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Keith Urban Cuts Off Signature Long Hair - See New 'Do Here!

Keith Urban Cuts Off Signature Long Hair - See New 'Do Here!

Keith Urban shows off his new short haircut in a photo posted to his Twitter account on Tuesday (November 26).

The 46-year-old singer did not give any explanation for the haircut, but this is a big change for him as his longer hairdo was a signature look of his for many years!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Keith Urban

Keith will be appearing on the judges panel for the upcoming thirteenth season of American Idol, which will kick off on January 15 on Fox. Can’t wait to see the new talent!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Keith Urban’s new short hair?

Bigger picture inside…

Just Jared on Facebook
keith urban cuts off signature long hair

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  • Aileen

    Love it! Keith Urban is a gorgeous man!

  • maclen

    Shameless attention monger miley cyrus IS NOT a very wise example for the pathetic orb to “ape” with this obviously desperate publicity stunt simply for a little positive buzz. But this IS exactly the low level the orb is reduced to. I figured JJ WOULD be an outlet to plug this.

  • sam

    Wow so lady like I thought it was a chick at first

  • Bill

    Looks like Jennifer Lawrence.

  • hmmm

    is he out of the closet yet?

  • reality bites

    It’s too bad a couple of obsessed fans can’t let go of a man they never had. TaraLea and Mary, you’re fooling no one.

    Keith is beautiful inside and out. I like the change.

  • jenna

    I bet Nicole made him do that….. darn her.

    I have to say, however, he does look kinda cute.

  • maclen

    Well, the aussies also see right through orb’s little ploy…

    “KEITH Urban knows a hair trend when he sees one – and he wasn’t about to get left behind in the style stakes.
    Following in the footsteps of Jennifer Lawrence and Pamela Anderson who both debuted pixie cuts in recent weeks, the Aussie country singer is the latest celebrity to crop his signature locks.”

    …it’s NOT a good sign…when the so called “guitar hero’s” SIGNATURE is his frosted highlighted hair…but he’ll no doubt give jen lawrence and pam anderson a run for their money.

  • liz

    he’s hot. and i like the new hair

  • Guest

    Still looks like a lesbian

  • jenn

    Wow! It looks SO much better!! Keep it that way Keith. You look so much younger ;)

  • giggle giggle

    Guest? Bahahahaha! Your lies are hilarious. Tell us the one again about Keith’s toupee. Bahahahaha!

  • 1urbanfan27

    It’s his hair…He can wear it the way he wants…Same sweet face…Beautiful Keith… :)

  • ashley k

    @Maclen – Wow, what’s your problem? He got a hair cut not reconstructive surgery. What are you even talking about?

  • Eve

    He looks great and I’m sure Nicole loves it too.

    He could shave it all off, get dreadlocks, a perm, grow it down to his waist, dye it purple. It doesn’t matter. The sick women that stalk every Keith and Nicole thread leave their nasty comments because they think they are going to take the Urbans down. It’s never going to happen. In the meantime I can guatantee you a desperate skeptic will post that the haircut is a sign Keith is dumping Nicole. Those nuts have to keep their delusions alive.

  • Eve

    @ashley k: maclen’s a grandma who has run 3 Keith Urban-Nicole Kidman hate boards/blogs. She’s a certifiable whackjob.

  • maclen

    @ashley k:

    My original comment was pretty self explanatory actually…if it was not understood…you could try rereading it. My second comment expanding on it with an independent aussie source is even more explanatory. A little hint…his career is NOT going very well.

  • Grayson

    I don’t know what your deal is maclen but the more you try to explain yourself the more insane you sound, over a person’s haircut no less. If Urban looking great sticks in your craw so much you really need to get a grip and find a new hobby.

  • Roxanne

    @maclen: IDK what your trying to say but he looks goood

  • maclen


    I will take your advice into serious consideration… and I will very soon now restructure my entire life to suit your needs.

  • maclen


    Ok, but that is pretty much besides my point. “Celebrity” is absurdist…”camp”…it’s “sport.” They ALL play the game…some do it very badly…others well. Whether the “fans” of their heroes like it or not..THEY put themselves out there to be “loved” or “admired”… and by default “scorned” or “mocked” as well. Unfortunately for the celebs…and their fans…they can’t decide WHICH they receive.

  • Wurry

    Makes him look younger.

  • http://Comcast Joni

    I see The Sick One is back with all of her ugly remarks. Tell me The Sick One, will you make up your mind, is he a womanizer or is he gay ??? You are sick, sick, sick. Try to get over the Urbans, they are a happy couple. By the way I like his haircut for a change.

  • SS

    Oooh. I like this better. He looks hot.

  • Aalyn

    Keith’s record “We Were Us” with Miranda Lambert is the #1 record in Country Music this week! Great week for Keith and his haircut looks good.

  • Yuck

    Dude looks like a lady and acts like one too.

  • Yuck

    @Aalyn: How are you fansies enjoying your cheap guitars made in China? From the reviews on HSN, MANY are being returned for poor workmanship. But Keith said they were being made by one of the finest guitar making companies . . . in China! Another epic KUNK failure!

