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Leonardo DiCaprio: Thumbs Up After Dinner with Toni Garnn

Leonardo DiCaprio: Thumbs Up After Dinner with Toni Garnn

Leonardo DiCaprio gives the thumbs up to his group of pals, including rumored girlfriend Toni Garnn, as they leave a restaurant to get their valeted car on Tuesday (July 23) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 38-year-old actor and 21-year-old model were joined for dinner by his BFF Lukas Haas, among some others.

“On the road again! See you in September NYC! Really hoping these bags won’t get lost too many times on this one…” Toni tweeted earlier in the month. Have fun this summer, Toni!!

10+ pictures inside of Leonardo DiCaprio and Toni Garnn after their group dinner…

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leonardo dicaprio thumbs up after toni garrn date 01
leonardo dicaprio thumbs up after toni garrn date 02
leonardo dicaprio thumbs up after toni garrn date 03
leonardo dicaprio thumbs up after toni garrn date 04
leonardo dicaprio thumbs up after toni garrn date 05
leonardo dicaprio thumbs up after toni garrn date 06
leonardo dicaprio thumbs up after toni garrn date 07
leonardo dicaprio thumbs up after toni garrn date 08
leonardo dicaprio thumbs up after toni garrn date 09
leonardo dicaprio thumbs up after toni garrn date 10
leonardo dicaprio thumbs up after toni garrn date 11
leonardo dicaprio thumbs up after toni garrn date 12

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  • Yeah!

    They’re cute!

  • True

    How is this not akin to prostitution? These “girls” sell their young bodies to middle men for money and fame. What they want is to get their names out there. Sites like Jared starts referring to them by name and now they’re everywhere.

    These girls have NO self-respect.

  • @Yeah!

    Cute in a chaperone kinda way!

  • lll

    deja vu

  • Hm…

    They look happy.

  • also…

    What a belly he has there… lol

  • LOL

    Oh this thread is going to EXPLODE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *grabs popcorn*

  • @2

    You realize its not new right? I mean John Casablancas who started Elite model agency and died very recently, (he famously called Heid Klum ‘a talentless German sausage’ and described Gisele as ‘a monster of selfishness and prostitute’) used to bang supermodel Stephanie Seymour when she was 16 and he was 41!!!!!!

  • eat

    Someone should give her a hamburger.

  • Italian girl

    Lol… i have never seen Leo with such a skinny girl before. They looj so awkward tigether it’s hilarious !!!!

  • not with toni

    so i guess now it’s official!!! What a sleaze!!

  • Lorelei

    Uncle Leo is taking his skinny kiddie for a ride.

  • not with toni

    He will never change…haha it’s funny though to see how long it ‘s gonna last

  • LOL

    They look happy. No haterade here.
    Leo looks cute in the thumbs up pic. But I am going to pray for that beer belly!!

  • also…

    It`s nice to see them smiling ( especially after those miserable Toni photos in LA ) but it`s still creepy. Daddy Leo pushing 40 only dating barley legal girls. No smile is going to change that! And Lukas always has to be there… It looks like she is just part of his entourage.

  • Lorelei

    …they’re smiling because they are not awate of the paps.
    It always starts like that.

  • not with toni

    btw toni looks waaaay older than her age.She’s 21 and looks like 31,even me who i am 4 years older than her look alot younger than her.Maybe it’s because of her intense bone structure in the face

  • http://. $$$$

    I agre with # 2. Leo, has been with so many models — they must get bigs bucks, I wonder how much the girls agree on, must come out to be a pretty big sum of $$.

  • Ray

    Bwahhhhhh. Lukas and Leo matching so cute. Wonder why he giving a thumbs tho?

  • not with toni

    @ eat ”Someone should give her a hamburger.” oh please ,now that she’s dating the multimillionaire she’s gonna get the habit of eating only foods that befit the upper crust like lobster or what? hamburgers are so not for toni anymore …lol

  • well

    Seems like Lukas is the only one who finds out the pap is taking pictures

  • @17

    Le sigh. Toni’s tall and lean like most Catwalk and High Fashion models. That her looks are dissected by the JJ trolls is simply typical for the Leo and Leo’s ex girl friend stans. I don’t know what dissing her appearance acheive for anyone tbh. If you look younger/fresher good for you. You must be gorgeous, but then why are you on some blog catting or caring? A person as beautiful as you will surely have her own boyfriend or friends to worry about

  • @1

    IKR. Pictures are actually rather sweet :) runs & hides:)

  • not with toni

    @22 commenting on a gossip site doesn’t mean necessarily worrying about a superstar.I try not to take your comment as a personal attack to me since you don’t know me and secondly i tend to skip having an argument with someone who is so biased as to call people here “trolls” imao….but my reply to you is an exception now. Then again you are entitled to your own opinion as i am entitled to expressing my thoughts here whatever they may be even it takes( why not) bashing toni. see ya

  • Joshie

    What a disaster…

  • Anonymous

    Love her outfit. Kate Moss wore something similar to Nobu, so fierce.

