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Lea Michele Sings for Cory Monteith in 'Glee' Farewell Promo

Lea Michele Sings for Cory Monteith in 'Glee' Farewell Promo

Lea Michele cries into Matthew Morrison‘s shoulder in this promo to Glee‘s upcoming “Farewell to Finn” episode to say goodbye to the late Cory Monteith.

The 27-year-old actress sings the Adele version of “Make You Feel My Love” in the clip, which we assume will be what she sings in the much anticipated final moments of the episode.

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[SPOILER ALERT] In this evening’s episode of Glee, Lea‘s character Rachel Berry got amazing news when she got cast as the lead role in the Broadway musical Funny Girl.

Glee’s “Farewell to Finn” Promo Video
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  • Loola

    Make You Feel My Love is a Bob Dylan song

  • guest

    This is a Bob Dylan song. Adele just covered it.

  • Susan

    Very sad. :(

  • Devynn

    It is a Bob Dylan song, but they’re using Adele’s arrangement.

  • Angelique

    Actually Rachel Berry sings for Finn Hudson…

  • lol

    this is so sad

  • stop

    Ok Bob Dylan you are missing the point. It will be sad and Lea sounds beautiful yet heartbreaking.

  • sad

    lea sounds amazing and the episode looks heartbreaking

  • shoegal421

    Dude, it’s Bob Dylan’s song. Where’s your sense of history?

  • Domino

    So annoying how they keep on milking this junkie’s death.

  • living in the box

    if there is a God, He must hate all of us.

  • Kristy

    This promo had me in tears. The episodes is going to be tough to get through. Rachel sounds beautiful. Very raw and unedited by the sounds of it.

  • Anne

    Honestly enough is enough. I liked Glee but the show is getting worse and worse.

  • tjmack


    Yeah, right. Whatever! They have to acknowledge Cory’s death, through Finn dying on the show. I really wish all of you who keeping pointing out HOW Cory died would get off of your high horses! Yes, Cory had his problems. Yes, he had demons that he couldn’t beat, but his drug addiction wasn’t what defined him. If he hadn’t admitted in an interview about his past drug addiction (before he fell off the wagon) no one would have known about it. He was an inspiration to a lot of people. Cory had a generous and kind heart. He was a very, very charitable guy, who was always giving back anyway that he could. He ALWAYS stopped to sign autographs and to take pictures with fans. Just because he had a problem with drug doesn’t make him any less of a good person.

    Drug addiction is something that is extremely hard to overcome, but obviously you are far too narrow-minded to even research about drug addiction before opening your mouth.

    I have never seen such rude and condescending people commenting on a site before, but this site has some of the rudest people I’ve ever seen. I have a couple of words for you. If you don’t like Glee or care about Cory Monteith, then why would you click on a story about him and the show? That just shows that you have nothing else better to do then troll the internet just looking for something to complain about.

  • living in the box

    @tjmack, cory drug addiction didn’t define him? so i guess we also can’t define Hitler because of Holocaust right? glee just created new generation of stupidity.

  • tjmack

    @living in the box:

    I’m sorry. That’s a bit drastic don’t you think? Comparing Cory to Hitler? All I’m saying is that Cory was much more than his drug addiction, but no one wants to remember all the good that Cory did in his short life. All they want to do is point out the fact that he lost a struggling battle with addiction.

    I find it very annoying that everyone wants to condemn Cory for his drug addiction, yet let it slide for other “Idols” that have or have had the same issues. There are many actors/actresses/singers out there that have had drug issues that are looked up to. It seems like just because Cory was on Glee and his death is being very publicized that everyone wants to say how horrible he is because he had a problem. If you are going to condemn one person for a crime, you have to condemn them all. I guess if it was up to you that anyone who dies from an addiction would just be thrown into the ground and forgotten? How do you think that makes his family feel? His friends? The people that love and care about him. To read all the horrible things that people like you and Domino say about him? How would you feel if it was a member of your family? People need to stop and think before posting.

    I am not a stupid person, and I don’t like being called so. I am an informed person. I know how hard addiction is to overcome, and I think before I speak. Just because you misjudge my words doesn’t make me a stupid person.

  • http://twitter funbunn40

    The cruelty and lack of compassion reflects on the posters, not on Corey that was battling an addiction that is hard to beat. They obviously have no concept or education on the particulars of addiction. The cast of Glee had love and respect for Corey. They supported his rehab stay and cared very much for him, seeing more in him than his addiction. It is fitting that Glee address it in the hope that another person may be inspired to get treatment. My sympathies go out to Corey’s family, Lea and Glee friends that have suffered a painful loss. Hopefully people will respect their pain and refrain from the cruel remarks. Kindness is not a weakness, but a virtue.

  • Domino

    Keep on idolizing a nobody. Junkies are scum. Yes, addiction is a problem, but addiction to illegal substances? He knew what he was getting into when he started using them. I don’t feel sorry for him or anyone else who dies of illegal substance abuse. You clearly know nothing about addicts and their families but what you see on TV like this, glorifying them. There comes a point when it becomes a relief to see them pass rather than see them stupidly destroy themselves. Don’t speak on a subject you clearly know nothing of.

