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Gerard Butler Meets Up with Gal Pal in the Meatpacking District

Gerard Butler Meets Up with Gal Pal in the Meatpacking District

Gerard Butler chats with a gal pal while standing outside of a restaurant in the Meatpacking District on Wednesday afternoon (October 3) in New York City.

The 43-year-old Scottish actor has been in the Big Apple for the past week after attending the 2013 Global Citizen Festival last weekend in Central Park.

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It was just announced that the movie studio FilmDistrict will be overtaken by Focus Features. The studio recently produced Gerry‘s movie Olympus Has Fallen and it will go down as the studio’s highest grossing movie ever with $98 million at the domestic box office.

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Credit: Alo Ceballos; Photos: Wire Image
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  • my two pence

    I know it’s just one troll stirring crap, but every now and then one gets fed up of reading this crap and wants to voice their opinion out. Perhaps I am someone who has the “misfortune” to be pretty and has heard the words pretty=dumb model one time too many and wishes people would consider that even a pretty person has a brain and feelings and perhaps something interesting to say.
    And it is very refreshing to see a man listening to what a pretty girl has to say instead of looking at her deck, bum or whatever she might have to offer to the delight of his eyes.
    Thumbs up to Gerard Butler.

  • Can’tGetEnough

    Being Donatella
    Gina Gershon celebrated her role in the new film House of Versace with an Italian-inspired party, of course.
    October 4, 2013 2:45 PM | by Sarah Leon
    What: A Cinema Society screening of MarVista Enteratinment & Lifetime’s movie House of Versace
    Where: After watching the film at MoMA, guests continued the evening with a party at B & Co.
    When: Thursday, October 3
    Who: Gina Gershon, who plays Donatella Versace, was joined by Helena Christensen, Gerard Butler, Michael Stipe, Katie Cassidy and more. But, the most important person present was Ryan—her hair stylist. “One of the things I learned about Donatella,” Gershon said before the screening, “is that she always has her hair person with her. Everyone thinks it’s kind of a diva thing, but I think it’s just smart.”
    Why: Although Gershon explained that she has never met Ms. Versace—and considering the Italian fashion house’s response to the film, hopefully never will—she continued to channel her for the rest of the evening. “I really do have so much respect for her,” Gershon said, “I hope she doesn’t hate me. She seems really cool; I’d like to hang out with her.” Alas, the designer was not available to comment.


    @my two pence:

  • cupcake

    I am not mg and don’t be bitter maybe.

  • Wow Gerard
  • GFW

    @Wow Gerard:
    I prefer his shade of hair now. LOL I can’t believe I just said that. But it suits him very well. Keep it! Good job Gerry!


    @my two pence:
    Gerry’s not into anything about that woman, including her beauty.
    She most likely stopped him.
    He seems annoyed more than anything to have his walk interrupted.
    Then BAM a pap is there? ;/ :\

  • Maybe

    @SELF-BOASTING ALERT: Everybody is focusing on the wrong person. it’s the blond who was cropped out of the pictures. 26
    Cupcake, I was not referring to you but Paola 47. I know you are not mg. duh.


    Our grandkids will be posting on Just Jared before GB gets serious about anyone of these “mysteries.”

  • Kaddie
    According to Daily Mail, he’s split with MG. Always quick with the news aren’t they lol!

  • Disgusted

    I don’t know but reading some of the comments that are made on Gerard’s facebook page are so inappropriate, especially the ones posted by a woman called Connie. I cannot believe that Gerard is interested in reading that a 65+ person is offering her body to him. Surely she should post comments like this in a personal message?

  • Reason for thread

    His ex must be green with envy at all she’s missing out on. Glamor parties with big name guests in the heart of NYC.
    Gerry, richer than ever after his huge success Olympus Has Fallen, must still look might good from her end, even if they mention her reunion.
    She does get her name in the press again so should be thankful.
    The last thread had hints of her lurking and up to her old tricks again.
    Has to be hard to know you did just about every single thing wrong with this huge catch.
    I would say the Daily Mail is using the mystery gal chat up to spread the news about the split to make it well known, even abroad.

  • ItAlsoAppliesToSkeletalHags
  • @Paola


    JMO. Maybe they went out once and he never called again and she’s letting him have it, lol!

    She could also be just a fan who didn’t like one of his movies.

    She’s pretty though. I don’t like her whole outfit but I like her booties.

