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Margot Robbie Joins 'Tarzan' & 'Z for Zachariah' Movies?

Margot Robbie Joins 'Tarzan' & 'Z for Zachariah' Movies?

Margot Robbie has reportedly landed two major new movie roles in the upcoming films Tarzan and Z for Zachariah!

The 23-year-old Wolf of Wall Street actress is in talks to play Jane opposite Alexander Skarsgard in the upcoming Tarzan remake, according to The Wrap.

Margot is also currently in negotiations to play the lead female role in the upcoming post-apocalyptic indie film Z for Zachariah, replacing Amanda Seyfried who had to drop out, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

She sure is being sought after following her big screen breakthrough opposite Leonardo DiCaprio!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Margot Robbie’s new movie roles?

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  • Gucci

    She is very pretty, but how is she 23? I would have guessed she was 28-30

  • bestman

    Tarzan why? One is indie movie whatever. Tarzan will flop with Alexander

  • bestman

    @Gucci: some woman looked old, they said the same of Olivia Wilde when she was 22

  • Mia

    I prefer Jessica Chastain

  • Sarah

    She’s in talks for Tarzan. They want her for the role, doesn’t mean she’ll do it or that she’s attached. Much like a lot of roles, the studio might want you for a part, but you might not want to take it.

    I hope she only does the indie with Chiwetel, a very talented actor! You’re way too talented to only play Jane.

  • bestman

    @Sarah: I agree if she needs a blockbuster, wait for a superhero film

  • johnsson

    Sarah, shes been in talks for a long time, this is the conformation.

  • Joe

    @Sarah: How is she actually talented, she’s just another hot girl, who only ever plays the hot girl, so it’s not really a stretch is it?
    Casting her as Jane will just cheapen the whole film.

  • Fercat

    People complained before that A. Seyfried was too old for the part. Now they got someone who looks even older. :)

    A chance for Margot Robbie to shed a bit of the ‘Hot Girl’ box she’s currently ticked in.

  • Sarah

    @Joe: She’s only done two movies, idiot. Have you actually seen Wolf of Wall Street. The breakup scene was a powerful scene and she did good. She might not be great yet, but she is certainly a good actress. I just can’t believe that she isn’t getting praise for her performance when she and Jennifer Lawrence basically played the same part in different movies, yet Margot did actually the Brooklyn accent great, I’m from Brooklyn, I know and Jennifer Lawrence’s accent was awful. So frustrating to hear an actor do our accent so bad and Margot did the sexy part of the role MILES better than Jennifer did yet Jennifer Lawrence gets an Oscar nomination, with that awful accent, and Margot does not because, Jennifer Lawrence is an overrated piece of shit actress who certainly didn’t deserve her nomination over Octavia Spencer, Sarah Paulson and even Margot. Scorsese is a legend in filmmaking and he does not choose bad actresses for his movies. Ever.

    Johnsson: She is in talks. Yet no conformation to come. I hope she doesn’t do it. It’s already looking like a flop. Too bad.

  • amelie

    i feel like this is the same thing that happened with amanda heard. i haven’t seen anything that this girl has ever been in but i already know everything about her. it’s obvious that her pr team are working overtime to get her out there as the new “It Girl”. she spins that line that she wants to be taken “seriously” as an actress but the reality is she will probably end up doing big blockbusters as the damsel in distress in a tight shirt & push up bra.

  • Joe

    @Sarah: You can’t even compare her to lawrence, she has range and has more accessible looks, all Robbie is ever going to be is the sexy love interest, Scorsese didnt need a great actress for her part, all she had to do was look hot and yell and over act a lot, and I heard her accent slip heaps of times, that whole film was a steaming pile of s**t anyway.

  • Cate

    I do not understand the casting for Z for Zachariah. In the book she was a a16 year old girl and first they cast Seyfried and now Robbie who looks about 30.

  • sorry

    Her looks match her personality? She’s the type of girl only men love.

  • Sarah

    I understand why people hate the movie, they clearly don’t understand the message behind it and someone like Scorsese doesn’t have to explain his movies but whatever. I like her and a lot of people I’ve heard, that are women like Margot Robbie. It’s sad that people are so vicious on the Internet towards girls, it’s so sad. I can’t understand why people need to complain about everything when it comes to women but never do so with men. You never hear this shit about Channing Tatum who only plays sexy guys, only women. Oh yes, Jennifer Lawrence has SUCH range. Her roles in Winter’s Bone, Hunger Games franchise, Burning Plain, Poker House are all the same. And she can play the sexy part too. Wow. What an actor.

