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Alexander Skarsgard Joins 'Diary of a Teenage Girl'!

Alexander Skarsgard Joins 'Diary of a Teenage Girl'!

Alexander Skarsgard keeps a low profile while arriving on a flight at LAX Airport on Sunday (January 12) in Los Angeles.

It was recently announced that the 37-year-old Swedish actor will be starring in the upcoming film Diary of a Teenage Girl, alongside Kristen Wiig.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Alexander Skarsgard

Diary of a Teenage Girl centers on a brutally honest teenage artist living in San Francisco in the 1970s as she attempts to navigate her way through an affair with her mother’s boyfriend.

In case you missed it, have a look at Alexander going butt naked while sitting on a toilet.

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alexander skarsgard joins diary of a teenage girl 03
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  • Chrissy

    He’s baaaack! Love the scruff and everything’s he’s wearing. Must be coming back from San Fran after wardrobe fitting for the new movie.
    Looking good, Alex!!!!

  • Bb

    That poor small peeeen trapped in such tight jeans

  • Dr Who

    @Bb: It’s not that small but obviously your “ladybiiits” are too big and loose after using big d1ldos for years. You should try a real man at least once b4 you die :D

  • Pops

    @Bb: thank god for his micropeen or he couldn’t wear such tight jeans!

  • samira

    I find everything he does so fake the way he walks the way he looks and talks . and that he love girls 22 and younger he has it from his father : )

  • Mod

    What dumb model did he take home & shove in the back of his car 2 take home and shag after the GG .along with hanger on keith Bet it’s on pop candies shoving the model into his car .

  • Keith

    @Mod: That Keith guy is suspiciously everywhere, it’s some weird shiit

  • sex pants

    Wow there is alot of green eye jealousy here unless you are an Emerald there no way you should be this green, it’s very plain that most of these comments are from same person who is mad at Skarsgard for something. Word of advice you can let it go and move on to better things, its still early in the year to break free.

    Don’t be mad that his d*ck is more famous that you. It hijacked the interwebs and enlisted new member without even putting out a ad, (don’t knock it until you try it but I don’t think it wants to try you) look at that sexy pants (I am) they are glorious and divine and they are doing a mighty fine job of highlight his package (which I am very much interested in owning,) which I have stared at intensely no sorry no shame.

    Don’t worry about his d*ck it’s doing mighty fine without you, it neither desires, request or send out a SOS to you. Me I love it so much that I d*ck named it the name you will never know, I would tell Alexander tho.

    @DrWho Lol good burn!

  • sex pants


    Jesus when it’s not his d*ick its his friends and especially the black one that makes you fools go cray its coming off racist and I can’t f*cking stand racist. I am here to shut it the f*ck down. Why do you crays concern yourself so much with his off time. It seems that it taking up so much fu*king time in your lives let it go. It’s not healthy being this vile online or in person.

    I know if there is something he is doing with his off time I don’t like I will just sashay off the interwebs and never return. I can find better people and things to do with my time than wasting it on someone that I don’t find worth while. I am still finding Alexander worth while because here I am stanning without a cap it’s partly because of those divine sexy pants that highlight his lean long legs and glorious Swedish hot bod look at him.

    He is an handsome, hot man I love his cap I want his cap I need one for the sunny days coming up I would take the head under the cap too for the coming sunny days. I love his black high top kicks I have been searching for new kicks and that black one is speaking to me.

    He can pop up at my place in that casual get up for my birthday (in the near future) or anyday (in an even nearer future)
    tack så mycket

  • corina

    I believe his dick is more famous than him lol

  • sex pants

    I haven’t talked about his big hands in a while but these sets of pics are pretty much saying look at my hands envision them. (I am) they can pick me up and put me or carry me or toss me somewhere soft and ravish me. its pretty obvious I have a big thing for his hands. Those are some strong huge hands. Sigh! He is looking fit too like solid fit, but his face looks displeased. Why do we look so displeased (beside the obvious that I am not there with you which of course is all your fault because i would be there to put his hands to better use. I would boo on him boo I say boo. But I digress tho it happens) Mr. Skarsgard. So many Whys so little time.

    @corina yes his body bits is good at hijacking airtime.

  • Where

    I cAnnot see any package :(

  • Ugg

    So he is playing a new role as a dirty old man . fits his actual description and personality considering he likes them young and blonde
    . And actress or model just like his dad stellan young wife 25 yrs difference

  • sexy pants


    I would say get your eyes checked but that seem to be the least of your problems so I would worry about his package it ain’t worried about you.

