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Chad Michael Murray: Split from Kenzie Dalton

Chad Michael Murray: Split from Kenzie Dalton

Chad Michael Murray and his longtime love and fiancee Kenzie Dalton have split up, his rep confirms to

Chad Michael Murray and Kenzie Dalton quietly parted ways earlier in the year,” the 32-year-old actor’s rep said in a statement about the former couple. “Please respect their privacy at this time.”

Kenzie and Chad met on the set of the show One Tree Hill and became engaged in 2006.

On Wednesday evening (September 19), Chad was spotted leaving the Chateau Marmont with his Left Behind co-star Nicky Whelan in West Hollywood, Calif.

ARE YOU SURPRISED that Chad Michael Murray and Kenzie Dalton split up???

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  • Yas

    I don’t think anyone other than them give a s***. I mean they were engaged damn near 10 years… he’ll never commit, she was dumb for hanging around.

  • Rosie

    he cheated on her. she finally had enough…only took her 6 years to stand up for herself and respect herself.

  • Who

    Who the eff are these people?! Are they famous lol???

  • leelee

    Maybe they realized they were related because they look so much alike.

  • chadoo

    he never got over sophia. thats why never committed to kenzie. also, he is a cheater and cheated on kenzie.

  • ckx

    fyi they broke up 3 wks ago. throughout their relationship chad cheated on her. kenzie couldnt take it anymore and he ended the relationship because he was unable see a future with her (only).

  • nadia

    lol at trying to make kenzie the victim here how can ppl say that he cheated when it’s well known that their relashionship was fake fake fake everybody knew that, first of all they weren’t engaged anymore, she wasn’t even wearing her ring for the last 2 years.kenzie never cared that he was sleeping around, she just wanted the attention that “being with him was bringing her”, he is finally free from her, good for him…

  • shay

    her fault! never be in a relationship with a cheater! eh cheats on sophia with paris hilton before he proposed, seriously who does that? (and it’s true confirmed but nick carter and his bro) and then he dated her just after his divorce

  • ckx

    he cheated on her, but what did she expect!? oh please girl, he was still MARRIED to Sophia when you two began dating. what comes around goes around.

  • nadia


    stop trying we all know why they were “together”…in wilmington everybody knows…she never cared she wanted the attention and he has been miserable for years…I am not saying he is a saint cause he is not, but she is not a victim at all!

  • Sara

    ahhaha loll after 10 years of engagement

  • TIA

    LMAO Sophia Bush stans grow the eff up and get the hell out of Chad posts already. Seriously untwist your panties and find someone else to moan about because it’s been ten freaking years already. I would laugh if you guys weren’t so damn pathetic.

  • P

    do tell. what does everyone know? and why wilmington?

  • Em

    Good for her. I don’t know anything about this girl, but whoever she ends up with got to be better then The Chad. I’m surprised she even started dating him in the first place with his shady past. Guess she doesn’t mind having a boyfriend that sleeps with every willing girl he can come across.

  • SunnyAutumnn

    He’s looking for another teen blonde.

  • jenns

    Have some respect. You don’t know what really went down. They are human beings and have been together for years. And you dont know anything about their relationship. period.

  • Madddie

    LOL..Sophia fangirl/s bashing CMM again..what else is new. It’s been like ten years, time to get over it..

  • yas

    @jenns: Thanks god! The first intelligent comment. Nowadays respect is something rare… It seems like people were living with Chad.

  • someyougiveaway

    Surprise, surprise! Karma’s a bitch! He cheats on Sophia, marries her and then she finds out and leaves him. So what, not even two months later he starts dating Kenzie, who by the way was still in high school at the time, and then promptly proposes to her. I mean the girl was a teenage extra on the set who worked primarily with Sophia. If that’s not the biggest dick move in history, I don’t know what is. She was obviously a ploy to piss off Soph and try to act like he had moved on. And an 8 year engagement when he married Soph after less than 2 years, come on Kenzie, you had to know it was never gonna happen.