    Can’t wait for this stupid show for teens (even though everyone in it is over 30 but play kids in high school, lol) to finally be over.

  • Christine

    Can any of you read?
    “THE ADELE VERSION OF” aka its not Adele’s song, but they’re using HER VERSION OF IT. Idiots.

  • living in the box

    @tjmack, hitler also did a good thing, he unite the whole entire germany and introduce us modern science. i guess you don’t learn history eh, too much watching glee. have you heard a story about kevin richardson and aj mclean from backstreet boys. no, let me tell you their story. aj and kevin is really good friends. but aj have addiction, there is so many times kevin himself sending aj to rehab. not just kevin but entire group, nick,howie and brian. at one point, kevin hard it enough. he tired because of the same thing. one day he told aj while crying, he couldn’t live like this anymore and told aj to straighter up his life. and kevin don’t want to be part of this, so he told aj ‘you’r dead to me’. after that aj promise himself go get help and straighten up his life. because he love his brothers and also his family. now aj have a wife and a child. true story. you can watch aj story on youtube. just search aj mclean oprah. everyone knows cory have addiction but no one care about it. now his dead everyone milking it. just ask lea, she a producer for cory tribute.


    Have you never heard of Bob Dylan? Like Daily Mail, you are always several days behind, give half a story and you don’t check facts.



    You are the idiot Christine. There is no “version”. She did a cover and while she sounds great, at the end of the day, Dylan did it better.

  • Pauline

    pleeeeeeease ! Enough he’s dead , and it was sad . I can’t wait this show to be over !

  • ivy

    @living in the box: You are one sick moron….Hitler did a good thing???? United Germany????He freakin destroyed Germany and as for your “modern science” statement… if you mean inflicting unimaginable levels of torture on innocent humans…that is the antithesis of modern science. You are clearly totally uneducated and a complete idiot.

  • living in the box

    @ivy: the car your driving is been created by the nazi, aerospace programmed. how many a nazi scientist after the hitler era work and stay in united state. yes, after nazi the german is divided between 2 nation. the communist and democracy, that happen after hitler. by the way, i’m not hitler supporters, it just that the fact about history. unless, history channel lying to me. and Mesut Ozil is the best soccer player. and he german, which from turkish descendant and also a muslim.

  • vosoo

    @Domino: i hope this was a joke, because I can’t and won’t believe that a person can be that stupid and inhuman to mean it serious…

  • JimmyJames

    This guy committed federal crimes by buying and possessing heroin! Enough. He should have been locked up for years and no one should feel sorry for him. No one feels sorry for an alcoholic who drives and gets into a drunk driving accident!

  • Domino

    @JimmyJames: THIS! Exactly.

  • http://marie15xx marie

    it sounds like lea is crying while singing this

  • Dianna

    people need to leave this page if all they want to do is bash on cory! nobody is perfect and obviously some people never got the memo!!!! anyways….. i cant wait to watch this episode! its gonna be sad and beatiful!


    Next week’s episode is going to be sad. I’m the first to admit that I don’t find Glee anywhere near as entertaining as it was in season one but this episode is a game changer for Lea Michele’s character.

    Regarding Cory and the way in which he passed, I think I’ll honor his memory and remember the good things and how talented he was.

  • Jen


    So your lack of empathy stems from the fact that the drug is deemed an illegal substance and a punishable offense by law. Okay. How about you try to look up some facts about the drug on war and who is profiting from it? Then maybe you’ll see the ugliness of this government and it’s inability to help their own.

  • tjmack

    @living in the box:

    I will the first one to admit that I don’t know a lot about history, because frankly, the subject bores me to no end, and I have no interest in learning more than need be about a man that mass murdered hundred of thousands of people.

    That said. I do know AJ’s story. I know Nick’s story. Both of who are clean now. Does that mean that they won’t fall off the wagon again? No, it doesn’t. Addiction is a life-long battle, and most people who become addicted to drugs do so because of inner pain. Most people who are drug addicts are introverts that don’t know HOW to share what they are feeling, and the only way that they know how to numb the pain they feel is to take something that takes that pain away. Whether it’s drugs or alcohol.

    I can promise you that anything good Hitler might have done, doesn’t fix all the murdering that he did as well. Cory didn’t kill anyone but himself, so the good that he did out weighed the bad. He had a problem, he made a mistake, and I can promise you that if he had the chance to take it back, knowing the outcome of his choice, he would have made a different choice.

  • tjmack


    I am not idolizing him, you insufferable human being!!! I am simply pointing out that his death is a tragedy. He made a mistake. We’re human, we all do it. Yes, he was addicted to an illegal substance, but that doesn’t make his death any less sad. You need to step off of your freaking high horse, and think about how you would feel if this was one of your family members being talked about like this. I’m pretty sure you would feel like CRAP! I know plenty about addicts and their families. I am a well educated individual that has the ability to see things from more than just one side.

