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Miranda Kerr Will Chop Off Her Long Hair One Day, Be Prepared!

Miranda Kerr Will Chop Off Her Long Hair One Day, Be Prepared!

Miranda Kerr keeps it wild with a leopard print bag while stepping out of her apartment on Wednesday (April 16) in New York City.

The night before, the 30-year-old Australian supermodel was all smiles while rocking a black and white dress in the Big Apple.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Miranda Kerr

Miranda recently chatted about possibly chopping off her beautiful locks in the future.

“I wanted to cut my hair when I was pregnant. I had such an urge to cut it really short. I’d like to and you’ll see I’m sure in a few years. I have a [faux bob] though. I like to mix it up. One day, I’ll cut it for real,” Miranda shared to Huffington Post.

In case you missed it, have a look at Miranda in a new commercial for H&M.

FYI: Miranda is wearing the Elizabeth and James Eugna dress.

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  • 🚬

    Great. Get rid of your one redeeming quality lol

  • Shelly

    Please keep your long hair do not think a short cut would suit her face

  • Elena

    Today on Keeping Up With The Kerrdashians: Miranda Kerrdashian will cut her hair if she has exhausted all of her other means of getting attention. Also, I wonder who the baby daddy to the next melon headed monster she is hiding under that hideous dress.


    No.3; It’s ME!!


    No.1; She will never get rid of her no.1 redeemer in a million years. Not ever.

  • Ugg

    here goes another celeb with such lovely locks and cuts it supper short just to look like a guy, gross! she will look hideous with short hair most women do!

  • Amy


    A bob isn’t that short. A pixie cut only looks right on someone with the right features.

  • Curly

    #3 Time to get some help, honey!

  • Model

    This chick is the biggest camera whore…and the biggest whore in Hollywood from what the blinds say. She needs to go away.

  • JingleBell

    Heard she’s a tr@mp

  • Lily

    I hope Miranda keeps it long as her hair is so thick, shiny & lovely.

    I like it best when she wears it old Hollywood style with a side part & slightly wavy!

  • @Elena

    Karma will get u one day for all your nasty comments about an innocent child like Flynn.

    It tells everybody just what kind of person you are, sick, demented & delusional……get medical help for your twisted obsession with Miranda!

  • Mmmm

    Love her denim skirt, she has such great style.

    I see the “hater” is posting over & over again full of sour grapes because of Miranda’s huge success as a Supermodel…..Jealous much???…lol.

  • Kyle

    @Elena: Wow this Elana person appears to be obsessed with someone she doesn’t like. I’ve seen two different, pretty long comments on two different posts made by her, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see more of them on older posts. I don’t like Bieber so I don’t click on posts about him and comment about him being a piece of shit (even if he is). Miranda Kerr is a model, no different than someone like Gisele Bundchen who models clothes, endorses products, poses for photo shoots and appears on talk shows when she’s promoting something. I get how people can get so annoyed by the Kardashians when you consider that they were rich from their Dad and then went on to get even richer after a sex tape and then a stupid reality show. Miranda Kerr is famous from being a model, I don’t see how that makes her the most annoying celebrity.

  • @14

    Just to give you an idea of how far Elena has gone over the edge, she just got called out by Carmen.
    And when someone like Carmen calls you irrationately obsessed, that really means something.

  • Lol

    If those blind items were true, she’d have to be more than five-six months along. No way she could hide that bump. Especially since she was doing a shoot last week that showed her abs.