    Anyways, she is beautiful and in my opinion, and a lot of critics’ opinions, very talented, oh and fellow actors too, on Twitter, as I’ve read. I’m not saying Margot is a great actress, but she is good; decent. You cannot compare her to Lupita. Lupita slays both Jennifer and Margot because she is TRAINED. And stunningly beautiful as well. She can do whatever she wants in life. Girls either love her or hate her. Such is life.

  • Brittany

    I find it ironic that Margot has two films lined up and Lupita who is nominated for an oscar has none…

  • lolo


    Yeah, i also thought she was close to 30. She’s a stunner though.

  • Amanda

    She’s very pretty! Love her in Pam Am, such a shame that show had to be canceled.

  • @Brittany

    That’s Hollywood for you. ‘Cause we need more tall and skinny blonds obviously.

    I don’t feel this Tarzan project at all. I could see Alexander as Tarzan, he does have a range that goes further than True Blood but with Margot as Jane we sure have a very blonde and tall Tarzan and Jane couple. It doesn’t feel quite right to me. Also the age difference is glaring but I guess that’s Hollywood. Sad.

  • Lee

    Margot Robbie is at a crossroad in her career. The next film she chooses will determine what films she is offered and make in the future. IMHO

    I thought she held her own in TWOW and that she has the potential to be more than the “Hot Chick”.

    Similar to Michelle Pfeiffer (Grease II, Scarface), Charlize Theron (That Thing You Do, Italian Job), Cameron Diaz (pretty much all of her films).

  • Cate

    @Brittany: Yep. Very sad and very telling But she’s a blonde white chick so there’s no surprise there sadly.

  • Hmm

    I dont know about this one. They look like brother and sister in that picture. Tarzan running around with his sister in the jungle. Perhaps if they dyed Alex hair black, it could work, or hers.

  • Margot Robbie…

    suck a lot of d*** to get to where she is. Not very talented at all. But good for her, her “hard work” is finally paying off. Will Smith must be so very proud!

  • @23

    You sound like a teenage girl jealous of the pretty girl which is just typical but it’s beyond weird as you don’t even know her. Yet you’re making judgments about her based on her looks.

    Margot is obviously very talented as well as beautiful. Martin Scorsese doesn’t cast just anybody in his films, they have to be very good actors. So your claim that she just had to look is very ignorant.

    You seem to ignore the fact Margot as an Australian had to portray a woman from Brooklyn, mastering not only the accent but be believable & convincing as the character. Jimmy Kimmel said he’s from Brooklyn & he thought her accent was perfect & he had no clue she wasn’t American.

    I think she’s also creating a lot of buzz in Hollywood not only for the role as critics & others are realizing she’s actually Australian yet nailed the role & also because she comes in across interviews as very funny, likable & down to earth. Her interview with Kimmel was hilarious & entertaining.

  • Margot is beautiful

    and talented.Wish her the best!!!

  • haha

    she sounds like a hateful piece of sh^t.

    Dont bother. It’s not worth it.

  • jackie hammack

    I am 33 years old and I still look young looks are not everything

  • Kate bosworth 2.0

    Another one 4 Alex to date , young, pretty, blond , model , thin, yep we will be hearing rumors of them hooking up here and there after some red carpet event, and how they were touchy feely , holding hands, quick kiss, seen at a bar left together , you know the whole Kate bosworth 2.0 again

    You know Alex is gonna go there again he carnt help himself, and marggot robbie she will jump to the chance get her a bit of fame and press

  • Ah yes

    Ahhhhhh yes Alex is will luv m robbie , I am waiting four the set reports how they flirted on set , and low and behold a movie date at arclight cinema to promote the heck out of TARZEN just like he did with straw straw dogs & k bosowrth, with paps and he looking all pissy and pussy as they ask M robbie are you two dating is it a date ??.?.??. And reps issue a report THERE JUST GOOD FRIENDS AND THEY DONT TALK ABOUT THERE PRIVATE LIFE And she all smirking while banging Alex at night …and Alex still acting pissy while he is pressed are you dating M robbie while still banging her

    I bet I am close to the scenario