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'X-Men' Director Bryan Singer Accused of Sexually Abusing Underage Boy

'X-Men' Director Bryan Singer Accused of Sexually Abusing Underage Boy

Bryan Singer has been accused of sexually abusing a teenage boy named Michael Egan in a lawsuit filed on Wednesday (April 16) in Hawaii, according to Variety.

The 48-year-old X-Men director is accused of forcibly sodomizing Michael when he was 17 at a house in Encino.

Michael‘s lawyer Jeff Herman also claims that Bryan gave the teenager drugs and alcohol and flew him to Hawaii more than once in 1999.

“Hollywood has a problem with the sexual exploitation of children,” Jeff said in a statement. “This is the first of many cases I will be filing to give these victims a voice and to expose the issue.”

Michael is seeking an unspecified amount in damages for the sexual assault he allegedly suffered.

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  • LaCroix

    and yet actors will still work with him .. gross.

  • Nick

    Because this is obviously false and a cash grab. Why else wait 16 years to file. lol.

  • Georgina

    What happened to innocent until proven guilty? Umm… and don’t you have five years to come forward with allegations of rape? Most def will be settled outside of court, because it’s all about $.

  • KFC

    Really? Another charge against a celebrity. Poor kid. The sad thing is that he’ll make this disappear and everyone will forget and he’ll keep making millions. God I don’t think I want to go see a movie where my money will be going to a sexual offender. Those poor kids going through this it’s so sad.

  • KFC

    Oh didn’t read the whole story. Sorry. You guys are right he may be innocent. However, I’m sure this happens a lot in Hollywood.

  • Fercat

    Blue Jasmine and now X-Men. Film promos have gotten dark lately.

  • PurpleCouch

    I thought Elmo’s voice Kevin Clash was innocent too…So if this guy IS innocent, I hope he doesn’t pay out a penny but if he DID sodomize the guy–even years ago–I hope he does jail time.

  • commonsense

    Where were his parents that at 17 some grown a$$ man was flying him out to Hawaii?

    If this is true then it’s slimy of Brian Singer but what I find interesting is that James Franco basically attempted to do the same thing a couple weeks ago but everybody was all “17 is the legal age of consent” and “a 17 year old knows what they’re doing, she knew what she was doing.” But now that there are 2 males involved, there’s moral outrage. How could he do something like that to a teenager? Hypocrisy, you gotta love it.

  • Samuel

    I’ve heard rumors about him before. He has a bad reputation. “Allegedly.” I have heard that he likes to “party” with under aged boys.

    I am not saying this allegation is true, only that this isn’t the first time
    I’ ve heard that about him, but never before about someone actually hiring a lawyer and filing a public lawsuit. In this day and age how can they allow people like that to get away with it, and to keep making movies and working? Baffling.

  • f

    @commonsense: Well I don’t think it is that it’s the fact that James Franco wasn’t accused of rape. He is being accused of rape. You aren’t thinking about it correctly he is saying he was FORCED, whereas with the other case it wasn’t. But nothing even happened between them so I don’t really know why you are bringing it up. This poor kid (if these are true) is going to go through years of trauma and to compare the two cases are disgusting. But if something between Franco and the girl would have happened people would be mad too so for you to think that is plain ignorant. This isn’t a case of sexism it’s a case of possible rape. So don’t compare the two to fit your sexism agenda.

  • Roberta

    @commonsense: I have the same opinion about Bryan Singer and James Franco: a 17 year old knows exactly what they are doing. Wether if it

  • f

    @Roberta: Okay. Let’s say you tell that to a 17 year old rape victim female or male. Age shouldn’t matter. The amount of ignorance is disgusting. I bet if this were him and a female accuser everyone would say how he is disgusting for raping the girl, even if it weren’t true. But since it’s a 17 year old male it’s “he knows exactly what he’s doing.”

