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Alexander Skarsgard: 'True Blood' Turns Riley Smith into a Sexy Vampire for Season 7!

Alexander Skarsgard: 'True Blood' Turns Riley Smith into a Sexy Vampire for Season 7!

Alexander Skarsgard carries his own luggage while catching a flight out of LAX Airport on Tuesday (March 4) in Los Angeles.

A few weeks ago, the 37-year-old Swedish actor was spotted keeping a low profile while stocking up on groceries at Whole Foods Market in Hollywood.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Alexander Skarsgard

It was recently announced that Riley Smith has joined the seventh and final season of Alexander‘s hit show True Blood, which will air in summer this year.

Riley will play “Keith, a sexy, rock ‘n’ roll vampire with a romantic side.”

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  • toriiw

    This guy is S

    Alex is SO hot. Glad that he can now get back to movies and the stage. TB will NEVER be the same with limiting his performances.


  • Slinky the Cat

    I missed seeing that sexy mug of his at the Oscar parties, but he’s looking as beautiful as ever here. Yep, this’ll do! Yummy!

  • Cari


  • Miauumiauu

    Hei..daddy :p

  • marina

    what has he in his hand .I wonder what’s inside

  • d

    His performances were limited due to his being effectively fired last season at the demand of SM and Anna P. You see SM was promised all t he screen time and the fans and the fame, but Alex came along, and changed all of that ;) He came back for the fans, Buckner had to bring him back, but he would only use him when he deemed fit. This season will be all about Bill and his miraculous turn around from major douche to wonderful caring, non lying hero …. lolololo Alex/Eric will not interact with anyone in the cast other than Pam, and all of that will take place in Sweden. I believe the character is dead, but all will not be revealed until the end of the series. It is very sad, because Alex considered these people friends. This information is all from behind the scenes sources from over the last couple of years of bitching and moaning on the set and behind the scenes, from season 4 until last season. Buckner did not have the guts to stand up to the bullies. Too bad. Alex is True Blood, not the simpering AP or the wooden SM.

  • BJ

    Ohhhh…. pleeeaaassseee… go get a life!

  • maria

    @d: you are so true

  • Yah

    He’s flying to Paris for a rendezvous with Margot. That or his baby mama is about to give birth. Lol. Too bad if it were true about that SM rumor, I think Eric deserves Sookie though he didn’t end up with her in the books.

  • corina

    @d: I think you’re right . I get the feeling that as has been used by people he thought were friends .

  • Give me a break

    Considering how the books end, it’s hardly strange that the show most likely won’t end with a Eric-Sookie pairing. It does seem strange though that the show won’t use Eric/Alex more as he certainly seems to be the breakout star from the series. I’m not sure internet gossip about Anna and Stephen pulling their weight to stop Alex from becoming a bigger name on the show is to be trusted but regardles it is strange. Well, it is to an Alex-fan at least. Another thing is if Alex himself minds being a smaller part of the show. I could imagine he doesn’t actually mind much at this point – TB not being what it was, the time it takes from other projects and so on.

  • need more dish

    but alex gets $350/episode same as sm and ap though?? all 3 get the same and even if they use alex for 5 out of 10 episodes it’s union rules they have to pay him for whole 10 episode season so sm and ap can suck it ,, literally. but give more gossip please?? I have heard all his castmates save for kbvs and they preacher guy Michael hate him and taunt him.. please dish?? he trusted all the wrong people.

  • hrm

    Speaking of Margot. When is this Tarzan thing suppose to start shooting?

  • ladybug

    @need more dish: All his castmates hate him? Riiight.

    And this weird stuff about AP and SM trying to get him fired is bizarre.

    @hrm: No shooting date set yet. Margot is filming a movie in NZ, Waltz will be filming a movie in April and Alex is filming TB. I wouldn’t be surprised if it doesn’t start until mid-summer or a bit later.

  • Cafélady

    He looks stunningly good here – and that in a simple bleached blue jeans and a white T… A simple outfit – but great effect!
    There are a lot of more pics on santress and ASM – good grief, he needs almost a gun license for this charming smile! ;)

    As for S7: I don’t think, that AP and SM had something to do with it, that eric possibly has less screen time in S7. And I say only POSSIBLY. Up to now, we still do not know any details. Should eric’s role actually be smaller then, then this could be owed to the story. The script authors changed so much of the storyline – compared with the books. So everything is still open – so to say. And anyway if one bethink the season final of S6. We will see.

    I can’t imagine, that any of his castmates would wish him any harm – and it wouldn’t make sense anyway. Sookie and Bill are as much important for the show as eric (as long as the whole thing is based on the books), and therefore also the actors – even though eric is the more interesting character, for several reasons.
    Sure, the show isn’t imaginable without the character of eric – and without alex in that role. And surely every actor is interested to get much resonance by the audience – but that’s a normal professional ambition. But it doesn’t mean, that you would wish a colleague something bad, because he or she has (for the moment) the bigger attention.

