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Bryan Singer's Accuser Names More Alleged Sex Abusers

Bryan Singer's Accuser Names More Alleged Sex Abusers

Michael Egan, the man who claims that director Bryan Singer forcibly raped him fifteen years ago, has named three more alleged sex abusers, according to Variety.

Hollywood executives David Neuman, Garth Ancier, and Gary Goddard are the new men being targeted in the case. These names were unveiled at yet another news conference held by attorney Jeff Herman.

Here is the 411 on the men being named: Neuman used to be the president of Disney TV, Ancier was once the president of BBC Worldwide America and the Fox entertainment group, and Goddard produces off-Broadway shows.

Bryan‘s legal team is fighting back at these claims and the director reportedly has proof that he was not in Hawaii at the time that the abuse was said to have taken place.

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  • L.A.

    The rumors kept stating that the additional names were going to be well known A-listers. Most “average” people don’t even know who these three are.

  • Jaime

    I am so happy that he is coming forward about he abuse he suffered as a teenager. I hope the predators get what they deserve and most importantly, that no other boy falls victim to those sick evil men.

  • Sophia

    The sad part is that I believe in him…but, like always, this will get nowhere…too much power involved and Bryan’s next Xmen movie probably will do even better now on boxoffice :( sad times we live in…

  • Joelle

    The sad part is he might become the victim of some random violence. Saying and proving are 2 different things.

  • JaFo

    Just because Michael has made accusations, doesn’t mean that Bryan is guilty of anything. Don’t throw stones until someone is PROVEN guilty.

  • Say a prayer for the victims

    @L.A.: So what? Most average people don’t know who Bryan Singer is.

    That doesn’t make the sexual abuse less horrifying, pal? Do you know anyone who was molested as a child?

    - From a victim who waited 27 years to come forward

  • CJ

    @Sophia: Agree! with you!! I hate people always attack the victims’ intensions. They have been abused, so they can’t have all these reasons to make them come forward?

  • Lulu

    While i do sympathize with him for the abuse that he had experienced in the past, his not mentioning brian singer in his previous lawsuit in 2000 lessens the credibility of the case.

    It is also coincidentally timed with the release of the movie which raises concern that it is the money that he is after more than the dignity and innocence that he had lost with his abuse.

  • Nico

    Bull… He wants money. Some of you guys are so gullible. I’m sure he’s not suing the other less rich people that he had sex with ,back as a teen.

  • Stacy

    @CJ: Isn’t it just as bad to immediately believe the victim, no questions asked? Just because he says it happened doesn’t make it true; just as Singer, and others, denying it doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. These cases almost never make it to court because of the he said/she said aspect. Its very hard for anyone but the people involved to know 100% what really happened between this young man and the people he’s accusing but all of them, alleged victim and alleged abusers, deserve the benefit of the doubt until they are given the chance to prove or disprove the claims. If he was assaulted, by these men or anyone else, its very sad and he will deal with the repressions for the rest of his life. But so will the accusers if they are tried in the court of public opinion and found to be innocent. False accusations are one of the many reasons rapes/sexual assaults are so hard to prosecute in this country so let hope he’s speaking truthfully. In these instances everyone needs to tread lightly before all the fact are made available.

  • http://Justjared Leticia

    Finally someone speaks out and gives names unlike Corey Feldman for the protection of his son which is completely understandable but I pray to the almighty that justice will be served by this case for all victims!

  • L.A.

    @Say a prayer for the victims: STFU, “pal.” You didn’t even understand what I was trying to say. And yes, more people have heard of Singer than these other three. Stop preaching and get over yourself.

  • Matt

    This has been going on forever as it has in Washington. Our world has an unbelievably ugly underbelly that most are not interested in seeing. out of pure fear and selfishness.
    If you hunt around you will find sordid things that are just unbelievable. The kind of things that are not even dealt with in film or written about in fiction. Pure Evil is alive and thriving.

  • JK

    This guy has balls. He is a hero.

  • jk

    you should know that the govt. turns a blind eye to this sort of thing in HW. Photos make excellent blackmail tools and now you know why HW is so controlled by our govt. The programming, mind control and propaganda just flows out of the place.

  • Rowvt35

    @Say a prayer for the victims: “That doesn’t make the sexual abuse less horrifying, pal? Do you know anyone who was molested as a child?
    From a victim who waited 27 years to come forward”

    - You mean ALLEGATIONS of sexual abuse? Don’t let your own experience cloud your judgement. Clearly the man came forward, not only a year after the abuse and won a default judgement (which he was never able to collect), but also 3 years later in yet another lawsuit accusing 2 other people. Neither lawsuit mentioned Singer, nor place Singer at the scene.

  • Aaron

    It amazes me that people have such strong opinions about this case, and there has not been one shred of evidence put forward to back up the accusations. Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty?

