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Kristen Stewart Begins Filming 'Camp X-Ray'

Kristen Stewart Begins Filming 'Camp X-Ray'

Kristen Stewart stretches out on a boat while beginning to film scenes for her new movie Camp X-Ray on Wednesday (July 17) in Los Angeles.

The 23-year-old actress was joined aboard the ship by her co-star Lane Garrison to start filming the movie. Can’t wait to see the finished product!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Kristen Stewart

Earlier in the month, Kristen was spotted stopping off at a juice bar for a quick pick-me-up in Glendale.

20+ pictures inside of Kristen Stewart filming Camp X-Ray aboard a boat…

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kristen stewart begins filming x ray camp 01
kristen stewart begins filming x ray camp 02
kristen stewart begins filming x ray camp 03
kristen stewart begins filming x ray camp 04
kristen stewart begins filming x ray camp 05
kristen stewart begins filming x ray camp 06
kristen stewart begins filming x ray camp 07
kristen stewart begins filming x ray camp 08
kristen stewart begins filming x ray camp 09
kristen stewart begins filming x ray camp 10
kristen stewart begins filming x ray camp 11
kristen stewart begins filming x ray camp 12
kristen stewart begins filming x ray camp 13
kristen stewart begins filming x ray camp 14
kristen stewart begins filming x ray camp 15
kristen stewart begins filming x ray camp 16
kristen stewart begins filming x ray camp 17
kristen stewart begins filming x ray camp 18
kristen stewart begins filming x ray camp 19
kristen stewart begins filming x ray camp 20
kristen stewart begins filming x ray camp 21
kristen stewart begins filming x ray camp 22
kristen stewart begins filming x ray camp 23
kristen stewart begins filming x ray camp 24

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  • aquarius64

    Interesting to see if she can pull off looking like she’s in the military. No regulation hair cut (unless they are going to pin it up) and no camouflage. If she can’t sell military bearing it’s not going to be good.

  • lolly

    can’t wait for this movie!

  • ok

    did she sleep with the director yet?

  • Tom

    The plot is crap, Kristen Stewart is a terrible actress, the movie will bomb big time.

  • Cece

    I don’t hate her, but I am in no way buying her as a soldier. She looks like she could run 100 yards max and lift about 5 pounds. And I agree that her hair is not quite military issue!!

  • ohh

    I find her a bit pathetic to be honest.

  • susane

    so proud of kristen!!! militarystew

  • lolly

    i’m not a twilight stupid fan i have seen only 3 of them and i have to say to say she was terrible and robert pattinson was even worst but i saw her previous indie works and she was great in it so i think is twilight the problem i have hight hope for this movie!!so stop hating her!

  • Jace

    @ok: Eyeroll. At least move on to the lesbian rumors, because the trolling about her and the director is getting boring.

  • Jesse

    She looks as happy as ever. Soooo prone to unpleasantness for some reason. She’s such a drip

  • Jace

    The only reason I am slightly interested in this movie is because of Peyman Moaddi. Disappointed he wasn’t in these photos, but based on their clothes here I’m assuming this is supposed to be before these two are supposed to be portraying some situation before they reach Gitmo.

  • Jace

    @aquarius64: I read up a bit on this after I learned that Peyman was cast (sad that he isn’t in these photos) and I believe the point was that she was supposed to be ill-fitted for the military. I’m still surprised that Peyman is doing this film, so I’m holding back from making judgements. I have no issue with Stewart, but I agree that she doesn’t seem like a good fit be we shall see.

  • aquarius64

    @Cece: If she’s playing a guard at Gitmo she better be able to show she has combat and self-defense skills. In Snow White her fighting skills were a joke and she was suppose to be playing a warrior princess. It looks like the producers are banking on her to bring in the Twilight fans to the theaters. This is too serious of a subject matter to make into young adult fluff.

  • Ryan

    If you didn’t like her or feel intrigued by her in some way you wouldn’t feel the need to come read the article & comment.

    Read the script & its really great I really hope they don’t change anything.

