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Zac Efron Completed Rehab Stint for Cocaine Addiction?

Zac Efron Completed Rehab Stint for Cocaine Addiction?

Zac Efron recently completed a stint in rehab, sources confirm to People.

Five months ago, the 25-year-old actor quietly spent time in a rehab program to help treat his addiction to alcohol.

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UPDATE: Zac reportedly went to rehab for a cocaine addiction, not for alcohol, according to TMZ.

“He’s healthy, happy and not drinking. He’s taking time to focus on working,” a source shared to E! News about Zac.

Zac can be seen in the upcoming film Parkland, which he just promoted at the 2013 Toronto Film Festival.

ARE YOU SURPRISED that Zac Efron went to rehab to treat his cocaine addiction?

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  • Anna

    Good for him!!!

  • ania

    25-year-old actress?

  • Janire

    Well done, Zac!!

  • Effy

    Never even knew he had an alcohol problem. Good for him for seeking treatment!

  • casey

    hahahaha he is an actress.

  • Jeff

    that explains why he always looked so bloated. Happy he realized this and took care of it.

  • A

    The 25-year-old actress quietly spent five months in a rehab program to help treat his addiction to alcohol

    pretty accurate

    funny, BBV fans were talking about his alcohol addiction a couple of months ago, but his fans were calling them liars and haters… lol
    hahaha wonder what his delusional fans are going to say now! hahaha

    maybe thats why Vanessa dumped him… and now this video makes sense , you can see his condoms, and drugs…

  • True

    Actress? Lol!

  • rochelle

    Zac’s d1ck tastes like a twizzler.

  • zacs2

    I didnt even know it..
    25-year-old ACTRESS? LOL

  • Sayer

    “The 25-year-old actress quietly spent five months in a rehab program to help treat his addiction to alcohol.”

    Lol, Jared.

  • lauren

    im glad he got the help he needs

  • Jenna

    How convenient this is being reported now when he has a movie coming out. No easier way in Hollywood to create a buzz than to either have some addiction, mental issues, bullying while growing up and/or a sex tape.

  • Proudofzacnessa

    “It just proves that even in Hollywood, at the height of a career, you CAN be invisible if you want and need to be. The Lindsay Lohans and other idiots make a public display of their troubles because it is publicity. Zac has class and kept his situation to himself.” >>> Orean Keels Jr.

    And whatever, i’m proud of this guy, he’s a good actor, he’s healthy, focused on his movies, working and working…
    God bless you man!

  • MeUnderwears ThatsLife

    Zaca Efronita a 25 year old actress

    in all seriousness, I am glad he is great now. I hope he learnt from his mistakes. Also i like how this was in secret for months. Number one reason for me to like him, he isn’t an attention whore unlike others.

  • Sayer

    TMZ says he was in rehab for COKE not alcohol.

  • Nina


  • Sammy

    He wasn’t there for five months, he was there five months ago.

  • Jordy

    It was actually just revealed by multiple sources itwas for cocaine.

  • Tanya

    He was pictured almost everyday filming his movies… how did he find time to go to rehab?

  • A

    it was Cocaine! lol wonder how bbv fans knew this…

  • Javi

    5 months!! that’s how much time you have to stay in rehab, not 1 month…. good for him!

  • Julie

    this sounds really doubtful, how he did 5 months if he was photographed on movie sets? lol

  • azalea

    although i find it hard to believe, considering that E! is actually nothing but trash and the fact that i personally have been a fan of him long enough to know if he actually had such a major problem like alcoholism ( tho a part of me truly believes that he sure knows how to keep his private life away from the media and gossips ), but i felt like i had to put this out just to be clear about how i and most of his fans feel about this and manly because i just need to get this off my chest. if this story is really true then i have no way to describe how i’m truly proud of him for not just realizing that something needed to fixed and admitting that he had a problem, but also for putting an end to this issue and seeking help which is exactly what he got and it definitely shows. the media keeps passing this story around so fast thinking that it might change something about his image or how people usually see him, frankly, the only reactions this story has gotten was a few gasps with no valid comments and people actually congratulating him for what he did, and i can add those few who now consider him another childhood stardom going downhill but NO! he has overcome this, he’s healthy and 100% happy even having a blast in Peru right now. he’s career is impressively going great and he’s still that sweet, humble and amazing guy everyone knows. Zac didn’t let a small drinking problem at its early rising get in the way of his life and career and i’m so damn sure that he won’t let the stupid media bring him down.
    that’s all i needed to say and again i’m so proud of Zac for accomplishing this and i’m positive that he’s gonna come so far in his career cause that’s what he deserves.
    p.s i’m sorry for any mistakes in my rant, English isn’t my main language.

