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Kate Bosworth & Michael Polish Get Affectionate for Errand Run

Kate Bosworth & Michael Polish Get Affectionate for Errand Run

Kate Bosworth and her husband Michael Polish stay super affectionate as they head inside Bristol Farms to grab some groceries together on Sunday (December 22) in Los Angeles.

The 30-year-old actress, who wrapped her arms around her smiling hubby, carried a bag that had her name embroidered on the front. So cute!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Kate Bosworth

Kate and Michael were also seen grabbing groceries together a few days earlier.

In case you missed it, check out Kate looking gorgeous in wedding couture on the cover of Martha Stewart Weddings magazine, on newsstands now!

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kate bosworth carries kate bag on affectionate errand run 01
kate bosworth carries kate bag on affectionate errand run 02
kate bosworth carries kate bag on affectionate errand run 03
kate bosworth carries kate bag on affectionate errand run 04
kate bosworth carries kate bag on affectionate errand run 05

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  • Alaia

    That is one tacky bag

  • Alaia@

    Yes it is. She´s having a really ugly bag year. They have all been so bad.

  • les.

    Her navy felt hat is pretty great. A call-out of its brand would be appreciated.


  • HW joke

    these 2 freaking idiot Famewhor*s give it a break already. This is all they do and still no one cares they force, they push and they shove their disgust over shown of whatever it is that they think they are selling you don’t need to sell your love this hard and believe they are selling their “brand of love” which no one is buying other than news outlets bought by her PR people to keep her in the spotlight but she nor him can’t sell their stupid movies or mags including MS or clothes that bag is Ugly and cheap just like everything they are forcing on us to view.

    This chick or her old man can’t disappear for 3 months she would be dead HW wise not like her career is going anywhere and that movie she just did will die too like all of her other movies the only reason she got notice on home front was because she does look like a crack addict it was not stretch for her well look at her.

  • esmeralda

    kate is beautiful !!!!

  • ladybug

    They’re wearing the exact same outfits as the Bristol Farm photos that were taken on Friday. So either they didn’t change clothes for two days, or these are also from Friday.
    The posing from these is highly amusing, she must be so happy to have found someone who is willing to famewhore along with her.

  • fash·ion·is·ta

    @esmeralda: Beautiful?? What an insipid word to describe the slim & soignee Kate. She truly is an empyrean creation sent from above. I am humbled that Kate would allow us plebeians to revel in her divinity two days in a row. She is truly great!!

  • pretty kitty

    ediot cibrian married the wrong bony blonde famewh*re. they missed their true lovematch.

  • chelle

    OK this is seriously getting ridiculous

  • JENN

    Who the F embroiders their name onto their bag with huge letters like that? Tacky as F! I would almost say her hair looks decent but it’s obvious she’s wearing that hat to hide the major thinning mess going on at the top. Also she has a big c um stain on her skirt.

  • Plush

    @JENN: My Nana embroidered my name on my ballet bag when I was 8! Maybe her nana did the same. >smirk<

  • pretty kitty

    @JENN: well she’s worn that skirt for 3 days and coke doesn’t pay for itself!!

  • Tanter

    They’re certainly making up for the time she/they’ve been out of town..

  • ladybug

    @chelle: Oh, it’s gotten ridiculous alright, but also very entertaining.
    I’m impressed with the speed with which she has tried to get caught up on her ‘lost’ month of not being papped.

    As for her bag, I’d have no problem with a monogrammed bag. But for some reason having KATE written on just seems narcissistic and childish.

  • Wow

    Great couple. In love and happy!

  • Chrissy

    They’re so fake and try-hard!

  • ladybug

    @Chrissy: I don’t think the relationship itself is fake. But I think that the over the top PDA and the endlessly gushing in interviews are for show. I suspect they didn’t go around Fairhope, Alabama, where she was filming Somnia, draped over each other like spider monkeys. No paps to capture the moments, so no reason to go overboard.

