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Brad Pitt Touches Down in Sydney After Awards Weekend!

Brad Pitt Touches Down in Sydney After Awards Weekend!

Brad Pitt waves to the cameras while arriving at the airport on Tuesday morning (January 21) in Sydney, Australia.

The 50-year-old actor is back down under to be with his family after spending the weekend in Los Angeles to attend some awards shows.

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Brad was in attendance at the Producers Guild Awards where he won the award for Best Picture for 12 Years a Slave. He also attended the SAG Awards where he was nominated alongside the cast for Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture.

FYI: Brad is wearing Thom Browne Eyewear.

15+ pictures inside of Brad Pitt landing in Sydney…

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brad pitt touches down in sydney after awards weekend 01
brad pitt touches down in sydney after awards weekend 02
brad pitt touches down in sydney after awards weekend 03
brad pitt touches down in sydney after awards weekend 04
brad pitt touches down in sydney after awards weekend 05
brad pitt touches down in sydney after awards weekend 06
brad pitt touches down in sydney after awards weekend 07
brad pitt touches down in sydney after awards weekend 08
brad pitt touches down in sydney after awards weekend 09
brad pitt touches down in sydney after awards weekend 10
brad pitt touches down in sydney after awards weekend 11
brad pitt touches down in sydney after awards weekend 12
brad pitt touches down in sydney after awards weekend 13
brad pitt touches down in sydney after awards weekend 14
brad pitt touches down in sydney after awards weekend 15
brad pitt touches down in sydney after awards weekend 16
brad pitt touches down in sydney after awards weekend 17

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  • groundcontrol

    Vicki, hi love. So nice to see you here. We miss you.

  • Bizzy Bee–99459.html

    Local interview of Jonh Riddley, 12YAS screenwriter. He has great things to say about Brad. This is a movie that comes around once in a lifetime. Movies like American Hustle come out every couple of years. It reminds me of The Departed, which did it better. f

    Papa Pitt has arrived back in Oz to his family, he’ll have many open arms waiting for him.

  • BlogBrat

    @*FILTHY JOLIE WHORE PANTIES* ~ You are officially my new hero….I have been sitting here roflmfao at your comments….You fcked up the 2nd page for the J/P trolls…They hate that…They were just sitting under their bridge waiting for someone to fight with….You can always tell when they have like 2 or 3 word comments…Or 1 short sentence…Usually they are rambling on like the deranged trolls that they are…Thanks for leaving my name out of that…I didn’t understand all of it, but it still made my friend & I laugh…Of course we are drinking some very good Merlot…

    So Pitty Pothead made it to see his kids…He won’t stay long …He has proven that…He’ll be a skid mark by the weekend……

  • Bizzy Bee

    @anustin, you’re cracking me up tonight!

    As we all have heard, Johnny Depp is engaged. But what about the 15 years he spent with his ex, unmarried? I’ve heard one of his excuses was that he didn’t want her to lose her beautiful last name, pffffft. I hope she took a good chunk of his money.

    Two years later he’s engaged to some hussy whose name I don’t care to know. That’s men for you.

  • William Bradley&The Jolie

    NIce to see him arrive safely. And smiling all the way from LA to Australia. Happy to be back with his wife and children.

  • twitter

    Courtney Pattinson
    Brad Pitt is back on the Gold Coast. He flew in this morning. We even got a wave. @9NewsGoldCoast #bradpitt #gc

  • groundcontrol

    Merlot? Ah, simple wines for simple minds. Amusez-vous bien!

  • William Bradley&The Jolie


    The GC is on fire!

  • Dc

    Safely back with his family. Hopefully, there will be pics with him visiting Angelina as she directs – like ITLOBAH. Oh I hope so, Love ya Brad, congrats on PGA win! Well deserved.

  • Joya


    SAG ? Or after party?

