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Emma Roberts: Arrested for Domestic Violence Against Evan Peters

Emma Roberts: Arrested for Domestic Violence Against Evan Peters

Emma Roberts was recently arrested for domestic violence after an altercation with her boyfriend Evan Peters, according to TMZ.

The 22-year-old was taken into custody after cops observed that the 26-year-old actor had sustained a bloody nose and bite mark on Sunday (July 7) in Montreal, Canada.

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Emma was released hours later after Evan decided not to press charges.

Emma and Evan had been dating since 2012, after meeting each other at Coachella.

WHAT DO YOU THINK OF Emma Roberts’ arrest for domestic violence?

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  • http://- Kate

    Whoa! Did not see that coming at all! Hope everything is okay between them!

  • melissa

    like father like daughter…

  • snap crackle pop

    This happened to one of my friends! He also didn’t press charges, and they broke up. She was really mellow and at first I was pretty confused by all the drama.
    It turned out, she found he was cheating on her. She discovered it because she suddenly got an STD…that wasn’t curable. Yikes.

  • Alaia

    The new Amy & Blake.

  • GGGive

    ahahahahahha this is funny… really emma? really? like really?

  • Jack S.

    Auntie Julia to the rescue.

  • True


  • True

    @snap crackle pop: I’d kill him.

  • Never liked her, never will.

  • Rose

    She probably found out that he was gay and that she was being used as a beard.

  • heather

    I be damn

  • GGGive

    and he got her a job at american horror story…

  • EndOfTime


  • Ewww

    So aside from being ugly and talentless, she is violent too? Wow, she’s a nightmare.

  • Hugh Jassole

    I know it’s not funny, but I still had to laugh.

    Looking forward to her press tour in the next few days…

  • Jane

    She’s the new Chris Brown or what?

  • SaraZ


    Melissa……….my reaction EXACTLY! Good on Evan for standing up to domestic violence.

  • Not Like Chris Brown

    Well at least he didn’t hit her back. Good for him.

  • Ty

    Nobody knows what happened, so they should NOT criticize. Maybe Evan isn´t a saint.

  • ontd

    She always comes off as self-entitled and bitchy so this doesn’t surprise in the least. She is so unbelievably boring that even a domestic violence arrest nor nepotism can make this creature interesting.

  • Sayer

    @Not Like Chris Brown: The sources claim they were hitting each other. He likely didn’t hit her hard enough. She is likely what — a 100 pounds and 5 feet tall.

  • Shdnns


  • Zippy

    I think she’s a hot headed bitch like her aunt Julia

  • hmmm let’ see

    Well let’s see if the public gets upset over this like Chris Brown. Will Women boycott her movie. Will they demand justice. and LOL at people trying already to blame the victim.. PREDICTABLE as always.

    Yeah bet not.. but then she is not male nor black.

  • kami

    where is her mug shot? and does she have to go for behavior modification and do community service like chris brown did?

  • WTMF

    Holy crap! Good for him for standing up for himself.

  • offtheproperty

    She’s of that generation where they think that’s cute, right?

  • Norah

    Why is the public just finding out about this now? This incident occurred nearly two weeks ago.

  • Well…

    Com’on you know Aunt Julie will get this shut down. This will probably be the last you hear of it.

  • Brienne

    She has the same bad attitude of her aunt..Julia Roberts XD

  • Double Standard

    @hmmm let’ see:

    No boycotting, no name calling, no public outcry for her to be thrown the book.

    Jokes will be made about her, but she will not receive hateful comments to the extent that Chris Brown received and still receives years later — not even close.

  • Cdn Girl

    FYI-In Canada it is never the individual who gets to determine whether a charge is laid. It is the police, the prosecution and in some cases a justice of the peace. The police may have refrained from charging her b/c her boyfriend refused to co-operate as a witness.

  • Nikki

    can’t stand this girl. I actually laughed out loud when I read the headline.

  • snap crackle pop

    re: Chris Brown comparisons. To me not even similar situations. These two turkeys (Emma and Evan) were both hitting each other according to reports.
    Now, Google Rihanna’s face after Chris Brown’s extreme attack. He was out of control and there are reports that he pushed her out of a moving car. Brown also has a history of other incidents of rage and anger mismanagement.

  • Guest

    …and he’s still with her? That sucks, he could do a million times better.

  • rubyz

    She’s all class — just like her aunt. LOL.

  • patricia

    lolol oh em her Hollywood people are crazzzyyy!!
    who knew Emma Roberts was a rager?? hahaha
    she’s probably on drugs.

  • anna

    whoa whoa violence is not ok.
    she needs an intervention.
    Reading this was like deja vu, has she had an incident before?
    feel like I’ve read some other year where she got out of hand.

  • Natus

    What she did is shameless. It’s never OK to hit someone else. Shame on her fir her behavior!!!!

  • Karen

    Article said she recently saw her doctor. Maybe he gave her STD, Herpies, Aids. Something made her lose it and go cra-cra. IT HAD TO BE SOMETHING VERY SERIOUS – A DISEASE!

  • g

    @Not Like Chris Brown: #18

    He should have hit her ass back. If she is woman enough to hit, she should be woman enough to take a hit.

  • giulia

    I don’t know what it is, but she’s always struck me as trashy. Bad actress, no charm, and she’s not very pretty by any standards. I don’t understand how she made it as far as she did.

  • g

    hmmm let’ see @ 07/16/2013 at 7:58 pm #24

    Well let’s see if the public gets upset over this like Chris Brown. Will Women boycott her movie. Will they demand justice. and LOL at people trying already to blame the victim.. PREDICTABLE as always.

    Yeah bet not.. but then she is not male nor black.
    bears repeating

  • mcgavocks


  • giulia

    I’d hold off on the Chris Brown comparison. That dude is a walking, talking piece of sh*t in all aspects of life. Emma is just trashy, boring and untalented.

  • Jen

    @snap crackle pop: #34

    STOP LYING. No report of this case says he was fighting her. All reports has her as the batterer.

  • Elphie


    She like her father, I thought it will never happen.

  • Jen

    @Sayer: #21

    NO report says he hit her.

  • Jen

    Her Auntie Julia strikes me as the type who could get violent, too.

  • Shop

    Probably trying to stir up controversy for the new Millers movie, since no one is interested in seeing Jennifer Aniston as a stripper in it.