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Katie Holmes: Piggyback Ride for Suri!

Katie Holmes: Piggyback Ride for Suri!

Katie Holmes gives her daughter Suri a piggyback ride as they head out on the hot summer Sunday (July 14) in New York City.

The 34-year-old actress and her seven-year-old daughter were joined by some gal pals for their outing.

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Earlier in the weekend, Katie picked up Suri from her gymnastics class – afterwards, the two strolled around the Big Apple together.

In case you missed it, check out the full story of what happened when Suri was sworn at for not signing an autograph in NYC.

FYI: Katie is wearing Superga shoes.

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# 1

Unbelievable. The brat STILL must be carried, even if the other little girl has to carry all of Katie’s stuff so it can be done.

# 2

SIT DOWN, Katie Holmes. Selfish woman. Move to somewhere you can protect your child from the media, instead of using her for publicity.

# 3

Is Tom Cruise even in that child’s life much anymore?

Maybe she was right to take that kid away from him and move her to New York because he never seems to be around anyway…

# 4

Oh Ruby, what a stupid hypocrite you are. Katie’s selfish for raising her daughter, constantly doing things with her and showing her love. Come on, your the selfish woman, constantly stalking a celebrity to make your own pathetic life not seem so worthless. You obviously do nothing with your life for anyone else, being so busy trying to find a story about Katie Holmes so you can be one of the first to write the same tiresome words about her. How many times, on how many different sites, can you post the same thing before even you see how pathetic you are. What a worthless, selfish woman you are. As for Josephine only the scum of the earth call children names. Every post people like you and Ruby make just proves how much better a person Katie is than than the two of you.

# 5

Thornton, do you have a comment to make about Katie Holmes, or are you just here to comment on my comments? LOL.

# 6

Buddy, TC is still in Suri’s life. Difference between him and Holmes is that he is famous enough and does not need to use his daughter for publicity. He and Suri are rarely photographed when they are together.

# 7

Jeebus folks, the paps follow her around daily. She doesn’t call them.
Get over it.
Kate seems like a very hands on attentive loving mother. I dont see Nannys raising Suri…
As for Tom…oh never mind.

# 8

I guess Ruby had nothing to say to justify her selfish pathetic stalking. When someone goes from site to site repeating the same words over and over it certainly makes one wonder what’s wrong with you, what would turn someone into such a selfish, nasty loser. Why don’t you tell us why someone would be so pathetic to make there life about such ugly nonsense. And Ruby there is no evidence at all that Tom has almost anything to do with Suri’s life anymore. He signed away his right’s to raise her and is very rarely with her. The times he was with her there were pictures. The only time where he may have seen her without pictures Tom made sure to have his publicist tell us he had flown her to see him. That quite likely never even happened, and if it did he was using Suri for publicity by having his people make sure we all knew it was happening. Instead of keeping it to himself he made sure it was publicized.

# 9


AGAIN: She had 8 articles in the last month where she appeared alone and yet you claimed Holmes is NOT relevant without Suri. How is it possible? Can I have an answer please? Or you don’t want to answer because you know you’re saying bullshits?(*) I’m waiting.

She is walking in Manhattan with her daughter not for making publicity, of course, she is the mother in the story:

-She took her daughter to Chelsea piers for Suri’s gym class.
-She took her daughter to the beach in Westhampton.
-She took her daughter to the Children’s Museum of Arts.
-She took her daughter to the metropolitan museum of Arts.
-She took her daughter to a tennis club.
-> Holmes loves Suri.

So what? Holmes should hide Suri? Are you kidding me? Please create a new theory!

You know what? I’m pretty sure you know this theory is a joke (Holmes calling paps etc…) but you do on purpose keeping it relevant for your own sake! (fans of other celebrities, no life, TC’s fans etc.).

You’re not a mother yet therefore you can’t understand the situation, Suri grew tired and let her Holmes carry her!!! [pretty hot in Manhattan!!!]

I hope ms.kho can win an oscar for her daily mother show.

Ya, it’d be great if she’d take her mother-show on the road — to somewhere that the paps are NOT always in her daughter’s face. Ohio, perhaps?

