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Kardashian Christmas Card 2013 Revealed - Who is Missing?!

Kardashian Christmas Card 2013 Revealed - Who is Missing?!

Kim Kardashian goes glamorous in this first look at her family’s annual Christmas card!

The 33-year-old reality star is joined in the photo by her mom Kris, stepfather Bruce, sisters Kourtney, Khloe, Kendall, Kylie, one year-old niece Penelope, and three-year-old nephew Mason.

Noticeably absent from the pic is the men of the family, including Kim‘s brother Rob, her fiance Kanye West, Kourtney‘s boyfriend Scott Disick, Khloe‘s husband Lamar Odom, and of course, Kim and Kanye‘s baby girl North.

The photo was taken in a carnival-like room with random things thrown about, while the whole family is dressed in black.

“I loved working with David LaChapelle,” Kris told E! News about the photographer. “It was amazing and it was so much fun!”

WHAT DO YOU THINK of the Kardashian family Christmas Card this year?

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  • chris

    ummmm Merry Christmas?

  • Merrill

    The inscription in the card should read: “Thanks idiots for making us wealthy beyond our wildest dreams. And talent wasn’t even required..Merry Christmas schmucks!”

  • deb

    That gypsy clan thanks all of the suckers who made them rich.

  • Really

    Shallowness immortalized. Next stop Mars.

  • deb

    That so-called Christmas card is the trashiest, tackiest, most vulgar thing I have ever seen, being passed off as a Christmas card.

  • freya

    Sorry but whoever did the Photoshop of Kim Kardashian image proves that no amount of talent can make her look naturally beautiful her image was just degraded to unrealistically animated and comical like a cartoon character even then I still prefer Jessica Rabbit.

  • KC :)

    If this is a family picture, why is Kim’s face all over the picture?!?! On the staircase, walls, even on the ticket booth…I guess she’s the one making the most money. I don’t like this picture, they all look fake, too much photoshoop.


  • candi

    Hasn’t this family of vain, greedy, useless, self-absorbed no-talents disappeared yet?? Their days are spent tweeting, shopping, posing, more shopping and more posing; they should all be ashamed for not giving back some of their ill-gotten gains to those less fortunate than they are.

  • ok

    Is that a Christmas card or an advertisement for an escort service??

  • candi

    Hasn’t this family of vain, greedy, useless, self-absorbed no-talents disappeared yet?? Their days are spent tweeting, shopping, posing, shopping and posing; they should all be ashamed for not giving back some of their ill-gotten gains to those less fortunate than they are.

  • candi

    Sorry for the double post.

  • Diedre

    I guess I should just be relieved that their ‘card’ didn’t include close-ups of their cooches.

  • Loves gossip

    I’m certain this “Christmas” card has a lot of symbolism that pertains to the “illuminate”. As for Bruce, I did not even recognize him! I thought he was some type of weird mannequin stuck in a glass enclosure of some kind!

  • Ava

    I actually see the irony in this, as if LaChapelle is mocking the Kardashians at the same time.
    1. Kim is on the staircase – she’s the “model” who showcased the Kardashian brand. She’s also next to the dollar sign bc she represents the money and greed by her rise to fame. If you notice, that is why her face is plastered all over with her old photographs. Her face and exposure to media was the “brand’s” claim to fame.
    2. If you notice, the only other ones who are standing are the Jenner sisters, however Kim seems more “heightened”. This represents that the Jenner girls are next in line and as seen as heading in the same direction as Kim. When Kim’s time is gone, they will be on that staircase next to the dollar sign, bring more wealth to the “brand”. Kendall is doing a vogue-like pose, representing her modeling career. There’s a nude body behind Kylie… I think that may represent Kim’s sex tape and how nudity represents their family in fragments (Kim)
    3. Kourtney and Khloe are literally taken in the “backseat”. They are “minor” compared to Kim and the future successes of the Jenner girls. Khloe “takes a seat” to Kim and her younger sister and Kourtney is in the background with Khloe all the time.
    4. Kris sits around underneath the word “fame” bc she sits back and watches how she brought everyone to fame. She’s LITERALLY holding onto fame.
    5. Bruce’s images are scattered but small in comparison to Kim’s. His Olympic legacy was what this family had when it came together, only to be tainted and overshadowed by Kim and the tabloids on the ground. He is posing in the glass bc he is not important anymore. He’s like a collectible vintage action figure. Good when it first comes out but needs to be locked in glass. Kris controls him and that family now; therefore in a glass case – irrelevant. The tabloids on the ground are now their legacy…gossip and tabloids are their foundation and what keeps them alive… the lamar-khloe cover, controversial Black Jesus pic of Kanye, the Kris-Bruce “it’s over” cover, etc…
    5. If you notice it says, “the end is….” “….coming soon…” This may be a mock saying the Kardashian reign may come to a close. There’s a baby underneath “coming soon”…that’s North West.

