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Bradley Cooper & Suki Waterhouse Snuggle in Paris Park!

Bradley Cooper & Suki Waterhouse Snuggle in Paris Park!

Bradley Cooper and his girlfriend Suki Waterhouse spend a romantic afternoon together relaxing in a park on Sunday (August 25) in Paris, France.

The 38-year-old actor was seen laying in Suki‘s lap while reading a book and they were both spotted snuggling with each other. So cute!

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It was recently reported that Bradley was offered the voice role of Rocket Raccoon in the upcoming Marvel movie Guardians of the Galaxy, according to The Wrap. No word yet on whether he has accepted the coveted role or not!

10+ pictures inside of Bradley Cooper and Suki Waterhouse‘s romantic afternoon in Paris…

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bradley cooper suki waterhouse snuggle in paris park 01
bradley cooper suki waterhouse snuggle in paris park 02
bradley cooper suki waterhouse snuggle in paris park 03
bradley cooper suki waterhouse snuggle in paris park 04
bradley cooper suki waterhouse snuggle in paris park 05
bradley cooper suki waterhouse snuggle in paris park 06
bradley cooper suki waterhouse snuggle in paris park 07
bradley cooper suki waterhouse snuggle in paris park 08
bradley cooper suki waterhouse snuggle in paris park 09
bradley cooper suki waterhouse snuggle in paris park 10

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  • Rachel

    Mr. Charles Cooper is rolling in his grave again. The fine Catholic man he was. He will soon rise from his grave if his son continues to fondle a 15 year old kid that does drugs, sleeps around and smokes.

  • cos

    Hahahaha! That ugly female dog suki is gonna give Bradley rabies. Where is Renee? JLaw? Zoe? Jennifer Aniston? Mickey mouse? Anyone?

  • cos

    @Sazzzy: same for you, if you can say what you think I can say what I think

  • sara

    I totaly agree with you. this is discusting!!!

  • cos here

    hahaha, very funny and pathetic, you will not stop me from saying what I want

  • cos

    Anyone but the slat Suki slat. Did he see her medical records before banging her?

  • cos here

    Suki is a cheater and cheated on Miles with Bradley. Well, Bradley bangs other girls while he is with her. 2 girls in Rio, 2 in London during Hangover promos, 1 in DC, 1 in LA, 2 in NY last week. KARMA UGLY SUKI. KARMA.

  • Lili

    @DJ: Those pics were taken on Saturday, rain was pouring over Paris yesterday, it was not possible to frolic in the park ^^

  • cos here

    @cos: are you sure it was not to early to leave your hospital?

  • OMG cos

    amazing LOL how you can’t handle the truth

  • If only

    Why is Bradley Cooper spending his Saturday with trash?

    If only….If only Jennifer Lawrence had said yes to Bradley. If only Bradley’s Dad had not passed. If only Bradley listened to his caring mom. If only Bradley was not so ambitious to sign a public relations couple contract that makes him look scary. If only Bradley listened to his caring sister. If only…

  • OMG cos

    @cos here: Jealousy… is a mental cancer.

  • cos here


    If you are going to pick a 21 year old, can it be one that isn’t a cokehead and doesn’t look like shet? You only took half of Leo’s advice. Toni is a real model and she is pretty.

  • WTF

    These comments make me want to cry for humanity. Seriously WTF!?!

  • supernatural

    Bradley a pear not good pear

  • juicy lucy

    If AFT is till clinging to the thought of Brad dumping Suki to start a relationship with the unidentified Amfr, please remove the rose colored glasses ASAP. At this stage in his life, Brad has no intentions of having a relationship with a mature woman. He is happy with carefree Suki who may not care whether or not he bangs other women when she isn’t around. I’ve said from the very beginning that Brad will end up marrying Suki and my position has not changed.

  • TRR

    lol @ these comments…

    On a serious note, I thought there were “pap laws” in France?