    @marina: To me, it looks like one of these Protection boxes, where you put in a rolled poster/big picture. May be he bought something like this, during his stay.

  • where

    wonder where’s going

  • hrm

    Thanks for info! Hope it will be a blockbuster!

  • @hrm

    Thanks for the wishes! It seems that your hopes for everything else in your life have vanished. Hope they will return properly by the time the movie is out!

  • @hrm

    Got ur comment wrong, apologize. I read it as I hope it will go to blockbuster. You are right, I am all over the place today. Join you in sincere wishes.

  • ladybug

    @Cafélady: He’s got a mailing tube with a Milk Studios label on it. What is is, probably a print or something.

    As for TB and Eric’s screen time: I don’t know, and neither does anyone else. I think the AP and SM ‘are plotting against’ Alex conspiracy theories have been out there for awhile and pop up again every so often.

    @where: Where is he going? He checked in at the British Airways gate, so presumable off to London. If he goes anywhere else, who knows.

  • sexy pants

    Oh Hey Alexander Skarsgard Hey!

    Aww look at this sexy hot SOB making his way through LAX Swag and all. LAX just got Werk! But Where ya going Swedish Boo with the extremely tight fitted white shirt (TacK!) that is showing off those man pecs of his extremely well. Gawwwwwd he is looking fit and fine. I would Own it Lawd knows I would. (as the great Meryl said in Ausgust I am just Truth telling is all)

    As for Truth telling the best thing Tru Blood can do is make a Eric Northman movie the early years cause I have never felt so ripped off by an awesome Character as I was with his I have yet had closer for Eric Northman because they never really gave him much when he could have been the most awesome TV character to date. So someone needs to get on that and trust me there is $$$$$$$$$ to be made from that for everyone.

    Did I already ask where is going? That’s all I care about so WHERE!!! I need to know! Cause I just turned around and he ain’t here. Sad face, just sad that I am not all over that hot Swedish bod. Morning Noon and Night and just after dessert YUM! Yes he is! I might just weep into everyting I own. “might”

    Who don’t like my posts just go sucK IT! You may all resume.

  • need more dish

    what happened to keith and fares?? have they had a falling out?
    he is never without kieth at least. did kieth have to get a real job? I don’t see him in the photos..

  • Bad Taste/mean girls

    i actually believe that .there was an article back in feb 2011 US weekly stating that there where serious probables with s.moyer and a.paquin and though those gossip rags are usually comletley full od shite it just made real sense after watching season 4 and all the fake lovey dovey crap that came after the s4 screenings.
    and especially season 5 the producers forced sm and as together for a whole season just to make them seem to get along!! and it was all to the detriment of the show .
    i dont much like either bill or moyer i think he’s and egotist and jealous of alex and his own wife!!!

  • Bad Taste/mean girls

    oh but it was quite clear alex wanted/needed to leave the show …maybe he was exhausted and they make them work even if theyre not feeling well .

  • puppydog

    …or maybe alex is not the angel you think he is

  • need more dish

    no one is an angel when they are being ganged up on and bullied.. especially when he is getting 250k/episode and doesn’t want to see that go. after they tried to kill him off in s6. he renegotiated for $$$bill ya’ll

  • Cafélady

    @ladybug: yes…a mailing tube – I couldn’t remember the right word… :)
    Milk Studios? Do you mean the swedish company with the same name (that’s what I could find after a fast look in the net)? If they also sell (art) prints – then yes, possible that in the tube was a print or something.
    May be a present for someone?

    As for the ‘they all plotting against alex’-theories: I have to admit, I’m always a bit astonished if I read some of these theories (the conspiracy theorists forget constantly that ALL TB-actors always talk about “how good the mood on set always is” and “that it feels a bit like family” and the like) – but obviously some people need their little ‘scandals’… LoL
    Or for me “the wish was the father of the thought” again – means, the idea that they all feel well in company with the others and some of them also build up friendships behind the scenes and so on – it sounds so much better, than the ‘scandals’…
    May be, I focus too much onto the positive again…or as one of the trolls wrote recently: perhaps I’m not nasty enough for this here, and in general… ;)

  • need more dish

    when every cast says “we’re all family” we all love each other and get along” “it’s soooo much fun on set”
    studio pr is ordering them to say that.

  • need more dish

    even during original bh90210 days they all swore “they loved each other” and “it’s like one big family”
    they are actors.. they stick to script..

  • ladybug

    @Cafélady: The Milk Studio I was thinking of was this one:

    But I could be wrong.

    As for the TB ‘infighting’, it is more ‘juicy’ for less reliable gossips (or commenters) to paint the TB set as some sort of ego-driven group of actors who all hate each other. But after 7 seasons you’d think something actually verifiable and substantiated would have come out by now.

    And for now I will do my best not to play with a certain poster.