  • Roberta

    @Roberta: I have the same opinion about Bryan Singer and James Franco: a 17 year old knows exactly what they are doing. Wether if it’s a boy or a girl. I have a feeling this is all about money. I don’t think it was rape, I think the guy is taking advantage of the fact he had sex with a celebrity while he was 17 and wants to cash in. If the allegations are true, why did he wait years to come forward with this? This whole thing sounds too fishy, in my opinion. 17 year olds can’t fly without their parent’s consent.

  • Bull Winkle


  • allison

    The 32 year old man would have more creditably if he had written an article about what happen to him rather than suing for money.

  • Lois Louise

    So JJared picks a bad picture of Singer looking creepy to go along with the story.

  • commonsense

    This also claim sounds suspect to me because if somebody forcibly rapes you why in the heck would risk being alone with them never-mind letting them you to Hawaii several times?

  • Zdeno

    It´s too complicated to talk about that problem and gave a right solution or opinion – only these two guys know how everything happened. But I am gay and know a lot of gays (and not only gays, but a lot of heterosexual teenagers) in these days begin experiment with their sexual life earlier then in 17s….
    Of course Michael could be sacrifice of sexual abusing but there´s 50:50 chance he is the young boy who really knows that older guys like him and he know how to use it for his own profit. Especially when you met famous director who likes twink types…

  • Lois Louise

    @commonsense: Good point.

  • Lena


    Bravo commonsense,

    Perhaps you are unlikely to be chosen as a victim of rape? However, tell that to the three women who were discovered finally after being kept in that guy’s house for years. Or the countless other girls kidnapped when they were young, and as they got older they had a chance to flee but didn’t. Or the Smart girl who was seen places and only escaped after she knew she would definitely make it. It’s called choosing your victims wisely, and making sure you have the proper manipulation game down right. As I read it, there were threats against his family, as well as wielding a gun, and representations of elusive shadowy figures in Hollywood a la mafia types that could allegedly take him and his entire family down if the kid did not play ball. Along with drugs, and perhaps he was not smart. At least that is what I read in another article. And plenty of folks in lawsuits are convinced their opponents are above the system and can outwit and manipulate the judges, the jury and even the lawyers, despite lawyers explaining that judges are pretty sharp and have seen almost every trick in the book, etc. People get zoned in on thinking their abuser is a mortal god able to bend steel and control the world. Why is that so hard for people to believe?

    And, as far as the statute of limitations goes? Is there a discovery rule in Hawaii? Repressed memory issue in that state which tolls the statute or some other reason which tolls the statute like fraud, or something that we have not heard of? Anyone know?

    Anyway, Kudos to the lawyer for taking on the pedophiles and rapists in Hollywood! I have long since believed that there needs to be a crack down of that system. On many levels, not just sexual abuse. I was not sure I was in favor of it like the federal government regulates baseball. But from what I have seen of behavior from celebrities, the internet, the media, PR firm shenanigans, studios, manipulation of the public, and other abuses, I think it’s time the federal government steps in and cleans house. It’s not just Hollywood anymore. With the internet, what they do in that small world has fast global reach and influence these days.


  • f

    @Lena: Thank you for that. I hope she realizes she was wrong in saying those things.

  • Ava

    Sorry if your not willing to prosecute someone… Then you shouldn’t be going after their money .. This looks like a shake down right before Xmen comes out… Pay up or I’ll file a lawsuit and doesn’t matter if I win your reputation will be destroyed ..looks like Bryan Singer decided to go to court.

  • commonsense

    @Lena: You are comparing apples and oranges. This person wasn’t held hostage so your comparison doesn’t make sense. Stockholm syndrome doesn’t apply. There isn’t even the suggestion that he was “groomed”

  • Ava

    And could JJ have out a more creepier picture of the guy.. A little blow the belt LOL JJ

  • carofrombelgium

    @Samuel: Singer is openly gay and is know to do for his huge gay parties.
    Here the plaintiff waited 15 years to complain and he continued to frequent Singer after the 1rst events.

    As i can believe Singer had sex with a 17 years old guy as it’s difficult to believe all the story ( i see big $$$ at the end)

  • commonsense

    If someone I know forcibly rapes me, there is no way I would go visit him if he sent me a ticket to fly to Hawaii. No way. And I suspect 95%of the people out there wouldn’t either; the other 5% would probably fly out there to kill him.