  • OMG cos

    sorry, who is AFT or/and AMFR some of you talk about?

  • Lovelace

    AFT never said he would dump his daughter to start with AMFR. AMFR has been identified by some. One has nothing to do with the other. He has reasons for being with his daughter. This will end when it is supposed to. I do agree with you that he does not seem ready for a real relationship. I also think AMFR might agree with us that Bradley is not ready for a relationship. That is what AFT said when he answered questions.

  • OMG cos

    Suki is jealous of her talented heroes Georgia and Cara. They are making with their talent. She is making it with her ugly character, body and face.

  • cos again

    @OMG cos: is your life really that boring?

  • Marie

    AMFR will never ever ever date this guy. I don’t care what AFT says. End of story. He might like her, his family and friends might like her, she might they are all nice…but it ain’t ever ever ever gonna happen. Suki is an unattractive drug addict who sleeps with men to advance her career and if Bradley is seeing her for real or PR, what does it say about him?

  • cos again

    Did horrid + dirty suki really ask beautiful + pretty Cara to ask beautiful + sexy Rihanna about NY?

  • Gross

    He is reading lolita to her. that speaks volumes.

  • Hello
  • juicy lucy


    AFT has not appeared nor has he answered questions on JJ since joining the private message board. His early appearances on JJ did indeed make it sound as though Amfr was a woman Brad wanted to date and made a point of flying to her so she could get to know the real BC. I’m still curious as to what Brad’s payoff will be for being seen with Suki. As for Suki, she needs to understand that talent is what allows actors/models to survive in the business-not shagging someone famous.

  • TRR

    It’s just weird that he doesn’t mind the paps with this girl, when previously, based on what numerous people have said, did not like being photographed with girlfriends.

  • juicy lucy


    I’m hoping Brad is going through his LD stage dating Suki and not because HW has promised him something in return for doing so. Granted, dating Suki won’t affect the work he gets but I could hurt him at the box office. I understand having ambitions but like everything in life, they are not to be cheaply won. The great actors such as De Niro, Pacino, Nicholson, Bale, DDL and Oldman didn’t have to resort to PR stunts to get ahead/noticed. LD has shown off his acting chops since his role in “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape.” and he did a great job playing Howard Hughes in The Aviator. Brad has a long way to go before ranking along side his idol. Bobby D.

  • juicy lucy


    I think Brad is really smitten with her and has reached a point in his life where he feels comfortable with himself and doesn’t care what others think of him. I think Brad is more relaxed with Suki than previous gf’s.

  • Hello
  • DJ

    Does the Daily Mail not like her or something? I mean, talking about the alleged nose job, Suki trying to get his attention at Wimbledon and now saying she is trying to get his attention at the park.

  • Em

    He is making sure we can all see he is reading lolita to her in a popular park on a Saturday–day with most visitors– in Paris as they sit in the middle of the park and get professional pics taken in a country with strict pap laws. This staging is even worse—yup, worse thn wimbledon. They both need to hire new agents. This is so staged.

  • Marie

    @Juicy Lucy:

    We do not know if being linked with Suki affects the jobs Bradley gets.

    He was a contender for Batman and Affleck got it.

    Spielberg pulled out of directing him in a movie.

    Production issues for another movie.

    If he is smitten with her, why didn’t he take her to Bobby’s bday in the Hamptons? Why did he stay in NYC from Sunday to Friday after the party? Why did he spend his time partying with Leo and models just this week?

  • DJ

    @Em: Is that really the book he is reading? I can’t see the cover clearly.

  • DJ

    What exactly are the pap laws in France? I thought the only rule was that photographers can’t get too close to the celebrities.

  • DJ

    @Hello: That is pretty funny.

  • TRR

    @DJ: I don’t know what the specific laws are but I recall Dan saying paps aren’t freely allowed to take pics, like in the states.
    With the kind of cameras they have, they don’t necessarily need to be that close.