  • kami

    this is sad. he used to hang out with a coke snorting crowd. so this is no surprise, but still sad that he got sucked in.

  • A

    it was a Cocaine Addiction. And you NEVER EVER left cocaine.

  • Knew it

    Well, well, well. Isn’t that interesting? Most of us non-fans KNEW he was looking bad, and was spending WAY too much time partying with the wrong crowd. Talk about his fans being in denial, instead of being concerned. Well, it’s good he faced his demon, and got away from that crowd. Maybe an apology to those of us who recognized all the signs of addiction.

  • azalea

    @A: well creating the story over alcohol addiction and then changing it to cocaine doesn’t make the story true at all. like seriously, they had this story for five months and they come out with it now ?? right when he was being praised for his role in Parkland? and also changing the scenario of the story, sorry this just doesn’t make sense at all

  • azalea

    he has been focusing really hard on his career lately and yes maybe the reason for this is hanging out with a bad crowd but his friends don’t make him and i really appreciate that he sorted this out before it went too far.

  • Megyn

    I am shocked to hear this and even more sad to hear that he had to go through something like this. I am thankful that he was able to do this privately, which shows he’s definitely more aware of his situation than most celebrities are in this day in age. Hopefully everyone can respect his privacy and just let him deal with this without getting all crazy and in his face. :\

  • Sarah.

    OMG, I’m shocked! I hope rehab really was succesful for him.. :( I had no idea. And he just doesn’t seem the type of guy who would do coke!! And be addicted to it. Ugh, I just hope he doesn’t end up like Cory Monteith. Because I was so shocked when he went to rehab. :(

  • Cate

    I’m surprised he managed to keep rehab under wraps but I’m not surprised by the drug use. The crowd he was running with were a very fast living, druggy crowd and there were many sightings of him partying hard with them. He’s always seemed like he had a good work ethic so it must have been very serious if it interfered with his work. It’s good that he got help and managed to keep it under wraps for this long. Good luck to him going forward.

    I wonder why it suddenly leaked now. Maybe someone was threatening to spill the info.

  • Jasmine

    LOL – loser as we all knew.

  • L

    Stupid. That explains the bloat

  • k

    Best of luck in recovery Zac

  • Knew it

    I would not be surprised if this is part of the reason Vanessa walked out on their relationship. Going back to that time, he was VERY into his bad crowd, and was probably heading in a bad direction. I’ll bet Vanessa saw this, and tried to keep him away from those friends as much as she could. But when it became obvious his friends were bugging him to party, bathe in p*ssy, and end his relationship, I think she was done. It’s very possible now, isn’t it?

  • yets

    this is so sad to all his fans who adore him so much.

  • Knew it

    And no wonder he’s been hiding. Didn’t want anyone to know. And doesn’t it explain why all he wants to do now is “focus on his career”, cause he needs to stay away from partying? And also the reason he’s wanted to stay out of LA? It ‘s all becoming clear now.

  • ….


    he ruined his life a lot when he and vanessa broke up

  • we

    he is addicted to cock.

  • Xo

    I wonder if he saw what happened with Cory Montieth and decided to get help so the same thing didn’t happen to him? Or did he go before that? Either way I’m glad he got help.

  • yets


  • Donte

    Now we know why Zac Efron stopped hanging around Tom Welling and all of Zac Efron’s friend like Tim Newfang, Ryan Rottman, and Alix William. Zac Efron and Tom Welling were inseparable in Austin after filming Parkland. Tom Welling and Zac Efron were always spotted in bars drinking and partying. I’m glad Zac decided to address his substance abuse problem and get help. Tom Welling is in denial about his substance abuse problem, if he doesn’t address his substance abuse he’s going to end up like Cory Montieth!

  • niagirl

    I knew it. When your inner circle contains Lindsey ‘s crowd what do you expect. Wasn’t he a Soho house last month? Watch out RPutz that new crew of yours seems to be a bunch of recovering addicts. Damn Zac, thought the Putz would beat you there first.

  • ….

    I wonder if he wishes he could get Vanessa back now?

  • k

    OMG to everyone making snarky comments, drug addiction is not funny. I have respect for anyone who admits they have a problem and seek help. It is a long road, so all the best to Zac and I hope he finds the strength to stay clean.

  • k welly

    Didn’t know Zac had a alcohol promblem. Good for him that he got treated for it.

  • ace11

    Didn’t he reject Demi Moore?

  • http://Efronfan2 Jenna

    I think Vanessa needs to be with him, he stuck by her through her difficult times and i think it’s only fair if she does the same. And please zac get rid of your so called friends that you have. Be with Vanessa that’s Where you belong!!!!!

  • fardous

    good for , him , i think that what happen , when u and famous and all that money at young age must stars get wrong way , wish him best