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Kim Kardashian Covers 'Vogue' with Kanye West: 'Dream Come True'!

Kim Kardashian Covers 'Vogue' with Kanye West: 'Dream Come True'!

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West look like they’re about ready for their wedding on the cover of Vogue magazine’s April 2014 issue.

“This is such a dream come true!!! Thank you @VogueMagazine for this cover! O M GGGGGG!!! I can’t even breath! 🙌🙏 ” the 33-year-old reality star tweeted, including a link to the cover.

Kim and Kanye also brought along their adorable baby daughter North West for the shoot – she’s featured in a video with mom and dad. North West is so cute!

There had been much talk about if Kim would ever cover Vogue magazine – I guess we have the answer now!

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Bigger cover inside…

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Credit: Annie Leibovitz/Vogue
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  • Xoxo

    gorgeous… the max

  • Kate

    Does she wax her child’s eyebrows?!

  • Looselipz

    Thanks Vogue, you just saved me 6.00 for that month. I would never buy a magazine with these creeps on it. You’ve really stooped to a new and low level.

  • Jane

    Shame on you Anna Wintour

  • Leenah

    Her dream came true, she’s on the cover of Vogue is trash.

  • Ha!

    No wonder Kanye was bugging Anna for so long…. HE wanted to be on it too hahahahahahahahaha

  • perdida

    I agree! Beautiful, and North looks like such a happy baby. Kanye and Kim look happy together. They seem serious about being good parents.

  • Ross


  • Emma

    I’m skipping this issue and suggest people NOT support the Kardashians any longer…in ANY campaign they appear on. They’re a bunch of nobodies famous for what?

  • puke

    Kim you are so se* tape chic! Loves it! (*sarcasm*)

  • eww

    they had to FORCE feed Anna Wintour and she caved. Pretty pathetic of her! I thought she had more senses than that. She doesnt even let Victorias secret/commercial supermodels in her magazine. Now we got a reality star???!???

  • Robbie

    Ms. Wintour is mad. The porn star on the cover of Vogue!!!

    Anna, if you have such amazing ideas how manage the Vouge brand you have to stop working.

  • STOP

    Hope its the worst selling issue ever! Seriously do NOT buy people,. The only reason she is still around is because her stupid tv ratings havent flopped yet, because WE feed the monster. so stop!

  • LOL

    Meanwhile British,French & Italian Vogue are LTAO.

  • Steph

    She cant breath???? She cant even spell when will she go away

  • Bobby

    NOOOOOOOOOO I cannot belive Vogue stooped this low…def lost my love for Vogue NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO SO ANGRY

  • Cam

    End of Vogue.

  • James

    Guess I will be skipping this issue to buy lol

  • fashionista

    They paid for this cover like KK has all her covers. That’s the only way she can get a cover. Thy have to buy their way in.

  • Agatha

    North is so cute

  • SallyL.


  • Catherine

    Just emailed Vogue to tell them I will never buy their magazine. So many other women who do so much amazing and wonderful things to further women’s causes and they give the cover to KK. How sad.

  • amanda

    This is the end.

  • bliss

    shame on anna wintour really this is the downgrade of the century ;

  • Jane

    Ew! Shame on Vogue and Anna Wintour for having this wannabe-celebrity and her jerky husband to be on the cover. I will be avoiding this issue like the plague! Once again, shame on Vogue for doing this.

  • roronette

    On Vogue now? I’m so sick of these two.

  • funny

    OMG North West is sooooooo cute :D

  • gr8

    I just went on the Vogue website and sent them a comment about their decision to feature these two egotistical, mental midgets on their cover. Anyone who is just as disgusted with Vogue as I am should do the same.

  • Kim

    She can’t even breathe?!? I’m sure these two knew this was coming out months ago, they both had to show up for the photo shoot and do the interview….give me a break, Kim! Lmao….

  • Jennifer

    Well, gone are the days when Vogue used to stand for ‘class’, now anyone who is trashy can make it on the cover.

  • Catherine

    Exactly I let Vogue know of my disgust. These two do nothing to contribute to the good of society. When you think of classic Vogue covers with Audrey Hepburn who worked with UNICEF for years and they put KK who has no purpose whatsoever.

