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Miranda Kerr: Snowy Salon Stop in the New Year!

Miranda Kerr: Snowy Salon Stop in the New Year!

Miranda Kerr braves a snow storm while dropping by a salon on Friday (January 3) in New York City.

“⛄️❤️❄️,” the 30-year-old Australian supermodel wrote on Instagram on the same day with a pic of the snow outside her Big Apple apartment. Check out the pic below!

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Earlier in the week, Miranda was all smiles while taking her adorable son Flynn on a helicopter ride with some of her family members.

FYI: Miranda is wearing a Saint Laurent jacket and boots.
10+ pictures inside of Miranda Kerr walking in the snow while heading to a salon…

Just Jared on Facebook
miranda kerr snowy salon stop in the new year 01
miranda kerr snowy salon stop in the new year 02
miranda kerr snowy salon stop in the new year 03
miranda kerr snowy salon stop in the new year 04
miranda kerr snowy salon stop in the new year 05
miranda kerr snowy salon stop in the new year 06
miranda kerr snowy salon stop in the new year 07
miranda kerr snowy salon stop in the new year 08
miranda kerr snowy salon stop in the new year 09
miranda kerr snowy salon stop in the new year 10
miranda kerr snowy salon stop in the new year 11

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  • Wow!

    Miranda is looking mighty SHARP!!!

  • Kath

    Happy New Year! Miranda is looking great.

  • Elena

    Neither rain, nor sleet, nor snow nor gloom of night stays this f@mewh@re from the swift completion of her appointed paparazzi set ups! She been fired from everything! She desperately needs her cut from the sale of these pictures!!

  • @4

    We can always count on our little ray of sunshine to pop up in every Miranda/ Orlando thread.
    What’s it like to be owned by total strangers? To not have a life outside of the dark cloud that you live in? To be so nasty that you have no one around to stop your spiral into mental illness?

  • Elena

    I don’t know what it’s like. I’m curious, though. Maybe you should write a paper on the subject, Tell us what you did, how you handled it. I look forward to it. I’m sure it will be fascinating. :)

  • @6

    Poor TROLLena. You can’t get help unless you admit that you have a problem.
    And stalking strangers across the net 24-7 just to spew hate is definitely a problem. If you can’t admit that you live in darkness the, you will never find your way out. And you will never find the help that you so desperately need.

  • Nancy

    @@4: Just going to throw this out there. You talk about someone being “owned” and I really think that someone is you. Elena owns you. The point of her comments is to upset fans like you and get you to react. And you do. Every. Time. You play her game. Every. Time. Seems to me like you are owned by a total stranger. Try ignoring her. Trust me, it’ll keep our blood pressure down and prevent you from looking so foolish.

  • @8

    Lol. No, she (you) doesn’t own the many people who respond to her (you).
    We come to the threads because we like Miranda, Orlando, or both. She is always here spitting venom and attacking children, so we respond.
    There is no way that any fan would allow any hater, including our resident troll, to post hate and lies without a response. But the fact that she is here proves that she is owned by the people that she stalks.
    You haters don’t own us. Orlando and Miranda own you. Why else would you spend so much time stalking them across the internet? Lol.
    You haters say things to promote a response from their fans. Well, you not only get the responses, you are giving their threads more hits. Thereby guaranteeing more threads. I guess we fans should thank you for that. *kisses*

  • @Nancy

    Sooooo, you think that people responding to the uber troll “look foolish”? And you think that the hater who displays an unhealthy obsession with total strangers, and who uses every opportunity possible to attack an innocent child should be ignored? Ridiculous.
    She has proved over and over again that she disappears when challenged. Why let her spread her lies at will?
    And those responding to her didn’t seem like their blood pressure was up. They seemed very calm. The troll doesn’t have any power over us. We just use her for entertainment. But nice try.

  • Kath

    Poor NANCY….you may think Elena owns us, but as #9 points out Miranda & Orlando own her. Besides I think shes fun trying to come across as intelligent & witty but then someone will hit a nerve & she loses it! The crap shes frothing at the mouth about sometimes sounds like a 10 year old pissed off…real childish, plain stupid comments? I get a real laugh from her. See her post this time….same ole crap…boring. Im waiting for the love of her life…. her best friend….the one whos been there in good times & bad to one day say something instead of her. Why?….Because Id much rather see what Elena’s v@gina has to say for a change!

  • Elena

    @Kath: My v@g says your an idiot.

  • Nacy

    Those three responses to my post just prove my point. Thank you, ladies.

  • @13

    What point?
    That we aren’t going to let the troll spread lies without a response?
    Well, sure then. Pat yourself on the back. And then add a few more hits to the thread while you’re at it.
    If you haven’t guessed by now that we enjoy this ‘game’ that the troll is playing, then you aren’t paying attention. It’s fun to point out how ‘Kerrazy’ this particular hater loon is getting. She’s hilarious!
    And did you also notice that said troll disappeared until she came back for a juvenile response?
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    The troll had no life outside of her hatred. She is always lurking in the shadows that her life has become, waiting for the smallest opportunity to post her vile comments. Makes you wonder if she understands just how entertaining it is to respond to her idiotic posts.

  • Kath

    Yes ELENA tell your v@gina I can be a idiot! For sure like I said even a d*ckhead. I laugh at myself all the time….weve established that already. But Im not the one describing my v@gina to everyone like its a handbag. Anyhoo your v@gina is certainly not a ranter like you. Sorry to say NANCY…Elena doesnt upset me :)
    Was Miranda at Bemelmans Bar??

  • Nancy

    @@13: My point is, and this new little rant of yours just punctuates it, that Elena (and all of the people you call “haters) owns you. Kath, too, from the looks of it. She has that one firmly in her back pocket. Have fun with that!

  • Kath

    Lol…..Your welcome NANCY!!

  • @16

    I guess that you don’t think that Orlando/Miranda own the troll, then?
    Even though her ENTIRE life is wrapped up in their comings and goings?
    Even though she is on EVERY THREAD?
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    If you can’t admit that, you are just as hypocritical as any other hater idiot.
    And the fact that you still think that something is wrong with fans responding to the cretin, paints you as even more of a hater.
    But again. Thanks for the extra hits on Miranda’s thread.