  • Xta

    She still looks underage. Those boobs are fake. Sophia Bush was really gracious and never bad mouthed him. It’s probably true that he’s a cheater. He slept with Paris Hilton as a married man; obviously he ain’t picky nor serious about marriage vows.

  • Kay

    Does anyone know what caused Chad to finally dump her?? I mean, I knew this was going to happen one day (I think everyone did) but I can’t help but wonder what made him finally get rid of her…..after all, it almost took him a decade to pull her off of him.

  • Sophiafan

    I’m happy for him. Sophia’a herself asked fans to get over the chad bashing. I’m sure she will be happy for him too. Kenzie was never good enough for him. Now he can find true happiness.

  • Dana

    WooHoo! Congrats to Chad for ending it. I wish him well.

  • Harriet

    Ok. So cheating on Sophia was a mistake. No one felt that more than he did. The whole kenzie episode was Chad’s way of dealing with the Sophia split. Kenzie was a rebound stretched for 6 years. the guy w as miserable. Now he is single again. It’s great news, Chads wonderfully talented and now just watch him soar. I love Sophia bush. I would give anything for them to be back together. But even if that does not happen let Chad be happy again. He was never happy with kenzie. He looked .lets all wish him the very best for the life he truly deserves. Stop the hateful comments. As Sophia said it. Get over it. It was 10 years ago. The past.

  • Jess

    That little twit Kenzie glad it is over. Chad looked miserable for so long Kenzie pressured him to stay with her because of a short maternity… when they first hooked up. Karma, karma, karma.

  • Cindy

    These two look so much alike hopefully they will be okay. It seems Chad has moved on.

  • Ana
  • sarah

    He was never faithful and she lacked self-respect, hence the long engagement and no wedding. i guess they both were done with the relationship. she was too young when they got involved and he was too hurt. never a great way to begin a relationship that way. it was never going to work out. dont understand how her strict and oh-so very religious family let her get involved with a guy who was married and was going through a divorce for cheating on his wife with paris hilton. in hindsight i bet they can now understand how everyone thought this was the biggest warning sign ever.

  • Nikki

    I knew he would do this to her. He isn’t a stand-up guy. I’ve said for years that they would never marry. I feel bad for her, but hey she can move on now.

  • Mara

    Sad for them. I was critical when they first got together, but they had been together for a long time and I had respected them for that.

  • sanny

    How can you all talk about a relationship when you don’t know a thing about it, neither do I ! I mean who knows what they been through? Who knows if it’s Chad or Kenzie who ends up this relation?
    You talk about this long engagement and no wedding thing but nobody knows about it, maybe it was Kenzie who didn’t want to get married? You all talk like it’s Chad’s fault or Kenzie was too young etc
    There is no bad guy or bad girl or anything else. We’ll never know what really happened, all we can say is that the relationship didn’t work, well that’s life too.
    I wish them happiness for their future and hope they’ll have the respect of their privacy during this time, because no breakups are easy!

  • chaddy

    awww. I think Chad is great.. too bad for him but i think that relationship was rushed anyway..he barely split from Sophia when he started dating her. Is he now dating Nicky who? I wish his career would go back on track. he deserves it!!!!

  • Nathy

    This is not a surprise. The way the relationship started did tell it was not going to end up well. Anyway, I don’t like this Chad guy at all, but I hope he will be ok.

  • whatever

    is anyone actually suprised?we all saw it coming and yeh they were together years but tbh the whole relationship started as a rebound and he never truely looked happy and now hes dating someone else whqt does that tell you ?in my opinion he shouldnt jump into another relationship straight away just saying ..

  • Colleen

    Her mother loved that CM was a celebrity she got a thrill from that and getting press from it. Bad motive. Anyway a high school girl is still a child and a star struck one at that. I know it will never happen but I wish CM and SB had worked it out. I have never seen a more loving couple. You could see it with them . I guess they were young too. Sad how life works out.

  • Miss M.