    The story makes no sense.

  • commonsense

    Do I believe that Singer was skeezy and had sex with a 17 year old? Yes. Do I believe it was rape. Doubtful.

  • lucy67

    I’ve been hearing about his parties for years. The guest list was always the same. Very young, many underage, boys and adult gay men. I didn’t know if the stories and rumors were true or not, but this revelation confirms it for me. Surprised it took so long for someone to sue. Mr. Singer has quite the reputation. There may be more lawsuits to follow.

  • BubbleBath

    You guys are amazing.

    “I’ve been hearing….”
    “It’s known…”

    Where do you all hear these things? Do you have sources? Or are you all Hollywood insiders who have such great work schedules you’re killing time on a gossip site?

  • Roberta

    @Ava: I agree with you 100%. To me, he is after money, that is the only explanation to wait 15 years to complain. I believe they both had sex, but I doubt it was rape. This story makes no sense to me, after being raped, he flew to Hawaii with his rapist on countless ocasions? Sounds weird.

  • wendy

    Always disliked this guy. I mean his films are okay, even great, but he looks like an awful person and I believe this kid’s story. Don’t know how some actors could work with him and then pretend he is some sort of Scorsese. Shame on Hollywood.

  • allison

    @allison: After reading stories about this Singer guy I am now on this guys side. This Singer guy is a creep. He uses his power of a director/producer to use young boys. Shame on him.

  • Cate

    Foul. He’s a predator. Sadly this isn’t shocking. There have been many suspect stories about him for years but no-one has dared to speak up. Good for the lawyer and the victim that they are stepping forward. Hopefully more victims feel brave enough to speak out.

    Men abusing their power like this is sadly prevalent in Hollywood and people are willing to turn a blind eye so that it doesn’t hurt their careers. So many wealthy and connected men like Singer take advantage of others and their victims are too scared to speak up. Shame on the people blaming the victim here. It’s because of attitudes like this that abuse victims are too ashamed and afraid to say anything.

  • Duh

    This is not unique to Hollywood. There are men in positions of power everywhere who get away with forcing young people into sex – priests, coaches, even popular teachers. Why should Hollywood be any different. The thing that protects these abusive assholes is the same – a community which idolizes the trappings of success too much. In a Hollywood where the movie business is so shaky now that the studios have to make all their money by releasing and rebooting big dumb comic book franchises and praying the Chinese will come see it (because not enough Americans will), is there any big surprise that the studio community would stay quiet about this abusive creep? What’s one naive teenage boy’s psyche worth when we “need” a creep like him to direct the next blockbuster? The fact that someone like this has gotten away with this abusive behavior is proof that Hollywood studios are 10 years away from financial bankruptcy (they’re already creatively and morally bankrupt).

  • Wurry

    The ignorant comments on here about rape and ptsd is baffling to me. It isn’t the victim’s fault for being alone with someone. It isn’t their fault for being themselves and having fun. People who suffer trauma, especially childhood trauma very often will not process it phsically, let alone emotionally for YEARS. It’s a very complicated situation.
    I don’t know if this man is gulity or not. How would I know? But the exploitation of teens in exchange for “opportunities” in HW is ILLEGAL!!!

  • Icarus

    What this guy is saying that Bryan Singer coerced and intimidated him and forced him to have sex. Forcing someone to have sex against their will is rape. It’s illegal. We have seen the stories of priests who have sexually abused young men repeatedly for years. This man was in a position of power over a young man who wanted to be an actor. He convinced him that it was necessary to be with these people against his will or it would destroy his future. There are laws against that.

  • lol

    At comic con Singer was hanging with two underage twin boys who everyone knew he was sleeping with.
    A hebephile, sociopath and a monster.
    I hope he gets what he deserves

  • Hap

    BTW, this is rather a different allegation than just someone “having wild parties with teenage boys above the consent age.” Even psychological coercion would be bad enough, but the complaint alleges actual physical coercion of a rather disturbing nature. That needs to be investigated. Forcible rape is rape, no matter how old the victim is.

