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Jensen Ackles Plays Cowbell at 'Supernatural' Convention with Jared Padalecki!

Jensen Ackles Plays Cowbell at 'Supernatural' Convention with Jared Padalecki!

Jensen Ackles rocks out with a cowbell while on stage at Creation Entertainment’s Salute to Supernatural Convention held at the Rio Hotel and Casino on Saturday (March 15) in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The 36-year-old actor was joined at the event by his longtime on-screen brother Jared Padalecki.

“Hey yall lets do this! #IWantMyNerdHQ ! Its always one of my FAVORITE parts of comic-con and I wanna do it again!” Jared tweeted that day.

According to Variety, Pretty Little Liars alum Bryce Johnson has just been cast in the upcoming Supernatural spin-off, Supernatural: Bloodlines, which will air on The CW as a backdoor pilot on April 29.

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  • sarah

    Jared Padalecki looks younger and more gorgeous every year ! Loved when he played tambourine at the start of the convention :)

  • Sarah.

    They are the best! Wether they are on tv or on a stage like that, it’s garanteed awesome. And hilarious.

  • Trina

    Jared looks really tired, I can see that he works too much. I hope he will take it easy during the summer and spends some time with his cute family :)

  • Emily

    Jensen, gorgeous and charming as always, love him so much <3
    And his daughter (little JJ) is so beautiful, just like his father haha

  • Lara

    Jensen is handsome, love him too =D
    And I agree with you Emily, JJ is so cute

  • tia

    Jensen was in such a great mood Saturday. Singing, Rapping, Dancing, being charming. Gawd he is gorgeous and so talented. Perfect man. Hollywood needs to get this man on the big screen.

  • Feldman

    Jensen is a Republican homophobe who has made millions off female fans who “ship” male characters. When are people going to wake up? The only fans this show has are gays and “shippers.” Idiots. Jensen is laughing all the way to the bank. Who the hell is a fan of someone who is voting against your rights???

  • Violet Laughing Cows

    a long time ago i saw on the los angeles county voter’s website that jensen is a registered republican. yes, it makes me very sad b/c i always figured him for a democrat. for a while i was TOTALLY done with him, esp after that comment he made at the NJ con. ( i had friends who were there so don’t preach at me; i know what happened.) but, i have started torrenting the show again, just b/c i like jared so much. i love the persona jensen puts out in public, but i feel like he’s against SO MUCH of what i’m passionate about that i just can’t be a real fan anymore. i like to think i’m tolerant, but i wouldn’t choose to hang around someone who was against gay marriage and women’s rights and immigration, so it wouldn’t make sense to call myself a fan of an entertainer with those beliefs. this is just my own opinion and others are free to believe/think/feel otherwise.

  • cj

    @violet and Feldman do you stalk Jensen, have Jensen in your Google alerts or something because on every article there’s the same comments worded the same way by you crazy obsessed haters/jealous Jared fans trying to tear him down. You don’t know his beliefs because you don’t know him, anyone can make assumptions but they’re still a bunch of garbage unless you know a person, Jensen’s Aunt is gay and married and he’s very close to her and her partner and him and Danneel stay with them over holidays. Guess what there are gay Christians, gays republicans and homophobic liberals get yourself educated and stop using heresay and stereotypes to badmouth people you don’t know.

  • cj

    Loved Jensen this convention he really pulled out the stops to entertain and he really threw himself into his Ice Ice Baby rap lol, Vanilla Ice tweeted the link to the video of him rapping :)

  • cj

    I’ve watched the NJ con video and all that happened was a fan said she was bisexual and went on to ask about subtext and the crowd booed because everyone thought it was the now tiresome shipping questions that polarize fans, Jensen didn’t even hear the question but judged from crowd reaction that it was something controversial so moved on without finding what it was all about. Some fans were later overheard bragging how they’re going to turn everyone against Jensen until he’s forced to give in to making a public statement to save his reputation hopefully making Dean and Cas canon to prove he’s not what they claim him to be. Fans are even scarier when they obsessively hate someone than those who obsessively love someone. Poor Jensen atracts the loonies from all sides.

  • Katie

    @violet If you love Jared so much you should know his wife Genevieve is not only republican, but has donated money to Mitt Roney campaign TWO

  • Tyla

    I really don’t give a crap about their political affiliations. I just know that I love Supernatural, and I adore Sam and Dean!!

  • Stacy Ann Morris

    Meh, Jensen’s a Republican and that’s all I need to know. I disagree with him politically and we probably wouldn’t have much in common, but I watch the show because I enjoy it. I DO think that there was SOMETHING that happened at that NJ convention, something that probably shed some light on Jensen’s real beliefs, but like I said, I’m not looking for him to be my BFF. (My BFFs wouldn’t be Republicans.) I just want to watch the show and enjoy it.

  • Laurent

    It sucks that the United States is so polarized and divided over politics that they even bleed into entertainment. I will admit that it was upsetting to hear that Jensen was an American conservative but that’s what makes your country great–that you each have a choice.

  • Sharon

    Jensen was fantastic at this con! The cowbell, the dancing, the hip thrusting, the wrestling move and the rapping of Ice, Ice Baby. Also, I love the very sweet hug between Jensen and Rob Benedict (I think this was Rob’s first con back after his stroke last fall).

  • Karen

    These Jared fans are so annoying, for real, every single article about Jensen, they have to say the same damn thing
    (at least, Jensen doesn’t need to engage in stupid fights with Bieber or dead people on twitter, just sayin…)
    Jensen has the right to be whatever he wants to be, it’s his life.
    Move on, get a life, Jensen don’t have fault for be a better actor and so much more talented than Jared.

  • @Karen

    lol if Jensen is such a better actor and soooo talented you wouldn’t have to tear Jared down to prop Jensen. Such a hypocrite. Trashing Jared is acceptable, but no not the THE GREAT GOD ACKLES. Everyone must worship and lick his ass.

  • Sue

    Agreed that the J vs J wank is so stupid. Neither Jared nor Jensen would want their fans participating in that. They’re both great guys and you can tell that they genuinely get along with one another. They’d be pissed off at their so-called “fans” trashing their best friend that way. There’s no need to tear one person down to elevate the other one. Y’all should be ashamed of yourselves.

    Anyway, it looks like everyone had a great time at VegasCon this past weekend, the boys especially. They both look stunning, they get better looking with every passing year.

  • spngirl28

    @Violet Laughing Cows:
    I’m Republican, however I am all for Gay marriage. Just because someone is Republican (or democrat for that matter) doesn’t mean that they are all for the same thing as everyone else in that party. Don’t be so quick to judge before you actually talk to the person in question and ask their opinions from the source. Rumors are horrible and often not true.