  • Love Conquers All

    Truly, i don’t mean to throw shade or bad talk Kim Kardashian, but this cover choice for Vogue US was HORRIBLE. Seriously HORRIBLE. There are SO many amazing, fashion-forward American models/actresses/style icons (i’m looking at Kerry, Lupita, etc) that are by far more deserving of a cover than a fame monger who has NEVER represented the elegant, refined & modern image of Vogue US.

    Is American Vogue seriously THAT desperate on sales? I recognize that the magazine (like many other fashion mags) have made the trend toward putting more celebrities on their covers, as opposed to actual models. i ALSO understand, as a former undergrad who previously pursued a career in print media before switching to PR Management and Law the current sad state of print media sales.

    But come on!

    Lord, i’m so upset. I feel like Ms. Wintour has committed a tremendous sin to fashion. Yup, i’m so serious. This is horrible, horrible, HORRIBLE.

  • Michelle

    RIP Vogue.

  • Amy


    Everyone should cancel their Vogue subscription and never buy this magazine again.

    Just visit fashion blogs instead.

  • Cicris

    Ridiculous!!! Why Vogue? Why Vogue? Shame on Anna Wintour!!! I will not buy this magazine NO MORE

  • Couture Maven

    I don’t support the Kardashians,,,don’t watch the show, don’t read the 20,000+ articles that run on every site daily (US and People are obviously on their payroll); this is probably the last time I’ll comment because let’s face it: even negative attention translates to attention and these people don’t deserve it nor to they deserve the money that they line their pockets with. What has this women done in her life to merit the cover on Vogue? Nothing. I won’t go into her vulgar beginnings. Vogue stopped putting legitimate models on the cover but will feature a reality show celeb whose only talent is dressing herself inappropriately and horrible and parading for the paps. For shame Vogue. No offense to Kanye…he’s annoying but he does had legit talent.

  • Amy


    That’s a great idea! Everyone should email Vogue and let them know how they feel.

  • Isabel

    Way to stand up for your publication, Anna.


    Wake up and smell the coffee people! Kanye had to beg & pay for Kim to even get into THE Met Gala for years. Obviously no difference here. Money is the root of all evil. Anna must be short on the dough.

  • Scarlett

    Just like the beloved Birkin bag..there goes the sanctity of Vogue.

  • lasttimeclickingonakimarticle

    @Couture Maven: Exactly. even negative comments are keeping these fame monsters alive! You think the magazines and websites care if you write in mean things to them?!? think agaiN! the ONLY thing they care about is low sales/webhits. So please people lose your interest in these no talent creatures ONCE & FOR ALL and they will go away under their bridge.

  • myrna

    Commenting your outrage about the Vogue cover on Just Jared is fine, but go to the Vogue website and comment over there if you really want to be heard.

  • Darren Wood

    THE fashion apocalypse is upon us. VOGUE IS NO LONGER A PILLAR OF HIGH FASHION.

  • Love Conquers All


    why not lea michele, emily blunt or cameron diaz

    why her

    why them?!

    Anna Wintour once said ‘To be in Vogue has to mean somethiing’…yes, means that you don’t need to be a famous supermodel, nor a talented actress, you just need to make a sex tape….poor world!!!

  • Kay

    Even Anna Wintour will cave in for a buck and to heighten sales. That’s why you no longer see models on the cover on alot of the fashion mags now.

  • Catherine

    Thanks Amy. I want to see more positive role models for young women. We may have a woman president one day. We have a woman finally running a major auto company. How about Jesscia Alba who runs her own company? Why cant we feature more every day women to show younger girls that they can accomplish great things using their brains!!

  • Cowgirl

    Wait… Wintour thinks her magazine is too good for Posh, but she puts a porn star on the cover? This must be some sort of April Fools joke.

  • Madeline

    I have bought Vogue for the last 7 years. I will not buy this issue with a white trash homemade porno star on it!!! In addition everything she wears is 4 sizes too small. Don’t even get me started on Kanye leather jogging pants dip s***!! Anna WIntour must have had TIA!!!

  • Cicris

    I just email Vogue saying: I WILL CANCEL MY SUBSCRIPTION!!!

  • kara

    Never buying Vogue again and i work in fashion