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Johnny Depp & Chris Pine: Paul McCartney's 'Queenie Eye' Music Video!

Johnny Depp & Chris Pine: Paul McCartney's 'Queenie Eye' Music Video!

Johnny Depp bobs his head while listening to music in this newly released music video for Paul McCartney‘s song “Queenie Eye!”

The 50-year-old actor was joined in the video by Chris Pine, Jude Law, Meryl Streep, Sean Penn, fashion designer Tom Ford, Alice Eve, Lily Cole, and Kate Moss.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Johnny Depp

“Queenie Eye” is a track from Paul‘s 16th solo studio album, New, which dropped on Tuesday, October 15!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of the celebrity cameos in Paul McCartney’s new music video for “Queenie Eye”?

Paul McCartney – ‘Queenie Eye’ Music Video

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  • casey

    wow you put chris pine in the headline but not meryl streep wow.

  • living in a box

    Johnny Depp and Kate Moss in one video!! this would be the coolest video ever, so many talent in one video!!!!

  • Clau

    Oh Johnny, Johnny! you are better than the better wine
    I will be missing this, his natural look, for a while…hoping after he finish the work on his new movie, he will be back to his gorgeous natural colors…

  • Reggie

    LOL – love when nerds try to act hip. Chris, lose the look and get back to normal…

  • Walter Wite

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  • Deziree

    chris is kind of hot (;

  • NYC


  • Irish fifty

    Say what you will but Chris is hanging out with all the “cool kids” and is having a great time. Living in London for a few months appears to have really agreed with him. He seems to be coming into his own of late and I couldn’t be happier for him. IMO Chris looks both more relaxed and care free of late in his pap photos, as well as, his set photos. Good for him.

  • Shivani Yadav

    It is the best video and song…….JUST PERFECT!!!!

  • simo

    paul is a has been. quiet now the music is horrible

  • Miranda

    Johnny Depp is gorgeous. Chris Talentless Pine? Ewwwwwwwwwwwww


    he was always JEALOUS MAN because his talent NEVER WAS like Lennons
    Thats why he tries so hard to sound like Lennon and taking sh..t about Yoko Ono
    McCartney is just light copy …

  • ….


  • sandra

    lol @ chris pine jammin like he’s at a jayz concert.
    no amount of celebrities can make this a good song.

  • Cate

    @casey: Precisely what I was thinking.

  • Cyn

    Awesome video and wonderful song.

  • brenda

    Johnny Depp looks so Handsome there..I want this look again please!!! Johnny are the reason I watched that are awesome!!! Love you so much!

  • Keachick

    Not sure anyone knows what is *normal* for Chris Pine. He has often been seen wearing beanies etc. Perhaps this is how Chris Pine is, likes to be, when he is not playing a part in a film, which requires that he look and dress a certain way.

    Song is OK. There is worse around.

    I agree with Irish fifty. England does seem to agree with him. He always looks more relaxed when he is away from his home town, LA. That’s how it appears to me at least. Why is that, I wonder? I have a theory or two…

    Anyway, I am looking forward to seeing all that he does.

    Take care, Chris.
    Love ya!

  • Irish fifty

    @Keachick: care to share your theories with the rest of the class? just curious as to what your thoughts are with regards to chris’s demeanor.

  • keachick

    More often than not, when he has been shown here on JustJared while he is in Los Angeles, he is walking with his head down and appears a bit grumpy, tired, sad. It’s just an impression I have. Yet, when he is overseas, he seems more upbeat somehow.

    I know that it is very competitive in Hollywood, Los Angeles. I think the pace of life is a little different, more relaxed, in London and it seems to suit his personality more. That’s all. As I said, just an impression.

  • http://JustJared Teepi

    @: Keachick
    The song is ok, has a 60′s feel to it & it’s easy on the ears. The video made me cringe, it just seems so pretentious having all those celebrities in one room! Yes I agree Chris does seem to look more happy & relaxed while working overseas & now in England. Generally speaking England is less conservative than the States, has more relaxed attitudes etc.

  • http://JustJared Teepi

    So you think Chris is talentless? How do you work that one out? Well, for someone who is, according to you, “talentless” he certainly gets a lot of work & no doubt a huge salary. He works very hard & is a well respected actor. Eat your words girl!!

  • Irish fifty

    @Teepi: you go girl. thank you for the proper defense of chris and his obvious talents.

  • LOL

    Looks like JR promotion has started! who’s the new beard?

  • smirk

    sitting outside and kissing ….way to keep your privacy! ain’t that right, PrivatePine

  • uhoh

    @smirk: private pine had paps trailing him for an entire day while he played the role of straight romantic bf. yes, jack ryan promotion must be underway!

  • smirk

    Lol yeah, PrivatePine was completely oblivious of the pap trailing him all day! No one knows who blondie beard is. must be a really unknown one this time around.
    I guess Paramount has got him by the ….!!

  • Cyn

    Those pictures are Hallmark quality. When you care enough to send the very best :)

  • Irish fifty

    @Cyn: these pictures are endearing.

  • bullsh*t

    hmmm..they look like he’s filming scenes in a movie. he didnt realize he was being followed, ALL DAY? *rolling eyes*
    at least the girl looks normal this time, and not his usual model. type

  • bumpercar catastrophe

    The girl is a beauty queen from Iceland er from 2010!!
    Piney has slipped from a zlist actress to a TV reality star to a model to a glamour model to a beauty queen…oh and 23 years old! (who else but the young and desperate to get a foot in?!) His stock couldn’t be worth much if that’s the best beard he can get!

