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Katie Holmes Pampers Suri After She Breaks Her Arm

Katie Holmes Pampers Suri After She Breaks Her Arm

Katie Holmes treats her daughter Suri to a pedicure at the iPlaza Nail Salon on Saturday evening (September 7) in New York City.

The 34-year-old actress seems to have covered up a part of Suri‘s cast near where someone wrote “no butt smacking with this.”

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Suri, 7, looks to be in great spirits after breaking her arm and she sat side by side with a friend while getting her toes polished.

FYI: Suri is wearing an Ella Moss Girl dress.

10+ pictures inside of Katie Holmes and Suri at the nail salon…

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katie holmes pampers suri after she breaks her arm 01
katie holmes pampers suri after she breaks her arm 02
katie holmes pampers suri after she breaks her arm 03
katie holmes pampers suri after she breaks her arm 04
katie holmes pampers suri after she breaks her arm 05
katie holmes pampers suri after she breaks her arm 06
katie holmes pampers suri after she breaks her arm 07
katie holmes pampers suri after she breaks her arm 08
katie holmes pampers suri after she breaks her arm 09
katie holmes pampers suri after she breaks her arm 10
katie holmes pampers suri after she breaks her arm 11

Photos: FameFlynet Pictures
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  • Red Head

    “Pampers”? I think you mean “spoils”.

  • Franson


  • soy

    @Red Head: @Franson: idiots

  • Registerednurse

    Ugly kid and spoilt bitch

  • Gina

    Spoiled rotten kid. Katie is creating a little monster. That child is probably out of control and will only get worse.

  • WOW

    WTF is wrong with you people? You’re creating a monster if you spoil your child? That is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. Geez, where do you live, in a cave? And how can you call a child ugly? All children are beautiful and if you don’t see that then you are ugly on the inside.

  • Suri=meal ticket

    Airhead pimp mama, takes every chance to pimp out her meal ticket’s broken arm.
    The hardest working child labor in the US of A, cannot even have a break with a broken arm, even though very likely to be self-inflicted.
    No wonder, rumor has it that Tommy Gurl is shopping for a brainy woman to be his beard #4.
    KHo= (tree trunk thighs+saggy boobs+air head)^famewhooring.

  • Anne

    @Suri=meal ticket:

    Katie Holme’s the most beautiful woman in HW. She’s beautiful, talented and a great mother. Suri is the most beautiful child of HW. You must be a bitter woman, ugly, fat, no friends and no boyfriend. You should be the 4th Tom Cruise’s beard. Two crazy.

  • Anne

    YASSINE, where is you?

  • dresden

    Imagine this kid’s needs and demands when she grows up!

  • Sincerely concerned

    @Anne: He left when some of the posters were beyond obnoxious. Smart guy, who needs it? #7: do you know if it could be Jessica White?

  • Missy

    You guys are ridiculous. Heaven forbid a mother takes her daughter to get her nails done. I see photos of other celebrity mothers like Jennifer Garner taking her daughters out for a mani/pedi all the time. Funny how no one says that she’s spoiling her children. Instead, she is supermom.

  • Sincerely concerned

    So by Tom cruise auditioning for a brainiac, he means some like Kelly Preston. Excluding me being into Scientology, I would do it. For 40 thou a month, I could be air jetted biweekly to him for make- up, dress/gown and stilettos, provided we have a transparent mouth piece to serve as a barrier. When he comes back from set, I could master the “Tom, you’re right” look with an occaisional “you’re wrong” when he is DEAD wrong. ( just to keep it real). By going back to my regular job, he would know I have a brain. I just wouldn’t tell him what kind of an a** he really is. He is so narcissistic, he wouldn’t even pick up on it. After working in the medical profession for over 25 years, I am we’ll versed on the, “yes you’re right and it WAS your idea look”. As far as sex is concerned, I would find away to get him to think that like Kelly Preston, we well sustain our relationship if we by step the subservient stuff. Get him a female alpha poodle to fulfill is paternal needs. ( they’re smart and being a dog will feed into his ego). Plus like the original Scientology creater’s addiction, utilizing other selfulfilling tools will utilize his intimate resources to his greatest capacity. all you have to do is throw in big words. …The more confusing, the more intelligent it souds. hence the brainiac;). …this is BEST for his mental health.

  • Fake Movie

    Anyone notice that Katie’s co-star in Miss Meadows is someone named “Bud Weiser”?

  • Sincerely concerned

    Correction, “means somONE like Kelly Preston”

  • sweetness

    that child and her mom should not have to be subject to flashing lights and paparazzi every time they go out. Can someone please protect these people from that? sheesh

  • K-FLOP – NYFW 2014 – Suspense

    NYFW S2014 -”This collection is about wearable elegance; the woman we design for is somewhat of an adventurer; creating her own path.”