    These are probably photo-ops. They look very similar to the staged Paris pics where he was kissing her on the cheek.

  • Drake


    Yeah it does seem that way.


    I died laughing, the one she lifted up his leg and tried to get under it make the whole photo op seem fake.

    Bradley becoming Leo. I think the reason why he wasnt photo out with his other girls were becuase they weren’t famewh*res like suki is. I peep game when I see it.

    @juicy Lucy dont be fooled.

  • Em

    @DJ: Click on the right hand corner of the picture to zoom in. Daily Mail loves her and is very kind to her usually.

    @TRR: True. He does not like to be photographed with women. If Bradley Cooper did not want his pics of Suki to come out, it can be stopped. It has happened many times in Paris. Staged.

    @juicy lucy or @marie: How do I get on this private message board?

  • juicy lucy


    I wasn’t aware that Brad is having production problems with another movie. Which one?

    I will say that Affleck was a surprise choice (but the perfect choice) to play Batman and that could all be the result of his second Oscar win. I’m sure being a double Oscar winner puts him at the top of the list for competitive roles in HW.

    Spielberg has pulled of projects in the past so no big surprise there. I personally think he saw the film as becoming to controversial and I also think he wants to spend time getting things moving on the updated version of The Grapes of Wrath.

    As for why Suki was not at Bobby D’s birthday party-perhaps he asked Brad and Leo to leave the kids at home.

    Suki like Brad are not poster children for monogamy. Suki may be just fine with Brad sleeping around just as long as she gets the photo ops. There are people who don’t see anything wrong with “open” relationships.

  • juicy lucy


    Don’t be fooled about what?

  • Lili

    @Hello: Funny indeed :)

  • Dolly

    They are reading Lolita. This is so bizarre and gross. Either they are messing with everyone or this is a creepy relationship.

  • Jelissa

    For f@cks sake. Bradley isn’t having career issues. I dare you to name an actor with a hotter career. Spielberg drops projects often and many articles have stated he left American Sniper on the best terms possible. It seems Oscar winner Clint Eastwood is stepping in. Not exactly a downgrade.
    He’s also going to get millions for a few days of work if he signs on to Guardians of the Galaxy, which is a sure fire hit.
    Please get lives and stop spending hours analyzing a relationship you have no connection to. These comments are disturbing.

    I had to finally comment. This isn’t the first Bradley Cooper with weird as sh!t comments.

  • Hello

    Isn’t that strange that pictures taken Saturday only appear all over the net 2 days later ? Do they have to approve these pictures before publication ?

  • Daria

    @Hello: It’s not really strange or out of the ordinary especially since it was a weekend. They don’t get approval. They don’t need it.

  • Hello

    @Daria : Thanks for the answer.

  • Jelissa go fack your Motha

    WTF. Who are you? This is a message board? WhyTF are you on here ? If you are so high and mighty, go read the New York Times, The Guardian or Le Monde. This is not the comment section of those papers. This is comment section of a gossip site. We are here to comment. Why do you think JJ has so many stories running? Some of us have had a long day at work and want to read to laugh. Go fack your motha and leave us alone.

  • Veronique

    @Hello: Yes, you are correct. The pictures were taken Saturday because it rained in Paris on Sunday. They were approved by both PR teams or maybe just hers. He looks awkward.

  • Drake

    @juicy lucy:

    By his actions. His other girlfriends probably didn’t want photo op every month and she does. Guys allow and do want the girl feel comfortable about. Like when Leo was with Blake he didn’t bike ride with her because she didn’t like bike riding. When he was with bar there wasn’t much PDA because she didn’t like PDA like that.
    Deniro don’t give a damn who Bradley or Leo dating they didn’t bring them because they didn’t want to and wanted to spend some guy time alone.

    If she okay with getting cheated on knowingly (allegedly) I have no respect for her. If she want love and commitment and allow him to cheat she’ll never get it. If she just want fame then she probably don’t care.