  • uh0oh

    @bumpercar catastrophe: seriously, does he realize he can get a much better quality beard? he always always dates low budget girls. his MO is unknown, desperate and never anyone who will outshine him in any way shape or form. she looks like your typical college girl. thought she was but it seem she is trying to get into acting.

  • LOL

    Some of Chris Pine’s fans have come up with a unique reason for his mini movie in Paris. Apparently it was done to let Amanda Frances & Lilah Parsons know he’s not interested!
    Soooo when you aren’t into someone, you do a mini movie and post it on the gossip blogs to get the message across? Especially when you are a really, really private person who…ahhhhhh!
    I mean srsly people wtf??

  • bullsh*t

    @LOL: while we may not know the actual motive behind his “minimovie”, one thing is clear to most: cp was definitely putting on a show. the question is why? and for who? and he does realize that he can never again pull the privacy card right? i mean he just invited us all (and paps) into his personal life. so no more complaining cp!
    i too thought she was a college girl. looks very…ordinary. here i thought perhaps he was trying a normal girl for a change from his usual diet of models.

  • meh

    Here is a thought. Maybe he went to Paris with her just because he could.

  • CP&ZQ two peas in a pod!

    Q: What does a 33 year old actor and a 23 year old beauty queen talk about?
    A: Same things a 36 year old actor and a 23 year old male model would!
    OMG this is too hilarious!

  • meh

    @CP&ZQ two peas in a pod!: Guilty pleasure humor. I like it.

  • bumpercar catastrophe

    He “dates” low budget girls because those are the only ones willing to beard for him. He’s no DiCaprio. There’s not much he has to offer these beards. Why would someone who could outshine him get involved in this kind of stupid charade?

  • uh0oh

    @bumpercar catastrophe: speaking of dicaprio, you just reminded me of a similar pap paris photoset he did with blake lively. didnt they do the romantic coupley strolling in gay pareee thing too. lol.

  • bumpercar catastrophe

    yep. here’s an extract:
    “Leonardo also treated Blake to a helicopter ride to Saint-Paul de Vence, France for a $500 lunch at La Colombe d’Or Restaurant, a stay at the $5,000-a-night suite at Hotel de Paris and a trip on a $52 million yacht.”
    I doubt poor Iris bjdiekfdheiuhal whatever will ever get that!!

  • LOL

    @bumpercar catastrophe
    No way. No how.
    Poor Blondie had to walk the entire afternoon till her feet nearly killed her then was taken to dinner at uh, ..where?…and had to sit outside in the cold cos the pap had to get the pics!

  • Cyn

    When y’all use the Private Pine moniker, I keep expecting to see Pine in an army uniform.

    Poor Amanda. When one door closes, hopefully another one opens. At least her mom is happy. LOL

  • smirk

    ha ha yes. that’s why i like “PrivatePine” more than his other monikers. Always reminds me of CP in full combat uniform carefully negotiating the minefield that is Hollywood! with mines tagged “gay’, “beard” “paps” “gossip blogs” “bad bad fans” “twitter” “models” “interviews”…….!!
    Yeah poor Amanda and all his other girlfriends who thought they’d get something out of it. Other than publicity of course. I think DP got a part in some music video. that’s it. no wonder she had to try her luck with Ryan S!

  • awww…

    JJ still hasn’t got the news about CP’s new girlfriend. Well not even ZQ’s boytoy…. I guess their PR don’t like our comments… roflmao!

  • meh

    @awww…: Other than the blah blah, Iceland, paris blah blah, nothing new is being said as far as I know. I mean have they been seen since? I heard he needed to head back to American to start filming new film. Be curious if she is seen around. So far I have not seen how this publicity has helped her. I have not even seen any old photos of her modeling work or anything. But then never saw any photos of her in London and no one seems to have come forward to say anything about them. It is like they just materialized in paris and then disappeared down the rabbit hole again….mmmmmmmmmmmm…strange.

  • meh

    could it be he is serious about this one so he is staying off the grid with her other than paris of course? At least Amanda kept us updated with tweets and instagrams. LOL

  • Cyn

    *facepalm* I can’t just can’t with you guys. LOL

    Anyway, if he’s back in the US filming, hopefully it’s Z for Zachariah. It looks like a stellar cast is lined up for it.

  • Irish fifty

    @Cyn: LOL. Being a Chris Pine fan can be exhausting. I just kid. I enjoy the guy and at least he is not boring. Like him or not he does generate the chatter. Hang in there Cyn. I will FedExx you some aspirin and a glass of wine to wash it down with. LOL. After all I owe you for loaning me the Kevlar vest during the Amanda incident.

  • burning the midnight oil

    Gotta love Perez!
    “And when the moment was right, Chris leaned in, gently took Íris’ face, and Frenched her so hard she practically had a beret falling out of her mouth!”
    i know I know. those luscious Capt Fine lips right? But Ice Queen here, not even her fingers curled! dammit I’m so disappointed!

  • manic monday

    @burning the midnight oil: Did not see that post. He does know how to turn a phrase. Sometimes I think Pine is just giving us the finger while laughing all the way to the bank. If she is the real deal then good for him,but I think he is a big boy and can handle himself just fine. LOL WTF though. I have no problem with admitting my fingers and toes would be curling if capt fine was Frenching me.