    No back to looking at those sex pant (it seems fitting name for this thread because they are) that are flowing around on tumblr.

  • sexy pants


    To give my answer to this I wrote a short essay.

    Most of the men folk population are dirty old men this is a fact. It’s gross but society has trained it men folks for centuries to be like this it is deep seated and rooted some fathers pass it down to their sons. Some fathers teach their sons better. Society also has done it role on females too. Look at the state our young girls/women in society right now, it is a mess.

    He is a actor and like most actor they want to take the shocking roles, acting street creds. But actors do it because they think the villian, bad guy or psychopathy or sociopathy thinks gives them better quality. He is not the first actor to think this and he wouldn’t be the last. Sadly in real life there are these kinds of people fiction most of the time it is not really just read the head lines they are depressing as F*ck especially when it involves kids and there are alot of headline involving kids.

    No lets get to the thick of it Do I think Skarsgard has perverted pedo intentions to young teenager girls I am going to say NO!
    He doesn’t seem like a serial early 20′s model dater like Leo who has never dated a women his age or branched out nor is he Woody Allen marrying his step daughter until this day is the grossest thing I can phantom but in Hollywood he is a celebrated director. Hollywood does seem to celebrate alot of these pedo’s just like the catholic church but that a world discussion that wouldn’t be solved on JJ I have not watched anything Allen has done or care for anything he does because all I get from him he is perverted pedo.

    While I don’t know the every details of Alexander’s life and I wouldn’t swear my first born son on this I don’t think this is his intention I think he take these roles because he wants to be that kind of actor the ones that have those talked about roles.
    So until he’s seen with a teenage girls being a gross Woody Allen perv substitute then I would say calm down.

    As for his dad he has been with his mom which is the same age as he is for years with many children and then after choose a women who was in her 30′s that is not a child that is not a bewildered girl going to be woman you know what you want in your 30′s and she was more than capable and not gullible to be with Stellan.

    So comparing a grown women to a child is ridiculous and any man than dates any girl under 18 is a perverted because 99.9% of 18 girls have no f8cking clue and is gullible they are still gullible in the early 20′s too but again any discussion that can’t be solved here.

    the reason why he is still single and flowing around one chick to the next as nothing to do with what you think it has to do with but keep thinking that.

  • Fleur

    What’s the movie about?

  • Yeah

    @Keith: I know, its weird, stalker behavior, apart from the fact that he is his friend. . Starting to think that he has no space for a girlfriend cause his friends act in that way.

  • MorePLease

    the reason why he is still single and flowing around one chick to the next as nothing to do with what you think it has to do with but keep thinking that.
    Then what is it to do with?


    He would be so perfect and beautiful if his face was just covered a little more. His body is smokin’ hot His face, eh, not so much. Unless you mean banged with a frying pan! *chittle*

  • Mel

    @sexy pants: Maybe try not smoking meth before you type, geez…….

  • d

    Damn but there are a lot of jealous haters here. I am so sure he is just very worried about what you think about his penis or how he lives his life. He is lovely, all of him, face on down. Go find someone else to hate on, I am sure they will be just as vexed about your whining as Alex most assuredly is, lololol.

  • Nnn

    Wow, there’s a lot of bitchyness here ;) I think he’s hot and he’s so sexy as Eric Nothman :P

  • Surf

    @MorePLease: mmmm, get thAt black diq askars?!

  • BJ

    I think the appreciators out weigh the haters! No wonder the guy keeps his private life private.

  • Vanity Smurf

    A lot of the “appreciators” are on meth. For sure!

  • BJ

    @Vanity Smurf:

    sorry to disapoint… stone cold sober!

  • True

    Who playing the French chick in tblood ? Eric love Intrest and new GF for Alexander ? He is bound to date his costar if she is really pretty and 20 and speaks French

  • Margott robbie

    I guess we will get dating rumors / holding hand sightings and pregancy rumors she is Alexander’s type , blonde, young, hot, pretty, thin and from aussie soap neighbours, I bet 99.9. % Alexander will date/ flirt with her on and off set.

    possible playing jane in TARZEN.

    ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ Star Margot Robbie in Talks for ‘Tarzan’ – She’s Jane (Exclusive)

    The rising Australian talent is also in negotiations to star alongside Chris Pine in “Z for Zachariah”

    Hot off a star-making performance as Leonardo DiCaprio’s wife in “The Wolf of Wall Street,” Margot Robbie is in negotiations to play Jane in David Yates’ “Tarzan,” TheWrap has learned. She is also in talks to replace Amanda Seyfried in Craig Zobel’s “Z for Zachariah.”