  • Kaddie

    @Reason for thread:
    I don’t know if she’s green with envy. If she is, then she’s stupid. She’s got her own thing going on and should be focusing on that. Personally, I don’t think we’ve seen the last of MG and Gerry together. It’s just a hunch, but these two have a tendency to go their separate ways for months and then appear out of the blue together. It’s probably been an open relationship for a long time.

  • Can’tGetEnough

    Matchless London
    Gerard Butler chose to wear the Matchless London Silverstone jacket at the Global Citizen Festival in New York this week

  • Prolly true

    @Kaddie, I think you’re probably right that she’ll pop up in future. He’s shown in the past he stays friends with people so it wouldn’t be out of the question. Don’t know about the open relationship thing. I think she’d be more than happy to be photographed with him again, though, or any celebrity for that matter. Without that she wouldn’t be where she is right now. She gets no coverage otherwise. Even those Ro trash papers have nothing to say about her now without a famous boyfriend.

  • GFW

    I could be wrong, and I am a lot these days, but I recall seeing that jacket a longtime ago. I recall the “wings” on the arm. It’s an aviator styled jacket. He also has the Aviator shades.
    Also like the irregular seam in that designer tee. The look is laid-back cool, much how he used to gear up.
    Wonder how long he needs to wear the support brace he has been sporting in some of the shots? I bet, quite frankly, it feels really good. It’s a good sign if you ask me. Smart move on his part. Use your downtime to heal what’s aching!
    who thinks the girl is very pretty

  • GFW

    @Reason for thread:
    Breaking bad here, but you make some good points. Yet it could have been mutual and amicable for all we know.

  • CSI

    Thank god none of you are profilers. You suck at reading body language.

  • CSI

    @@Paola: Maybe she’s asking what happened to last month’s child support or hush money.

  • fashionista

    gasp is he wearing Ed Hardy camo shorts, say it isn’t so

  • TGIF

    Maybe he got Tom Hardy to autograph them.

  • Worn before

    Where’ve you been?
    Judgmental sill?
    Not really.

  • Joie de Vivre

    Nice to see Butler embracing his NYC neighborhood and those surrounding Chelsea. It’s one of several funky and fun areas of Manhattan. He’s looking great these days even though I will forever miss those curly locks. Sigh. So I’m not convinced yet but holding out all hope that he is really signed to play Set in Gods of Egypt. I’ve learned from my two years visiting JJ (although very sporadically these past 6 months) that even when it’s a done deal, it’s not always a done deal. All the best to Butler and all of you. Hope all are well!

  • fashionista

    @Worn before: I am as shallow as Butler. Don’t kid yourself. This is the man who hung out with Anna Wintour and Donatella Versace and is a fixture at fashion weeks whenever the timing works. I’m the kind of shallow he loves to wallow with.

  • http://justjared lolita

    @Joie de Vivre: Joie, hello, so glad you are alive and kicking. Miss chatting with you but I understand. I like some of his every day clothes, it just makes it easier to appreciate him when he puts on a nice suit or tux.
    I think he did sign and I hope this one works out for him, sounds like quite a part. IMBD is showing the cast members so maybe it is a done deal. Good to see you♥♥

  • Joie de Vivre

    @lolita: Hello angel of the thread! So happy to catch you here as well. All is well in my world and I am hoping the same for you. He has been looking very fit and content lately and for that I am very happy for him. Fingers crossed we’ll be learning about Egyptian mythology while we enjoy Butler taking on the role. Big hug to you lolita! You are one-of-a-kind! XXO

  • Sabine

    My 2 cents is that the photos are very casual occurrence where two people were walking and the female recognized him, probably said hello and they chatted for a couple minutes. They don’t move from the spot where they are talking which indicates that within a few minutes they continued their separate ways. The girl is attractive, but since it is our duty here to drag down any female he is seen with, I’ll say her profile is weak. She is probably power-walking based on her shoes and headphones. It’s nice to see Gerry with new shoes, but the old loved ones will be back just as MG will be.

  • hahahaha

    @Sabine: Dream on, troll. Dream on. Seems like the only one with a “duty to drag down any female” is you. What a lame excuse to insult this beautiful girl just so you can be an annoying troll supporter of a relationship that’s over. Lame and pathetic.