  • heh

    As someone somewhat said, coming forth about sexual abuse is very, very difficult for the abused. The victims carry a lot of shame and it is humiliating to let the world know that you have been violated and someone basically destroyed something given to every human being that was intended to be pleasurable and beautiful — sexuality. I am very pleased the victim has come forward and is also naming others culprits. The victim may never come forward with enough “good” proof. But that doesn’t mean it did not happen. I believe the victim, and please don’t bother trying to sway my opinion. If enough proof come forward that it’s all a great lie, then I would be the first to take back my words. But seriously, I believe there is guilt all over this case.

  • heh

    Bryan Singer and his gay perverted buddies all have money and are in “high places” in the business. I think the victim would be too scared to mention their names if he were not telling the truth. It takes guts to up against the lot of them.

  • heh and ugh says

    This powerful men’s club may already have some kind of pre-plan in place to protect themselves against a case like this. Especially, with their money and power. We bet they did. You can’t act so recklessly without the thought that maybe the truth could come back and bite you in the butt later on. That’s why it’s good the victim is talking. We hope this case spurs other victims of these Hollywood sickos to join in and say, “Yes, it happened to me too.” A bunch of H0rny rich gay men with naked guys running around their pad and pools…. Oh Please! you know how esp. MEN are! Don’t tell us it was innocent fun and games. Once a group of gay men get turned on, they’ll do a lot of wild, disgustingly inappropriate activities.

  • andrew

    Something stinks about this whole thing, yes i feel for him, but why wait till later to name the others ?

  • Why not?

    @andrew: It’s a lot to take in. This is a major shockwave. They said from the beginning that more names were coming…. Maybe they have to get all their facts in order. On another site, it said a talented female, who has done similar work for victims, is working to expose this ugly Hollywood Underworld. As some say, yes, pray for the victims and their safety. People with money and power can cover their tracks, hire hit-men, etc etc.

  • Mkhay

    Is it just me or is it fishy that he holds press conferences? Why is he dragging this out; releasing names one by one. People are very reluctant to believe him because it seems like a game to him.
    I don’t know seems shady.
    Sad if its true and hope he finds some peace eventually
    But I don’t think there’s any way in hell he’ll win with such little evidence presented so far and with the fact that he’s taking down huge names and powerful millionaires.

  • Supposedly

    @Mkhay: Maybe on JJ people don’t believe, but people in Hollywood know what’s going on. Gay people know too. I think a press conference is great idea for someone who is not too afraid to face it. It’s a brave act. Everything in the dark is thrust into the light. If something “shady” happens to the victim or other victims, law enforcement will know exactly where to look. Other victims have already contacted Egan’s lawyer. I learned that one of the presently accused is a former business partner of MIchael Jackson! Coincidence? I think not. Oh my! The plot thickens………

  • Lena


    Since when does someone have to present evidence on the day they file suit? It was my understanding they filed 3 cases today? Is that correct or not? And, faulting someone for holding press conferences? Especially when the plaintiff is getting ready for an onslaught of a huge and powerful defense machine like Hollywood. I note you have not criticized Singer’s lawyer for the defense dump of things like the various TMZ exclusives with the kid who said Singer could have abused him but he didn’t or the supposed info that they have phone records to refute the case, or that there are 100 people to say it didn’t happen, etc. I mean, seriously, have any of the defendant’s even been served with process yet? Has the time for the defendant’s answers run out yet? Are the cases at issue, and has discovery even begun? Are we in McLitigation mode people? I mean, who needs a rocket docket when the public is demanding a fast food court of justice or drive thru resolution of cases eh? Hasn’t this just started?

    I’ve been complaining for some time about celebrity worship syndrome, which psych experts estimate effects around 300 million people worldwide (i.e., idolizing celebrities and people in show business and putting them on pedestals). And perhaps some of the discomfort that people are feeling about Egan coming forward with this shocking news (and I have read that other victims are supposed to be speaking out in coming weeks as well, not to mention that documentary is supposed to hit the streets at some point) is that the bubble might be getting ready to burst with regard to the glamour and glitz of Hollywood. Possibly, the world may be getting ready to see how the proverbial sausage is made, and that is making folks very uncomfortable. Well, maybe it’s about time. I’m not saying anyone is liable. But, if he has been trying to get someone to listen to him for over a decade, that’s a long time to dedicate to something in my opinion.

  • Egan’s a Hero

    Good for him going public with his claim and the lawsuit. I wish him well. No one knows what he had to endure and if he has proof positive, such as other witnesses etc, then good for him. From what I’ve seen, some people keep a lot hidden in their lives and at some point, maybe through counseling or rehab even, they end up trying to fix the emotional mess their lives have become. Maybe Egan is finally attempting to fix his life by putting blame where blame is due. Maybe he wasn’t emotionally ready to go public with this until now. I caution people who think he’s making it up: let the case play out before you make judgment on him. For now, I believe him. Let the accused prove they are innocent.

  • LaCroix

    @L.A.: I get what youre saying.. but I am very familiar with these names. When I watch a movie or TV show or a broadway show, I like to get familiar with the entire production .. but not everyone is like that..

  • Too Late

    Waited too long, loses credibility…he is looking for money or a book/movie deal….

  • AD

    Is it rape if you willingly return fro more encounters. I don’t hear anything about any guns being held to his head.