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Jennifer Aniston Shows Off Large Facial Scar for Her Film 'Cake'

Jennifer Aniston Shows Off Large Facial Scar for Her Film 'Cake'

Jennifer Aniston shows off a large scar across the right side of her face during a long day of filming her new movie Cake on Friday (April 4) in Los Angeles.

The 45-year-old actress plays the role of a grieving mother suffering from chronic pain in the aftermath of a fatal car accident who finds an unlikely source of inspiration. This explains the reasoning behind having a scar on her face.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer was joined on set by her hunky co-star Sam Worthington, who her character grows close to after his wife commits suicide.

30+ pictures inside of Jennifer Aniston showing her scar on set…

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jennifer aniston scar on face for cake 01
jennifer aniston scar on face for cake 02
jennifer aniston scar on face for cake 03
jennifer aniston scar on face for cake 04
jennifer aniston scar on face for cake 05
jennifer aniston scar on face for cake 06
jennifer aniston scar on face for cake 07
jennifer aniston scar on face for cake 08
jennifer aniston scar on face for cake 09
jennifer aniston scar on face for cake 10
jennifer aniston scar on face for cake 11
jennifer aniston scar on face for cake 12
jennifer aniston scar on face for cake 13
jennifer aniston scar on face for cake 14
jennifer aniston scar on face for cake 15
jennifer aniston scar on face for cake 16
jennifer aniston scar on face for cake 17
jennifer aniston scar on face for cake 18
jennifer aniston scar on face for cake 19
jennifer aniston scar on face for cake 20
jennifer aniston scar on face for cake 21
jennifer aniston scar on face for cake 22
jennifer aniston scar on face for cake 23
jennifer aniston scar on face for cake 24
jennifer aniston scar on face for cake 25
jennifer aniston scar on face for cake 26
jennifer aniston scar on face for cake 27
jennifer aniston scar on face for cake 28
jennifer aniston scar on face for cake 29
jennifer aniston scar on face for cake 30

Photos: AKM-GSI, INFphoto
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  • Joy B Angie

    Wow !
    Jen looks very powerful !
    Nothing can change the fact
    she is an AMAZINGLY beautiful woman.

  • Interstellar

    She’s so cute doing yoga in between takes! Sam is pretty cute too.

  • anch1977

    @Joy B Angie: Keep dreaming Joy B Angie , what i see is a manly face. My God her chin is so huge, no cheek bone she’s ugly

  • Joy B Angie

    You must check your eyes, anch.
    May be you have an astigmatism in high degree -
    in the eyes,
    in the brain
    or in your empty pockets.

  • anch1977

    @Joy B Angie: I bet Joy B after this movie is done she will taking her routine pity party trip to Cabos.Maniston has no imagination.

  • NE1

    this sounds like her Oscar grab.. i kind of hope she gets it.

  • Jessie

    Joy B Angie @ 04/05/2014 at 2:43 am #1
    Have you just gotten out of prison? I’m thinking you’ve never seen an amazingly beautiful woman or you don’t know what it means. Really, she looks ok on her best day. You just make yourself look stupid by exaggerating. How is she powerful? How can you make a statement like that without an explanation?
    JA character is suppose to be hilarious, is this a dramedy?
    This film is being directed by Daniel Barnz who’s had a stellar career ( sarcasm)
    -2001 Directed a Short: The Cutting Room. Shown on what was the Independent film channel on TV
    -2009 directed Phoebe In Wonderland- first three weeks made about 73,000 thousand dollars in theaters
    -2011 wrote the screenplay and directed Beastly. Made 43 mil ww, cost 17 mil to make, not bad
    -2012 Won’t Back Down made about $5,300 dollars
    He needs the work, she needs the work= A perfect fit
    @NE1 @ 04/05/2014 at 3:17 am
    Everyone on the voting committee is hoping Jennifer Aniston gets an Oscar. Goodness knows she’s come so close so many times.

  • Not even close to cute

    her wide face remind me of a flat table… plain boring and blah.
    Huvane must give JJ the a ok to put up that “powerful” picture ..

  • Chicken lips

    After that visit to her plastic Clinic for all that puff up filler Botox and lips injection just for that thin chicken lips pout.

  • Racist MANiston

    Bow down to the Chinese for funding $7 millions for this rom com.