  • Chrissy

    @Ladybug: I think that her husband is besotted with her but that she settled for him because he was eager to marry her – something she’s been trying to get someone to do for a long time. He feeds her ego and probably finds her clingyness and need for constant attention endearing while I would guess that she sees him as a confirmation of her being a talented actress which of course is delusional on her part. Everything is a reflection on her which only shows her immaturity. Whatever, different people marry for different reasons – Just glad that I have to deal with someone like her on a daily basis.

  • Chrissy

    Sorry, forgot the “don’t” in the last line.

  • Paradise

    They’re a super cute couple. Her bag is fun. I’m sure it’s a gift from a designer.

  • Bag ID

    It´s the Fendi Selleria Intrecciato Adele bag. But that does not make it good. I hate when people use that argument. It´s a designer item, therefore it´s always stylish and chick. That bag has also been seen on SJP and Lady Gaga.

  • ladybug

    @Chrissy: Two years ago I thought that since MP indulged in her famewhoring that she might not be so needy and famewhoring. Instead, she’s worse. Which is why the move to Montana is interesting, if it actually happens. There are no paps in Montana, will she actually have to learn to live without paps?

    @Paradise: it’s a custom made bag.

    @Bag ID. No, being a designer bag doesn’t make it good (see KKardashian’s newest bag).

    The only bag that doesn’t look too narcissistic is Sarah Jessica Parker’s, and that’s because she used her initials.

    “Already spotted adorning both the social media feeds and arms of some of the world’s most photographed women – Rihanna, Sarah Jessica Parker, Lady Gaga, Cara Delevingne and Rita Ora among them – the Selleria Intrecciato range’s latest fan is Kate Bosworth, who took hers grocery shopping in Hollywood over the weekend.

    You want in? Well, despite a slew of celebrity sightings, details of the made-to-order handbag are thin on the ground. Here’s what we know so far…”

  • Martha

    A new wedding picture can now be seen on Martha’s wedding page – and the full issue is available for digital download.

  • Tackee


    The only time you should wear your name on your bag is unless you are at daycare or up to age 7. Its not cute on grown women or men. Kim latest bag horror just testify that having money doesn’t mean you have taste that goes for her too they all just follow these stupid trends to feel cool oe eilte but they look tacky and crass
    @23 who cares

  • @24

    Someone might care – speak for yourself then.

  • mforma

    Happy Holidays to all my fellow haters of the disgusting creature; who I cannot believe while I have been working like crazy, the creature has only become more self serving, selfish, more into just herself than ever thought possible. The creature and hobbit are truly two of the most disgraceful things in HW.
    I just saw two articles, that I had to share, I am working on the link, but all of a sudden the “private” creature, now is saying she hates singing, the thing finds it so hard to do and gets so nervous. I recall one video in particular, when she was famewhoring herself for that Nylon cover that turned out to be a joke, she discussed how she loved to sing. I also recall how she discussed in another interview how she wanted to do a musical.
    This stupid creature needs to keep notes with her so she remember what she has said.
    I mean if I was her after what people said about her singing last year and the fact TopShop didn’t have her sing or do a commercial this year, the creature had to think of something to cover up.
    So since the two useless, self serving nothings had to cover up the disgraceful “Big Sur”, which as we all knew would be a waste, he takes her picture for Martha Stewart’s cover, I would love to know what was promised or paid for that deal.

  • mforma

    Sorry one more thing, how desperate for attention do you truly have to be to make sure the paps are at the grocery store, of course “just by chance”, like the two famewhores have pulled before, they really just love themselves and themselves alone, how sad.

  • Fashionista

    Kate’s #2 on Grazia’s 2013 Best Dressed List. Well deserved!!

  • Bella

    @Fashionista: well that’s a joke! The ho hasn’t dressed with any modicum of style or touch (& that is entirely credited to her stylist’s hand anyway) since 2011. But for some reason my stupid country has a few ridiculous titles (DM, Grazia, In-Style) who seem to favour this vapid figure – not sure what to call the creature as she’s no actress or creative/artist of any sort. You have to be blind to think she’s any sort of inspiration today. She is a never-has-been & never-will-be!