    Representatives for both films did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

    Robbie plans to shoot “Zachariah”  before taking on Warner Bros’ big-budget remake of the classic “Tarzan,” which is slated to star Alexander Skarsgard, Christoph Waltz and Samuel L. Jackson, according to individuals with knowledge of her schedule.

    Warner’s go-to “Harry Potter” filmmaker Yates is directing the adaptation of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ series of novels about the King of the Jungle, with Skarsgard in the title role.

    Jerry Weintraub and Alan Riche are producing, while Mike Richardson will executive produce with Yates. Warner Bros executive Jesse Ehrman will oversee the project on behalf of the studio, which plans to start production this summer. The studio is already high on Robbie, who stars opposite Will Smith in Warner’s con artist movie “Focus.”

    source: The Wrap

  • xoxo

    his recent engagement/marriage to that model seems to be taking it’s toll on his ‘fashion’ sense!!!! .
    jeez man shave that frigging beard put some decent clothes on and tell caroline to make you some dinner to plump you up.

  • xoxo

    Ladybug ,how much does robin baum pay you to come here and how much does she pay to harrass bosworth ,every time anyone asks you the comments get deletedd hmmm me thinks you have favours with the guy who owns this place.

  • xoxo

    why do you gals hate keith so much , im assuming someone here knows him and askars personally otherwise there would not be so many comments about him(keith) .
    so since i asked what did keith do to you to make you post so many cappy comments about him.

  • ladybug

    @xoxo: Totally violating my own policy of responding to bridge dwellers: At least we know where one of the trolls is coming from, since you’ve also posted over on KB’s thread, and claiming that I’m harassing KB. And Robin Baum is also KB’s publicist., so I don’t think she wants anyone harassing her.
    So since you’re posting over here, are you being paid to harass Alex? And you know the hate on Keith is from your fellow trolls.
    JJ’s trolls, not very smart, even by troll standards.

  • Cafélady

    @ladybug: I must always grin, when I read that some of the trolls insinuate us, some of us would work for Alex or Robin Baum or KB or even for all three together…LoL
    But you, me and some others here – we never post something where someone could believe, that we know these persons private or professional. LoL
    A while ago, an other troll suspected the same of me – because a few of the comments, which I wrote about alex and (at that time) also about joel.
    I would love to see the faces of both, if someone would tell it the guys…but they will probably never hear something about it… LoL

    But aside of that: I totally agree, what you’ve said in your comment.

  • ladybug

    @Cafélady: One of this particular one’s comments from the ex’s thread shows the delusion and projection is strong with this one.

    DOATG started shooting yesterday, and we have some low quality fan pics of Alex on set, in lovely jogging shorts and tube socks:

  • corina

    his recent engagement/marriage to that model ? which model

  • @corina

    Some nutter is obsessed with Caroline Wiinberg and is certain they’re a couple. Anyone who has just looked at Caroline’s instagram will see that she’s dating another man *shrugs*

  • Who?

    Who the hell is Margret robbie? What’s it got to do with our skars boy ? What women is he dating now ?

  • @Who?

    Margot Robbie is the actress who is rumoured to be cast as Jane in the Tarzan movie he may get to do. She blonde, thin, young and single so naturally fangirls are now guessing/hoping/dreading that they will end up being a couple.

    Who’s he dating? Pick one! It might be true.

    - Britt Marling
    - Ellen Page
    - An unknown redhead
    - The Italien actress
    - Lucy Griffiths
    - and so on, so on, so on.

    No wonder we don’t see much of him, he must barely have time to sleep between being with all these women..

  • Cafélady

    @ladybug: Thanks for the link. I had to grin again. This is really 70′s clothing – if you watch older movies from that time for instance, you definetely recognize this. And it looks somehow funny in these days – compared with today’s usual sports wear.
    Hopefully they have someone on the set as the set decorator, costume designer etc. who has a bit of idea of that decade…I don’t like it, when a modern movie pretend that the story plays in the 70′s, or whenever – and then you can find dozens of mistakes in it, regarding costumes, equipment who doesn’t fit to this certain decade…

    You wrote, they started shooting yesterday…I thought, the shootings had begun already before…or did you meant they started again (and after a break)?
    I believe has recently written that the shooting of DOATG has started already earlier? Am I misinformed?

  • ladybug

    @Cafélady: Regarding shooting, I saw that a lot, that they had already begun filming, but perhaps that was just exteriors/preproduction and location scouting. Because, per the producer’s twitter, actual filming with the actors started on Monday the 20th.

