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Zac Efron Emerges After Skid Row Fight Incident

Zac Efron Emerges After Skid Row Fight Incident

Zac Efron sits in the passenger’s seat of a car as his friend takes the wheel on Friday (March 28) in Los Angeles.

This is the first sighting we’ve had of the 26-year-old actor since news broke that he got into an altercation in the Skid Row area of Los Angeles earlier in the week.

Zac and his bodyguard ran out of gas and were pulled over waiting for help. While waiting, they threw a bottle out of the window of the car and it happened to smash on the pavement near a group of “transients,” who approached the car.

The bodyguard then got attacked by two of the guys so Zac got out of the car to help, but then got punched in the mouth.

We’re glad Zac appears to be okay after the whole incident!

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  • lauren901

    well apparently from tmz now he never went to rehab at all or twice, he went to get some therapy but im guessing he did go to rehab at some point probably in the summer last year because it explains how he was so low-key and rarely seen, then in september he’s back looking good and healthy, so at the end of the day who really knows,

  • lei

    Vanessa Hudgens Fans loves Zac.

  • Mac

    @lauren901: that’s what I’m saying, no body knows, they keep changing the story. All I know is Zac gotta stay on track or get back on track.

  • Greta

    I am gong to take all comments from Zac posts and publish them. They are hysterical, all the 13 year olds who think he is straight, sober , and talented! LMAO reading the childish comments.

  • Marcus

    @Greta: why would you take time out of your life and publish posts about a person that you don’t like. In fact, why are you reading the comments at all for that matter? You sure your not the childish one? Sad.

  • Wake UP!!!!!!!

    @hmmm: “No pictures, no proof” is their motto. He is in deep sh*t. Then they bring up V licking icing in broad daylight as proof. Ya don’t ingest coke by mouth……inject it, sniff it, or smoke it. Ya don’t make glop out of it and eat it. Such BS.

  • ….

    To the hater with 35 different names on here—-
    Your constant nasty comments aren’t witty or insightful, they just make you look like a sad stalker with some kind of weird grudge against a stranger. Zac is not your boyfriend, friend, or even a casual acquaintance to you, so why are you so fixated on what TMZ says he does? Please get a journal and get your crazy out on paper instead of on here mmmkay

  • jaded

    I’ve been a fan of Zac’s for several years. I followed his career and have always rooted for him. But, I’m stepping back. Some of his fans are so delusional that they will make excuses for him no matter what he does. Put two and two together people. He was in or near downtown L.A. not far from skid row and it was around 2:30 in the morning. He was also with a guy who has a violent criminal past that includes drug dealing. In the latest pictures he appeared bloated and looks like he’s been on a bender. He has a real problem and denial isn’t going to help him. You can’t force an addict into treatment. If they don’t really want to get sober then going into rehab a hundred times won’t help. He has to want to go for himself. It’s no use ringing hands about it. It’s pretty apparent that he doesn’t really want to be sober. But let’s be fair. Part of sobriety is relapse unfortunately. How do tell a guy who is 26, lives and works in HW and is in the industry that he can never party again? It’s not realistic and it takes a really strong and determined person to stay clean when every one around him is using. People often don’t get sober until something terrible happens…that is the catalyst. I think he probably has a predisposition to addiction and like all addicts one drink/line of coke is to many and a 1000 is never enough. I also think he is very unhappy personally and professionally.

  • jaded

    I do think that splitting with his ex has at least something to do with his unhappiness personally. I don’t know what happened but he has not resolved what happened in his mind.
    Why do I know so much about addiction? Because I’ve been there and have been in recovery myself. I’ve been to AA…was very skeptical but came to understand that is does help eventually and it does work if you keep coming back. I don’t know Zac personally and even if I did it’s doubtful it would make a difference. You can’t help him. It’s all on him now. Can’t make him okay he has to make himself okay and he will always be an addict. Addiction is a disease and there is no rational. Why else would someone so talented, handsome, wealthy and popular with women and let’s face it…some men have such a self-destructive nature? It’s not rational and will never be. An example is Phillip Seymour Hoffman. Clean for many years and in rehab a few times and shoots up one day and now he’s dead. That’s why I am stepping back. I’m scared that I will wake up one day and find out that Zac is dead. If he continues this reckless behavior he won’t be around to see his 30th birthday. He is very self destructive and it’s partly due to him being so unhappy for whatever reason. Drugs are and escape. I think some of his fans are too invested in him. You can’t make him okay if that isn’t his plan. Not a damn thing anyone can do about it unfortunately.

  • lauren

    i agree with you on some parts…but not all of his fans are in denial, most are worried for him. yes some are on a verge of a meltdown ever since the news of him and rehab came out but i think some just dont understand addiction and all that. , second ever since he broke his jaw his face looks off, also we dont know if he’s back to partying or yet drinking, so i dont know you can judge on his face when he’s rarely papped to begin? compared to how he looked last yr at sxsw theres a different, so at the end of the day we dont know whats going with his life personally or professionally either,

    my first thought was was negative but i wasn’t assuming he’s back using either, but everyone has different views and opinions tho.

  • Pherrel

    I’m supporting Zac. Hopefully he can get back on the right track. The only problem I gave with these news site is that they keep changing the story. That’s it. I’m not going to talk about how he feels or what not because honesty, I don’t know 100%. I’m not going to make those assumptions regarding how he feels.