    The iluminati sign…yup, it’s there. This family represents something we all know and don’t like…

  • Ava

    I have to say, I hope you all don’t think I’m obsessed but I find it interesting that there’s symbolism behind this

  • Ra

    Yes Bruce you were trapped… But it’s ok… You’re free now.

  • Jy

    Awesome!! All it needs is the ‘psycho shower scene’ score and it’s complete!!

  • Lucy

    @Ra: true. And interesting obs from Ava đź‘Ź

  • pika

    trashy khristmas! and a krappy new year.

  • Rocky


    AWESOME breakdown.

  • Rocky


    No, NOT Mars! Run aliens, RUN!!

  • Rocky

    This card looks likes like a card handed out on the streets of Vegas that might read, “Come and get some”. Sad that the two little babies had to be involved in this crap! I don’t know who the photographer is, but he should have NEVER been used for a Christmas card.

  • no way

    This is not a Christmas card, its porn.

  • Ter

    This is the worst so called Christmas Card ever….. This is nothing but trash… In the show Kris goes on and on about how family is SOO important to her and that family comes FIRST… Where is the whole family then??? this is all about her and Kim, Kim has to have her face ALL over the background and her and Kris have to be up front..
    Kylie looks like she wants to be anywhere but there. that pic doesn’t even look like Kourtney. Poor kids have to be in that mess..
    everyone is shoved in the back ground within all the mess. But Kris with a look at me pose under the word FAME… and Kim with a big dollar sign next to her… Kris and Kim will like it but I hope the rest of the family see this as nothing to do with family and Christmas and that it’s ALL about Kim and Kris……
    You have sunk to a new low…..

  • Priya

    Kris’ thick thighs and Kim’s wide hips take a lot of space in the card. I wonder if the own a good mirror.

  • Zareena

    The picture of Kim. minus her weave, and North in the background right behind Kylie, is really good. They should have made it the focal point of the card.

  • LOL

    @Zareena: I knew Kim’s b00bs were saggy…she def needs a b00b job….lmfao

  • Connie Falconeri

    Does anybody else notice that big rat besides Kendall’s right foot?

  • Pauline

    @Connie Falconeri: I did. They were photographed in a landfill among the rats. That’s where they belong.

  • Pauline

    What a bizarre Christmas card. Was it planned by their worst enemy?! They seem to be in an abandoned wh0re house surrounded by trash. Kim has a money sign right by her, like she’s a prostitute selling herself on the streets. Kylie and Kendall look awful and are surrounded by rats. Kris has that ridiculous thing on her head, and her leg looks like a Christmas ham. Khloe and Courtney are almost invisible in the picture, like they’re second class family members. Mason looks dead. Hahaha! Crazeyyyy!

  • Amy

    This has to be a joke, right?

  • kathy

    To this vile bunch I guess nothing says Christmas like looking as trashy as possible. And where is Rob, Kris Jenner’s only son?? I guess because he probably doesn’t make as much money as the others he’s been sent to the basement of Kris Jenner’s mansion. This family has some real mental health issues, starting with Kris who thinks she’s another Kardashian/Jenner daughter instead of being their mother, followed closely by Kim who has the maturity of a pre-teen instead of being a 30-something mother. The others are just useless losers.

  • Danni

    First of all, KIM, you look horrible blonde. You are Armenian correct? Also, how can you be with your daughter 24/7, if you are doing a photo shoot? Nice try…….keep your eye on Kanye. You really think he’s faithful to you?