    And to anyone who doubts that this guy would be involved in seedy activities with young men, do a Google search on “Apt Pupil” allegations and get an eyeful. This guy was already alleged to have coerced young male extras (14-ish years old) into stripping naked on set so he could make private films of them to show at his parties. I’m sorry, but where there’s smoke there’s fire. Or you should at least investigate if there is one.

    The “casting couch” type stuff probably happens all the time, but rarely do you hear allegations of directors who use threats of violence (or actual force) and actually FILM the proceedings for the enjoyment of themselves and their friends. If these allegations are true, this guy has crossed the line, even for Hollywood. If there is any shred of truth to them, his career deserves to end swiftly through the time-honored Hollywood tradition of blacklisting and shunning. (as the very same people who turned a winking eye away from it, try to save their own professional reputations).

  • Mel

    Very suspicious timing, specially when the lawsuit was filled a day after the last trailer of X-Men came out and just amonth before the movie premieres. If this is true the boy should fire his lawyer, that was a very bad decision.

  • Watch what you say

    @Nick: I’m, how do you know it is false and a cash grab?

    You do know that the victim has also filed a report with the police, do you not?

    Word has been going around about Singer and boys for years.

    Bravo to the brave victim.

  • So

    Unfortunately Hollywood will probably protect this Predator, like it has so many, because he makes money for them. Just Google and read past stories on this guy. Total slime. Hollywood protects their cash cows regardless.

  • Watch what you say

    @Georgina: Nope, depends on the state. In some states like Delaware ther are no statutes of limitation for sex abuse victims.

  • Watch what you say

    The boy was 15, not 7.

    Didn’t you read the story? Singer promised a role in the movies.

    This happened to child actors like Corey Haim and Feldman, too when they were kids. It’s not uncommon for casting directors, agents and producers to prey on kids who are eager to get into movies.

  • Hap


    Thanks for playing the stock role of the “concerned citizen” who thinks a victim is suspicious for bringing a lawsuit and having a lawyer. There’s always got to be a voice like yours in this type of story.

  • Watch what you say

    Um, Jared? More reputable news organizations are reporting that the incident occurred when the boy was 15, not 17. Please correct your story:

  • Hap

    Also would like to add: in the real world (which Hollywood is also part of), male victims of sexual abuse typically do not disclose until their adult years. It takes them that long to get to a stable place in their lives where they can take on the still-powerful people who abused them. It is VERY COMMON for male victims to wait long periods of time to come forward. Have seen it in every situation you can imagine – priest abuse, teacher abuse, coach abuse. These men coming forward are often in their 20s and 30s. Often they have not gone into therapy until they are adults. Sometimes they don’t process what happened to them until they have started families of their own.

    And yes, the lawyers taking on these cases are often not “nice lawyers” because “nice lawyers” do not ever bother rocking the boat of powerful people in the industry.

    Time will tell. The authorities will investigate.

  • Mel

    @Hap: For saying he should find a lawyer that gives him better advices??? He made a bad decision that makes all this story suspicious. If he wants to win this, he needs to be smarter, and that starts for a better lawyer team.

  • jak

    Hollywood is full of pedophiles. Singer has the money and probably will not be charged. Just like old pedo racist Woody Allen. And these “wonderful” actors will continue to work with them and support them.

  • nicola

    @LaCroix: innocent until proven guilty.

  • LaCroix

    What does it matter if he is guilty or innocent.. we don’t really know the circumstances in these cases.. point is he was hanging out with a young why? because common sense will tell me he likes em young. You can’t blame this young kid ..perhaps he wanted to be an actor? perhaps Singer lied to him & raped him.. we really don’t know.. but we do know there is proof of this young kid going to Hawaii with him.. any NORMAL adult would not be doing that.. sorry but to me he is guilty. And its sad that this pedo will not face 1 day jail time because sadly it is all bout the money.