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Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez Are Smokin' Up the Dance Floor - Watch Now!

Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez Are Smokin' Up the Dance Floor - Watch Now!

Check out Justin Bieber going shirtless sexy while heating up the dance floor with Selena Gomez in two new videos posted on his Instagram!

In case you missed it, the 20-year-old singer dedicated a song to Selena while performing at the Scooter Braun Projects Sunday Funday Showcase during the 2014 SXSW Music, Film + Interactive Festival.

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“Love how some people love to twist and justify the horrible action of others. We all have a right to defend ourselves and feel harassed,” Justin recently tweeted after his deposition videos were released publicly.

FYI: Selena is wearing A Fine Line Clothing sweatpants.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of the undeniable chemistry between Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez?

Click inside for the second video of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez dancing…

Justin Bieber – Instagram Video 2

Just Jared on Facebook

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  • Me

    You didn’t post the other video of them dancing, the sexier one :))

  • love them

    They are absolutely adorable. Two beautiful young people with real talent, just getting too harassed by the press all the time- really they are adorable people.

  • S

    This kid does not want to take responsibility for any of his actions. He looks like he’s throwing a tantrum throughout his entire deposition video!

  • miss thing

    1 out of 10

  • Patra

    This is just sad. It’s sad he has to post these and sad to watch. I feel like I’m seeing a train wreck happening before my eyes. Selena just got out of rehab, and Justin needs to get himself together. Neither one of them is emotionally healthy right now. This will not end well.

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  • Meme

    wTF … And dude wear shorts that aren’t falling off your a$$ to dance.

  • elle

    I’m sorry but she is the biggest idiot for getting back with him

  • anne

    this bullshit is all pr

  • amy

    now they got what they wanted… attention

  • anna

    Dancing? Theyre really good at taking big dramatic strides

  • Dv8


  • Living in a box

    So it official that Selena is no longer bff with Taylor Swift.btw, this two look desperate.

  • Janie

    @anne: Thank you for being the one person who will call this for exactly what it is. I’m not sure if it’s strictly for general press or if it’s because both of them want “edgier images”, but it’s PR 100%.

  • NYC

    ZERO talent but go ahead, make them happen.

  • sweetness

    I think they’re adorable together…who doesn’t have problems in relationships they clearly are each others love of their life.

  • Effy

    She’s an idiot. If my one of my exes pulled the crap that he did, I wonder NEVER get back together with someone so childish. That being said, I agree, It’s probably PR since “Jelena” was more popular then them individually.

  • Tswifty

    She likes the bad boy image. JB wants her to be available when he wants her, thought she was smarter.

  • Yunana Lee

    I thought she’s smarter than that. I was wrong. She’s young. well see lmao

  • kassie

    They call that dancing LOL.

    They’re both so stupid

  • Diedre

    Awww, poor Biebs! He can’t act like a total @ss clown and not be called on it? How terrible for him. Gosh, I hope he gains sainthood one day: Saint P u b eless, Patron Saint of A$$holes.
    Selena Gomez is, unfortunately, a huge idiot…too bad.

  • Marissa

    Those are obvious for sure!

  • jen


    They are both addicted to this toxic relationship. There’s nothing anyone can do/say that will make them listen.

  • verox87

    they’re 2 attention whores..patetic

  • acg

    They’re both idiots. Now im not saying she can’t act or he can’t sing, but it’s annoying when every defends justin, he’s an idiot and an attention seeking brat, his fans are even worse, but im sure they’ll grow out of it

  • chris

    she is trying way too hard to be sexy…and it’s bbbaaaadd…also seems so wrong!!

  • scallywag

    Yes kids I’m suddenly in love too and like you I want to be taken and ground against a mirror wall. There’s saliva and blood that I want to plant along my hero’s torso.

  • MaryDtn9

    The bodyguard and Justin Bieber are innocent of all charges.
    If anyone should be charged it should be the photographer.
    These Paparazzi media jerks deserve everything they get and more.
    They are responsible for instigating these confrontations.
    The courts also share responsibility because they fail to charge these jerks for their harassments.
    What a waste of time and resources. Anyone remember when, to serve and protect, meant something?
    Justin Bieber treated the deposition hearing exactly right. JB deserves an apology for their behaviour.
    This has got to be Control Freaks, Looser Haters, Internet Bullies and Media Stalkers worst nightmare.
    I just love it when these sickos blow up and vent. It makes my day! LOL

  • kelli

    LOL LOL omg, he is a child, with a child’s little body. this is NOT sexy, lol

  • Jade

    Jelena is back…LOVE THEM!!

  • JoEyJoeJr

    Woeful ‘dancing’

  • Sam

    His actions were the horrible ones and he’s now trying to justify them. What an asshoIe.

  • aassaasd

    Awww how sweet. Even sweeter than the time Justin gave Selena genital warts.

  • Lida

    People are very quick to judge love – they were eachother’s first big loves, they both hit the big time at the same age, they were really young, they probably feel such a close bond being two big superstars whose careers hit off so quickly.