  • Danni

    LOVE YOUR COMMENT…SO TRUE! What would these “girls” look like without photoshop, hair extensions, dye, plastic surgery, fake eyelashes and 10lbs of make up? Um, like s*&%.

  • Danni

    ITA with you! Just when I think Kourtney is a good mom, she exploits her two kids this way…disgusting and vile.

  • chelsea

    I think this card is supposed to be a visual representation of what the public thinks of them.

  • Connie Falconeri

    It looks like a ‘brothel’ advertisement. Kris ‘the madam’ is sitting on her perch.

  • Connie Falconeri

    Pauline @ 12/02/2013 at 4:41 pm #29

    @Connie Falconeri: I did. They were photographed in a landfill among the rats. That’s where they belong.
    I agree, they do belong in a landfill with the rats.

  • Oliver

    This family is coo coo I’m surprised there isn’t a clock in the background with the bird coming out every hour. They are a narcissists family and their 15 minutes was up what 12 years ago? I cannot imagine anyone who still what their show. I am proud of Bruce for finally standing up and showing himself as a man…. .not a map to walk over. I noticed in all the photo’s that no man was included. Are the Kardashian’s thinking that they don’t need men. Are they like frogs who can re-produce with out another sex involved? These people are “fing” Idiots.

  • Oliver

    I feel sorry for this family, yes they make a lot of $$$ but Kim is the ultimate narcissists. Isn’t their 15 hours of fame over? I haven’t watched this program since I was 12 years old.

  • gldi

    The only thing this family knows how to do is pose; that is what they’re good at. Except for Rob, who apparently doesn’t count as a Kardashian since he’s not even seen in this moronic card, they’re not college-educated, they can’t sing, they can’t dance, they can’t act and they certainly are not known for their charitable acts of kindness. Too bad someone in the media with a backbone doesn’t call out this family for being nothing more than attention-seekers who wouldn’t know what to do with themselves if they couldn’t tweet their every stupid thought or be photographed every single day.

  • gldi

    Just wanted to clarify that Rob graduated USC a few years ago; too bad Kris didn’t encourage his siblings to expand their world with higher education but I guess posing and making money was and is more important to her.

  • melissa

    People is showing a picture of Carmen Electra wearing a dress exactly the same as the one Kim is wearing in this idiotic Christmas card. Carmen wore the dress recently to the Latin Grammy Awards and looks so much better in it than Kim, who never fails to look like the tramp that she is no matter what she wears.

  • http://Website MaryJane

    I agree with Connie. Kim…. You look terrible with Blond hair.
    Am sure that was Kanye’s idea of what you should look
    like. You were much more attractive with Black hair…and
    suited your skin tone. But what does Kanye know? Where
    on earth is your self respect? You are ruining your life
    with that ‘no talent’ jerk. What do you see in him???
    In the ‘so called’ Christmas photo, where was Rob? Maybe
    he is getting sick of the whole bunch. Glad he is getting
    out of Khloe’s house…..he needs a life. I wish him well.
    There was also another child missing. North. Why was
    she not shown? You would think they would have been
    proud to show her off in her first Christmas photo. Guess
    it was Kanye’s decision she wasn’t on there. One other
    thing. OF COURSE Bruce should have been on there….the
    only sane one in the bunch, and was a good father to all
    the kids….but putting him in to some kind of a glass
    cage showed no respect at all. He should have stayed
    at the beach.

  • lolcat

    Interesting commentary on this family. From left to right:
    Kim standing on a staircase with an arrow pointing to her teats and a fallen mannequin before her, seemingly reflecting her future. Posed just before “The End.” One Jenner girl with a vagina on her head, the other with her head in the grip of a hand. Khloe and Mason sitting on a car seat, like hillbilly trash. Kourtney and Penelope standing in front of an ATM. Kris selling the tickets to the show and Bruce encased in glass– I’d like to think it’s shielding him from this polluted landscape. Don’t hold back, David LaChapelle– tell us how you really feel!

  • lolcat

    Oh, and don’t forget the infant Yeezus floating above Khloe– according to the neon caption, his Second Coming would appear to be imminent!