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Selena Gomez & Niall Horan Spotted Hanging Out in London!

Selena Gomez & Niall Horan Spotted Hanging Out in London!

Selena Gomez and Niall Horan pose for some fun photos with fans while hanging out together on Sunday (February 16) in London, England.

The 21-year-old actress/singer and the 20-year-old One Direction member seemed to be in great spirits while greeting their fans, who hid their identities in the picture with some strategically placed cat faces. Lol!

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Earlier in the weekend, Selena was seen catching a flight out of LAX Airport and heading to London.

DO YOU THINK Selena Gomez and Niall Horan are just friends or more than that?

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  • Lauren901

    Why is there cat pic over the fans face?

  • leila


  • Sarah


  • Lauren

    @Lauren901: To hide their identity.

  • aine

    When will people realise she only goes out with people when they are/ are becoming popular. Nick Jonas, Taylor lautner and Justin Bieber have all had their day in the spotlight and now the bitchh feels its Niall horans turn

  • karne
  • M

    I didn’t even know they were friends?? When did that happen? Niall isn’t dating Selena nor is he going to. He likes to be single.

  • Darcy

    She needs to date older. All of her hookups are under the age of 21. Boys not men.

  • Sarah.

    @aine: finally someone else who noticed it! She gotta do what she gotta do to get some publicity.. Her music is okay, not amazing. Haven’t seen much of her acting skills but I bet it’s better than her music, so she should stick to that.

  • liz

    surely they’re friends. selena doesn’t seem to be into blondes at all. if I recall correctly, selena’s best friend taylor swift has remained friends with niall even after her break up from harry styles.

  • Kelly

    I wouldn’t be surprised. Selena likes them snow bunnies.

  • Alexandra

    Let her be people .. Why do you need to comment nasty things about her she didnt do anything to you o.O maybe their really friends they just dont spend much time on the camera

  • http://mickalawells1 mickala

    calm down! famous people always hang out with famous people, so they’re probs just friends.

  • Alex

    Niall is a million times cuter than Biebs. Go Selena lol :-)

  • JJ

    I still can’t believe the claims about Selena only dating guys because they are famous. She’s an actress/singer/celebrity so of course she’s going to be dating someone from the industry. She’s smart, funny, mature, nice, friendly etc., all the things that a decent guy is looking for so doesn’t that make her an ideal girlfriend for a lot of celebrities? It may be hard to believe because people still look at her as a teen star but she is a cut above the rest. If you were in her shoes, and you had these exact guys after you (minus Bieber 2.0 edition) wouldn’t YOU go out with them??

    I know I would! ;)

  • Tea’Anna

    They would actually be a cute couple and believe or not I actually wanted
    Niall to stay single.

  • Maria

    Well, he is certainly a LOT cuter than that punk, Bieber. I feel a bit sorry for these superstar celebs, who can’t maintain good relationships because of their schedules. They seem lonely and always looking for love. But then again, they have all that money to make them happy, right? It never does, people.

  • http://RuwiniNW Nicole

    dont touch Niall -_-

  • Abbigayle


    Thank you! I know this sounds weird but i look up to him like a brother but i like him a lot and Sel…… lets just say i don’t get along very well with her…….. don’t even think about asking why.

  • Bobby

    @Nicole: She gets great publication him. She’s a mediocre actress and singer but dating and breaking up with Justin is really where the money is at. Are people blind?

  • Niall1DHoran

    I prefer Demi to Niall.

  • Kris

    Guys.. Have you ever heard of the term ‘friends’ ? Niall was at Taylor’s concert like a week ago and then there were rumors they were an item and now selena and niall. I’m pretty sure they are just friends

  • Sammy


    What are you like 12? Stop hating.

  • Some Random Directioner

    At least Niall doesn’t look like her younger brother…

  • verox87

    Run Niall run…
    God she’s so desperate fro publicity

  • fack u all

    gosh u people are sick it doesn’t mean they date if they were hanging out

  • Rachel

    I think they’re friends and they look cute together.

  • Olivia

    I shipped them yesterday and I still do today

  • Perez

    Oh, ok, wooow. So apperanlty, if two people are seen in a picture together, they must be dating! I took a picture with my dog yesterday THAT MUST MEAN IM DATING MY DOG!!

  • Brenda

    @aine: wow why judge someone you don’t know obviously she going to date someone in the music industry because that’s what she is exposed to. You can’t expect her to be single all her life.

  • Sela

    I hope they date and niall treats her with respect after all the pain biebs put her through lyk taking chantel 2 panama as a girl i felt her pain i love u niall

  • http://@chimzzywizzy katzy_i_am_a_directioner

    Eish so many haters for selena and if niall wanna date her then let it be so

  • Alessandra

    I feel that selena does some talent. If she was completely talentless she wouldn’t be in that kind of biz. But to remain popular and to make money, you need publicity. I’d I believe that some of her relationships were for publicity. But with justin, it looked real. And then he started to screw up well, because, he’s been under the eye of the paparazzi since he was 12 so it was bound to happen. But then selena is acting like a bitch.

  • http://@melainesamantha melaine samantha

    let’s just agree that Selena is not the worst person Niall has dated and is most definitely not the best either. she falls somewhere in between

  • http://@melainesamantha melaine samantha

    let’s just agree that Selena is not the worst person Niall has dated and is most definitely not the best either. hmmmm she falls somewhere in between i guess.

  • http://FaceBook Abby

    Selena does good things for people and her fans so you basically don’t like her cause of the good and just because shes done bad things doesn’t mean anything I mean everybody has just saying Sel is a good person :*

  • http://FaceBook Abby


  • KeShayla

    Dude. For one Selena and Niall would look like a great couple . If you guys really were great 1D fans, then you would be happy for them . Harry’s already taken to Kendall , Louis to Eleanor, Liam to .. uhh I forgot .. and Zayn to Perrie so be happy for Niall just like your happy for all the others. And if there just friends then there just friends. I mean I’ll tell the truth I wish Harry and Niall were single but not everything comes true . I wish it did. But be happy for him if he is dating Selena. If he’s not then you can be happy about that as well . Lol :)

  • Steephhanieex3

    Let her be, she’s been through a lot with Justin. We’ve all had bad breakups so I don’t understand why most you are judging her. She’s a beautiful and amazing person and I want her to have only but the best. So what if she dates famous people, she’s not the only one. You go Selena! Keep doing what you’ve got to do (:

  • Mikayla

    Ugh I seriously think that they are friends … Because it was like this with Barbra palvin too !!!! But even if they aren’t just friends .. Nails a big boy and can make his desicions …. And to be honest I truthfully think Selena is just using him to get justin back because of what he did !!!!