Why is Jeanne Yang’s daughter being punished by having to accompany Suri and her mother everywhere, every day? The video taken on the day Suri was yelling at the papparazzi showed the Yang child carrying Suri just before they left the hotel, and now she’s carrying Katie’s packages. This doesn’t seem like a good situation, and I thought Jeanne Yang had common sense. Doesn’t Suri have friends her own age?

Maybe instead of giving Suri a piggyback ride, Katie could bring her bike along on their outings.

siennagold @ 07/15/2013 at 3:25 am

And I thought I’ll never see her carry Suri again.

still carrying that big girl. when will it end?….or will it?

Katie is gonna get a hernia carrying that big girl…She is way to big to be riding on Katie’s back. Will give Katie back trouble, too.

K-FLOP - status update @ 07/15/2013 at 6:48 am

untitled christian camargo project aka days and nights – unknown release date

mania days – filming? wrapped? – unknown release date

responsible adults – unknown production date

holmes & yang – NYFW 2014 – show? no show? unknown

bobbie brown ‘navy & nude’ collection – in stores june 15 – we’ll see what fall 2014 brings

alterna – spring 2013 integrated marketing campaign [still going], – fall 2014 campaign? unknown

theatre gigs – none announced

return to the buckeye state or a move to the apple blossom state – unknown (but highly probable ;-P)

Katie Holmes will win an oscar @ 07/15/2013 at 6:54 am

She will!


I think she must work on creating a complete new image of herself, one that distances her from her previous image so that way she has a chance to succeed as a great actress (A-lister), her ex-loser-husband has not done much for her image, he is selfish. I also think she would be an A-lister if she had accepted to play in the second Batman. Good luck to Katie.

Katie using someone elses child as she and Suri’s personal flunky.

She always has someone elses children carrying the bags for she and Suri. I remember when she would be with Tom’s other children, Connor and Bella, Katie would have them always carry the bags, and toys for she and Suri.

all the sad people have come out of the woodwork again
Katie is a bad mother
Katie parades her daughter to stay relevant
Suri is autistic
Katie has no talent
These are things that you lot desperately wish were true, you make yourselves believe them, carry on by all means.
My god , this woman has great effect on you lot , quite interesting I’d say!

Well Tom will never win oscar for father of the year , will he?
After all Suri is not part of the illustrious Cruise family anymore, is she?
And the court said that Tom has only visitation rights , and after all if there are no pics, nobody can see when or how often he sees his child. Every few weeks or months?
Everyone knows that Suri is a little persona non grata, not only according to Scie but from the Cruise family…….her big brother Conner said so! Remember!
That’s the way it’s done in their world!

@ Thornton
You are awesome!!!!!!

Suri the meal ticket @ 07/15/2013 at 8:38 am

New roadside show! Hahahaha!!What a happening!
New element: Jeanne Young’s daughter for ready maid, carrying stuff for the pimp mamma and the whored out kid.
New trick: KHo piggybacking her meal ticket, how appropriate! This is the least she can do to show a little bit appreciation for using a child to gain publicity.

Too bad, KHo is such a terrible actress, she’l never be anywhere near the Oscar. She couldn’t even play Tommy Gurl’s beard convincingly with such lucrative incentives, how do you expect her to successfully play the pimp with only $400K a yr?

Sincerely concerned @ 07/15/2013 at 9:22 am

@Susie#1: #12- Aren’t there child labor laws or child abuse maybe. Ms. Yang. You playing into this, “I’m Suri, and I’m going to be treated like royalty?” Maybe it’s her dtr.’s penants for something she did is to be Suri and Katie’s $@&#% for the day. If Katie is telling Suri, she needs to ignore the Paps, in her immature mind, it will carry over into any adult she encounters who may be on her $&:@ list. I do believe there is a Burn Book out there.

Sincerely concerned @ 07/15/2013 at 9:25 am

Grammatical error; “Maybe, her dtr.’s penant’s for something she did is to be Katie and Suri’s $&?@& for the day”.

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