcore”. BUT she sounds good. Also, she could barely walk in those shoes last night on Kimmel and nothing has changed this morning. They are too high love, take them off!

  • D.Scott

    Respect on breaking the record

  • Cammie

    The white version of Rihanna, trying too hard to be sexy and fierce…FAIL!

  • evie


  • anonymous

    She’s not trying too hard and is definitely not pathetic. She’s a fabulous performer really, and she’s just being Mileybird! She’s only 20 and is going to go far with all that talent she has. Her confidence and that funny way of hers is great to watch too.

  • Asdfg

    Miley wears diapers? Her and Justin are perfect for each other!

    Maybe he’ll share his car seat with you, Miley!

  • DMR

    @anonymous: I agree. It’s like people are parrots, keep saying she’s trying to be this person or that person. It’s not true. I watched her a long time and she is like she’s always been, she hasn’t changed. Just because her hair is short and she’s doing R&B and hanging out with different people doesn’t mean she’s trying to be or do anything she isn’t. She’s funny, sings great, dances, struts around the stage and interacts with her dancers and band members like Miley has been doing for years.

  • cw

    dang she’s ugly – and the funny thing is, you can just tell that she has absolutely no idea

  • ann

    I’m wearing a ring so… so what exactly, then? We’ve only seen her with Liam once, and the timing and the pap presence on that were really suspect. Whatever, I’m done with this wannabe. She’s so tiresome.

  • Truthie

    Miley, you DON’T have a career.

    Watching a youtube video out of curiosity is not the same as buying your albums. You will NEVER me a multi-platinum selling/Grammy winning artist.

    You will REMAIN famous as a personality (“the cult of personality” age), but you, like your fellow Disney/Nickelodeon stars, will NEVER get respect as artists and will NOT last after 5 years.

  • gatsbian

    I mock those stupid fans too.

  • pp

    the only reason that video broke records is because people like to see her make an a$$ out of herself. she is right. highly doubt the majority of the 24 hour record breaking viewers were her “smilers”. im somebody in my early 20′s and when i go to any get togethers, that song definitely wouldn’t be a part of any of my friends background music. its mindless crap. plus you can still look hot without having to dress that slutty for a 20 year old, i thought the cliche american apparel style was starting to fade away but this is just pathetic.

  • Miley Try-Hard

    She’s pitiful. I feel embarrassed for her. So immature and so try-hard.

  • Miley Try-Hard


    #14 + 1,000

  • Miley Try-Hard


    #12 I agree!! She’s not a good looking girl AT ALL. Sure, she’s fit now bc she spends all her time in pilates. Her face at best might be called “cute” but that’s pushing it. She piles on makeup to look like a woman but her teeth are horrible and her small square nose is so unattractive. She has no charisma and no personality. Her expressions are so arrogant and so vain. She also seems to have an oral fixation based on the way she’s constantly doing odd stuff with her tongue and lips.

  • NE1

    love the boots.

  • carol Lee

    Pathetic she is for sure. She should be embarrassed!

  • what

    she is so desperate and trying to force people to look at her, such an industry puppet !

  • Cammie

    If she isn’t trying to hard, then why is she dressed like s hooker 24/7. what is trying to project, if she had real talent like Adele, she wouldn’t to dress in LOOK at Me outfits, her voice would be her spotlight.

    Just because your 20 doesn’t mean you have to dress like a trashy hooker…


  • leelee

    She takes trying too hard to another level.

  • Liv

    she is so beautiful ;)

  • Anna

    Miley Cyrus I Love You
    Miley Cyrus I Love You
    Miley Cyrus I Love You
    Miley Cyrus I Love You

  • rolly

    those who kept saying she is ugly, trash, no talent, hooker…eat your words…Obviously she was the opposite of what you were saying…why do you think MILEY is up there—admired by millions and prominent people in showbiz….She got what it takes to be a superstar….

  • jdelaney

    @anonymous: She’s just being what? Mileybird? Did you just call her Mileybird? Hold on, let me go back and check. Yeah, damn, you did! What is this, friggin’ kindergarten?

  • guest

    wtf, miley. get it together girl.

  • guest

    it doesn’t work

  • Warren

    Miley sounds great and is so sexy and beautiful!

  • Anne

    @Allie: Miley is 20 years old. If you have ever been married you would know that it’s not something to be rushed into. I am happy she’s not married yet… matter the reason. She’s young, happy and living it up. Good for her!!

  • Kel

    Haha you haters are hilarious. Sitting on your computers judging someone you don’t even know, because she’s trying out new things. At the end of the day, she’s got the millions and one of the best looking guys in the world. Touche Miley.

  • Lillian

    @Truthie: WOW those are harsh words and so unfounded. You base that opinion on what? You won’t buy her album, but I bet she does really well if she has good music. Not everyone is a hater like you. She is a young girl with a lot of talent and people should not judge her because she is experimenting and finding herself. We all had identity crisis in our 20″s

  • peetamllark

    CHANGING/TRYING SO HARD not the same for GROWING UP/TRYING OUT NEW THINGS. Its funny how you all critizice her, but at the end she’s the goddess, she’s the one who earns millions and millions of dollars, she’s the one who will marry Liam Hemsworth, and she is the one who is singing and hanging out with lots of amazing celebrities like her. So, yeah.

  • Maryasha

    She should try to another level…she should grow up as an artist/singer. Why do you think that she wants just to draw attention. We don’t know her very well. May be this hair and looks are just part of her..not an ads…do you know her life? Her personality? NO! That is why u can’t juge her…I think that she is beautiful..she has a big blue eyes with a long eyelashes…she is generally good features…actually I don’t like her haircut..long hair was better but she wants this and it’s her choice:)