    NYFW F2013 – The inspiration: Katharine Hepburn and the 1940s by way of the 1970s. “We’re conscious of making high quality pieces you can wear over and over…” “That stay in your closet forever,”

    NYFW S2013 – “very simple, with very classic lines. They’re just nice, well-made luxury items that highlight the woman wearing them.”

    Sept 9 2013 H & Y Presentation prediction – unoriginal, unremarkable and unimaginative. i.e. boring

    We should see the ‘safe’ reviews from the normally invited media outlets (WWD, NYT, BBB) and then the ‘real’ reviews will trickle from from the uninvited fashion bloggers.

  • grow up

    she is a kid, maybe her blanket gives her comfort? Maybe she needs it with all the crap her dad put her through. do you ever see Tom with her? NO. So leave the kid alone. I know 15 year olds that still have bears and animals cause they have special comfort needs , so STFU

  • lala

    I don’t get why people think Suri is Katie’s meal ticket. She certainly isn’t parading her around for roles because this chick barely gets roles and when she does, they are small budget films. So again, how is Suri her meal ticket? Because of Tom? I think the crap she had to put up with, with the crazy Scientology and I’m sure Tom’s crazy hold over her is more than enough to guarantee her comfortable and stability for life.

    I will say that I still can’t believe this child is parading around with a blanket as a jacket. She’s been like this since a very young age. Her parents are walking around in jeans/pants, sweaters and sometimes coats and boots or close-toed shoes, and Suri is walking around in simple summer dresses with no fabric, flip flops or open-toed high heels and a blanket as her coat. W.T.F.

  • 55vineyard

    @grow up: She is a little old for the blanket, if she was going to regular school she would be teased like heck. I can understand about the stuffed animals though, I had my Tony the Tiger until I got married in my early 20′s.

  • annie

    Maybe because of her broken arm, she cant’t fit into her little cardis.
    Suri hasn’t had her blanket for over a year, think it’s got to do with her arm ,more than anything else now.
    So cute, her mum taking her and her little friend to get a pedi.

    You know Sincerely Concerned, I agree with you.
    TC is a nice looking older man, at least for me, but that’s ok.
    I can handle anything he dishes out for a while, the money, oodles and oodles of it to play with, a plane at your disposal, racks full of clothes and shoes, most importantly you have people to clean up , cook , wash , iron, shop, vacuum, nannies. Sounds good….at least for a while.
    Katie isn’t too good at pretending is she, things must have been rough to give all that up.

  • Chelsea
  • Yuck

    So true. Suri still uses her blanket! I remember seeing her with Katie and Katie’s parents at a Disney park, still using her blanket sewned in with a freakin’ PACIFIER. I swear to God, Suri is not normal.

  • Sincerely concerned

    @Gina: From Cleveland here; I talked to the owner of a vintage store (Winds of Change). She said Suri and Kate came in to shop and look around. She said that Suri was the sweetest and most well mannered little girl and they were both quiet and very kind. You should watch that movie, ” selebrity”, about how much the Paps r out of control. Try having hundreds of cameras flashing at you every time you step outside. They also shout out things at you so they can get a picture of you reacting. Some of the Paps hired now are in gangs, because magazines know these people will do anything to get a picture. I would be holding onto a blanket too. So much has happened to that girl in a year:(. On top of that; at her age, 7-8y/o’s become very brave and independent. ..hence the broken arm. Your natural response; than Katie should move. Than the Paps have won. Live a life in isolation? The more you learn to ignore, the better. These are good carryover skills too …on self-discipline. I seen Suri go from very angry and mad yelling at the Paps to learning to ignore in the past 2 mos. In a year, she won’t even notice them. You know, like the bullies at the park or the bad kids you learn to stay away from.

  • Sincerely concerned

    @Suri=meal ticket: you MUST be Scientology or Tom Cruise or even Connor. No one would rag like you do.

  • Sincerely concerned

    @annie: She simply went into it with the wrong frame of mind. Live and learn. The contract would have to state minimum of 2 days and nights per week. This would assure me time for a reality check. The “showings” would be for dinners with J Lo, Will Smith, The Beckams, Adam Sandler and his wife, Ben Stiller , Basketball games with Connor, baseball games with Miscavidge. me exiting the scientology building looking daZed and confused €~}, and, of course, Red Carpets. I’m a Sagi, With NO LEO, so I would know the drill;). PURELY PLATONIC though:-?. Wouldn’t have to show up on set, wondering aimlessly (ok maybe occasionally but only in my lab coat – the application did state brainiac). Running with Tom into the helicopter. Oh yes and running ( but no marathons).