    She looks very fresch on thoese pictures..
    Jennifer plays mother who survived car accident but lost own child..
    What do you want her ?.. to look like sexbomb?..or like botox AJ?


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    The two masks associated with drama represent the traditional generic division between comedy and tragedy. They are symbols of the ancient Greek Muses, Thalia and Melpomene. Thalia was the Muse of comedy (the laughing face), while Melpomene was the Muse of tragedy (the weeping face). Considered as a genre of poetry in general, the dramatic mode has been contrasted with the epic and the lyrical modes ever since Aristotle’s Poetics (c. 335 BC)—the earliest work of dramatic theory.[5]

    The use of “drama” in the narrow sense to designate a specific type of play dates from the 19th century. Drama in this sense refers to a play that is neither a comedy nor a tragedy—for example, Zola’s Thérèse Raquin (1873) or Chekhov’s Ivanov (1887). It is this narrow sense that the film and television industry and film studies adopted to describe “drama” as a genre within their respective media.[6] “Radio drama” has been used in both senses—originally transmitted in a live performance, it has also been used to describe the more high-brow and serious end of the dramatic output of radio.[7]

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  • progress please


    YOU sad hens. why do you all compare her to AJ. She loses in the comparison every time. but nice to know what the standard is. Because AJ is the only person you all talk about. Even when it has nothing to do with her. Aniston is an average looking woman. Why is that a bad thing to admit.

  • jaliah

    Everyone on the voting committee is hoping Jennifer Aniston gets an Oscar. Goodness knows she’s come so close so many times.
    I read that as vomiting committee in error but still, quite apt

  • puta

    She can play Sam Worthington mother in this movie.

  • daole

    She is so manly looking in the face. All that botox and skin care visits don’t help.

  • http://justjared zce

    Thank goodness Sam Worthington is married because Jennifer would be all over him like a wet noodle…. remember when she played the Millers she was all over him except Olivia Wilde grabbed her man for herself, talking about watching A.J. everyone better watch Jennifer she’s looking for another fool like she had with her ex. Watch out she’s on the prowl and even she knows it.

  • http://justjared chrissy

    Jennifer will always play the pity card to get sympathy from everyone and put her in movies that she is not worthy to even be classed in bad or good. I’ve noticed it’s all about who did her wrong instead of making lemons into lemonade and moving on listen it’s been so many years why be a dead horse trying to make it move when it won’t, stop being the fool life is short and the coattail is becoming fray grow up time is short and best wishes for you.

  • salma

    @zce: I am sorry to burst your bubble but angelina is the one who’s famous for stealing marriied men

  • Jen Cheating Anussstan

    Sorry but chiting-Anussstan is the bitchy that fvck Vince Vaughn when she was still married, she fvck Brad Pitt when she was dating T. donovan, she fvck Justin Teraux when he was in a 14 years long relation, she fvck J. mayer , fvck G. Butler, fvck M. Perry, fvck Jake Gyllenhaal, she fvck M Leblanc, she fvck Chris Gartin and many many more.

    Who is the cheating biitchy and who is milking this gossip cheating trash talk ? yes , Jen Cheating Anusstan


    @progress please:
    You sed hens
    “Botox AJ” is just example or synonym for plastic clones


    A scar? Now THAT’S ACTING!

  • http://Justared Happy

    @salma: You cannot steal a grown ass man, humans are not property.
    In case you were referring to Brad, he went after Angie like a heat seeking missile, after years of listening to that boring nag.
    I think the poor sucker put down the Pot one day and realized his life was going down the toilet.
    Since becoming a couple, Brad has grown from strength to strength, getting nominated for Oscars, MIR, Furniture Business, Wine Business, six Children, Producing and Travelling the World.
    If you think his parents are not thanking Angie for being in his life and for their Grandchildren you’re kidding yourself.
    Brad has accomplished more in the last nine years than he had in the previous fifteen years, and don’t think it is by accident.
    While Jennifer continues to pet her dogs, whine, go to Cabo, whine, tan, whine, make bad movie, whine, get dump by men, whine, pay friends to trash Angie, whine, get plastic surgery, whine, hawking hair, skin, and water products, whine,do you see a pattern?
    B itch thought playing a victim for life would get her an Oscar, but people got tired of her victimhood, after seeing how happy Brad is, and now she is considered a loser.
    Brad and Vince left her and the next woman they met were pregnant.
    John Mayer “I’m too young to spend all my time in the kitchen petting dogs, I want to be a Ninja.” LOL
    Now Salma, did your husband leave you for a younger woman, because you look like a hag, look at Jennifer all the bitterness is showing on her face.
    Take a step back and try to get YOUR life on track, Let It go, Let It Go.
    Have a nice day.