  • Chrissy

    Wow, Alex looks great – relaxed, happy, just living his life. He makes a simple white t-shirt and jeans look amazing!
    The above “conspiracy theory” concerning SM/AP versus Alex seems fishy – they seem like good friends although IMO Alex is closest to Kristen Bauer on the TB set. I believe that they all renegotiated for Season 7 with Alex returning with the understanding that he would be allowed less time on the show so that he could pursue other jobs – I believe he had stated that being on TB caused him to miss out on a lot of other interesting projects over the years. So, if he’s on the show less, it was his choice not a result of any jealousy from Stephen or Anna.

  • Follow the Leader

    @need more dish: I was thinking about the same thing, especially Keith. Fares seems to have his own career and he stays in Sweden, but Keith just seems to follow around Alex. He is also an actor but what has he ever been in?

  • NoThisOne
  • Mel

    @NoThisOne: Yeah…….. I think meatballs will be alone in her shipping.
    Not only is she 15 years younger then him, but she sounds like bad news, after the will smith boob flashing incident, her camp leaking stories about an affair with Leo, acting like a diva and rude to people while filming About Time, and coming across as a try hard in interviews, and she deffinetly is the type to be gunning for a high profile celeb relationship, I think bosworth will seem the lesser of 2 evils by comparison, I really hope Alex has lived and learned from last time.

  • @mel

    @ mel. Have not followed her acting career, but her concern for “kiss scenes” only is very consistent with her role in cancelled Pan-Am. She was more like a sexual exhibit than an actress there. But it may have gotten better, as I said I know nothing about her after Pan-Am. Btw, someone needs to teach her to promote wisely because again the “tall/kiss” whatever rumble is for Tarzan–girl, horny don’t always sell. I strongly believe people want to see something more. Frankly, it just screams: “I can’t wait for that!” (but I wouldn’t blame you). Back to this thread: he looks happy and relaxed. If his TB appearances have been reduced in the last season, it’s just my thought that there could be a mystery about it. But I cannot speculate to that.

  • Bosie

    Yea you guys are right. People want to see a romance, a genuine romance, it’s not going to work w them on tarzan..

  • Nova

    O lookie..he is holding a long….white….papyrus?

  • P

    He’s gone to London to his baby mama!

  • romance

    #36, it will or it won’t. I don’t see why not, but I cannot speculate. And re: 15 years age difference, don’t worry about it. The man looks much more fresh than her. perhaps if she eases on the heavy-overdone make-up, she would at least show off her real age. The man is complete. Damn, i find myself getting distracted by gossip.

  • Nova

    @Romance. Chemistry is magic I can tell they have none it will show on screen. Age is an irelevant number. She looks like a man w/out make up…not being mean or anything just the honest truth.. You cannot fake a romance without being a good actor. Sorry.

  • Hello


    This man is Gorgeous – who the hell is blessed enough to be his baby mama? lol

  • Henry Aitken

    I agree,meatballs will be the only one shipping them as Margot Robbie have a boyfriend: Henry Aitken.

  • angeland mother of his baby ;

    @P: here we go again .He has a lot of babies one in la one in London and do not forget that one in Sweden . but no one has ever seen those babies or the mothers .

  • meatballs

    #42. Oh, a last thing. #42, here’s the response to meatballs. “thanks for the reminder. But it seems that people’s lives, our lives, don’t revolve around who’s with Alexander Skarsgard, or trust me, who is between his legs.” We all know that, for a fact, do we?

  • Henry Aitken

    If you don’t care about who is with Alex then why you are here? you are a hypocrite.

  • Swoon

    Unbelievably sexy man!
    @Chrissy: I agree with you on doubting the TB conspiracy theories. I truly doubt that the other castmates are against him for having a more popular character or getting more attention etc… I’m not sure about how much money each one makes per episode but I think if the salaries were extremely uneven then that might be the only issue that would cause tension or problems on set. But, like I said, I don’t know how much each one makes so I can’t speculate on that.
    “I believe that they all renegotiated for Season 7 with Alex returning with the understanding that he would be allowed less time on the show so that he could pursue other jobs – I believe he had stated that being on TB caused him to miss out on a lot of other interesting projects over the years.” <— I completely agree with you on this, and I for one would love to see him do more films.

  • Henry Aitken

    I do care to wish him well, and I have good feelings about him. But with who he is, should/and is irrelevant to me, as it absolutely make no difference in my life. That was my point. But thanks for calling me a hypocrite; try to figure out why I turned you off that way. Shall I remind you that just the fact that I’m here, wasting your time and mine too, says enough: how irrelevant I am.

  • Babymoma

    Wouldn’t it be insane funny though if out of nowhere..he stepped out with some woman and a baby on his arms?? Lol…lol..:D…

  • Burp

    @Henry Aitken:
    There is a rumour that she dating this dude. But she hasnt confirmed it. Neither has he. And Alex himself has said, that dating actresses is tough.
    Because of long time apart on different filmsets. If true, that she dating this lad, good luck to them, its gonna be tough holding it together.

  • Henry Aitken

    @Henry Aitken:
    First use another nickname (as you will confuse Alex fans and rest),second “turn me off?” how you turn me off??? you don’t even know me and third just by be here and reply to me shows that you do care about who he is with.