  • Ducky

    Hi Joie, Not convinced about g signing on yet either. Seems all the news is now 10 days old and nothing solid. You would think that the cast would be growing. Do hope that they are working hard to negotiate and get it done.
    So, Set, the god of dessert, darkness and chaos. This is GREAT. Translated to cakes, apple pie, dark chocolate and real difficult time choosing. A role made for the man. I’m joking, i’m joking.
    Amazing how an ‘s’ could have changed the course of Egyptian godship. lol Actually the carbs might have helped make him a nicer god to get along with instead of all that phallic rage.
    Hi Lolita, Have to go back to imdb and check again for the cast. Only saw the 3. Didn’t see Osiris or goddesses. Excited for the movie and nervous too. Snap it up gerry.


    Is he posing for the pap? The young lady notices the photographer, and does not seem happy about it. If G really wanted to talk with her seriously, he could have turned his back to the pap, for a little privacy.
    I know he is very attracted to this particular “type”, plus she wears hats, which he loves, and she wears eye-catching shoes, which he goes crazy over. Thought for the day ” definition of insanity; repeating the same behavior over, and over, and expecting a different result”. Makes me think our 43, almost 44 year old boy is not even close to serious about finding his real someone special, and settling down. Too bad.

  • geraldine

    @SUNKIST: You are obviously way too invested in these photos, Sunkist. Or are you making fun of the old days when fans would pounce on every word and share funny posts taking a loving jab at GB all the while? JJ has become a ghost town.

  • Sabine

    @hahahaha: What are you talking about. That girl is very pretty. My comment was aimed at the haters who constantly drag everyone else through the mud. I stand by my comments that they don’t know each other but had a chance run-in. Every one of those pictures could have been taken in less than a minute.

  • Bonnie UK

    @paola: Looks like he’s already found a replacement model for MG. This one looks the same as his preference, so what’s new?

    How long before you start ripping hatgirl apart?

  • Ready to Scream

    @Bonnie UK: Ripping the girl apart. Already been done…go back a page or 2. So now he can’t have a conversation without being nailed for something sexual.
    Why do they need privacy for just talking? A replacement???? This place is nuts.

  • All I see….

    ….is Gerry having a conversation with a girl. I don’t see anything that DailyMail reported. It’s simply 2 people talking. I thought as first she worked for the same company that’s producing his latest project and that maybe she delivered something to him and was simply talking. If she looks angry at all its because she’s being photographed just for standing next to Gerard Butler. Whatever they are talking about seems more like business than pleasure.

  • Jade

    Maybe JS, AKA as “Comrie Insider” (barfgag) can enlighten us since she claims to know everything about him. Maybe she can be the Chelsea Insider or the Meatpacking Insider when she creates her next sock.


    @geraldine: I don’t find anything funny in his not seeming to make progress with his own stated desire for a serious relationship and settling down as a Dad. These 20- somethings he Knows he is linked to all the time, are wasting his very precious time/youth. I wish for him his hearts desire, and not a life like George Clooney. Gerry was born to be a Dad. I don’t want him to wake up on his 50th birthday, with those kinds of regrets. And yes, I am invested in the boy. I care, no apologies.

  • Can’tGetEnough

    B & Co. NYC
    about an hour ago
    Last night was a good start for the weekend at B & Co. NYC with our friends Gerard Butler, Alan Cumming, and Gina Gershon. Come see us tonight and tomorrow and let us all party together.
    Don Mantas Italazz I saw Gerard Butler when he starred in the film ATTILA THE HUN in Lithuania !!! I was the soldier in this film

  • Kaddie

    Actually Gerry said in an interview that while he’d love to be a dad, if it doesn’t happen, then it doesn’t happen. You can’t force a man to fall in love. It’s love after all. Not a math test.
    You could place the most perfect age appropriate woman in front of Gerry, and she could even be his physical type, but if he doesn’t feel it, he’s not going to settle down with her.
    I’m sure he’d love to have kids, but I don’t think it plagues his mind at all. He’s working, enjoying life, and having fun.
    Trust me, A LOT of men would love to be in his position and be able to score young models. It works both ways.

  • Barf

    @Jade: and maybe you will grow up one day and sound like you know what the f you are talking about. Highly doubt it.

  • Can’tGetEnough
  • Can’tGetEnough
  • Comrie News
  • Manny

    The new model girl is a hot little thing. They act like they already know each other. Maybe he’s gettin’ lucky tonight?

  • Old News

    @Manny: Since he met up with her on Wed. afternoon, sure he has moved on by now. How would you know she’s a model and what he acts like. He hugs and kisses perfect strangers for pete’s sake.

  • Sabine

    @Manny: I humbly disagree. The body language does not indicate they know each other at all.

  • The other one

    I agree that it is the blond girl he was with. She is the one that is descreet and turns away from the camera.