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Kristen Stewart Lunches in Paris After Fashion Show

Kristen Stewart Lunches in Paris After Fashion Show

Kristen Stewart leaves the Japanese restaurant Kinu after checking the menu and deciding not to eat there on Thursday (July 4) in Paris, France.

The 23-year-old actress ended up eating lunch at Le Castiglione on Rue Saint-Honoré. Later in the day, she was seen heading to the airport for a flight out of town.

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Kristen changed out of her chic Zuhair Murad outfit from earlier in the day and wore a shirt featuring punk rock band Black Flag‘s album Everything Went Black.

In case you missed it, check out photos of Kristen at the Zuhair Murad fashion show that day.

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kristen stewart lunches at japanese restaurant in paris 07

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    Who did she **** this time?

  • Anne

    omg so beautiful!!!!

  • Emily

    @le me: Maybe you should go and have a nice f*ck then you wouldn’t be such a bitter b*tch.

  • Emily

    She looks really great. Nice to see her enjoying herself and she looked amazing in Chanel too.

  • BloJ

    JJ is ramming this homewrecker down our throats.. we all know she pays your retarded site. Every other post about her.. how about posting some real icons in pop culture. No pone cares about this no talent blowjob.

  • LaCroix

    srsly Just Jared? How much is her PR ppl paying you? Every other post about some sleezy homewrecker..

  • lily

    give a life and stop hating her!she doesn’t want to be follow but if you guys comment every single post the paparazzi don’t stop follow her!

  • Rose

    Seriously… How much are you being paid by her people to post about her? She looks horrendous and acts horrendous. Post more about relevant celebs, really!!

  • nati

    beautiful girl those jeans are awesome

  • peach

    no point in trying to reason with the “haters” or people who don’t like her,its not their fault they have low self esteem that they feel the need to put somebody else down just to get some joy in their lives

  • Warren

    Hot Kristen has a real sexy body. She looks great.

  • ????

    @BloJ: judging by your namesake ..LOL.. you my dear must be an expert at it .. how sad and disgusting at the same time .. not everyone lives in the gutter .. you can never get rid of trailer trash they keep coming up like a bad penny..!!

  • Soph

    @peach: my self esteem is pretty rocking thanks. I just don’t enjoy coming to a site and seeing a homewrecker splashed all over it. If I wanted her in my face all of the time, I would go to one of her fan sites. She’s having to attend these fashion shows to increase her profile since she damaged her career so badly.

  • really ??

    @le me: I was gonna say something really hurtful in reply to your pathetic and sad comment .. but i realize why give you the time of day .. like someone said …. low self esteem and no sense !

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  • Soph

    @sick and tired !: you clearly care. You’re desperate to reply to my comments without entitling me to my opinion. I am entitled to one aren’t I? I allow you to have yours. It p*sses you off that I don’t like her.

  • hmm


    Yeah why is JJ ramming her down our throats on this doesn’t make her a better actress just over exposed..Of course with her money she is definitely paying to have her face plastered all over the net. She’s doing a clean up image after being dumped by Pattinson.

  • le me

    I feel pity for you. Idolising her and everything. That homewrecker. That, people, is really, really sad. Just get a life and calm the **** down, will you? I’d have understood if she was a good actress but man, she’s way too far from that. She doesn’t have the TALENT to act. Thanks to her parents though, she had the slightest change to try get into the business. But HELL no, people saw what she was like – no talent, nothing. She better go and start doing something else and stop banging married men.

  • naty

    @le me: @le me:

    wow she really owns you. lol please tell you how you really feel . She looks great and happy , enjoying herself in Paris , and look at you raging . So funny

  • peach

    @Soph: she is attending these fashion shows because she was invited to them by the fashion designers.

  • peach

    @le me: i’d like to see you and everyone else prove that she slept with rupert but you can’t cos you have no evidence to back it up so nobody will ever know. Some people are so one-dimensional because not all cheating actually involves $ex

  • Cece

    Loathe the hair and loathe jeans, but at least they are not skinny, pegged, skin tight jeans. Such a cute figure and such crappy taste in jeans. She could rock so many looks, but this is a whole lot of homely.

  • Ben

    No matter what she wears, this woman always looks like trailer trash. Our standards for beauty has gone downhill I guess.

  • So

    I though she was too “real” for fashion shows? I’m happy everyone can see what a hypocrite she really is. Can’t say no to money I guess. Greedy pig.

  • Bavi

    Kristen is HOT!!!!!!

  • Hmmm

    Is this the only way for her to get noticed these days?

  • xvc

    eww, she’s ugly


    Somehow, KS still oozes that hot 19 year-old do me now look. Without even trying.

  • aquarius64

    How did Kristen make best dressed list? She had this t-shirt on TWO DAYS ago (see the pictures on this site). I hope it’s another shirt with the same design or it was washed; if not, way to validate the unclean Pig Pen knock she gets.

  • aquarius64

    @peach: How can you be so sure the gossip press HASN’T been looking for evidence of an extramarital sexual relationship since the 50 pics hit the internet, and still is? It took two years for the National Inquirer to get the goods on John Edwards. All it takes is a “sext”, photos, sex tape, or someone willing to snitch (for the right price). Twilight is over and so is Robsten so there are no “brands” to protect. Rupert’s is in divorce court. Getting that dirt would be a feather in the cap of the site or the mag because it means increase in sales and hits. Kristen and Rupert went on the record and said there was no sex. Evidence to the contrary will brand them as liars, doing that to save their reputations. If these two did shag it would have been better if they have come clean from the get go; for any proof surfacing would finish Kristen. It’s not only the lie, it would be the cover-up too.


    Peach at 4:44 no.21; Of course he licked her peach. That’s the best part.

  • jen

    love the braided plating and the jeans. She looks great!
    And please all you haters that say the same over and over…let it go..move on

  • so pretty

    Same ol’ same ol’ haters BS,u hate her so much that u follow her around like a fly on a turd.U wait till JJ,HL,Celebitchy and other sites post something about Kristens latest adventures ,and sure enough u old hags comes buzzing like a fly,so predictable.If i’m not mistaken ,i think u old hags are obsessed with her more than us fans,so pathetic!

  • so pretty

    Pl’s get laid!!By the way Kristen looks smashing at Paris fashion week,she’s just simply gorgeous!!

  • BelleT

    KS called the papps “rats, cockroaches, parasites” in Paris.

    What makes a public figure attend a media event and call part of that media these things?

    What is wrong with her?

    We all know her team tipped the papps to follow Rob’s and her steps in Hollywood every time they put their foot out of her house. Why be so ungrateful now?

  • BelleT

    @So: KS called the papps “rats, cockroaches, parasites” in Paris. There are at least 2 videos on YouTube showing that. It happened right after that lunch.
    What makes a public figure attend a media event and call part of that media these things?

  • BelleT

    @Emily: KS called the papps “rats, cockroaches, parasites” in Paris. It’s on YouTube. It happened after this lunch.
    What makes a public figure attend a media event and call part of that media these things?
    What is wrong with her?

  • aquarius64

    @so pretty: For you to come after me my post struck a nerve. It’s simply an opinion, one you fear it has some truth to it. If what I said proves to be true I can see you and other Kristen defenders won’t be able to take it very well, just like when the Mini-Cooper pics surfaced.

  • Mea

    She’s so cute! Love her!