    If you are going to condemn Cory for doing something illegal. How about we just condemn every single person that dies from something illegal. I know plenty of people who died because they were speeding and lost control of their vehicles (which can kill more than just the person committing the crime) shall we condemn them? They broke the law. Plenty of people do illegal stuff, should they all be condemned?

    Cory has done enough good in his life that the fact that he died because of his addiction shouldn’t define the person that he was. It’s narrow-minded idiots like you that will break his definition down to the fact that he was an addict and that is all that matters. You should be ashamed of yourself. Did you ever come to think that maybe someone struggling with the same problem or a family member of someone struggling might be on here, trying to find some peace. Maybe looking at the comments that the FANS of Cory left, saying how good of a person he was DESPITE his addiction, might help them somehow? Even if just a little bit? Reading your rant might just send them over the edge. I mean, with addicts it doesn’t take much to push them over the edge, and reading that basically they don’t matter because they’re doing something illegal might just push them in a direction that they might not have gone in, if you hadn’t opened your narrow-minded mouth.

  • tjmack


    There’s a difference between drunk drivers and a drug addict. Generally speaking, the drug addict only kills themselves. You are narrow-minded, and no one asked you for you opinion. If you don’t like Cory then don’t read stories about him. Just I don’t know … go past it. Keep your comments that no one wants to hear, to yourself. Because people like you and Domino make me and everyone else that have a little bit of a heart sick to our stomachs. You are a horrible person for thinking that someone deserved to die.

  • tjmack


    Thank you for saying that! I felt like I was the only one trying to stick up for someone that doesn’t have the ability to stick up for theirselves. Yes, he made a mistake, but we all do. It’s kind of just how we are. We are human. So thank you for saying what you said!

  • Kate

    @tjmack: One very important thing for you. Don´t respond the trolls. They can´t be resoned with anyway. If you do respond to them, you are giving them the very thing they come here for in the first place. Attention. They don´t care about the subject of the post. So spare yourself the nerves, take a deep breath and just ignore them, that way you will make them suffer the most, because you won´t be giving them, what they want.

  • Domino

    @tjmack: I didn’t read your whole rant, it was too stupid and I had to stop. You are clearly some ignorant teenager who has a lot to learn about life. Just because people liked him on the show doesn’t make him a good person. He didn’t make a difference in life and thankfully once the show ends no one will remember him. I love how myself and the other commenters who agree are labeled as trolls, but I’m not surprised, idolizing fangirls usually call anyone with a different opinion that, hence your immaturity on the subject. Stop watching this crap show and go read a book.

  • living in the box

    @tjmack, so you don’t like history. “Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it”. George Santayana.

  • living in the box

    @kate, trolls,trolls,trolls,trolls, that what brainless people said. who is narrow minded, 1 dimension thinking. apparently there is an empty space inside your skull. i hope you will not become one of those girl who do porn so they can pay their college tuition or fees.

  • tjmack


    Excuse me. I am not a teenager. I am a well educated college graduate, thank you very much. I don’t think liking a television show makes a person’s IQ any lower. Though reading your mind-numbingly boring posts about something you know absolutely nothing about makes me believe that your IQ has been lowered by something.

  • Frienemy

    Ill be crying start to finish! =’( This is so painful our quarterback is gone but never forgotten.

  • Jimmy James

    I never said I think he should have died. It is a felony to possess this drug and he should not be put on a pedestal on a TV show. He threw away a chance many people starve for everyday to make. They could have referenced his death like it happened over the summer, and they had all moved on already. Not make a whole episode about him.

  • Ana

    @Jimmy James: Everybody from the cast and crew are his friends who are still mourning his loss. Do you think is that easy for them to get over his death quickly? Unfortunatelly for you, FOX and Glee couldn’t care less about what you think. The tribute is gonna happen whether you like it or not. Deal with it.

  • Fynn

    @shoegal421: If he was ugly white trash, then people wouldn’t care, but sense good looking and has a little fame, people care. You should know how it is with this clowns on the internet.

  • Johnny

    Apparently some people can’t read. If you look very closely it says “Adele’s version of”. I’m not familiar with the original or even Adele’s rendition of it, but I assume that her’s has slight modifications– making it HER version. It’s not that hard to understand.

  • Domino

    @tjmack: Well, your days at college were definitely a waste of time. Maybe you should go back.

  • Kerry

    @Pauline: You realize you don’t have to read these articles right? Let those of us who liked him and watch the show say goodbye, then it will be over. You don’t have to watch the show if you don’t like it. Stop being a bitch and live and let live.

  • uh hello


    He wasnt a junkie, he had an addiction that he sought treatment for. and was struggling. Its not a cure all thing, DUMBASS./

  • uh hello


    Get over yourself, you cant just up and quit. Fame isnt all its cracked up to be. You should hope one day one of your friends or family isnt this way. Its a disease that starts in the mind. STFU