  • mike

    Idk why people take their time out to right extensively long hate pieces about her. Just calling someone ugly isn’t an argument. Especially because you’re probably a troll yourself hiding behind a keyboard. I like her movies , there fun I don’t think about the greater meaning of things. Not every movie has to be emotional and dramaric. I do however hope she pulls a matt mcconaughey on us and does a phenomenal performance and snatches up an Oscar. I think people forget about The Good Girl this woman can act.

  • Jentheho

    That creases on her forehead is no fugging make up. I’ve seen women at her age don’t even have the deep creases. Say what you want about this ho’s body but her face is butt ugly and old.

  • Jentheho

    @Joy B Angie:

    Wow !
    Jen looks very powerful !
    Nothing can change the fact
    she is an AMAZINGLY beautiful woman.


    Powerful is when you are able to get a budget to direct a film. Powerful is when you are in a 120 mil budget movie. Powerful is when you get to speak a Woman World Summit. Not when you get 7mil to do an Indie film.

  • Jennifer Aniston who?

    Do you know salma? the day I heard that Brad dumped your idol .. I can’t stop dancing .. dancing with Joy and happiness beyond words to this day!
    Your idol had it sooooooooooooooooooooooo GOOD with the bestest Man alive Brad Pitt… Yes sireeee … He’s not just the sexiest man a life but He is indeed sooooooooooo beautiful inside out ..
    That’s why you and your fellow loons stil CRYING ME A RIVER TO THIS DAY AND FOREVER MORE…. Coz with the face and ugliness inside out like your idol you know and I know that your idol will never EVER can ever find another man in this life time like Brad Pitt.
    When Brad was in Malta filming Troy, your idol never even bother to go and visit Him for 6 moths do you know that?? she said on TV that she couldn’t BEhappier that Brad was away .. So she can redecorate the house with more comphy Laura Ashley furniture.
    She’s rather spend her time with all her Goddess circle howling at the moon airing Brad’s dirty laundry.. even said it ion TV INTERVIEW that Brad is good for taking her Garbage out that He always left His dirty socks around the house. What a DISRESPECTFUL selfish Neurotic narcissist wife she is.
    Brad said on TV interview He wanted children so bad, but OH NOOOOO your idol is to selfish to bother to give him any instead she’s pulling a NASTY JOKE by giving him a fake pregnancy test on his Birthday pretending it was a positive test… You know what??? I thank God everyday THAT BP IS FINALY FREE HIMSELF FROM “THAT WOMEN CHILD”
    THANK YOU Angelina Jolie… OMG.. Thank you .. Thank you thank you!!!!!!!!!!
    I pray to God that your idol will marry her most perfect perfect match Justin.. You know and I know he is more of her leagues at any given day…

  • Jentheho

    I hope Sam’s wife better watch out. She’s going to breakup his marriage just like she did with Heidi. Just because Heidi is not married to Eddie Munster it doesn’t make it ok for her to break up someone’s relationship.

  • Jentheho


    Good question. Have you been to the Female First Forum. They devoted 80,000 plus threads just hating on Angie. Btw, some of her fans still photoshopped Aniston’s face over Angie next to Brad. How pathetic is that? Nine years & 6 her pathetic fans still wish he goes back to her. You want to know why? Because Brad is a wonderful man and a great catch, otherwise; these losers would have move her and be happy for her with Eddie Munster.


    That is just very bed behavior and trashy of you
    are you mobbing people in real life?

  • Jennifer Aniston who?

    I was so happy when BP not there for the Friends finale, coz your idol have SIGN UP FOR FOUR MOVIES as soon as she’s finish with Friends instead of starting a Family. Even her story line on friends at the end the writer deliberately made her pregnant … WHEN ever JENNIFER THIN LIPS ARE MOVING SHE IS LYING … But she will continue to tell who ever will listen … that she did.. and do… and will … be pregnant one day SOOOOOOOOOOOON!!!!!!!!
    The end.