  • Elena

    I’m not particularly fond of a pixie cut on a round face like hers, however, I do not understand comments such as why would she want to look like a guy. There are many women out there who look gorgeous with their hair short, because of their delicate facial Features. They simply look silly with big hair, so stop stereotyping women. We do not all Need to have Long hair

  • this famewhore

    This famewhore still can’t register that unless she strips off, no one cares. I find it really strange how she’s not friends with the Kardashians. Only difference is, they are more successful in attention seeking. I wonder why we don’t see her doing hf anymore. Probably because it takes more than flipping your hair and smiling for the camera

  • @18

    She’s done HF as late as the latest Paris fashion week, but commercial modeling is where the big money is.
    All of the top earning models are commercial. Gisele, who rarely does HF anymore, Adriana, Miranda, Doutzen, etc, all made their money through commercial contracts.
    Asian markets are huge, with contracts in the millions. Brands such as Mango, H&M, and Reebok pay big money for their spokesmodels. As does Coke and Veet.
    HF is a bit of status in the fashion industry that the average person just doesn’t care about. For example, the VS angels are the most well known models in America, and you can’t get any more commercial. The same people who know who Adriana is, can’t name a single HF model.
    HF has it’s bragging rights, sure. But ladies like Heidi, Adriana, Miranda, or Candice, will be laughing their way to the bank.

  • Elena

    @@Elena: I will never understand comments like this one. Children aren’t sacred. They are just parasites that eat away at your body for nine months and then when you finally get rid of it you’re told you are supposed to love it. That’s insane! You burn a tumor after it has been removed, after it has made you ill. It’s disgusting to think that women are forced to take care of the vile creatures that plague their wombs. That is what is sick and demented. It’s society that is evil for forcing women to do this. Children are not innocent, they are the root of all that is wrong in this world. You are the one who is delusional. Freak.

  • Alan

    Natalie Dormer is a more beautiful version of Miranda Kerr and should probably play Miranda Kerr in all of Miranda’s appearances from now until the end of time. She is smarter and more interesting, too. And more beautiful. Did I mention that? Natalie is way more beautiful than Miranda.

  • @the troll

    Did your parents treat you like a tumor? Is that why you are so hateful and bitter? Do you lash out at children bring shown love and affection because you never received either as a child? Is jealousy at the root of your despicable comments?
    I almost feel sorry for you now.
    Being unloved and unwanted all of your life must make it hard to see beyond the darkness in your soul.
    Maybe counseling would help?

  • @Elena

    You are root of all that is wrong in this world! And what the hell are you still doing in this world? If you don’t like the children and things what happened here, why are you still here? I was a long time ago tell you just jump from something and your life will be much better! You will not have anymore listening or watching children and your life would be finally peaceful!
    Oh and one more thing: if you dont believe in God, devil or something else, some one will ask you ( when you die of course) why you hate children, and i just hope you will have good answer!

  • @19

    I’m so tired of coming to Miranda’s threads and reading all your delusional comments. She hasn’t been doing high fashion. Deal with it. There’s nothing wrong with that (although I remember when she had her 15 minutes in hf, you were quick to say how it was the most important thing a model needed to do and you ridiculed other models who were not that strong in hf. It was you or another miranda fan). Gisele does lots of commercial work, she’s in no shortage of high fashion either…she blends them fantastically. Doutzen is also one of the queens of commercial/high fashion. Miranda is in a shortage of high fashion. It’s a fact. That show she did in paris was atrocious for a model her calibre.
    high fashion/luxury brands have a commercial sides to them and they pay big money. I wish she did those once in a while. Like that Chanel commercial Gisele had or Doutzen’s upcoming Calvin Klein fragrance campaign, or even Estée Lauder as per Daria, Constance, Joan. Those are luxury are very lucrative. That’s why I’m glad she has Escada coming, at least if it’s not exactly high fashion, it’s luxury. Adriana and Candice are super commercial, but have you seen what those girls are doing in fashion?

  • @24

    Huh? Nothing they said was delusional.
    Everything that they mentioned is fact. You even agreed with them on most points. You talked in circles, getting back to agree with everything they said. Maybe you should read their post again.

  • Kath

    There goes Elena again…..speaking on sh*t she doesnt know. Firstly not every woman gets sick being pregnant and its a 10 month pregnancy…40 weeks you f*ckwit!

  • Elena

    Today on keeping up with the Kerrdashians: Miranda Kerrdashian is thinking of cutting off her hair? Noooo – dont cut those beautiful locks! Your hair is wonderful. She looks simply stunning in that skirt & long boots.