  • tweet

    Lupita Nyong’o ‏@Lupita_Nyongo
    Catch me on the Queen Latifah Show this Tuesday Jan 21st. qlshow #12YearsASlave

  • twitter

    @Joya: I guess you are asking about the picture of Brad with Dede, It was taken at the PGA

  • BlogBrat

    What I get from Bizzy Bee’s comment is that it was not ok for an unmarried Johnny Depp to get engaged 2 years after a split….But a very married Brad Pitt hooked up with his hussy while he was still with his wife…..hmmmmmmm…..I guess Bizzy Bee thinks of Ho-lee as Brads hussy then…I am glad to hear a troll admit to that…..It’s a start….

  • Cassi

    That was at SAG.

  • wfb

    Do not feed the troll.

    Let it wallow in its misery.

  • Media Wh@re MANiston

    @Bizzy Bee:

    I don’t care about JD’s engagement. I’m happy for him. He cheated on Vanessa while he was filming TRD and he got a pass. MANiston broke up a 14 years relationship and she got a pass too.

  • Mother of Tamshit

    Darling!You still here??You fullme shamelless,my gay/boy…Mammy don´t like this.!.what hell are new nicknames The ring,Blog Brat,you insane?Come back to yours tv comics and gay magazines, you is ridiculous here,hour after hour,is tired!

  • Mother of Tamshit

    Baby Tamshit!Your cousin´s here,and have new dresses and tiaras for you!Go way this computer and comes to play fashionweek!

  • lucy

    @Bizzy Bee: I find this odd, to say the least, has Johnny lost his marbles along with his scarves. Amber “came out” as a full blown Lesbian, not bisexual not long before she supposedly got with Johnny, she said it was women for her from now on, and bam, Johnny Depp comes along and “turns” her, yeah, sure. Poor Johnny seems to be in the middle of some full blown mid life crisis, and this Amber woman is taking full advantage of him, plus Johnny seems to have a substance abuse problem. Oh well, all the 50 year stars can’t be as happy in their private lives as Brad is.

  • Zenith

    Winning PGA proves Brad Pitt is the best producer in HW.

  • tweet

    When you make a movie you make three. The one you write. The one you shoot. And the one you edit.

  • siennagold

    He looks young and more handsome with his new look!

  • Joya


    No I don’t think so he wore a tux to GA and Dede wore roal blue. This was SAG or the after party.

  • Ⱦamsin


    You beat me to that statement. LOL.

    Funny how the drug addict can’t change out of his stained shirt but he can put on another pair of sunglasses. I guess these conceal his dilated pupils and empty stare better after shooting up, of course.

    And of course he’s down under visiting his kids. Oscars are like a political race. He wants to get a couple of carefully staged pap shots that show his fatherly side, he thinks those will buy him some sympathy from voters! Desperate should be his middle name instead of “Bradley”. Bwahahaa.

  • Ⱦamsin


    Hey there BlogBrat! I am also in awe of FWJP’s outstanding, devoted hard work for over a year. It’s not a real thread until FWJP shows up, and even better, its posts are actually on topic, unlike the loons’ unjustified vitriol towards Jen Aniston.

    FJWP should also add the list of people the Ho has slept with and gotten dumped by… they’re about 69 people (her favorite number, no less). I can’t wait to see it!

  • lalala

    Waiting for more pics of the Jolie-Pitts to drive Tamsh!t even more craaazzzyyy. She’s glued to Brad & Angie. Bet she’s had dreams about them.

  • wfb

    We need some pesticide for the trolls.

  • DULC€

    Regarding what you said about me, in the last thread… YEAH!! i know that this TWISTED & SICK poster Tamsh!t, threaten to stab Angelina 100 times if she saw her in the street and YEAH!! that bother me!! I”m glad that Brad and Angelina has good security!! But PLEASE don’t say that i have talk to this VILE poster Tamsh!t, because that is NOT truth!! This pathetic creature, try to talk to me, BUT i ignore it, because i will NOT talk to someone who had say the most horrible things towards the Jolie-Pitt’s and i’m glad that the VILE words of this VILE creature has NO affect towards the Jolie-Pitt family!! On the contrary… All this hate that this poster Tamsh!t has for this celebrity family… is consuming this creature!! TALK ABOUT POETIC JUSTICE!!
    And this is the fisrt & LAST time, i will talk about this SICK poster!!