  • crisk

    She is beautiful and competent in their art, let’s wait, this movie will be amazing!!Good luck, have fun!

  • Rose

    The film is interesting, the cast is great, to start with Kristen a great actress!! It will be amazing and I can not wait!!

  • sara

    So so excited! :)

  • Jace

    @aquarius64: The thing is I think she is supposed to be a “lousy” soldier in this film in terms of physicality, so casting a 100 pound girl makes sense if you want someone to appear physically weak. I’m a huge fan of Peyman so I read up on this because I was worried that he signed on, and apparently many of the people involved (included KStew) have all known each other for over ten years and all worked on some indie film back in the late 90s/early 2000s together. I don’t think it is as much about Twilight films as it is about people who have known each other for a nearly a decade.


    The US military camp in Cuba is a sign from God about a country that is run by political leaders who wear military uniforms.

  • talia

    @aquarius64: this is a message published by the tactical media group about kristen “We are all so proud of Kristen Stewart and her dedication in training for her new role in CAMP XRAY. She is one of the hardest working actors we have ever trained, PERIOD. Her level of respect, admiration, and honor bestowed upon our nation’s military is truly mind blowing, and the transformation we saw in her within only a few days was nothing short of awe inspiring. Her fans will be in for a rare treat when CAMP XRAY hits theaters!!! From all of us here at TMG, we salute you Kristen and will always be here for you!!” – im guessing she probably has gone through basic military training

  • aquarius64

    @talia: That media statement was laying it on thick. Sounds like her PR team had a hand in writing it. A couple of shots of her going through basic & combat training would have sufficed, like other actors who played military. Wrapping Kristen around the flag looks like a hard sell to compensate for her physicality and image; less is more. If she passes the smell test with actual service members when they see it, then she did her job.

  • AMW

    Looks like the Media group says she is a fantastic actress and really praised her for her professionalism. I do look forward to this movie because the content seems interesting and KS seems to be perfect for the role. So many professionals have commented on her talent and beauty recently and it is nice to hear.She is so natural and beautiful and so unlike the HW clones. I just don’t get why people click on anything that has to do with her if it is only to post negative comments. Really a sad statement about those folks lives that must be filled with so much anger toward whatever. What a waste of time. Be positive and it still is true that if you have nothing nice to say then……

  • Mason

    @aquarius64: i’m not the hugest fan of hers, but you are being fairly harsh. as another commenter said, it’s likely they purposely cast someone tiny & thin as the plot is about someone out of place. i doubt her pr had hand in that statement because a photo would have been better. dunno, guess i’m feeling a little sorry for her since those paps wrote on her car and some of the gossip is so far fetched about her. she needs a better publicist tho, because some stories about her are so dumb and obviously false and a good publicist would squash that type of thing.

  • Fun

    crap actress and a b1tch!!

  • Peaches

    @Fun: @Fun, if you can do a better job of acting, then go for it, instead of negative comments. My guess is NOT.

  • ace11

    She’s Amazing

    in many ways probably

  • Casey

    @Tom: You must be interested, you are here. Tag above says KS, not RP. As far as the plot, voice your opinion to whomever wrote the script. And if the movie bombs, then take that up with the director. KS is a very good actress and I am looking forward to the movie.

  • talia

    @aquarius64: TMG is made up of military men and women so sounds like she did really well in her training

  • Maz

    such white armpits.

  • talia

    @aquarius64: also unless you come from a military background which i doubt, you don’t have the knowledge or expertise to judge how well she plays the character,

    Also, have you even read film synopsis as your comments make it sound like you haven’t

  • Lillian

    @AMW: I totally agree with you. Kristen is beautiful and very talented. Her best is yet to come and I wish people would stop judjing her based on the 5 Twilight movies. She was a perfect Bella character but she did so many other roles in which she was really fantastic. Loved her portrayal of Joan Jett in the Runaways and loved her dramatic skills in Welcome to the Rileys. I wish people would stop posting negative stuff about her when they haven’t even seen any of her other movies. She will do great in this new film