  • oh please!


    Stop it with the Good Girl references! That movie was AWFULLY BORING. This one over 10 year old movie was not good and I never understood the fans hype over it. Aniston was her boring, vacant stare, I’m so frazzled and confused self. She was Rachel Green on downers. You guys only mention one movie out of all her lifeless movie choices. Aniston is always carried in a movie by the leading cast. The reason she still get roles is because she is the Kim Kardashian of HW. She pays out the ass for pr to fluff and puff her into the tabloid markets constantly and people read the bs. Therefore, her agents spin is that she will bring butts to theater seats because everyone feels sorry for her or rooting for her to find love or have a baby, she’s not getting roles because she some exquisite actress.

    It’s an insult to Matthew Mc. for you even to put his name with hers. Matthew was already a great actor prior to his romcom cash grab years. Even in the romcom’s he was great and out acted some of his female co-stars. Aniston is a lazy actress who never tried to be better she figured i’m Rachel Green everybody loves me. Then she thought being Brad Pitt’s wife would help but that failed, hell even Brad didn’t want to be in a movie with her. Her last hope was the jilted wife act which she found brought her a few more movies but more fame by association than for films. She is a tabloid star who now is subjected to taking low budget movies because the semi mediocre HW films have dried up.

  • Jentheho


    Go to Female First Forum to see who’s more trashy. I don’t think I come even close to the crazy lunatics that are on that forum. 80,000 thread hating on Angie.

  • Dd

    Looking like an ordinary woman? OSCAR nod for her.

  • Reality

    Why do Aniston fans think because she is dressing down she will get an Oscar. Matthew Mc Won the New York Film Critics award for supporting actor in 2012 an ISA award in 2013 for his critically acclaimed work in Magic Mike and Bernie so he was building up to the win not to mention he lost so much weight and played an AIDS patient. Charlize Theron has a complete transformation where she gained 30 pounds and you could not even recognize her. Jen not wearing make up isn’t going to win an Oscar for her. The director is a flop and couldn’t even help out the great Viola Davis. Last year when the director of life and of crime said Jen would blow ppl away and she made him cry her fans said Oscar. After TIFF not one person who has seen the movie has called it Oscar worthy. If she wants an Oscar she better choose a Better director because the last few years the directors of winners have been popular or critically acclaimed.

  • oh please!


    Plus Matthew received some Oscar buzz for Mud. He’s always been talented, Aniston no. She has always been held up by the leading cast but promoted by her pr as the lead on every movie. Yet she’s the one that receives the mediocre reviews or no reviews for her part. She may draw some attention because of her tabloid celebrity but that doesn’t mean she is a good actress. She gets by with the miniscule that she has and high paid representation.


    @Jentheho: I am not on Female First Forum:
    behavior of others is never an excuse for own bad behavior

  • Ivermom

    @progress please:

    Aniston fans to not compare her to Jolie, only the JP fans do. I dislike Jolie so I stay off her threads, you should try it sometime!

  • Ivermom


    Plenty of bones on Jolie to look at so go look at her then and don’t look at Jen!

  • Ivermom


    Why do you assume Jen’s fans think she might get an Oscar, that’s the real question?

  • yep

    This will be a really good movie. Jen is beautiful even with a scar.

  • O’Sullivan

    Jennifer is a great actress.

  • Sally

    You go girl! We are proud of JEN>

  • Jackie

    Unbelievably fugly

  • Jackie

    sorry: Angelina Jolie is Unbelievably fugly

  • Joy B Angie

    What explanation do need ?
    Look at her :
    photos 2, 7, 22 -
    this is what I call “to look powerful”.
    Jen can act any emotion -
    may be Daniel Barnz is not a Phillip Noyce,
    it doesn’t change the fact Jen is a talented actress.

  • Elsy Whatson

    I think Brad doesn’t want to marry Angie because of her sex.ual experience with own brother. May be they never stopped doing this. What do you think ?

  • yep

    Rain, rain and raining…….Jen is a beautiful lady. True beauty starts inside a person…….gorgeous!

  • Aniston#1

    i love Aniston but this guy describe Aniston the best

  • norah

    @Elsy Whatson:
    maybe we should talk about jennifer’s relationship with courtney cox? i mean honestly the amount of time jennifer spends with cc – even cc’s husband said that there were 3 people in the marriage ?