  • the ring

    the father of the year is going to visit his children and calls the paps .. it is sure that the weekend returns to london or L.A

  • the ring

    MY DARLINGS LOONS when pitty wants pics they are … the victory of gravity needs promotion with the children

    that man more hypocrite ¡¡¡

  • DULC€

    @the ring:
    OH PLEASE!! You are a IDIOT!! and a Pathetic one!! Yeah, remember what you say in a past thread??, let me remind you… “I will never forgive Brad for what he did to Jen”!!

  • fyi

    Ruslan Kogan, the guy tweeted sitting next to Brad on the flight from LA to Sydney is the third richest Australian under the age of 40 with a personal wealth valued at $315 million. He also tweeted a pic he took with Brad. This guy is supposed to be under 40, but he looks much older than Brad.

    Ruslan Kogan ‏@ruslankogan 6h

    Landed in Aus. Brought a friend :p #bradpitt

  • Passing Through

    # 275 BlogBrat @ 01/20/2014 at 9:36 pm
    I see Up Her Own Ass took off her Klan hood tonight. And she’s has another new name, too, Shocking! Tell Mel’sADumbAssHo I said howdy!

  • the chin

    I never forgive BP when He married the Chin Anuston… THEN…
    Hello Angie… Buh bye Chinny chin chin… Thank you Lord…
    Thank you thank you thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuu!

  • Another Fan

    @ASIANS CAN READ MINDS!!!!!!!!!:

    That is so surprising because I am a full blooded Asian but I can’t read minds. Hos is that possible?

  • Danielle

    Can the paps just leave him alone now?? I would hate to be followed around this much.

  • the ring


    LOLLOL LOL LOL tickyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy¡¡¡

  • the ring


    He has called them, my love

  • wfb

    Yeah right, because Brad is not an A-llist that is hunted by the stalkerazzis.

  • okayyy

    oh I just can’t even now… but
    so benno was semi ignored at GG etc no one talked about him much..
    but at PGA he make sure he is not forgotten…haaa!!!
    I am in little mean mood for making me work at night lol but Isn’t LD a new benoo? He will do what Brad do I just figured out after 3 of a kind …. haaa!!!!

  • okayyy

    what is that tramp is ranting about…..
    can’t people do what movies they want anymore? I think MLK story can be inspirational etc….

  • okayyy

    ok lastly here is for hoping to see Brad and Angie at Oscars…no one will be as exciting to me as usual… by that time angie will be wrapping up the movie not?
    I think maleficent set to hit 500m ww. I am not hitting over that. It was was a lot bigger than that constantly for a while but don’t know why still looks it ll do more than like for example a lot of movies like x-men etc talking around it etc … but know it is not as big as before. I talk 4 month after things while we have closer things… crazy right?! ok stop. lol
    btw DGA is still going for SM .
    anyways, I would love to see our favorite family pictures.when check back soon.

  • okayyy

    Congrats to Brad on PGA again . it was awesome. I wish I can see what he said somwhere… I know someone asked for it too.

  • gia74

    ROTFLMAO.. poor Tampshit.. you know it is the tiny mistakes that trolls make that give them away. Then they try to cover them up. Tampon dropped the ball left so many clues that you are changing name.. such a freak.

  • jen the hag

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  • jen the hag

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  • nok thailand

    Badass. :)


    Ruslan Kogan was born to Russian Jewish parents and moved with his sister Svetlana and parents to Australia in 1989.[Ruslan Kogan (born November 1982)[1][5] is a serial entrepreneur, and founder and CEO of Kogan Technologies as well as one of the founders of Milan Direct, an Australian and UK furniture retailer.
    t Kickstart Forum 2008, in Gold Coast Australia, Ruslan Kogan was called a ‘loudmouthed punk’, when he said the future of retail was heading online.

  • busted

    Welcome back to the family Mr. Pitt and Looking good.

  • busted

    @jen the hag:

    too late. She was at some face treatment place the other day. Thing is NOBODY CARES.. Even the Hags.

    I hope we see the family. I love seeing pics of them. Brad looked happy to be done. and I think he is done until the Oscars or maybe BAFTA. We will have to see. But he has to be exhausted. But I think when you are use to traveling it is not as hard.