    I don’t judge her – she still loves him and as women we feel like we want to protect and help the man we love when he’s in trouble, and clearly, she was just in rehab after working non-stop for 7 years so she’s in a fragile place too.

    He acts like a brat though and needs discipline and I personally doubt their reunion will last long – I definitely think he loves her but I don’t think at 20 years old with all that money and fame he will be able to stay tame for long.

    But hopefully she learn how to cope with her problems she seems like a nice girl – I think he needs to stop putting out pictures & videos and they can sort through their $hit in private. Even when Rob Pattinson took Kristen Stewart back after she cheated (though they later broke up), they tried to sort through it in private and yes, paparazzi took pictures of them but neither of them posted anything. Privacy is key in a relationship.

  • Lynn

    Even though I like Selena and I think she’s talented (acting wise), she is the biggest idiot for getting back together with this kid. If it’s for PR well then I’m not surprised, but if it’s not then I am surprised at Selena. I thought she was smarter than that but oh well these two will do what they want, good luck to them.

  • just me

    Jared you can post this trash but you can’t post kids? beacause are Kristen bell. Selena need help she only get attention. why she hadn’t been out alone since this bad reunion started. Justin shouldn’t have said nothing about her. He is just like Rachel bilson when she mention hayden he pop up like that. And no says anything about them doing that to. Like I said Selena lied about being with Justin cause her life is nothing without him just like Rachel bilson is. Both are sick women for sure. And you said that she don’t need Justin yes she does. Justin was doing fine without her. Just like hayden was doing fine with Rachel bilson.Its sad that you post this trash here. But kiss up to Kristen bell for not posting kids.

  • AJ Simkatu

    @love them:

    When you toss eggs on your neighbors and smoke weed before driving, then you’re not a beautiful person anymore.

  • holly

    At this point, she knows better and deserves whatever she gets. I do believe that they are inseparable but too toxic to be together. Time will tell.

  • a friend of a friend

    Selena is NUTS. Literally, mentally unstable. She’s not speaking to her family, taylor gave up on her because she saw the self destruction that was justin! It’s been a long time coming. Justin is her drug. She abuses alcohol and drugs with him, hence her stint in rehab at the beginning of the year. She didn’t even stay as long as she was supposed to, she didn’t complete her program. She’s a quitter and a sucker.

    She thinks she’s ok and that she’s “got this.” But she is sadly mistaken. In a year or two from now she’ll have the turn around that demi had after she spiraled out of control. She’ll look back and see these mistakes she so foolishly made. Her stepdad travels with her and he refuses to partake in this. Noone thought she was mentally ready to tour again, now that she’s with justin again? It’s a nightmare for her family.

    She’ll learn the hard way, sadly. I don’t care if people are offended by this or think I don’t know whats going on. I know a lot more than you can imagine!!

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  • Gavino

    That’s was utterly Pathetic. I don’t get it. Why Selena Why? I don’t get it Selena Gomez didn’t went to rehab because of the lupus disease? She went to rehab because of the drinking and this overrated, disrespectful, douchbag, bastardized, underrated, user, abuser, the disease of Hollywood and ungrateful Bitch Justin Bieber. Its official Selena Gomez has sold out and screwed us to every fans and all people around the world who looked up to her for 12 years. Selena Gomez has used everyone. 2 things she doesn’t care about the fans she going the same thing Bieber used every single fans that for money. And she used David henrie, zayn Malik, Demi lovato, Taylor swift, and nail Horan. That’s totally disrespect what Selena had just done. Going back with that drug addict jackass? That’s Totally disrespectful. By far. #selenagomezhassoldout.

  • life

    she must be either a total r..e..t..a..r..d or a desperate loser to be with that lowlife

  • Jelenator

    Aww so cute I don’t care about them breaking up and everything … I love to see them both happy all I care about is both of theirs happiness and what happened happened in the PAST not the present my opinion :D #Jelenator_for_life :D <3

  • getmarried

    Lol and just the other day people were on this very in the lorde and taylor post bashing taylor because some claimed that taylor dumped selena. If this is not proof that it is the complete opposite. Taylor is a sweetheart and she would never dump a true friend in need. Taylor was forced out by selenas inability to get over justin. Swift cannot stand by this crap and allow themto take her down with him. Selena and justin, just get married if you are so in love. Lol cute dance though.

  • Lisa G

    I don’t get it

  • pika

    everyones is like “why selena why!!??”
    anyone who gets back with bieber over and over then it just tells you what that person is really about.
    it takes two to tango
    speaking of tango – these two cant dance.

  • KadijaTheGreat

    Am I the only one who laughed when they saw the videos? I’m not a hater I’m a JB fan & a Selena Gomez fan but………. they can’t dance. I know I’m gonna get a lot of flack for this comment but seriously they’re so stiff it’s embarrassing to watch.

  • come

    Whatever is going on between them doesn’t concern anybody else.