  • Anne

    @Sincerely concerned:

    These “contracts” are normal in HW (DiCaprio, Clooney and many others) do. Because only because Tom Cruise so much speculation? I think the father’s abandonment left him so traumatized that Tom does not trust anyone. Confidentiality agreements, silly, if any “wife” to say something bad enough process. Honestly, so much money spent, for what? Tom will never get silence the rumor GAY, become a legend. Poor children. Increasingly I think he has a screw loose. And that’s why I admire Holmes for having skipped the boat and got full custody of Suri. Kisses friends

  • annie

    @ sincerely concerned
    Sag, is not enough, for you to pull it off, you need a bit of Leo to the mix.
    Right now, changed my mind, don’t care about the money, just someone to do my housework, washing and my ironing (3 males, never ever goes away).
    total bliss!
    Kisses to you too Ann!

  • Sincerely concerned

    @Anne: @Anne: Definitely crazy insecure. Can’t imagine auditioning for another wife and publicizing it. Sounds desperate. :-}

  • annie

    In total honesty, don’t think that Tom is publicizing it.
    I think it’s probably some English tabloid, that thought it up.
    Just saw pieces from the new Holmes/Yang 2014 collection.
    It’s nice, attractive, very wearable.
    I want the olive green dress – laceup neckline, and the fitted white and black with the black belt. and the black jumpsuit, all of it actually, really getting there.
    The models make a difference, last time they were all anorexic, but this time they are better.

  • Anne

    @Sincerely concerned: @annie:

    I think also. More, in the internet age a website advertises and the other copy. Now, 13 months, it’s long time for Tom and Katie show the world, new partners. I think this PR disaster of divorce got ugly in the middle of HW for both. Especially Tom who is crazy with fame. I think a famous actress or almost famous, do not want to be associated with it. Perhaps a lesser known actress or model, but these, yes, for money and fame would accept, even if it was the tabloid circus.

  • Sincerely concerned

    @annie: I actually noticed how skinny Katie looks next to the models…. Never see her eat. Just coffee. It’s Suri I worry about as she models off of her mother. Just a thought. Not trying to be nasty. I have a sister and father in law who are Leos and now that you (Annie) mention the important ingredient of the Leo, that haunts me. My experience with Leo’s is; some of their decision making can really rattle your nerves (and that’s putting it mildly!) because it’s as if they put no thought into how their actions can effect others. Sometimes you think they must be doing it on purpose to rattle your nerves. Had a brother who was a Scorpio….. Must agree,, do not tangle with a Scorpio. Must agree, however, some of the most wacky, adventurous times were with my sister. Not a good way to be 24/7 though… In my opinion. Too bad she doesn’t have an Aries in her somewhere. I guess that is where Suri comes into play;)

  • Sincerely concerned

    @annie: love bouncing these things off of you. I only dabble in Astrology but love learning ….hence the sagi

  • Sincerely concerned

    @annie: Think about it… How does one go from working like Miss Beasly or Aunt Bea (from the Andy Griffith Show) in Cleveland to dancing to Blurred lines with Jamie Foxx, Ellen and Colin Powell in the East Hamptons the next night and than back to doing the hopscotch like June (from Leave it to Beaver)?I could go verbal diarrhea thinking of some of the things my sister does and than she just has that “clueless dear in a headlight look”, but maybe that is just sibling rivalry:(

  • Danielle


    No offense Annie, but the collection was totally uninspired and just UGH.

  • Sincerely concerned

    @Danielle: I have to agree. I really feel like I’ve seen these outfits at K-mart. The only difference is the price:-$

  • annie

    No offense taken Danielle
    As I said yesterday, these are clothes that I personally can wear, would want to wear, and a lot people I know like these type of clothes. These are universal clothes, in that people all over the world can wear them, anytime any place, and there are a lot of wealthy folk out there who pay these prices, and probably like their clothes made in the US as well.
    She doesn’t make a fuss about it, she says they are a small company, they have been going for 4 yrs, and that’s it.
    UGH to me are the big fashion houses that parade down the runway with the most ridiculous outfits imaginable.
    You underestimate her too much Danielle.
    At the moment she seems to have her her finger in quite a few things, again she’s not advertising it overtly, but you can see it, in subtle ways.

  • Sincerely concerned

    How do you find out where, on what and when these movies come out. (Mania Days, Miss Meadows)? Really want to see before during and after movies. Loved Moulan Rouge which was just after NK made her break. Would love to see her in a remake of something twisted like What Lies Beneath with someone like DeCaprio!!! I think whoever plays beside him does well. Personally, I think way too much crap is coming out on the big theater. You would think there would be so much potential. Those Eyes! She really could play something twisted/sinister. Catholics understand humility; how about a remake of RoseMary’s Baby …JK. But seriously, I don’t get why she’s not being put in big parts. When she left Tom, the world sat back and waited and suspect is still waiting.