    I knew for long time that they are not together anymore.All what happened was only for image and money and u should all know that this relation has been fake.Soon very soon all of u will find out that he is in a relation with another girl for long time :).I know that maybe everyone thinks i’m crazy but someday u’ll see i was right.I aprecciate and love him with all my heart and hope that God will help us :).Love u

  • http://@hermansdiane Diane

    @Miss M.:

    Woaw 7 years fake why
    who is that girl and why
    i don’t understand your comment
    but for me i never belief in that relationship
    he was not over sophia

  • Lovelife

    Sad, all break up is sad :(

  • sarah

    @Miss M.:

    I kew they were fake for a long time but I have never heard about another girl, is she famous?

  • mel

    pretty obvious they were in a fake rp…at least for the last few years, as someone said she didn’t wear her engagment ring this last 2 years also kenzie on twitter first said that they broke up back in august, then she deleted her post and wrote july, but last time jj posted them was around the first week of august…that doesn’t make sense at all…she seems pretty confused about that…then she said that they broke their engagement in 2011, who does that but stay together?! and now she deleted all those tweets, ok…
    we know that chad has his faults and we know he cheated in the past but I highly doubt this is the case, chad and his new fling/costar where spotted at chateau marmont that is notoriously known for being surrounded by paparazzi. you go there if you want them to take your pictures. someone who is cheating would never choose that place…he wanted to be photographed and wanted out from that relashionship, for good this time.

  • Nicky

    I’m just glad Sophia kicked his sorry ass out. Hope kenzie realises that getting CMM out of your life does your career and love life wonders..

  • http://@hermansdiane Diane
  • http://nsalon miss truth

    Chad was stop the foolow kenzie in instagram and twitter but he follow again. Kenzie not following her. Whats happening someone should say to me .I am sure i see chad instagram he was fav nicky’s 8 naked picture. And then he delete i just catch him. Make a screenshots and send him tag him. After 10 maybe 20 minute later he blocked me and kenzie blocked me i was not tell her anything.ı was not tag her even. How can she learn and block me. They are stupid and planing somethings .. and chad is stupid.kenzie stupid blond..

  • http://nsalon miss truth

    Chad was stop the follow kenzie in instagram and twitter but he follow again. Kenzie not following him. Whats happening someone should say to me .I am sure i see chad instagram he was fav nickly’s 8 naked picture. And then he delete i just catch him. Make a screenshots and send him tag him. After 10 maybe 20 minute latter he blocked me and kenzie blocked me i was not tell her anything.ı was not tag her even. How can she learn and block me. They are stupid and planing somethings .. and chad is stupid.kenzie stupid blond..

  • http://@hermansdiane Diane

    @miss truth:
    sorry but i don’t understand wat you say

  • http://nsalon miss truth

    Chad was unfollow kenzie in twitter and instagram.ı see this.after thatchad was in instagram and he like 8 pic.that pic was nicky’s..his new.. i see this and screenshot.that pic is in my phone right now.I share this picture in my instagram and tag chad in the pic.he see and blocked me in instagram after that kenzie blocked me too.she was not tag or anything.How she see? They are planing something.chad is a cheater and kenzie is a stupid blonde. @diane

  • http://@hermansdiane Diane

    @miss truth:

    ok thank u
    do you think he date a new girl nicky

  • http://nsalon miss truth

    Yes i think they are together. Don’t you think this is soo wrong? They are break up and then kenzie block me. How she learned? I think they were fake and just friends many years.everybody saying kenzie is a liar but i don’t know … @diane

  • http://@hermansdiane Diane

    @miss truth:

    i was never a fan of kenzie for me that girl was fake and wat she dit chad was not divorse from sophia i still a fan of chad and sophia sorry i now the not gone be together anymore but for me the where love and chad with Nicky not a fan of her

  • Sophiafan

    Kenzie looked fake but never like a slut. New girl not so sure. Her Internet pics are too risqué. Guess chad will never have a great gal like Sophia in his life again. Pity…