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Kate Beckinsale Discusses New Role in Amanda Knox Movie

Kate Beckinsale Discusses New Role in Amanda Knox Movie

Kate Beckinsale kisses her co-star Daniel Bruhl on the cheek while filming a scene for their new film The Face Of An Angel in the Piazza del Popolo on Monday (November 11) in Rome, Italy.

The 40-year-old actress plays a journalist in the movie surrounding the true-life case of Amanda Knox, a student who was convicted of the murder of Meredith Kercher several years ago.

“The script was not what I was expecting. Playing a bright woman is always a relief. I try to change tack often between big splashy action movies and smaller independent films,” Kate told The Telegraph. “You won’t see characters called Amanda Knox and Meredith Kercher. It’s certainly not a judgement of innocence or guilt – it’s more about the people who created the media circus surrounding the case.”

FYI: Kate is carrying a Trussardi shopping bag and Daniel is wearing Trussardi pants.

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  • Lisa

    Kate is so B E A U T I F U L

  • qisme

    Based on a book full of discredited “evidence” and outright lies. That must take real integrity Becks. How about you talk to the defendants and see if they might be innocent before you add to a lynch mob. (Oh, and you can’t buy the rights to a book by a nutter about the case as the basis for your movie and then claim the case won’t be part of the movie.)

  • Joe


    What the hell are you attacking Beckinsale for? This has nothing to do with integrity dumbass. She’s an actor playing a role and she talked about that role. Nothing she said was offensive, nor did she render any judgement on Amanda Knox whatsoever. You’re just an idiot who can’t read.

    Her comments were completely harmless.

  • jun

    Insensitive, Meredith’s family is no closer to the truth and this D-list actress is happy to take on this role because no one is offering her anything else. Shame on you.

  • qisme

    First, I love Becks. I’m disappointed she’d take a role in a movie that only contributes to this dellusion. She can say the movie isn’t about this case all she wants. Then why did Winterbottom buy the rights to a book by a nut job in order to make the movie? It lacks integrity to imply guilt (the premise of that book) without acknowledging you’re doing that.
    I still don’t see how it is “insensitive” to Meredith’s familty to believe the defendants are innocent and were only convicted in the press; and that they must continue to talk to the press because the case isn’t over yet. Nor do I understand why it is necessary to maintain this fiction of “we (the tabloid reading public) only want the truth” when what you mean is you want them convicted.

  • Adaptation

    What’s wrong with this movie? I think Knox was more offensive for writing her memoir and talking about her sexual conquests and how proud she is for being a drugged-out, immature party girl than these far more artistic endeavours. Anyway, this is based on ‘Angel Face’, isn’t it? That book is a lot more accurate than Knox’s ‘memoir’ *cough* lies *cough*. Let’s not forget right now she’s still re-appealing her murder CONVICTION. Can’t believe the for-Amanda-Knoxers have hijacked an entertainment blog as well. Facts are facts. Go read up on them and stop getting so emotional about it.

  • Joan James


    There’s nothing “emotional” about the fact that Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito had nothing whatsoever to do with the brutal sexual assault and murder of Meredith Kercher. RUdy Guede murdered Meredith all by himself. That’s a fact…no emotion there. Amanda Knox had a perfect right (actually a responsibility) to write her version of the case after the publication of a number of ugly and totally dishonest articles and books, the worst ofd them being the sleazy and totally fictional “Angel Face” on which this movie is based. Kate Beckinsale should not only make better career choices, she should make better moral choices. This movie will hurt not only defendants currently fighting for their lives, but also the family of the murder victim. Ms Beckinsale can rationalize her involvement with this film all she likes, but the bottom line is a lack of empathy or moral compassion.

    As far as “reading up on the facts”, I think you need to do a great deal more homework on this case as you obviously are not very familiar with the facts. @Joe:

  • Joan James


    There’s nothing harmless about appearing in a film that uses on ongoing murder case as it’s basic premise. The release of this film will cause a number of people a great deal of pain and they don’t deserve it…Ms Beckinsale’s involvement in this “project” simply shows a glaring lack of compassion and empathy, to say nothing of moral values.

  • Adaptation

    @Joan James: I see you’re a pro-Knoxer, the most fanatical kind. I’ll say no more than, except to note that I followed the trial from the start and read all the translated judgments. People will common sense will recognise the facts for the facts. Good luck to you!

  • 42873-112

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  • Harry Rag

    If anybody wants to understand the reasons why Amanda Knox was convicted of murder, I recommend reading the translations of the official court documents and court testimony. They can be downloaded from the Meredith Kercher Wiki website:

  • neckar

    most beautiful woman ever :)