  • jaded

    One thing I wanted to add is: no matter how many times he f ucks up you have to have some compassion for him. He’s an addict. Addicts don’t want to be struggling but they continue to do it. Having compassion, however, is not the same as making excused and enabling. I feel very bad for his parents. This is really a parent’s worst nightmare and I can imagine they don’t sleep well at night. Such a shame:(

  • Matthew

    @lauren: yea I agree with what you say.

  • jaded

    @lauren: You and everyone have a right to their opinion of course. I don’t know the guy nor to I know his personal life. But I understand addiction and can see the signs. I also understand that addiction which I believe is genetic often is accompanied by unhappiness. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and I am sticking to mine. I have tried to give him the benefit of the doubt but this incident was the last straw. This could be the beginning of a complete downward spiral. People who are secretive i.e. everything looks okay on the outside are the people to worry about the most. They are the ones who everyone thinks are okay but then you wake up one day to hear that they OD’s and died alone. Case in point Corey Monteith…..just got out of rehab and OD’d in less then a month and Phillip Seymour Hoffman. I’ll always wish Zac the best but I really am scared for him. I’m taking a break from following him.

  • nightwish1

    Zac Efron — Transient fight
    Fishy 92%
    I believe him 8%
    Total Votes: 60,999

    Zac needs rehab
    Yes 92%
    No 8%
    Total Votes: 59,595

    From: TMZ

  • Macy

    @jaded: true, true…. Wishing him the best though and I’m not going to act like I know him.

  • meltdown

    @lauren: he’s rarely papped coz no papparazzis are stationed in skid row!

  • lauren

    actually i ment he’s rarely paped because he doesn’t go to pap infested places and etc, i wasn’t even talking about skid row.

  • Wake UP!!!!!!

    @lauren: All this hiding and secrecy and wanting privacy, has been to HIDE his drugging and partying. When you guys gonna get that??? Wouldn’t you rather have him papped goin to the gym??? Ain’t NO shame in that, but getting caught in skid row with a known druggie IS suspicious. You fans need to wake up and quit enabling him. HE HAS A PROBLEM.

  • Holly

    @Wake UP!!!!!!: yeah and most of the fans are not enabling, just worried and supporting him to get through. Is that wrong?

  • Lauren

    @wake up!!!!!
    Um Iam worried for zac and his well being , but at the end of the day only zac can do what he wants, no need to be rude and say all of his his fans are dumb , @holly is saying his fans are worried??????

  • Concerned

    “Many, many people who have relapsed can look back and see that the real reason that they relapsed is because they wanted to use drugs, they wanted to self medicate, and the reason that they wanted to medicate themselves was due to their emotional state at the time. This is almost always the case. Many people try to deny the idea that their emotions are what cause them to relapse, but deep down if they analyze the situation they will admit that they were angry, scared, or upset, and this is what pushed them over the edge. Our emotions are powerful in terms of maintaining our sobriety.”

    Patrick Meninga, Spiritual River Addiction Help

  • Carl

    The next hush hush party Zac is attending is on my agenda. I plan to tap his a r s e good! Especially when he has done his round of meth! He’ll be drooling for it by then!

  • meltdown

    Lauren: You including some delusional fans didn’t believe he was in Orem. You didn’t believe eyewitnesses, you swear on your effing nerve that he is fine and chase out some concerned posters. Yes in a way you were enabling your idol! It seems that he isn’t fine and you are still not accepting it!

  • meltdown

    what i meant is that he doesn’t get papped in places where the papparazzis and most of the stars hang out. He’d rather go to skid row.

  • Why?

    As a fan, I am supportive of him no matter what, whether it happened or not. I will always be Zac’s fan. Right now he needs the support and i give him my full support not drag him down like most of you jerks here are doing seriously if it was somebody you know who is having this problem you wouldn’t drag them down, you would help them, I know I would, if he was my friend I would try to get him some type of help instead of calling him names and a drug addict and laugh at his pain. I would help him.

  • Rachel

    His fans are supporting him and hoping he gets through this and doesn’t relapse. How is that wrong? Most others are just making bad jokes and trying to bring him down. How is that right?

  • Meagan

    @Why?: I agree with every thing you said. I would help him also. I am a fan and I’m supporting him to get back on track. I’m not going to laugh and make fun of someone else’s struggles. I guess we know some people’s true colors. I hope they don’t go through a rough time and get laugh at. But then again, it’s karma if that happens.

  • Uri

    @Rachel: that’s what I’m saying.

  • Tia

    @Why?: yup, right on. I’m not going to deny his struggles, I’m going to support him through his tough time.

  • Wake UP!!!!!!

    There is nothin’ wrong with bein’ a fan. But ya gotta admit he HAS A PROBLEM, and not admitting that, IS enabling Saint Zac. Maybe when his fans start to agree he needs some tough love, he will realize his career CAN fall by the wayside if he doesn’t shape up NOW. Ya can’t smother him with love right now. He’s gotta feel some heat and get himself together. The “poor baby” crap is NOT gonna work.

  • Marcus

    @Wake UP!!!!!!: dude, every fan on here already admitted that he has a problem and they are going to support him through it, where have you been? Can you not read? Wake up!!!

  • Shelley

    @Why?: I agree, he has a problem (happy wake up!!?) and he needs support. I am giving him support. Hopefully he will get himself together. I’m sticking with him though hard times.

  • Burbosha

    @Greta: I don’t care if he’s straight or not and I wish him keep sober to stay alive, and I’m positive HE IS talented, and I’m too longer not a child.