  • vagabond

    So we finally got a new thread,and some pictures of them,together.When I saw the post I thought we had gotten actual date pics.So I lol’d when i read that Lukas was there plus other friends.Leo def got a gut in these pics.

  • Cecelia

    Frankly, she should consider to go to the hairdresser and consult a professional stylist.
    And register to a gym, because she needs serious work out for her boney skinny boyish legs
    I certainly wouldn’t go to a restaurant with such hair a such a miniskirt.

  • Ray

    Is Leo trying to hook up Toni with that guy? He looked happy as they interacted.

  • @Ray

    LOL! Too funny
    @well – Yep, Lukas seems the only one aware they’re being papped.

  • Sarah

    Has she been spotted yet with a JM pendant (or earings) and a Nikki Erwin’s handbag?
    If not, we should see her shortly wearing both.
    We know Leo follows faithfully a pattern with his youngsters.
    Those legs of hers are scary. Hope she doesn’t use them to model

  • not with toni

    btw leo looks very washed up here like he’s wasted or something … wonder why….

  • Message

    He dresses like an old man. Seriously, my dad dresses better than that, and he is a helluva lot older than Leo. And. That. Belly. Omg. Hahaha

    As for the two of them being together… Meh. That’s all I see is a whole lot of dullness. These two together are so vanilla. There’s nothing interesting about them. He has become so boring and predictable in his personal life. He seems so disingenuous theses days. There is no spark… Or at least it appears that way. Blarrrgh. Hopefully his performance in WOW is phenomenal and he pulls me back in as a true fan.

  • @vagabond

    “thought we had gotten actual date pics” really vagabond you would love to see them date??

  • Sarah

    Leo thought he was safe by leaving through the basement parking.

  • Philly

    Pretty girl

  • laugh

    his belly and his lolipop…hehe
    it’s like he’s….that’s why he’s in that mood and cheerful!
    lukas face is ya know like oh my god! we papped, no we can’t get papped!

  • not with toni

    @message: great comment

  • @37

    “lukas face is ya know like oh my god! we papped, no we can’t get papped!”

    lol i was thinking exactly the same thing.

  • JF Day

    You finally came out of hiding, Leo! yay!
    I’m starting to love this couple. Age difference and all…

  • GirlGoose !

    his acting is boring , i can put anyone of his films in close my eyes and listen to him speak and not know which movie it is, he sounds the same in all of them… except maybe the diamonds movie with his fake accent. anyway this double thumbs up looks really creepy like he is saying ” i bagged another one pal ” Yawn !

  • hahahaha

    gay man and his skeletor least pick someone who looks like a woman and not a 13 year old boy.

  • not with toni

    @philly:it’s true that she IS pretty( she’s so young}.There’s no denying it but i would go so far as to say that hell she’s waaay too pretty for him and that’s because she’s young and fresh while leo as of late looks more and more washed up.I think leo sets the bar too high with her( she’s too fresh for him) ..on the other hand i don’t get what this girl is trying to prove by dating him(i always have a feeling that she’s trying to prove something by hanging out with the megastar).we will see..

  • vic

    Alyssa Miller eat your heart out

  • Hmmm

    As much as I don’t want this to be true, I actually think Leo is gay…all these models that he pretends to date are just a cover up…and also add the fact that this dude Lukas Haas is everywhere with him…I just can’t believe someone who says such smart things in interviews is actually such a shallow person…I just can’t…

  • also…

    Pretty? In a very plain way. I see her being very skinny and kinda cute but pretty? Definitely not hot! Just a blonde model who is willing to date Daddy Leo. Nothing special.

  • @45

    She’s not pretty, she’s beautiful (!) not in the paps pics but with a good makeup she’s gorgeous, especially on the runway.
    But everyone has different tastes.

  • Who knows

    I dont understand why Lukas reacts shocked as he s the papparazzi. Why hangout with a girl when you dont want to be papped together…it looks so silly

  • Telling

    Looks like an underground garage. And Lukas does looked shocked

  • not with toni

    i dont think she is pretty enough to be a model let alone a top model lmao but for LEO she is toooooo pretty and that’s only because she is 18 years(!!!) his junior .I think his hanging out with her intensifies his somehow withered looks. That’s what i was trying to say. @also thank you for your comment