  • http://comcast Joni

    @Yuck–I mean The Crazy One with all of your other names. Keith’s career is going better than ever before and his guitars are just fine. ( I know you wish differently, but that is a fact). Also The Crazy One, if his career goes down hill, I think he could survive on his net worth of 45 million and Nicoles over 100 million. Don’t lose any sleep over it, I think Keith, Nicole and their two beautiful daughters will be just fine. Really a beautiful family !!

  • kelli

    he looks rather…. female

  • Yuck

    @Joni: The fact IS the guitar and amp aren’t worth $300. HSN reduced the package deal again to get rid of them. Read the reviews. You can tell the complaints of a person who truly wanted to learn how to play and the delusional fantasies of the fansies.

  • Brazilian girl

    Looking so much better!

  • http://Comcast Joni

    @ yuck The Crazy One—-get your facts straight before you start making up all of these ridiculous stories. You are a real laugh !! Love how talented and successful KEITH is even though he has a couple of nut bags thinking they can hurt him by their ugly words that he will never see.

  • Yuck

    @Joni: Reality is in those guitar reviews. I know it is a huge piece of crow for you to chew. He knowingly sold his fans a Kmart Blue Light Special guitar. Ronco makes better products. Keith has no respect for the fansies and their money.

  • jaen

    Stop feeding the troll. It makes you look as crazy as she is. She has obviously dedicated her days and nights to concentrating on Keith and Nicole’s lives because she doesn’t have one. You’re not going to change her mind on that. Just be happy that she’s so dedicated to them.

  • allison

    Looks like Ellen with a longer nose. Not a good look.

  • karma baby

    @Eve: Your prediction already came true LMAO When Keith does not leave Nicole at Christmas or during Idol, what’s the date for the next imaginary train derailment??? :p

    I absolutely love ”We Were Us”. Congratulations Keith and Miranda!

  • Anonymous

    Am pretty sure that everything that doesn’t recall Tom Cruise
    is just perfect for Nicole ! And for everyone too !

  • http://comcast Patricia

    @ jean. I agree stop feeding the troll but isn’t that exactly what you are doing ?? I so admire the talented KEITH URBAN, long or short hair.

  • maclen

    So, the new “diva” last played a gig in Toledo on Nov 24th…teases his new “do” to the monkeys on Nov 25th…then posts a rather coy “reveal” selfie of his new “do” on Nov 26th. A quick check of his tour schedule shows he DOESN’T have another show UNTIL Dec 6…10 days away. So, the question is…is the “pixie” gonna “hide out” …to milk and tease the “publicity” of this haircut? Again, is he THIS desperate?

  • @maclen

    You ridicule, demean, distort and condescend as though you’re superior and have accomplished something noteworthy in your own life. Pray tell us what it is. To onlookers familiar with your site, your only legacy will be thousands and thousands of words of negativity and ill will directed at a talented and hard working couple who are leading positive and productive lives. What a twisted way to enjoy yourself. What a waste of precious time. What a sad, cynical life you lead.

  • Louise

    Be damned if you do, be damned if you don’t. I am quite positive that all the negative posters are not even close to being as handsome as Keith Urban, and we won’t even talk about or compare talent. Keith Urban is a good man and a beautiful human being. That is what counts.

  • Lia

    Go ahead Keith, embrace your inner lesbian.

  • Oh dear

    Keith’s feminine pixie cut makes him look like a woman which will suit Nicole just fine.

  • Tc

    The haircut makes him look like woody woodpecker.

  • sal

    It’s about time he cut that mess off.

  • maclen fails again

    Yeah it was a publicity stunt but he was telling people.

    THE FITZ‏@FollowFITZ
    Keith Urban cut his hair off. He told me he was gonna do it. Didn’t believe him. Lolol

    maclen aka Grandma Mary is this desperate. Her message board is the same nuts posting day after day week after week. That’s why she’s here looking like a loon. Bahahahaha!

  • maclen fails again

    @@maclen: Page 100 is the same as Page 200. Same ridiculous nonsense 24/7. What’s even more insane is that Mary (maclen) can’t own up to being a skeptic from years back. She has to resort to a fake personality with a fake label, with a stolen icon photo, stolen name from the Beatles, and a pretend life in a state she doesn’t live in on the other side of the country. And the skeptics accuse Keith of a fake marriage! It’s lunacy!

  • x

    Every news report ACROSS THE NET is comparing Urban’s new pixie haircut to other WOMEN … not MEN. Urban already has a simmering image problem due to his latent femininity and this feminine haircut hasn’t helped.

  • curious

    With his new pixie haircut, makeup, Botox and other facial procedures, Keith sure is looking pretty. What next? A sex change?

  • Not buying it

    #40 believes KUNK are a talented, hardworking couple. What a joke. Kidman is Box Office Poison and has appeared in 15 consecutive box office bombs and counting. Urban’s new album is an unmitigated disaster. They continually leave the two little girls in the care of nannies as they selfishly pursue their wretched careers while condescendingly giving out parental advice to others. No thanks.