    Miranda Bailey Verified account ‏@ambushent
    15 hours until crew call for day 1 of “Diary of a Teenage Girl” shoot in San Fantasticaisco! @jormataccone whoop!
    3:02 PM – 19 Jan 2014

    Santress has some more fan pics:

  • @who?!

    He is secretly dating the unknown redhead :P she is really a brunette she is pettite, a writter and she is cute ;)

  • Cafélady

    @ladybug: Oh, ok then. So I guess he has to commute back and forth between both cities – L.A. and S.F. perhaps. I believe I’ve read somewhere that TB shootings also started now…
    Thanks for the link. Lovely mustache Alex… LoL :)
    When we talking about the 70′s – I’m waiting for the first pic with alex in a men’s shirt with a long, wide collar (you know, the typical 70′s men’s shirt)… :) some of the styles of the 70′s were really gruesome…exactly like some clothes from the 80′s… (*head shaking*) LoL
    And I’m happy that they didn’t gave him a long hair wig – because long hair style for men was also ‘in’ at that time…if I see some older pic’s (and movies) from the 70′s…

  • ladybug

    @Cafélady: As for TB filming, he may not have to commute. Per ASNet he hasn’t started filming TB yet. Remember that Buckner mentioned last summer, after the S6 final, that Eric and Pam’s storyline would be separate from the Bon Temps storyline. So it might be that he does all, or most of his filming of DOATG, and then starts filming TB, and he’ll still have some scenes in each of the first 2-4 episodes, though it might not be much.

    As for the rest of the DOATG, it could get very interesting, wardrobe-wise!

  • Cafélady

    @ladybug: Since you could be right. Sounds way more relaxed than the opportunity that he could be forced to commute.
    And anyway since we have obviously the farewell season of TB…but somehow it would be sad, if they would give Eric less screen presence as in S1 for instance. This wouldn’t be fair for this interesting and complex character. But we will see how it will go…

    As for the DOATG wardrobe: yes, indeed this could get really interesting! :) As I could already see; they do not exaggerate too much with the leg width of the jeans – like it actually was usual in the 70s…but may be, I rejoice too early, and it will also come yet…LoL

    For now, first I’m looking forward for Disconnect – it will start here (according to IMDB) at 01/30/2014.

  • porquenon


    It’s my understanding that Eric won’t be in the first two episodes of the season. This was decided last year due to his film schedule – whether it was decided due to this film or Tarzan (which may have been scheduled at the time), don’t know.

  • ladybug

    @porquenon: Nothing has actually been said whether or not Eric will be in the first episodes. I think TB wants to keep us guessing.
    What was said by Buckner was that Eric and Pam’s storyline would be separate from Bon Temps.
    Tarzan hasn’t been greenlit (officially), and wouldn’t have influenced the beginning of TB filming. DOATG may have, since I suspect he’s had that for quite a while, even before the rumors about it started.
    It is entirely possible for him not to film anything for TB until February, and yet still have some airtime the first few episodes.
    Of course, these damage control interviews Buckner did concerning the storyline were before the writers actually started writing for S7 so who knows what they’ve actually come up with. Sadly, I’m sure it involves more Alcide than anyone actually wants.

    @Cafélady: I enjoyed Disconnect. It wasn’t a happy movie, but it was a good one.

  • maria

    i dont understand why he chooses dont be on the first episodes of true blood, the serie that do him famous and popular, on his final season, and choose film a indie movie with probably small release and small fame and public, like his other indies the east, maisie, etc. he will have a less oportunities now that true blood ends, no big fans and press for support his indies movies, is sad.

  • ladybug

    @maria: to repeat, again, we don’t know if he’s not going to be on the first few episodes or not. We’ve not seen the scripts and they just started filming.
    Less opportunities, or more. TB’s not as popular as it once was, and for all the leads takes up some 7 months of their time, they’ve mentioned that they’ve previously had to turn down offers because of TB’s schedule. So perhaps with more time, actually more opportunities.

  • porquenon


    You’re right, nothing has actually been confirmed officially. That being said, to repeat, it is my understanding that Eric will not be in the first two episodes of the season. The decision was made last year due to Alex’s film schedule.

  • skarsbug

    @corina @Who?! NO. she (cw) is not dating that guy on instgram he is married to someone else …
    and anyway why would he allow a picture to bet aken of alex and caroline kissing with him standind right there!!!!!!!!

    and no alex is not with hat redhead writer that crap was just made up to keep the scent off the real girlfriend.
    same thing with paige bosworth charlize seyfried and all the other women he’s !!!unwillingly!!!!! papped with.